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Fever: A Luke Hemmings Fanfic Part 4

As always, if you would like a recap, here is the link to part 3! And enjoy!

It’s been a while since the whole Luke fiasco. In the beginning, it was nearly impossible to make yourself get up every day and do stuff. Eventually though your friends helped you get over it and actually set you up with this great guy who works at the local produce store. His name’s Brad, and you’ve been dating now for a couple months. He’s really an incredible guy. Along with his shaggy brown hair, perfect complexion, bright green eyes and strong hands, he’s really a great guy–sweet, smart, all the right things it seems. But currently, you’re away from all that–in London to be exact, for an internship for uni. You’re only there for a week, so it’s not too long, but you’ve always London, especially for the shopping. Today’s your free day, so you head downtown to go shopping for a bit. You’re on your phone, walking the street, talking with Brad. “I’m glad it’s no more than a week. The bed is getting cold without you in it.” You can practically hear his smile over the phone. “Me too, but I’ll make sure to bring you back something nice. And maybe something for the both of us,” you hint. Your feet have been unconsciously steering you to the lingerie store downtown. “I like the sound of that,” Brad says as you open the door. You’re about to walk in, the consultants on the floor already rushing to greet you, when you hear behind you, “(y/n)!!” Your hand falls, letting the door close and you turn around to see who in London knows you. And that’s when you face to face with the one person you were never interested in seeing again. Luke. Of all people that you’d bump into, it had to be him. “Babe, I’m going to call you back okay?” You quickly whisper into your phone. “Okay, but make sure to try on something sexy!” You both say your “bye”’s and “love you”’s then hang up. You reluctantly look up, into the face that took you so long to forget. “I can’t believe I’m running into you. You’re the last person I expected to see. What are you doing here?” “Just some personal stuff,” you shrug. You’re not mad at Luke anymore, or even hurt, but you still don’t want to be gushing your life details to him. “Oh, personal suuure,” Luke winks, and you’re momentarily confused as to why he’s acting weird…and why he’s being so friendly all of a sudden. After all, the last time you saw him, you literally kicked him out of his apartment. “Yeahhh, okay, well it was good seeing you. I’m going to go now,” you turn awkwardly and walk into the lingerie store. “What are you buying in here?” Luke asks, and he’s on your heels like a puppy, following you into the store. “None of your business,” you state, because it isn’t. “Oh, I see. Some fancy undies to throw onstage at the concert?” “What?” You ask, turning to him. “What concert?” “Our conc–isn’t that what you’re here for?” Luke asks, furrowing his brows in confusion. “No, I’m not. Personal stuff, I told you.” “Oh, well while you’re in town you might as well stop by one. Busy tonight at all?” He continues. “Luke, I’m going to get straight to the point here…why the fuck are you being nice to me all of a sudden? Are you trying to toy with me? Because if so, stop.” “What do you mean? No, I’m not trying to toy with you. I just thought…you were in town because of me. I mean why else would you be here?” “Oh, I dunno, because I have a life!” “Yeah, one that I thought I was still a part of,” Luke says, and you’re stunned. “Why, why would you think you’re still in my life. I thought I made it pretty clear back then that I was done seeing you, that, that you and I were done. The book’s closed. I thought you were okay with that.” “Well, clearly we’re not on the same page then. I mean, (y/n), we always fought like that. That was our thing. I didn’t actually think you hated me!” “Well I did! You crushed me Luke! And need I remind you, you broke up with me. If that doesn’t say closure, I don’t know what does!” “Well, can’t you just forget it all? Start again? I mean, I still love you.” “No–” “And I know you still love me, so don’t give me that bullshit. I know you, (y/n).”  "You used to know me, Luke. I’m trying to tell you I have a boyfriend!“ The ‘b’ word stops Luke in his tracks. "I’m happy now! After all this time, I got over you. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, but it is now.” “You were dating other people?” Luke asks, as if this is some crazy revelation. “Yeah, that’s what people do after they break up.” “Well I wasn’t. I was sleeping around with whoever I wanted because I thought we were still a thing!” “Well you’re free now. We’re not a thing, so go ahead and sleep with whoever you want! I release you from my evil web!” You shout, waving your arms dramatically. You pivot to storm off into another section of the store, but Luke grabs your arm, just like he had that day in the parking lot of Macca’s. “I don’t want to date other people, (y/n)! No girl will ever mean the same to me as you do. I mean, we spent so much of our lives together and you’re just going to throw that away?” “Excuse me? I’m throwing it away?? No I think you effectively did that when you broke up with me. You’re the one who gave up the 'so much of our lives together’. This is you. Not me. I got over it eventually and I’m happy now with Brad.” “Brad?? Seriously?? And you’re really happy with him?” “Yes.” “I don’t believe that for a second.” “Well believe it, because you have no choice.” You turn to leave, when Luke pulls on your arm again, but pulls you along with it. Your body crashes into his, but his arms are there to catch you. His lips give you no chance to protest, because they are on yours. You fight him as he tries to rekindle the flame that has been long burned out. You finally manage to push him away. “Get off of me!” You shout, pushing at him again. “You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that,” Luke says, and you hate how smug he looks. “I can and I will! I have boyfriend. Get that through your moronically thick head! You can’t do that! You’re not going to sweep me off my feet with some kiss.” “But, (y/n), I love you, doesn’t that mean anything to you?” He reaches for your arm again, but you wrench yourself away from his. “It would a couple months ago, but it’s different!!” You shout, your voice filling the whole store now. It must have called attention to one of the employees because she approaches you too, and firmly asks, “Is everything all right here? Is this guy bothering you?” “No,” you reply, glaring at Luke. “But can you make sure he doesn’t follow me out?” You ask the lady. “Of course, miss,” she says, then turns to Luke. “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stay here for a minute. Don’t make me call the authorities.” “Goodbye, Luke,” you say, then turn and leave the store. When you’re on the walkway, you glance through the windows, and get a glimpse of Luke’s face. He definitely sees you looking at him, and the sorrow in his eyes is unbearable, but there’s nothing for you to do but leave. You’re with Brad now, and no matter how sorry Luke says he is, you can’t afford to take his word on it.

Author’s Note xx

Again, hope you guys enjoyed it and that it didn’t disappoint…i just always feel like there’s SO MUCH GODDAMN TALKING


I also take suggestions into consideration for the next part, bc i really want you guys to like it. P.S. shoutout to the anon who helped me with the idea for this part! mwah

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