Shout Back! Festival is very happy to announce the 2014 band lineup!!! Thank you so much to everyone who applied ♥♥♥♥

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artistic crisis (Bellingham)
banshee (Edmonton)
beast nest (oakland)
briana marela (olympia)
cake face
catty kits
celebacy now (seattle)
channels 3x4
cloud lite (oakland)
doctor sleep (olympia)
dogjaw (olympia)
ex by v (philly)
fakes (montreal)
fanciulla gentile (oakland)
felonious parker
filthy liars
freaky pup (bellingham)
gummy bear (japan)
hard bitch
haunted mouse
homo monstrous (regina)
katie and the lichen
kiss painting
the lonsdales
margy pepper (olympia)
mass marriage
metallic (olympia)
mourning coup
nation of two (seattle)
nighTraiN (seattle)
no babies (oakland)
old girl (victoria)
old nell (montreal)
ora cogan
other jesus
poor form
power altar (oakland)
purple hearts social club
purple! pink!
ragana (oakland)
rigoria (kootneys)
sajia sultana
sbsm (oakland)
screaming queens
seaside tryst (seattle)
sharkpact (olympia)
she dreams in colour
smear lord
tasha solace
thingy (texas) 
toilet heart
true crush
violent vickie (san francisco)


Alright! Time for a long-overdue Cascadia update (and sadly the last one for quite awhile…) 

First, the exciting news: We are playing two massively awesome shows! The 22nd of August at Astorino’s as part of ShoutBackFest! and then… September 1st as part of the Victory Square Block Party!!! Both of these shows are going to absolutely slay and yes, they are both ALL AGES!!! Sadly, these will be our last shows for quite awhile…

The bad news… Well, it’s not bad… just for anyone who wants all Cascadia, all the time (myself included)…

The band will be on hiatus (barring the month of December) until about May. There is a silver-lining though! The month of December we’ll perfect the songs we’ve been writing and sometime around new-year’s eve we will head into the newly constructed Noise Floor Studio and record our first full-length LP! Jordan Koop will be overseeing this process since he is the most capable and wonderful engineer imaginable and with any luck this release will see the light of day in May of next year (possibly earlier?)

After that, who knows? World domination? A west-coast tour? We shall see…


SAFER SPACES VOLUNTEER CALL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Safer Spaces Team is a rotating group of volunteers present at each Shout Back event working to make Shout Back Festival a safer and less oppressive place for everyone including, but not limited to: women, indigenous people and people of color, elders, youth, and people who are queer, trans*, gender non-conforming, differently-abled, undocumented, immigrants, houseless, and/or those with less structural power and privilege. While in an unjust society such as ours, we cannot ensure that any space will be fully “safe” for everyone, the Safer Spaces Team will be making use of a number of approaches throughout the Shout Back weekend to prioritize harm reduction and make our events inclusive and empowering for attendees.

The Safer Spaces volunteers, readily identifiable by brightly coloured arm bands, will be available at events to provide active listening and conflict resolution to those who need it. Additionally, the Safer Spaces team will be present to mediate and intervene in the event of expressions of hurtful or oppressive attitudes, fashion styles, or actions. 

The Safer Spaces Team will also be providing harm reduction supplies, such as condoms, latex gloves, lube, and safer sex resources, as well as needles and safer injection materials.

Please see the Shout Back Safer Spaces and Accessibility Committee Policy on Abuse and Consent for further information.

TRAINING WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6th @ 7pm [but let us know if you are interested but cannot make it] 


Across the US and Britain, people tired of the mainstream festivals excluding their music and politics are setting up their own events

I’ve written a piece on the rise of queer, feminist and PoC-led DIY music fests. Contains some shade – Warped, Brochella, Michfest – but mostly it’s about how awesome, inspiring and transformative queer organizing in music can be <3 

Shout Back! Festival's kick-off workshop!

Hey y'all!!

Check out Shout Back!’s first workshop of the festival. We hope everyone can make it and engage in a really important conversation!

Decolonizing Anti-Racism and Problematizing Allyship
Thursday Aug 7th 7:00-9pm
Venue: Astorinos

This workshop is for people who have taken anti-oppression and decolonizing 101 workshops  and are looking to further their critical learning. We will discuss the non-performativity of groups that claim they are “anti-racist” as well as the ways words such as “ally” and “decolonize” are gobbled up by settler society, only to further dilute the specificity which make these terms so important to begin with.

In challenging allyship and exposing the ways white people maintain innocence and move toward stances of mastery within anti-racist spaces. We intend to open up dialogue about the ways ‘allyship’ removes the onus of complacency from white-settler society and move towards a deeper understanding  of the responsibility each of us (in a multitude of locations) has whence living in a settler-colonial society. Further,  we will discuss the ways in which anti-racism fails to center the ongoing colonization of Indigenous peoples, as well as the ongoing complacency of white settlers, and their refusal to give up dominance. Within our presentation, we as individuals (with varying experiences) will interrogate the ways in which whiteness (see. white supremacy) insidiously works to erase Indigenous peoples, lands, and forge a fabricated ‘canadian’ identity which neither looks critically inward nor acknowledges the part(s) settlers play within the occupying settlement project. Please be warned that this workshop hinges upon open dialogue pertaining to settlement, entitlement, and white supremacy – these conversations carry great weight and can be intense for participants