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Beruani Month Day 26 - A Different Style of Clothing

This is written by my friend, she’s doing me a favour on this one! Check out her stories on Ao3 if you like this :) 

Annie stared at herself in the changing room mirror, and sighed.

What am I thinking?

She was wearing a tight, short black dress, which was low cut and clung to her figure, showing off her small waist and chest. She wore black heels that she could barely stand up in. Her grey hoodie and leggings lay crumpled on the floor, next to her trainers. Annie longed to put her old clothes back on, but Hitch was insisting that she came out of the changing room.

“Well?” She shouted. “Come out, I want to see!”

Annie half-rolled her eyes at Hitch’s impatience and wearily pulled the curtain aside. Hitch squealed.

“I love it!” She shrieked so loudly Annie was pretty sure the whole mall could hear. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?”

Annie shrugged. “It looks fine, I guess, but it’s so tight. It’s uncomfortable and I hate how much of my boobs it shows.”

“But that’s the best part!” Hitch gave her a disapproving look. “You look hot. He’s going to love it.”


“Go on, go and get changed. But we’re definitely buying that outfit.”

Later that night, Annie thanked her Uber driver and stood in front of the nightclub with Hitch, waiting to be let in. After an hour’s practise earlier that evening, she could walk better in her heels, but she was still a little shaky. Hitch had also given her a makeover - Annie was wearing makeup for the first time in her life, and a lot of it. She hadn’t realised how much was wrong with her face before Hitch started covering her in products. Her hair wasn’t in its usual bun - instead it was in loose curls.  

Annie shivered. It was a cold night, but Hitch had insisted that only losers took coats on a night out, and told her to man up. When they were let in, the nightclub was already packed with people dancing and having a good time. Hitch immediately dragged Annie over to the bar and bought drinks for them both.

“Cheers,” Hitch said, and they both downed their drinks in one. Annie would have done anything to feel less uncomfortable at that moment, and drinking was certainly on the cards. She had no idea why she had even agreed to come out to a club, but Reiner was dragging Bertholdt along, and she wanted to see him.

“Let’s go find the boys.” Hitch practically had to shout to be heard over the music. “Hopefully you’ll brighten up once you see that precious boyfriend of yours.”

Annie scowled at her. “We’ve barely been dating for two weeks, I wouldn’t exactly call him my boyfriend.”

“Hitch! Annie!”

Annie turned around to see Reiner calling them from the other side of the dancefloor. Bertholdt was walking behind him, looking shy and awkward.

“There you are!” Hitch kissed him full on the mouth, and Annie and Bertholdt looked at each other uncomfortably.

“Want to go somewhere less loud, or do you want to dance or something?” Bertholdt asked Annie, praying she would say yes to the former.

She did.

“You look, um… nice,” he said once they could talk without having to shout.

“Gee, thanks. You don’t have to sound so enthusiastic about it,” Annie said sarcastically, tugging at the hem of her too-short dress.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. You look great, seriously. It’s just…”

“What?” Annie snapped. She felt a mix of humiliation and discomfort.

“You don’t exactly look that comfortable.”

Annie laughed. He knew her so well. “No, I’m not. Why do other girls dress up like this anyway? It’s so much easier to dance in leggings. Ugh. I wish I was at home watching movies, I really don’t want to be here.”

Bertholdt shrugged. “Let’s go then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come back to mine. We can watch a film and eat a bunch of snacks.”

“But don’t you want to be here?”

“Are you kidding? I only showed up because Reiner wanted me to. I thought you were the one that wanted to be here.”

“No, I only came because Hitch wanted me to,” Annie laughed. “Come on, let’s go.”

Half an hour later, the pair were curled up on the sofa watching Mulan. Bertholdt had dragged his duvet downstairs and they were sharing a tub of ice cream lying underneath it. Annie’s outfit and heels had been discarded in Bertholdt’s bedroom, as he had given her a t-shirt (which was longer than the dress she had been wearing before) and a pair of sweatpants (which were about twice the size of her). She had scrubbed off the makeup, and tied her hair back into the bun she always wore it in.

Bertholdt looked at her. Even though he had loved her outfit in the nightclub, something about the way she looked wearing his clothes and a happy smile was a thousand times more beautiful to him.

“Comfy?” He asked.

She said nothing, but nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

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how cursed the paladins are

I saw a post a while back about how much each paladin curses except I misread it as how cursed each paladin is and I can’t believe I haven’t seen that before so I took it upon myself to make it.

