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So I’m going at this with an assumption that when the Russian skaters were too young to live alone they lived with yakov and Lilia but basically what I’m saying is that when Georgi and Viktor were young teenagers they broke into lilia’s closet to try on her high heels and dresses

Humans have so many non binary flags, I didn’t know which one to choose so I just got them all to be extra supportive ! You don’t even have to choose one or the other @pidge-gunderswag that’s how great gender is !


YOU ALL! YOU ALL are to blame with your drawings and talking about Momo dancing, singing, listening to some songs, etc… XDD And then BAM. Lady Gaga’s Telephone hit me like a freight train. She holds a sandwich in the video, so… XD This ist trash over 9000, but here you have it, this was so fun, hahaha. Pls don’t take this serious. *grins*

Soooo. Imagine Momo getting angry over He Tian, starts shouting at his picture, ends up singing and accidentally presses “call” (Honestly, boy, what did you smoke to not realize that you’re the one telephoning him). He Tian’s like “WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCKING. FUCK.” But listening in sheer awe, until Guanshan runs out of breath from all the rampage and… BONER ALERT. (I know, I know, I officially went nuts XD)

Guanshan’s Mom saves the day and He Tian can’t stay mad.



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Flats (Lafayette x Reader)

Heels (Yes you have to read this for Flats to make any sense whatsoever)


Word Count: 3584

Requests: (All of these were a lot nicer than this, I just got rid of all the extra fluff)

  • “pleaseeeee make a heels part two” - Anonymous
  • “Now you need a sequel please.” - @zoemonster200
  • “Oh my frickity frack PLEASE do a part two to Heels” -Anonymous
  • “Add me to the list of people requesting a part 2!” - @secretschuylersister
  • -“HEELS PART 2 PLEASEEEE” - Anonymous
  • “YOU SHOULD WRITE A OART TWO” - @doilyloily

Warnings: Cussing, angst, terrible metaphors, awful writing (I tried. This is probably going to be a contender for rewrite week…)

A/N- At long last, Heels Part 2! Let me know what you think and enjoy the fic!

You watched your breath create a plume of frost in the air in front of you. It was times like these, times when there was nothing to do but think, when your mind jumped back to that moment. The moment you’d left. You tipped your head back lazily and let your eyes drift closed. You shivered, not because of the frigid air surrounding you, but because of the all too familiar memory beginning to play like a movie in your head. You wondered again what it was that had stopped you from replying. You thought about what he’d said. You contemplated how he’d acted that entire night, and for weeks before it. And you remembered the way his lips had felt on yours, so natural, and so perfect. Why couldn’t you say anything?

“Y/N!” John’s voice punctured your thoughts, the memories popped out of existence as if they were a set of balloons, quick and jarring.

“Hey.” You deadpanned, opening your eyes and turning your head to look at him.

“Okay. Since the rest of us are all here, I think we should talk about something before Laf gets here.” Hercules voiced, Angelica nodded, her arms linked with her sisters’.

You tensed at his name. “He’s coming?” You spoke quietly, your jaw tense and tone aggressive.

Alexander sat down on the bench next to you. “Yes.” He replied without explanation.

“That makes eight. Too many. I’ll just go home.” You responded, beginning to get up.

“No. Y/N you can’t just avoid him.” Hercules blocked you and eased you back onto the bench.

“Ever since Lafay-” Eliza began to speak, but you interrupted telling her you liked puppies.

“You can’t avoid talking about him either.” John spoke up. You sighed exasperatedly, allowing Eliza to continue.

“Ever since Lafayette and you…” She searched for words,

“Nearly fucked?” Peggy provided.

“Sure.” Eliza said. “Ever since you guys… did that. Things have been crazy messed up.”

“You’re dead inside.”

“He’s even more salty than before.”

“You rarely come out of your apartment.”

“We haven’t seen either of you in weeks.” They all chimed in with their commentary.

“Alright. I get it.” You shouted to shut them up.

“It isn’t healthy.” Angelica finished for the group.

“What isn’t healthy?” It was torturous to hear his voice again. You shrank back into the bench completely involuntarily. You felt your heart being torn in two again. It felt like the painful scraping of a steel plate, tearing like wet tissue under the force of a machine. Ripping, crunching, squealing, roaring.

“You two being so distant is worse than when you were biting each other’s heads off.” Hercules grumbled.

Lafayette glanced at you but quickly averted his gaze when he caught your eye. “Who two.”

