shout out to harry

listen i was talking about mutual pining scorbus + accidental drarry intervention headcanons with @lotstradamus and i can’t not share it with the world:

  • neither albus nor scorpius realize until it happens and given that they don’t quite grasp that this incredibly deep loving adoration they feel toward each other isn’t the way EVERYONE experiences friendship, it takes them getting slightly tipsy to giggle and clumsily bump lips and realize what they feel might be something More
  • of course after that, they’re scared from the depths of their bellies to the tips of their fingers that they were Too Into It and the other one Definitely Noticed and Minded
  • and so they carry on with a mutual feigned obliviousness to what happened, both assuming they were the only ones into it and don’t want to Freak The Other Out so dutifully keep it to themselves, dutifully pining in solitude for months because they’re even more dutiful to the care and keeping of their best friendship 
  • despite carrying on normal appearances together, they can’t hide how their hearts are hurting at HOME, and so naturally, it’s only a matter of time before draco malfoy is forced for the second time in his life to show up at harry potter’s doorstep to demand to know what is going on that his son is in tears, POTTER
  • harry checks in with albus who desolately has to explain that, no, dad, we’re not fighting, everything’s fine, get your nose out of it
  • because how do you quite articulate that nothing is wrong but everything is ruined because you had two glasses of shandy at a slytherin house party and kissed your best friend and liked it too much and now you can’t even look at him without ruining your friendship because you know that he’ll take one glance at you and KNOW????
  • anyway albus can’t say this because obviously, so instead, an oblivious harry and draco sigh and get involved with their sons’ drama like good if slightly overbearing fathers, saying, “okay, we don’t know what’s going on, but you’re both clearly miserable and whatever’s happening between you two shouldn’t ruin a friendship, so we’re going to sit down and talk this out”
  • and wind up accidentally having to mediate albus and scorpius Talking About It, way in over their heads
  • when they sit down to mediate this Unknown Problem That They’re Sons Are Having, draco 100% realizes it first, suddenly looking thunderstruck and harry, thickheaded as always, is like “what? what?? what have you just realized?” 
  • and albus and scorpius just PANIC
  • “NOTHING,” yells albus
  • “DAD LET’S GO” shouts scorpius, halfway to the door already 
  • meanwhile, the only solace draco malfoy has is watching Idiot Potter struggle to catch up with all that’s happening
  • at which point,

after which i’m sure is a very happy ending for scorbus


Ok, I’m hoping that none of the people in this will kill me ; v ; it’s my way of a shout out and I did my best, but I’m sorry if it offends anyone.



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*runs away to the shame corner of bad* sooooOOORRRYYYYY!


  • Ginny: What are you doing tonight?
  • Fred: Me and Hermione are going out.
  • Ginny: You and Hermione? You finally asked her out on a date??
  • Fred: Calm down, its not a date.
  • Ginny: Well what are you going to do?
  • Fred: Going to the Three Broomsticks, might go for a walk around the town, get matching tattoos, normal stuff.

Shoutout to all of the atheist muggleborns who didn’t believe in magic or ghosts before they went to Hogwarts and now they have suddenly been forced to believe the unbelievable.
Shoutout to all of the religious muggleborns who were told that witchcraft was a sin and now having to face the fact that their family might not accept who they really are.
Shoutout to all of the muggleborns who have to learn how to balance their magical life and their families on one plate without disturbing the peace.
Shoutout to all of the muggleborns who couldn’t go to their parents for advice on certain things because they knew that their parents would have no idea what they were talking about.
Shoutout to all of the muggleborns who were home schooled their whole life and now are being forced to chose between being away from their parents and studying magic or not learning about the wizarding world at all.
Shoutout to all of the muggleborns who were forced to fight in a war for a world that they weren’t born into.
Shoutout to all muggleborns.

#7 Bedtime Stories

“But Daddy I don’t want to go to sleep!” Her soft voice pleaded with Fred as he tucked her in.

“Jo, it’s already past your bedtime. You need your rest.” Fred insisted.