Hunk: least cursed, Hunk is wholesome and spreads sunshine where ever he goes. his smile literally saved my life?? opposite of cursed: blessed

Keith: lives in an abandoned shack, has a mystery knife, down to murder, probably a furry. a high amount of cursed energy emits from this boy

Lance: actually more cursed than Keith and definitely a furry but exfoliates so his skin adds +10 pureness. cursed mon-thurs

Shiro: literal cryptid, craves death, been to the astral plane and maybe lives there now(?). very cursed

Pidge: most cursed


Sherlock // The Final Problem // Aesthetic


so here’s Luca and the gang + mjrn, who’s back from the dead. 
it’s them in their fire emblem classes q _ q . lemme tell u how excited i felt while drawing this: very.

i chose classes that i think best suited them as well as other factors :3c i hope nyall enjoy it…

sacchariwrites  asked:

Are you going to tell us now how you changed the story after you saw episode 10? You said you had to go back and re-outline the whole thing. I am interested in knowing how it differs.

i’m sorry if someone has already asked you this but can you share with us the original plan you had for umfb before episode 10? or can you not tell us until after the companion fic?

How Episode 10 Changed Everything (and other fun stories):

So as I’ve said a couple of times before, episode 10 was an absolute game changer for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and now that the fic is finally done I’ll try and explain how although this may get a bit long and I wont go into too much detail about Viktor for companion fic reasons.

So the main three things that episode 10 changed in the fic was Viktor’s entire character, Yuuri as an unreliable narrator and the program music.

The most significant by far was Viktor’s character. Because pre episode 10 we really still didn’t know that much about Viktor and we had no idea about the banquet. So before episode 10 I assumed that Yuuri fell in love first and Viktor came to coach Yuuri out of curiosity because he likes surprises and doing something different and eventually and unexpectedly found himself falling in love. In a draft for another fic I was tossing ideas around for it actually centred on Viktor only realising he was in love with Yuuri just before the kiss in episode 7. Viktor was always very mysterious and I’m sure people who were in the fandom pre ep10 will remember all the theories that he was just using Yuuri and all that and while I didn’t believe that, I did assume that Viktor’s character trope was the ‘workaholic slowly learns how to love by being loved’ one.

But then episode 10 comes and completely knocks that out of the water because we find that Viktor is actually this adorable sappy romantic who calls Yuuri sleeping beauty and adores him and fell in love with him when he was wasted and dancing and brought life and love back into Viktor’s world. And that completely changed Viktor in the fic because after an episode from his pov I had a much better handle on his character and realised he absolutely wouldn’t act like he had been planned to act in the fic.

In the original plan he wasn’t ever a bad person or anything but he was actually a rival for Yuuri and he didn’t fall in love until much much later. But with episode 10 we also found out that Chris and Viktor are best buddies and Viktor likes skating with Chris and can’t imagine a season without him which means that in the fic there’s no way that Viktor would feel threatened by Yuuri as a rival because in canon he’s besties with his competitor and he’s way too much of a sweetheart for that. So in the fic it changed from Viktor reciprocating the rivalry to Viktor actually enjoying the challenge and excitement it brought into his life.

As for him falling in love, in chapter 10 the singing thing was always planned but that was originally the first sign that Viktor was starting to feel affection for Yuuri and was just the very beginning of him falling in love. It chapter 10! But after ep10 I realised that Viktor ‘love at first drunken dance’ Nikiforov would definitely not be having a solid two years of a ‘relationship’ and just be starting to fall because that would be seriously ooc and we finally saw just how much he adores Yuuri through his own eyes. And so in the fic I reworked the whole thing to fit with Viktor as a character as I now understood him and that included him falling first, falling hard and falling early.

Episode 10 also showed us just how much of an unreliable narrator Yuuri is, with the banquet and also how different everything seemed from Viktor’s eyes. And so that meant that I started to play with the idea of Yuuri being a seriously unreliable narrator and trying to tell a story where his version is very different to the version the audience see, which is obvious now pretty crucial to umfb&mha.

I also went back and reworked all the program music for the fic once episode 10 came out. Before it was all important and did have significance but after I knew that Viktor was going to fall early I decided to play around with the idea of showing the audience how he was feeling through his music. So I went back and completely changed the program music to tell a proper story (funny story, originally Yuuri was going to be the one skating to Sun and Moon. And then episode 10 happened and I looked at the new outline of the fic like ‘this is such a Viktor song oh my god).

