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And lastly, my ask box is open and I’ll be taking art requests too. Someone already asked through my chat if I could do a color pallet/reference sheet of my Villainous OCs so I’ll be working on that. 


A Love Unlike Any Other

Summary: Dan and Phil proclaim their undying love for each other.

Word Count: 1284

Warnings: None, just an incredibly sappy fic

A/N: So I got the inspiration to write this story after Phil’s speech at the BONCAS. I’m really proud of how it turned out. Also shout out to @crescendohowell for reading it and being my writing senpai. Hope you all like it too <3

read on ao3 aswell :)

“Philip Michael Lester.” Dan starts. He’s never been so nervous and simultaneously excited in his whole life. “I vow to be your best friend for the rest of time.” Phil’s intense eye-contact making Dan feel like the only one in the room. He starts to smile and hold back a giggle as he remembers the next part of his speech. “I vow to always watch any stupid reality show you are addicted to.” The giddy smile erupting onto his face resulting in a crater sized dimple on his cheek. “I vow to always have the good cereal in the house for you to impulsively munch on at 2 in the morning, and to only be a little frustrated with you when I wake up to find it’s all gone.”

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as tough 2016 was in retrospect, thank you 2016 for the massive progress and imagination!! thank you all for being with me till now! i hope 2017 brings more great things! 

special shout out to my senpai @southpauz for inspiring me to draw and evoke my passion for digital art again!!! 


I’m back from my hiatus !!! 

^up there are my (somewhat decent) doodles that i put on my twitter account 

shout-out to senpai @lazuen93 for the inspiring fanarts of undertale^^ also… this talented artist is being disrespected by so so so many ignorant people by reposting/selling their artworks without any permission. so please report if u saw one of their artworks being reposted on a blog or being sold on any online store without their consent because in case you didn’t know, that my friend is called STEALING. thanks ^^

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Well hello! Okay I know i do follow forevers once a month but its actually because I get bored easily and when any of my friends do a follow forever (*cough* salma *cough*) I get inspired and I wanna do my own as well and because you all are so aw and i’m so ew. I told Salma I wanted to do another one and she was like “you did one a month ago” well i don’t care OTL. Also I reached a incredible amount of followers so quickly and this is my way to thank you all, you are all cuties.

Okay so first of all a huge shout out to these people for making my life better and for being my best friends (there might or might not have something written if u hover over the links):

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love always, somni :)

Oh my God, the Best Friends answered a question I sent them on their 134th Podcast about their favorite Pokemon!!

So Woolie’s favorite pokemon is Blastoise, with runner-ups being Doubledge, Zangoose, and Golurk. 

I don’t even care that they referred to me as a “he”, I don’t even care! (/o_o)/ Oh my God it’s like getting an indirect shout out. MY SENPAIS NOTICED ME!!