shoutout to all the dancers

I just wanna give a shoutout to all my black dancers

I wanna shout out all the dancers who don’t do hip hop cause people often think that’s the only thing we’re good at. This is for the ballerinas, the modern dancers, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and acrobatic. Shout out to y'all killing the game in every genre.

shoutout to all the writers/poets/artists/dancers/singers who constantly get told that their work isn’t good enough. props to all of you for continuing to create art despite those criticisms.


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from me and all these dancers:

Taylin Beadle, Kennedy Cochran-Putt, Regan Cooke, Elena Dahms, Gabi D'Ambra, Quinn Di Cristina, Cassidy Douglas, Elise Douglas, McKenna Douglas, Skye Filek, McEwen Gore, Mullins Gore, Graysen Hasty, Peyton Heitz, Aubrie Heyer, Haley Holland, Eva Hurtig, Delanee Inman, Madison Johnston, Bailey Mahaffey, Ella Montano, Mimi Palmentere, Devin Ramirez, Brantlee Saxon, Ella Sheppard, Jaida Skidmore, Ellie Tracy, Peyton Traver, Claire VanHook,  Samantha Vanhook, Andrea Vasquez, Samantha Vivo, Kaylee Quinn 

A special thank you to @addicted-to-musical-theatre @autumnmiller @avasiniscalchi @bella-klassen @bossbrowns @boydancers @carmodance @celfans @christmasdancers @competitive-dancers @dancer-lovely-anya @justplaindancing @little-dancing @littledancers2015 @littledancindivas @thoseyoungdancers @tinydancingtalent @touchofdance @weredancin @youngdancingtalents for joining the discussion group. I’m soe xcited for us to share dances with each other over the next season.

And a shoutout to all my very favorite blogs - @weredancin @theshowtoppers @bella-klassen @queen-bostyn @dancer-lovely-anya @dancersfierce @asiamonetray @kayleeequinnn @keepcalmandturnout @littlebrynn @brynnrmfallo @littledancersdefense @carmodance @caylieclaus @juniormissperfect @avasiniscalchi @blitzenbrown @justplaindancing @mistydancers @dylynnjones @thedancersstolemyparade @christmasdancers @zieglergirlssupport @scorpionturn @ldancers @tatemcrae @bostynbrown @peytonheitz @jayceewilkins @southernstrutt @thoseyoungdancers @littledancers @touchofdance