Another thing that episode 10 changed was originally Chris wasn’t involved in the fic at all until we found out about his and Viktor’s friendship and that he’s actually such a bro not just a weird guy who gropes Yuuri and comes on the ice. As well as that, in episode 10 we also found out that Yuuri was actually the unknowing playboy in the Eros story not Viktor, coming into Viktor’s life, stealing his heart and then leaving without a word, which lead me adapting the fic to umfb!Yuuri becoming a perceived playboy by others through certain things that will be explored fully in the companion fic as a reference to that. There were also some smaller changes like the inclusion of the drunken Olympics and Yuuri knowing how to pole dance as a shout out to the episode.

Episode 12 also changed a lot. One of the things was Yurio and his role in the fic and how he feels about Yuuri which will be explored more in the companion fic. Also the original end of the fic was that Yuuri was going to try and fail to do the quad flip which ruins an otherwise perfect skate and potentially loses him the gold but he was willing to sacrifice it to tell Viktor. But in episode 12 we see that Yuuri can do a quad flip with his love for Viktor as motivation so it changed to Yuuri still potentially ruining his skate because he isn’t sure if he can land the jump but doing it anyway and actually succeeding because every time he tried and failed before it was because he was doing it out of bitterness trying to beat Viktor and this time he was doing it out of love.

The fic also changed a lot over the course of writing it just because characters take on a life of their own and my first draft was very rough and done before I’d written anything so I’ll try and do a chapter by chapter run down of the big changes from the rough plan I wrote before starting the fic to the end result.

Chapter 4:

·       Phichit originally wasn’t a big part of the fic but that very quickly changed because it’s Phichit and he’s so damn important to Yuuri and such an amazing character so I added him in early and made his part much bigger

·       There was originally going to be a discussion between Viktor and Yuuri that went badly and they both ended up annoyed and offended which sparked Viktor’s side of the rivalry but there was no way to do that without making them both dicks and ooc and after episode 10 it changed to Viktor trying to be helpful but unreliable narrator Yuuri taking it wrong and cutting the conversation short

Chapter 6:

·       Yuuri was originally going to be watching interviews and stuff of Viktor and thinking how arrogant and self-assured he was but this changed with Viktor’s character change because that’s just not him

·       Viktor was going to make a comment about Yuuri’s quads but this one was actually going to be an insult and again changed when Viktor’s character changed

·       The idea for the dream sequence only came later

Chapter 7:

·       Pole dancing only became a thing after episode 10

·       Viktor was going to only miss the GPS and come back for Worlds but lose because he wasn’t fully recovered but I decided I didn’t want the first time Yuuri won against Viktor to be so unsatisfying

·       The watching Yuuri skate at the rink didn’t originally happen at this point in the fic until after I saw ep 10

Chapter 8:

·       Yuuri never lost motivation originally but I decided at that point it was important in his character to almost give up but then come back with a vengeance

·       The drunken Olympics never originally happened

·       They were both originally going to be drunk when they first slept together but that got thrown out almost immediately because consent is very important and there was no way I was going to write a scene where both of them were drunk and therefore couldn’t give proper consent.  Also it was important it wasn’t a drunken mistake but a deliberate choice.

·       Viktor getting drinks never happened, instead he was going to be treating Yuuri in a similar way to how Yuuri was treating him

Chapter 9:

·       Yuuri was originally still going to be very hostile before I realised it was ooc and a dick move after Viktor was being nice to him so it changed to him congratulating Viktor after Viktor won. That then changed the sex scene from the mutual hatefuck it was going to be pre ep10 to Yuuri and the comments thing that sent him spiralling. The not-talking thing was also added as a plot device because Viktor as he became acted very differently to him as he was originally planned to be and it would have been too easy if he had been allowed to talk.