“You and Y/N!” Alexander groaned, agitated by the fact that Lafayette hadn’t been able to grasp the concept. You watched his eyes as the turned to the ground. Even when you’d hated the frenchman, you had always admired his umber irises.

Eliza placed her hands on Lafayette’s shoulders and led him to sit down on the bench next to you. “Now you’re both going to sit here and figure this out until you can at least look at each other.”

“When you can, you’re welcome to come inside, if not, stay here.” Angelica explained. It was her house, she could certainly deny you entrance, though she couldn’t keep you from going home. Everyone else followed the eldest of the Schuyler sisters into her house and a silence dragged on between you and Lafayette. It was just as weaponized as the one that plagued the night he’d let his heart spill. The night you’d shared that kiss that felt like a thousand of the most jaw dropping fireworks rocketing through your head, like it belonged there, like you needed it, like it was the only beauty the world could muster to provide that moment.

“I still love you Y/N.” He said, almost too softly for you to hear. You couldn’t bear to meet his eyes. You couldn’t bear the the thought of those pleading eyes that haunted your every waking thought. However much you loved those eyes, it still hurt to remember how he’d looked at you that night. If you’d only said something. Anything. Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard. “I’ve always loved you.” You stared into your lap, picking nervously at your cuticles. This was your chance to tell him you loved him back. This was your chance to feel his arms encasing you, to feel him holding you like your heart had longed for since the day you’d left. But was it true? Was it something you could say with your heart truly dedicated to it? Could you say those words and risk prodding his heart like the specimen of a middle school dissection? You couldn’t say the words. Unless they were bursting with certainty, you would be kicking your heels up cruelly with his already broken emotions.

“But I have to move on.” Your heart dropped, residing in your gut as a painful sore there. “I can’t be… like this. I don’t want to always think about you. I hate it when I’m sitting alone and the only thing I can focus on for more than ten seconds is how beautiful your smile is, or how much I love the way you laugh.  I can’t do it anymore. It hurts too much.”

“Laf, I just- I don’t know! Don’t you know how unfair it is for you do to do this to me?” You finally spoke, your throat was dry and it gave your voice a scratchy edge.

“Unfair for me to do this to you?” He scoffed, raising his eyebrows.

“Laf I just need time to figure this ou-”

“I’m not going to wait for you Y/N.” Seconds after the words had slipped from his lips, he’d left that bench behind and you with it and that was the last time you would hear him say your name for long time.

You leaned over your sink and swallowed. You didn’t know why you were there, or even how you’d ended up there. You felt weak, it was like all the energy had been drained from your body and it just begged to collapse. You lowered yourself to the ground, leaning into the corner where two sets of cupboards intercepted. Something inside you compelled you to reach into your pocket. You curled into yourself, knees pressing harshly against your chest. Your hands shook like leaves helpless in the breeze as you opened the photo gallery app on your phone. You scrolled through the photos until you found the one you were looking for,

“C’mon guys. Act like you love each other.” Alexander groaned.

“We don’t.” You shouted back, moving closer to Lafayette, his hand finding the base of your spine.

“Let’s move on Alexander.” Lafayette droned. “Take the picture and keep walking.”

“At least smile.” Alex insisted.

“Why do you want a picture of us anyway?” You whined.

“Because one day you’ll be old and one of you will die and the other one will have to scour all the pictures from your younger days and you won’t be able to find any of them when you were happy together except for this one, and you will thank me. That’s why. Closer.” The diminutive immigrant demanded. You rolled your eyes and moved closer to Lafayette, wanting instead to stare at the backdrop of royal tinted peaks behind you, each one sprinkled with pine trees. Lafayette pressed his lips to your cheekbone when he found that Alex still wasn’t taking the picture. You burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation and Alexander tapped on the phone screen to take the photo.

“Perfect!” He shouted.

“Hey no! I wasn’t ready!” You rushed toward him, reaching out for the phone. “Show me it!” You demanded, Alex danced away from you, “Alexander Hamilton show me the damn picture!” You shouted. Alexander handed you the phone once laughter had overtaken his ability to avoid you. You looked at the picture pushing your sunglasses to the top of your head to examine it. “Alex if you put this on the internet I swear I’ll end you!” You warned after discovering you were unable to find the delete button.

Lafayette peeked over your shoulder, “Oh come on ma petite amie, your laugh is adorable.”

“It looks terrible!” You argued, turning to face him.