“Please, just one story first!” She begged “Then I’ll sleep, I promise!”

Fred sighed and looked into his daughters wide brown eyes. He smiled. She really had her mothers eyes.

“Okay sweetheart. Just a short one tonight.” He told her, sitting down on her bed beside her.

“Yay!” Jo squealed and cuddled up close to Fred.

“Now what story would you like to hear?” Fred asked her.

“Hmmm,” Jo thought about it for a moment, “I’d like a story about a princess.”

“About a princess?” Fred exclaimed. “Well I know a great story about a princess!”

Jo giggled softly, listening intently to her father.

“Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Hogwarts, there lived a beautiful young princess.” Fred began, “She had beautiful brown curly hair,” he gently twisted his fingers into his daughters brunette locks, “enchanting brown eyes, and a cute little nose that was always buried inside of a book. She was the smartest princess that the kingdom had ever seen.” Jo watched Fred tell the story with interest.

“However,” he continued, “there was an evil wizard who hated the princess. And he kidnapped and brainwashed one of her friends into letting him inside of the princesses castle.”

“Oh no!” Jo exclaimed.

“Oh no indeed.” Fred responded playfully, “For this evil wizard was very powerful and he wanted to hurt the princess. The evil wizard hid in the darkest parts of the castle basement, where no one ever went, and he started his plan.”

“What was his plan daddy?” Jo asked quietly.

“Well I’ll tell you his plan. He found an evil monster called the basilisk. The basilisk could freeze people with its magical gaze, and it wanted to freeze Herm… the princess. Luckily, the princess was smart and she figured out the evil wizards plan. She figered out that by using a mirror could stop the basilisk from freezing her forever. But it still would put her into a deep sleep.”

“Like Princess Aurora?” Jo asked Fred.

“Yes sweetie, just like Princess Aurora.” Fred smiled down at her.

“How does someone wake up from the sleep? Do they need true loves kiss?” Jo excitedly questioned him.

“Of course.” Fred chuckled “That’s how sleeping curses are always broken. But this one need even more then that. The sleeper would need true loves kiss and the basilisk had to be defeated as well for them to wake up.”

“What about the scary evil wizard?” She asked her father, voice quivering slightly.

“Don’t you worry about him Jo.” Fred assured her as he brushed his fingers through her hair. “The basilisk did find the princess one day in her library and it attacked her, but luckily the princess was able to use her mirror to save her life. However, she was put into the deep sleep.”

Joe buried her face into Fred’s arm, “The princess fought off the bask.. basilisk all by herself?” She stared at him in awe of his story.

“Well of course she did! She was the bravest and smartest girl in the kingdom! She outsmarted that basilisk no problem. And she left a message for her two best and bravest knights on what the basilisk was.” Fred continued his story with enthusiasm. “The knights found the basilisk and the evil wizard and, with the help of the princesses message and a phoenix, they defeated them both. They saved the princesses friend and a rather incompetent teacher as well.”

“Now the people in the kingdom were scared because they didn’t know who the princesses true love was. People had no idea who could have possibly charmed the beautiful princess, and they began to wonder if anyone in the kingdom was worthy of attempting the kiss.”
Fred took a deep breath before continuing.

“See Jo, no one in the whole kingdom knew that there was a handsome court jester who had been in love the princess for quite some time. But one day, while no one was around, he snuck into her room and looked down on her sleeping, he knew that wether or not it was him who was her true love, this would be his last chance to kiss her. The jester built up his courage and kissed her, praying for her to wake up. When the Jester pulled away, for several seconds it seemed like the kiss had no effect, but then, her eyes opened.”

“The jester was the princesses true love?” Squealed Jo in surprise.

“Uh huh. A lot of people in the kingdom were surprised at this, they didn’t think that the princess and the Jester were well suited for each other.” Fred laughed to himself slightly. “But after some time they all saw just how in love the young couple was.”

“Did they get married daddy?” Jo asked him.