·       Viktor was originally going to take Yuuri out to dinner at the WC purely out of guilt

·       There was originally going to be another sex scene after the WC and dinner where Yuuri was angry at Viktor for ruining his skate but it would be ooc for both of them and got changed early on

Chapter 10:

·       Number swap was supposed to be just for hooking up but changed after ep10

·       Yuuri’s theme was originally going to be something related to hatred but it changed as his character developed and I realised how he was being affected by the events of the fic was different to the plan and that would be doing him a disservice as a character

·       Viktor was still kind of being a bit of a dick and making snide comments during sex when Yuuri won which was changed when I rewrote Viktor as a character after ep10

·       Conversation with Phichit was very short and didn’t involve a lot of the stuff it did in the final chapter

·       Viktor was again going to be acting very different in the second sex scene with none of the need or desperation that happened which all came about during his character change

·       Conversation with Chris never happened until the third of four re-writes of ep10 when I realised Viktor’s actions needed some more context for people who were ignoring the music

Chapter 11:

·       Lots of sex was supposed to happen in this chapter before I changed it for plot reasons and also companion fic reasons

·       Sex scene was supposed to be all about Yuuri acting like Eros Yuuri but those two idiots in love were very sappy and sentimental instead and it became a crucial relationship shift point instead

·       All domesticness from that chapter was planned out later in the fic as the fic was being written not in the first plan, including the borscht scene

Chapter 12:

·       Meal with the other skaters never happened

·       The revel about Yuuri’s virginity never happened in the first plan. Then in the rough draft of the chapter it happened at the same time as the second reveal but I split them because it worked better that way

·       This was when Viktor was supposed to secretly watch Yuuri skating his routine

·       Yurio wasn’t originally involved at all and Yuuri left after getting jealous. The love revelation never happened

Chapter 13:

·       Yurio appeared in this chapter instead although the conversation was very different in the rough plan because everything he talks about in the final version came about after episode 10 changed everything

·       Yuuri was originally going to be much more angry at the scandal and used his anger to win while Viktor still fucked up his skate but this changed early when I realised it was ooc and Yuuri would actually react very differently and that emotional devastation and heartbreak would ruin his skate instead

Chapter 14:

·       None of the conversations with Yuuri’s family were planned in detail in the first rough plan, I just knew he needed to go back to Hasetsu and have some revelations

·       Yuuri was supposed to convince himself that Viktor never loved him and never could and only realised Viktor’s feelings after seeing stammi vicino. This changed because it was very important for Yuuri to go and get some distance and time and then decided to come back and decided to try again with Viktor before he saw stammi vicino. It also changed because with Viktor as he became after ep10 and how he reacted there was no way that Yuuri would convince himself that Viktor never cared for him. He’s a bit emotionally dense sometimes but not an idiot

·       Yuuri was going to fall on the quad flip

So yeah, all this is from the very rough draft before I wrote any of it and the story adapted and changed along the way as I got more into the characters and got a better handle on how they would act until it became what you see today. It definitely became a much better story and I’m very happy with all the changes that I made! Having a plan is great for a framework but letting the characters grow and change naturally during the writing process is much more fun and I think makes for a better story

not to be beefy but why do some straight people ask really personal questions as soon as you come out to them?? like i was sat by myself eating chips and i had one kid who just straight up asked whether my family accepted me and i had to tell him my grandparents are violently opposed to gay marriage and he just went “oh".. like nathan what did you think the answer was gonna be?? now you’ve ruined my chips

Unexpected // Kian Lawley fluffy imagine

Pairing: Kian Lawley x reader

Warning!: kissing, swearing

Word Count: 1 781

Age: +14

Plot: You’re roommates with Bobby, Kian, Harrison, Jc and Corey. You get along with everybody, but for some reason Kian is the one, who messes with you the most. When you’re both filming a video together…

A/N: I really wanted to write a Kian imagine and idk why, but I’ll start writing requests soon, really soon. I just have work and I get home so late, I’m always so tired and then I have to write, because of that I’m not getting enough sleep. Which means I’m even more tired the next. Conclusion: I’ll start writing requests soon haha. Enjoy xoxo !

/Gif isn’t mine, but fits perfectly to this imagine so credits and love to it’s owner/

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So I’ve been living with boys for a couple of months now and it’s been great. At first they were acting a litlle weird, but it only lasted for a few days. I mean I’ve known them before and we’ve hung out. We were friends, but not close and when I told them I needed a place to stay they said that they were moving into a new house and maybe I’d want to join them.

I agreed, I mean it’s a beautiful house and they’re my buddies. So here I am. 

“Y/n! get down here!” I hear Jc screaming, I take my phone and go downstairs. “Can you make a video with me?” Kian asked me. I smiled and nodded “Yeah, of course. What’s it about?” I asked him and he giggled.

