shout out to my senpai

shout-out to my buddy steph ( @mooniva ) for showing me this gif to help cheer me up, i seriously love it sm and i felt it was v appropriate for this occasion.

Thank you all sm for 1.4!! I’m seriously in shock that I kept getting follows even after rage quitting this site for two days, lol. I’m grateful that you all didn’t give up on me so thank you <3 I’m wanting this follow forever to be more towards my best pals on and I just want to gush about how much i love them bc they literally mean a lot and idk what i would do without them??? i’m also gonna add a good list of my favorite blogs (some that aren’t mutuals)! you should follow everyone i list bc they’re great! :’)

blacklist this as ‘ashs1.4kff’ if you dont want to see reblogs of this on your dash!

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  • ɪ ɴ     ʀ ᴇ ᴠ ɪ ᴇ ᴡ :

as tough 2016 was in retrospect, thank you 2016 for the massive progress and imagination!! thank you all for being with me till now! i hope 2017 brings more great things! 

special shout out to my senpai @southpauz for inspiring me to draw and evoke my passion for digital art again!!! 


I’m back from my hiatus !!! 

^up there are my (somewhat decent) doodles that i put on my twitter account 

shout-out to senpai @lazuen93 for the inspiring fanarts of undertale^^ also… this talented artist is being disrespected by so so so many ignorant people by reposting/selling their artworks without any permission. so please report if u saw one of their artworks being reposted on a blog or being sold on any online store without their consent because in case you didn’t know, that my friend is called STEALING. thanks ^^

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Well hello! Okay I know i do follow forevers once a month but its actually because I get bored easily and when any of my friends do a follow forever (*cough* salma *cough*) I get inspired and I wanna do my own as well and because you all are so aw and i’m so ew. I told Salma I wanted to do another one and she was like “you did one a month ago” well i don’t care OTL. Also I reached a incredible amount of followers so quickly and this is my way to thank you all, you are all cuties.

Okay so first of all a huge shout out to these people for making my life better and for being my best friends (there might or might not have something written if u hover over the links):

the one that showed me chad future • the one that likes jongup a lot • the one that has a boner for jonghyun • the ajhumma dinosaur unnie one • the one that draws good • the one from brazil who likes rap monster • the one i’m married to • the one that speaks japanese and calls me noona • the one i see every saturday with swag hair •

OKAY so I’d also like to give a massive shout out to these following blogs who make my dash a happy place:

Bold - senpai

(no particular order because I’m lazy)

keychubum • kwibom nipplesxoxo • herewegobebe • jjongs-key • key-goon • keybunnie • keybummer • oncloud-onew • tmntyn • jongkittaetaeminsdicksuckinglips • minjup • feathersfloat • wookey-s / shineesque • dinobummie • alenkoed • johaboyeo • keyolo • kimjonghyunsucks • jonghyunar • jong-bum • theshineelover • shawolastic • k-poppy • fantaesies • perfectlilshits • shinees-back • miracleminho-shi • goomiho • thaenes • taeflakes • jonghyuns-flat-ass • z-co • kittybummie flamingpuppy • tokkichiataemajesty • keyvictim • keyonces • bumkis squishybummie • frostyjonghyun • kaimik • blindingsmile • need-i-remind-you • minsugahs • kingleejinki • bonamanana • jonghyuneritis • pbminho • baby-mino • minhotimes • naekibum • qriseu • lovermin •

OKAY I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, and I’m sorry I do this too much and I know this is getting boring I promise I’ll try to stop. Anyway, thank you all so much for following me and supporting me and all that, I love all of you a lot and I hope you have a wonderful day/night/morning/life.

love always, somni :)

Oh my God, the Best Friends answered a question I sent them on their 134th Podcast about their favorite Pokemon!!

So Woolie’s favorite pokemon is Blastoise, with runner-ups being Doubledge, Zangoose, and Golurk. 

I don’t even care that they referred to me as a “he”, I don’t even care! (/o_o)/ Oh my God it’s like getting an indirect shout out. MY SENPAIS NOTICED ME!!