“Oh yes. And they had a beautiful daughter and two very handsome baby boys. But that’s a different part of the story, and it’s later then your bedtime Jo.”

“Okay daddy. Goodnight.” she whispered as Fred tucked her in.

“Goodnight, I love you.” He whispered back, turning off her light.

Fred tiptoed out of her room and into the hallway but he froze suddenly when he nearly walked straight into another person.

“Cute story.” Hermione told him, leaning against the wall. “Although I remember it a little differently.”

“Well my versions a little more romantic, you have to admit.” Fred chuckled.

“Fine. It was.” Hermione giggled. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and planted a kiss on his lips. “And they both lived happily ever after.”
Well I think this one is really cute but I wanna know what you guys think. I think you all know why I named their daughter Jo ;). As always, let me know what you liked and disliked about this, or any suggestions you have for future fics, I would love to hear your ideas and help bring them to life as best I can. I LOVE ALL 154 OF YOU GUYS!!!! Until next time, Kisses!

H/D Erised 2016 recs

I want to rec some of my favorites from this lovely Drarry fic exchange (though I’m afraid I haven’t read anything posted after the 21st…) So many surprises this time!! As always, I’m forever amazed by the talent of this fandom.

The Full Four Seasons by ravenclawsquill (49k) 

AHH, I LOVED THIS. I am still screaming inside just thinking about it. Excellent writing, such passion, so many feels. This one had a wonderful depiction of Drarry and their dynamics (special shout-out to Harry, he was my dorky fave). They were just SO SWEET together, I can’t. Friends to lovers, banter, fluff and angst, we even had coffee shop dates, how am I supposed to resist??

Five Weddings and a Potions Accident by lauren3210 (19k) 

I’ll just let it be said that friends with benefits is one of my absolute fave tropes, and this one had plenty of it. I had such a blast reading this fic, I loved the ease and comfort between Harry and Draco, the passion, the sweetness. They were perfect together AND YET OBLIVIOUS!HARRY STRIKES AGAIN. Gosh. I could watch these two fall in love forever. I never wanted this fic to end.

Boom Clap (The Sound of My Heart) by femmequixotic & noeon (39k) 

This fic!!!! Oh, I enjoyed it so much! The angst, the pining, Draco’s anxiety tugging at my heart strings, the friends-to-lovers, the really fascinating magical theory that is my weaknesssss. And that twist towards the end? I’m not going to spoil BUT I may or may not have squealed aloud in public. ALSO TATTOOED HARRY?? Loved this fic, it was beautifully done.

Weeds or Wildflowers by lumosed_quill & sdk (17k)

Oh my god, this was hilarious. The whole matchmaking idea was cracking me up so bad, Draco’s increasing desperation even more so. I loved the pining, the chemistry between the characters, teacher!Harry, Draco’s vulnerability… I am already dying to read this one again, it was a true joy.

Bound To You by agentmoppet (28k)

BONDING FIC. Another of my weaknessessss. This one had some amazing magical theory in it, I love the idea of Hogwarts and cursed objects being sentient, Harry had the coolest profession ever, and I was so so impressed by the writing. We were just thrown right into it and it was beautiful???

The Owl and the Pussy-cat by khalulu (8.1k)

I adored the writing style in this one, it was brilliant and hilarious. Draco’s skepticism and Harry’s adorkable cupcakeness (this is a word okay 100% legit)!. DRACO NOT KNOWING WHAT A PLAY DATE IS. And the animals!

On Open Wings by dicta_contrion (15k)

This is another one with gorgeous writing. I especially loved how much was going on ‘between the lines’, the way things were understood instead of stated. It was simply marvelous. Interesting take on Harry’s heroism as well!

A Purely Selfish Act by SqueekaCuomo (27k)

I cried rivers pretty much all throughout, it’s been a good while since a fic made me cry like this. IT JUST HURT ME SO BAD. Right in the feels. But it was lovely, and there was time travel happening! And sweetness, too!