“I need you to tell me two basic girl lies and then one truth, I’ll try and guess them.” he said and I laughed. “Well okay, let me change my shirt I’ll be ready.” I said and went back to my room. I thought I’d only change my shirt, but turned out changed my whole outfit.

“You’re ready?” he shouts from downstairs. “Yeah, I’m coming!” I said and ran down the stairs. “Well, shit.” Jc says and starts laughing. “Okay, what? I got little carried away.” I said annoyed. Jc throws his hands up in the air and walks away. “Where are we filming?” I asked him and he pointed towards his room.

“Let’s go up, I sat my camera ready there.” he said and ran up. I laughed and ran behind him. He giggled “What are you laughing about?” “I put on heels not relising that my feet will not be in frame.” and he laughed too.

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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 2

A/N: Here, by overwhelming demand, is Part 2 to Science Partners!! I am so glad that so many people enjoyed it. Thank you all for the absolutely lovely comments! Let me know if you want more of this series or if you have other Spider-Man (or other fandom) requests! Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: blushy Peter, nosy Aunt May


Originally posted by spiderholland

“As I said yesterday, this project is a large percentage of your semester grade so don’t wait until the last minute to do it,” the teacher said monotonously, strolling through the aisles of lab tables. 

“Shit,” Peter said under his breath, letting his pen clatter to the table. You triumphantly made a line through your row of X’s. This was the fourteenth game of tic-tac-toe that you had won. 

The teacher stalked past and you both quickly made it look like you were discussing your project. “Why, yes, Peter. Methane gases would react in that manner but I’m not sure…” you trailed off as soon as the teacher was out of ear shot and Peter began giggling uncontrollably. 

“Methane gases?” he snickered, training his dark eyes on you.

“Oh, shut up! You said ‘shit’ and it was the first science related thing I could think of!” You couldn’t help but to also start giggling. You smiled broadly at your best friend and didn’t know how you would have survived the first half of this school year without him. Peter and Ned were your best friends and were there for you from day one. From “wild” Friday nights on Ned’s living room floor with root beer and Mario Kart to Peter intimidating the only guy you had dated at your new school, the guys were always by your side. 

“Would you want to come over to my place tonight?” Peter said quickly, interrupting your thoughts. You stared wide-eyed at Peter. “To work on the project! He’s right, we should start working on it now.” It had just occurred to you that in the months you had been friends with Peter, you had never once been to his home. Between school, parks, and Ned’s house, you saw Peter plenty so it never bothered you that you hadn’t been invited over before. The idea of being at Peter’s home, most likely alone, awoke butterflies in your stomach. “If you don’t want to…”

“No,” you almost shouted, “I mean, yes, I do. Sorry, just lost in thought about, uh, the project.” Your face burned fiercely and you were positive he could see it. 

Peter’s face lit up and he quickly scribbled down his address in your notebook. “How about you come over around 5:30? It’ll give me time to, uh, do chores and things.” You carefully tore the paper out and placed it in your pocket. 

You looked up at Peter and smiled, “Yeah, 5:30 sounds good.”

Peter’s smile got even wider as he nodded and bounced a little in his seat. You shared his excitement but your nerves suppressed it a little. You had developed a strong crush on your best friend over the school year. Every time his rough hands brushed against you, your nerves tingled endlessly. Every time he said your name, you wished it was the only sound in the world. He always looked at you with a gentle gaze and his smile made your heart melt. 

Little did you know, however, Peter was just as nervous. The rest of the day, Peter went over and over in his head the various scenarios that could play out tonight. At lunch, he kept thinking about you having dinner with him at his dining table. In history, he thought of you spinning around in his desk chair, admiring his collection of posters on his wall. During gym, seeing you in your sweatpants, he thought of you wearing his sweatpants, sitting on his bed after.. “Heads up, Parker!” someone shouted. With lightening reflexes, Peter caught the dodge ball that was hurtling towards his head. He felt his face flush deep red as he realized what he was thinking about. Besides Ned, you were his best friend. He shook the thoughts from his mind. 

After school, Peter caught up with Ned in the hallway. “Hey, Ned,” Peter mumbled, chewing his lip nervously. 

“Hey, dude! You excited for tonight?” Ned teased, nudging his shoulder. 

“She’s just coming over to work on a project. Nothing more,” Peter said matter-of-factually. 