“Non, you are absolutely magnifique.” He grinned.

You touched your cheek where you remembered the kiss landing. Your skin burned as you stared at the photo displayed on the screen. You suddenly felt overwhelmingly alone. Taking one last look at the image, you closed the app and dialed Peggy’s number.

A few rings later, her voice came through to you, “Hello?”

“Peggy I- I don’t want to do this alone anymore.” You gasped as if it would somehow keep you from crying.

“I’m coming over.” She answered after a brief silence, likely due to her initial surprise at how clear the heartache was in your voice. “Do I need to bring ice cream?”

“No.” You croaked. “Just be here.”

Peggy stepped through your door only minutes later, thank god you’d given her a key, you were in no shape to even stand up. She scanned the room for a bit before her gaze finally caught on you. “Oh Y/N/N.” She breathed. The youngest of the Schuylers rushed to your side, falling to her knees next to you.

“Baby.” She held out her arms for you, shifting until she was sitting cross legged. You fell into her arms, finally letting the tears fall. One dropped off the tip of your nose as you gripped Peggy’s arm. She placed her chin on top of your head.

“Peggy, why didn’t I say anything? I should’ve said something. Why couldn’t I just tell him I didn’t feel the same?” You sobbed.

“What do you mean honey?” She asked softly. You’d never told the rest of the squad anything about that night other than the fact that you and Lafayette had shared a rather passionate make out session.

“He told me he loved me. That night. He told me he loved me. And I left. I left without saying anything. I left without saying it back.” You moaned, the pain in your heart shown through your voice, it seemed to echo through the room, returning to your ears as an indecipherable, broken wail.

“Babe, you couldn’t have known. He caught you off guard. You can’t blame yourself for that.”

“Peggy, I want to feel his lips on mine again, I want to run my hands through his curls, I want to be wrapped in his arms and I want him to hold me. But now it’s too late. He’s moved on.”

She stroked your hair, “Trust me babe, he hasn’t moved on.”

“He told me.” Your voice broke painfully, “He said so on that bench, by Angie’s house. He told me he had to move on. And I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know what I feel about him. I don’t know. I wish I did.” You paused, “Pegs, do I love him?”

“I…” Started Peggy, “I think you do.” You sighed shakily. “But there’s no way I can tell for sure.That’s your call.”

“But Peggy I don’t know.” You emphasized, sitting up.

“I know. I know, honey. But no one can tell you how you feel, that’s up to you. Now c’mon, we’re either going out or watching a movie. What’s your decision?”

“Movie.” You answered immediately.

“I’ll make popcorn.” She smiled sympathetically at you one more time before rising to her feet and brushing the dust off of her dress.

You stared at your shelf of shoes, your eyes lingering on the tall black booties that sat in the center. You bypassed them, instead going for a set of red polka-dotted flats to go along with your lacy white dress.

“I don’t want to go.” You sighed, hopping into the passenger seat of Eliza’s minivan.

“Chin up baby girl.” She encouraged, pulling out of her parking spot in the lot of your apartment building. “I thought you two had patched things up.”

“No.” You scoffed, “Essentially, he told me he hated me and left. I was left on that bench to reflect on my thoughts and be even more confused about how I feel about him.”

“Aw, I’m sorry.” She frowned as she turned onto the main street. “Are you sure you still wanna do this? I’m pretty sure he’s going to be there.”

You sighed, “Yeah.”

You sat in a chair that was set against the corner of the room. You watched as all of John’s friends actually enjoyed the party he’d thrown in celebration of the- what was it? Oh yes, “the dawning of the springtime”. Joy. You almost felt guilty as you sulked in the corner, you should’ve been at least pretending to enjoy yourself. But to be truthful, you didn’t really have the energy to. You were confused and hurt and unsure, “partying” didn’t seem like the proper activity. You glared at the wall. Like many times before, your mind drifted back to Lafayette. You imagined again, what it was like to have his lips on yours, his hands exploring your skin, the way it felt when he’d taken your wrist and told you so clearly and so boldly, that he’d loved you. You remembered how it had felt and you couldn’t seem to put words to it. It was like the morning after a night of fitful thunderstorms, when you’d walk outside and find the sun shining so bright your eyes would ache, when you’d find all the brightest colors of flowers blooming outside, when the grass was so green it almost looked fake. It felt like the dreary world of before had been shattered into millions of pieces by the beauty that surrounded you now. That was what it felt like to run your hands through Lafayette’s hair, that was what it felt like to wrap your arms around his neck, and that was what it felt like to hear him say “I love you”.