Shoutout to the universe or fate or whatever that despite the current political climate, my inner turmoil with my mental health, and my overall fucked up life, that I have the options today to either watch a Harry Potter marathon or watch the Puppy Bowl. That’s my biggest struggle today. Good looking out, world. Much respect.

shout out to the Ravenclaws who struggle with maths and writing essays, who have high expectations from there house and teachers but aren’t book smart
the Ravenclaws who perform in the arts, like in acting and dancing, who want to write scripts and books, not essays on the use of bezoars in alchemy

Look after these Ravenclaws

I have a headcanon that harry tells ginny anything important through lymerics

Ginny came home one day after quidditch training, sweat dripping from her form and eyes closing from exhaustion when suddenly a letter is shoved under her nose. Instinctively she grabs it, still slightly tense from the war- they all are. But she didn’t need to worry, because the writing is a mixture of print and cursive, the capital G for her name unique. She smiles, recognising it as Harry’s writing, before wondering what he can’t say but can write. Curiosity getting the best of her, she reads it, leaning against the doorframe and zoning out the playful squeals from her children.

“Hair dark and pretty,
Her smile lights up the city,
I love her heaps,
My wife’s really neat!
And I might’ve bought a kitty…”

She laughs when she recognises the format as a poem. She smiles when she sees the compliments. Her mouth drops and her eyes widen as she shouts out Harry’s full name. “YOU BOUGHT A CAT?! WHERE IS IT??”

Harry was relieved to realise that Ginny liked cats.

Slytherin Harry AU:

McGonagall puts the Sorting Hat on Harry’s head, thinking to herself *Spitting image of James, deff a Gryffindor*. then the bitch ass hat shouts out “SLYTHERIN”

McGonagall jaw drops, she grabs Harry by the hood of his cloak as he goes to join the rest of the Slytherin house, and she’s just like “Hell freaken NO Potter! You take one step towards that table and…”

Dumbledore: “Minerva its fine really…”

McGonagall: “Fine? Fine you say. No this is my Potter, my cub, I dealt with his parents, and like the Weasley clan I am keeping it all in the family. Screw you guys he’s in my house! I put years of my life into teaching his parents, putting up with their shit disturbing, I was there when somebody *points to Dumbledore* decided to leave him on the doorstep of his muggle relatives house, and I have been mentally preparing for the last 10 years for this day. You will not take this away from me! Now Potter go sit down at Gryffindor and eat something.” 

Meanwhile Snape is just in shock thinking in his head *Lilly’s son is in my house! Lilly’s son is in my house! Omg, omg, omg! This is just….wait, wait, what the hell McGonagall! Did she just? Damn it all! Okay just play it cool….act like you don’t care. You don’t care, yeah that’s right just keep saying that.*

Harry Styles Ask Game

1. Favorite outfit 

2. Favorite Harry era

3. Favorite Harry solo

4. Favorite hair style 

5. Favorite Interview

6. Favorite car

7. Favorite friendship

8. Favorite ring

9. London or L.A. Harry

10. Favorite flowy shirt

11. Favorite color on Harry

12. Favorite ship

13. Favorite tattoo

14. Favorite sunglasses

15. Rockstar or cuddly Harry

16. White, black, or blue jeans

17. Boots or tennis shoes

18. Bun or no bun

19. Dom or sub Harry

20. Performer or actor 

21. Dad or Daddy Harry

22. Mad or pouty

23. Best performance

24. Serious or funny

25. Favorite bromance

26. Favorite picture

27. Best Harry fanfiction

28. Dodgeball of carpool

29. YSL or Gucci

30. Quiet or talkative

31. Harry’s best quote

32. The moment where he was the nicest

33. Older lady loving Harry or dad loving Harry

34. Funniest joke

35. Floral suits or normal suits

36. Dimple or smile

37. Poutine or pizza rant

anonymous asked:

I don't understand that post about Harry and the RNLI. Could you explain it please?

Harry is wearing a hat with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution logo on it. Fans raised £11,000 for that organization for Harry’s birthday.

It feels like a shout out to fans and to the RNLI at the same time.