Ned let out a laugh as the two of them made their way to the apartments that Peter lived in. They ascended the stairs to Peter’s floor. Peter unlocked and shoved open the apartment door. His aunt May wasn’t home yet and hopefully wouldn’t be until later tonight. Ned strolled into Peter’s room and flopped down on his bed. “So, let’s say you’re both in here, tension is in the air, her eyes on yours, her lips begging…”

“Dude!” Peter shouted, tossing his backpack onto his desk chair. He changed out of his school clothes and threw on a more comfortable gray sweater. 

“Pete, if you won’t admit it to me, at least admit it to yourself! You’ve been crushing on (Y/N) since day one!”

Peter looked at his friend in defeat. Ned was right. You made him feel things he never imagined a person could feel. His head went fuzzy when he talked to you and he couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably. 

“Just pull out another one of your chemistry pick-up lines and she’ll melt,” Ned said, laughing as he did.

Peter shrugged and contemplated the idea. “Well…”

“No, please don’t.” Both of them broke down into fits of laughter. Peter’s nerves were beginning to calm down. It was still about an hour before you were going to come over. 

“Should… Should I ask her to come over early?” Peter said nervously.

“Probably. It’ll give you more time because who knows when May will be home.”

Peter nodded and texted you, asking if you wanted to come over now:

P: Hey, want to come over now??

You: Sure. :)

You: What about your “chores and things”? lol

P: They can wait, haha

You: See you in a bit!!

“She’s on her way,” Peter mumbled.

You carefully made your way up the steps to Peter’s apartment. You nervously touched your hair and straightened your shirt when you stopped in front of his door. Gently, you wrapped your knuckles against the door. Within seconds, Peter flung the door open. You glanced over him. He was in jeans and a loose gray sweatshirt. His collarbone was exposed on one side. “Hey,” he said, a side ways grin on his face. 

“Hey,” you replied, rocking back on your heels. You nervously fiddled with the straps of your back pack. 

“Oh, uh, come in, come in,” he stammered, stepping out of the door way and allowing you to pass. You smelled like lavender and honey. Peter softly closed the door and without really thinking about it, took your hand gently in his. “We can go into my… Oh, sorry.” He noticed what he had done and quickly dropped your hand.

You blushed and shyly looked down, “Don’t worry about it.” You carefully looked back up at him and said, “So, your room?”

Peter nodded, his cheeks dark red. He led you to his bedroom and shut the door behind you. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said, gesturing to his entire room. 

You placed your bag on the floor near his desk and sat on the edge of his bed. Peter couldn’t believe it. You were in his bed. Well, on the edge but close enough. You took your textbook out of your bag and looked up at Peter. He was standing with a dazed expression on his face, just watching you. You patted the bed and said, “I won’t bite… hard.” 

Peter blinked, surprised at your comment. You began to laugh and Peter joined in. He grabbed his notebook and sat on the bed, cross-legged. You turned to face him, also crossing your legs. Your knees barely brushed against Peter’s. “Let’s do this then,” Peter said, opening his notebook. You nodded and opened the textbook, holding it so Peter could see too. He had to lean forward towards you to get a better view. 

You could feel the warmth radiating off of him and you swallowed nervously. You began to go over your plans for the project. For about an hour, you spoke while Peter jotted down notes and his own ideas. For a little while, you got distracted and began to play Mortal Kombat. “Finish him!,” you shouted, decapitating Johnny Cage. Peter watched you laughing, reveling in the happiness you brought him. “We should probably get back to work, huh? … Peter?”

You turned to look at your friend who hadn’t responded. You were sitting shoulder to shoulder, backs up against his headboard. He was looking down at you, a soft smile on his face. His brown eyes explored your face and his bottom lip was caught in his teeth. It almost seemed like slow motion as Peter leaned into you, his eyes fluttering shut as his lips met yours. 

Your eyes swiftly fell shut also as you kissed him back. His lips were soft and you could taste his minty mouthwash. Slowly, you brought your hand up to rest on his jaw, pulling him a little deeper into the kiss. The knots in your stomach burst with euphoria and your whole body began to feel warm and fuzzy. The kiss felt like an eternity and that was alright with you. 

Peter pulled away gently, cradling your cheek in his hand. He opened his eyes and gazed at you, breathless. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long…” he said, his voice low. All you could do was nod in agreement, studying his face. You gently rubbed your thumb along his strong jawline as you shifted your gaze between his lips and eyes. “We can get back to work, if you…”

“Kiss me again,” you interrupted, moving your hand down to his strong chest. 

