shout out to my senpai

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as tough 2016 was in retrospect, thank you 2016 for the massive progress and imagination!! thank you all for being with me till now! i hope 2017 brings more great things! 

special shout out to my senpai @southpauz for inspiring me to draw and evoke my passion for digital art again!!! 


I’m back from my hiatus !!! 

^up there are my (somewhat decent) doodles that i put on my twitter account 

shout-out to senpai @lazuen93 for the inspiring fanarts of undertale^^ also… this talented artist is being disrespected by so so so many ignorant people by reposting/selling their artworks without any permission. so please report if u saw one of their artworks being reposted on a blog or being sold on any online store without their consent because in case you didn’t know, that my friend is called STEALING. thanks ^^

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Quick doodles for my senpais (。•ㅅ•。)
@sansfulpuns @b-b-b-bonezoned @ask-mttblook
(I’m just gonna make it short this time cause my first one made my phone lag and it disappeared ;-;)

HOII (っ◕‿◕)っ
You guys are the best!! You’re all my favorite undertale blogs so far and argh!! I just love you guys soooo much (╥﹏╥)💕
Stay awesome and keep doing what you do! Thank goodness amazing people like you guys exist ❤️ (๑´ㅂ`๑)
Have a Nice Day! I Love Youuuuu💕💕(๑ŏ ω ŏ๑)

Oh my God, the Best Friends answered a question I sent them on their 134th Podcast about their favorite Pokemon!!

So Woolie’s favorite pokemon is Blastoise, with runner-ups being Doubledge, Zangoose, and Golurk. 

I don’t even care that they referred to me as a “he”, I don’t even care! (/o_o)/ Oh my God it’s like getting an indirect shout out. MY SENPAIS NOTICED ME!!