You shot out of the chair and made a beeline for John. “I’m sorry John. I have to leave.” You spoke breathlessly.

“Are you sure? Eliza left already. You don’t have a ride and it’s starting to rain.”

“I’ll be fine.” You told him.

“Okay…” You turned on your heel and made for the door.

“Thank you!” You called before slipping out and running down the street. It was raining. An inconvenience, but it wouldn’t stop you. The raindrops fell on your face, their numbers rapidly increasing as you went on. You felt your dress getting soaked and your breathing becoming more labored. Adrenalin egged you on and you kept running, ignoring the stitch that had formed on your side. Lafayette hadn’t shown up to the party, and you desperately needed to tell him this face to face.

By the time you’d made it to Lafayette’s condo building, you were drenched in rain and sore from sprinting, You pressed the button for Lafayette’s condo.

“Hello.” He replied dryly from the intercom.

“Laf can you let me in?” You asked, biting your lip anxiously. You thought you heard him mutter something along the lines of ‘God, why do I let you do this to me?’ before the speaker buzzed and the lock clicked open. You sighed with relief and dragged the door open. You bypassed the elevator, instead opting for the stairs. Once you had reached Lafayette’s door you stopped and stayed there breathing heavily for a few seconds. You almost didn’t care how he’d react. Things were already so broken between you, whatever you’d say within the next few minutes would likely make no difference. Yet still, a guttural anxiety rose within you, for what, you didn’t know. You inhaled shakily once more before knocking on Lafayette’s door. He pulled it open immediately, as if he had been waiting for you.

“Did you walk?” His voice showed no emotion, you hadn’t heard emotion in his voice in a long time, it was to be expected.

“Yes.” You answered breathlessly.

“It’s a long way from your apartment…” He said. He stared down his shoes as if conflicted about what he was going to say next, “Are you alright?” You tilted your head to the side, he stared at you with furrowed brows and eyes wide, an expression you hadn’t seen his face twist into in a long time- concern.

“I-I’m fine.” You stuttered. “It may be far from my apartment but not John’s.”

“Oh I was supposed to go to that wasn’t I?” He asked absently, leaning against the doorframe. It was unusual to be so nonchalant with him, it almost felt wrong. You rolled your shoulders back once before taking yet another deep breath. God, why couldn’t you just say it?

“Lafayette?” You fidgeted with your fingers, staring down at them. C’mon, look him in the eye, you encouraged yourself.You met his eyes, his beautiful brown eyes, and you opened your mouth,

“I love you.” You felt your voice tugging, a begging sensation filling your lungs, drowning you. Was this how he felt? You watched as tears glazed his eyes and you couldn’t help thinking back to when your positions were reversed, when you’d said nothing, when you’d worked desperately to avoid his pleading gaze.

“I- I know I don’t deserve this Laf but please say something.” You choked. He threw his head backward, looking at the ceiling as if it held the answers he was searching for. He shook his head slightly, biting back a flood of tears. “Laf please say something.” You begged.

“Y/N-” He finally spoke. “You know that feeling in your gut? The one you have right now? It feels like all your insides are being eaten away, it feels like you’re going to throw up, but… at the same time, it feels like you’re falling and it feels like a million fireworks in your head, and it feels like you want to dance even. You know that feeling?” He asked. You nodded, taking a bold step toward him, he stepped backward at your action. “Hurts, doesn’t it?”

“For months. Every time I saw you. Every time we were both at Alex’s, every time you caught my eye across the street, every time I watched you smile. Every single time, that same feeling came back to me.” You expected to see him glaring at you, but when you looked up you found his face void of any emotion once again. “Every time, and it was torture.” You knew silence was your only answer, the safest. So you stuck with it.

“Months.” His voice rose alarmingly, “That was months ago!” He shouted. “What do you expect me to say?”

You yelled back with equal volume, “You don’t have to say anything!”

“I deserve silence! I deserve to be yelled at! I deserve whatever you can throw at me!” You sobbed. “I deserve it.” You whimpered, you covered your mouth with your hand and felt the tears run over it. The saltwater blurred your vision and your eyes shut to accommodate for it. You felt you were collapsing in on yourself. Everything being sucked into a painful void.

