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Pop-punk CD Giveaway!


Time travel - Never Shout Never

Neighborhoods - Blink 182

Greatest hits - Blink 182

Dirty Work - All Time Low

Nothing Personal - All Time Low

MTV Unplugged - All Time Low

A fever you cant sweat out - Panic! at the Disco

Too weird to live to rare to die - Panic! at the Disco

Lets Cheers to this - Sleeping with Sirens

All CDs are gently used

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(Or dont lol I just need to get rid of some CDs)

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Picking a winner January 1st 2015

I finally got around to hanging up my art prints from Halorvic!

About a month ago I asked myself, do I really need a art print of Donna Noble’s face to hang on my wall? Do I really?
The answer is yes, and I have no regrets, none. I also got a print of Midnight, one of my favourite planets, and one of David Tennant chain-smoking and whispering ‘I can’t do it’ from the Ballad of Russell and Julie, because when exam time comes around, I feel that in my bones. Hopefully it will give me strength when I start writing my thesis in 2015!