Until you felt a warmth surround you. It fought the cold that still hung on your shoulders from the pounding rains outside. It filled you back up with everything that had fallen into that black hole. You continued to bawl, whatever strength you had left in your fingers was put to work gripping the fabric of his soft t-shirt. Ugly sobs wracked your body and you pulled yourself closer.

“Non.” He muttered. “You do not deserve this. Anything I say to you is at the fault of only me.” You leaned your forehead against his chest, feeling his hand move up to stroke your wet hair gently. “What I’ve allowed myself to feel is not your fault. You don’t deserve any pain this world can offer.”

“It does not matter how much pain I have been through, there is no reason I should inflict it upon you.” You hiccuped once, your brain working to decipher what he’d said and what he meant by it. “I was supposed to move on. But every time I tried you pulled me right back in.”

“I-” You started to speak. He shushed you gently, beginning to sway a little bit.

“I love you too.” He kissed the top of your head and traced a circle on your back with his index finger.

“You- You do?” You asked.

“Obviously.” He chuckled. You tilted your head up and placed a hand on his jaw. He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, softer and sweeter than the first time, but it felt almost exactly the same. The fireworks exploding blindingly behind your closed eyes. He could taste the salt of tears on your lips, but it made no difference to him. You were finally in his arms, his lips were finally on yours, and though you were in a soaked white dress and muddy flats, in his eyes, you were just as beautiful and just as sexy as the first time he’d set his lips on yours. But this time you weren’t running. This time your red polka-dot flats stayed right where they were.

what the gang would post about if they had snapchats

dennis: morning selfies of “i woke up like this”, his morning care routine and what type of mascara he’s using for the day, videos of him driving to work and trying to be motivational but a driver cuts him off in the middle of his speech and he just ends up screaming, videos of him apologizing for getting aggressive in his last videos but ends up screaming again when someone doesn’t use their blinker, pictures of random women he sees on the street with captions like “4/10 could use more makeup” “7/10 big (•)(•)”, more inspirational turned road rage videos, flower crown selfies followed by another selfie with the caption “no filter needed”, videos of him singing along to old 80’s hits, videos of him hitting high notes, occasional pictures of mac, occasional pictures of weird zoomed in close ups of dee with the caption “bitch”, accidental uploads of videos of himself inspecting his face, videos where he rants about whatever it is that’s bothering him for the day

dee: aesthetic pictures of her morning tea (not pictured: the empty beer cans covering her floor from last night), selfies with the flower crown filter, selfies with the dog filter, “#ootd” mirror selfies that also show off the beer cans littering her floor which she ends up deleting, new manicured nails, picture of her and her new car every other week, videos of skits with her characters, occasional pictures of her and artemis hanging out, pictures of her flicking mac off, shoes! shoes! shoes!, pictures of her latest mall purchases with the caption “treat yo self”, drunk videos of herself ranting about her not being a bird, drunk videos of herself singing and dancing to josh groban

mac: daily workout routine videos that really only consist of him slashing through the air, pictures of shirtless male bodybuilders with captions like “#motivation” “#inspired”, videos of him waking dennis up with a cheerful “good morning, dennis” and ending with a pillow hitting his phone, pictures of jesus, shitty picture of the sky with a bible quote, more videos of him kicking and slashing at the air, selfies with charlie where they’re both smiling at the camera with dee screaming in the background, occasional pictures of poppins with captions like “look who i found” or “look who’s alive”, long stories where he watches an action movie and he pauses it to comment on how he would have shot the scenes differently (dennis can be heard in the back of each video complaining), selfies with dennis on their monthly dinner, mirror selfies at the gym with more bible quotes, videos where he zooms in on random birds and shouts “HI DEE!”, blurry pictures of dennis laughing

charlie: he actually has no idea what snapchat is or how it works but the gang downloads it for him anyway so he figures he might as well use it, he believes everyone in the world can see his snapchat (when it’s really just the gang) so he occasionally makes videos of him promoting products like “kit and mittons 2.0”, selfies with all the stray cats in his alley, blurry pictures of the gang with captions like “cat <3”, the occasional dead rat post, videos of him playing a new song on his keyboard, random pictures with even more bizarre captions

frank: he really has no idea how to use snapchat or sees the point in it so he’s only used it once and it was to upload a picture of his botched toe, has more friends than the rest of the gang

jadethirlwall: #tbt behind the scenes on the Shoutout To My Ex set with the lovely @thecobrasnake 📸💕

littlemix: #tbt behind the scenes on the Shoutout To My Ex set with the lovely @thecobrasnake 📸💕