“Okay,” he quickly said, cradling the back of your neck and pulling you into him. He smashed his lips against yours. You slid onto his lap, straddling his legs. You placed both hands on his chest, feeling the muscles tighten as you nipped at his bottom lip. Carefully, Peter slowly began to move his hands down your sides to your waist, your hips, down and back to your…

“Peter! I’m home!” a female voice shouted from the living room. You quickly scurried off of Peter and impulsively picked up your textbook. Your face was beet red. Peter grabbed one of his pillows and tried to hold it over his lap as inconspicuously as possible. Just then, the bedroom door creaked open. “Peter, are you… oh?” Peter’s Aunt May poked her head around the door and raised an eyebrow at the two of you. 

“Hi, Aunt May. This is my friend, (Y/N),” Peter mumbled, not meeting her eyes. 

His aunt clucked her tongue and gave a teasing smirk in Peter’s direction. “Oh, yeah, you’ve talked about her. It’s a pleasure to meet you, dear. I’m May. Are you staying for dinner?”

“It’s nice to meet you, ma’am. If I may, I would love to,” you replied hesitantly, putting on a graceful smile. 

“Of course. I’ll leave you two alone,” she said, closing the door with a click. Peter let out a deep sigh and flopped back onto his bed. “Don’t forget to do your chores, Peter” May shouted from the other side of the door.

You couldn’t help but start to laugh. You looked over at Peter who had gently placed his hand on your thigh. He was smiling, staring up into your face. You smiled back, your heart feeling airy and light. He moved his hand to your hand and laced his fingers in between yours. “Maybe next time we’ll have some more time alone,” Peter said in a hushed voice, watching you rub circles on his hand with your thumb. 

You hummed in agreement, watching Peter watch you. You leaned down and caught his lips in yours once more. It was sweet and gentle. “So, when is Ned going to hear about this?” you inquired, pulling away and raising an eyebrow.

Peter chuckled before saying, “I bet he has already sensed it.”

A/N: Oh my goodness this was so much longer than I anticipated!!!! I’m so sorry!!! Let me know what you think and let me know what else you want to read!! xx

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Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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Nautical (REDBUBBLE)

This may sound cheesy but I’m dedicating this stupid art to everyone who got tickets for harry’s concert, and to my fellow larries who will see him live, congrats. I know I couldn’t get tickets and it’s fine but seeing you guys really happy makes me happy too, so I decided to make this lame.. art. I’m not trying to beg for some tickets! I just want to spread some LOVE and shout out to my fave larries who got ticketssss!  @art-changes & @louisboots  :) I’m excited y’all!!!!

Out of Gas

Rafael Casal x Reader

Note: This was inspired by the time that Rafa and Daveed ran out of gas on the freeway. This is my first Rafa fic so let’s hope it turns out well and I’m actually pretty proud of this one for a change. Shout out to @ourforgottenboleros for proofreading this for me, thank you Becca!! 

Warnings: nothing it’s just fluff

Word Count: 2,650

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Tonight is the night everything is supposed to change. After six years working hard at your job, going above and beyond your duties, your company has finally offered you a promotion. Tonight, the company is putting on an event, and you are the guest of honor. The whole event was to formally offer you the promotion and to celebrate the achievements you’ve made at the company.

Everything in your life feels like it’s falling into place as you sit in the passenger seat, with your supportive boyfriend Rafael driving you to the event. Until the car starts slowing down. Rafa pulls the car over to the side of the road and comes to a stop.

“What just happened?” You ask.

“I ah, think we just ran out of gas” he says with a laugh. “I can’t believe this happened again” he mumbles shaking his head.

“What are we gonna do? We’re still an hour away from this party we need to get there!” You exclaim, panic already setting in.

“Babe relax we’ll get there” he says, placing a hand on your knee.

Relax? How am I supposed to relax? I need to get to that party we’ll never make it now. You think to yourself, crossing your arms over your chest.

“No we won’t! We are stuck in the middle of a quiet road, at night, with no gas and…” you pull your phone out, groaning when you read the no signal sign at the top. “And no cell phone reception!”

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 5: A Drive

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 4 - Part 6 

Summary: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, panic attack/flashback

Word Count: 3392

Author’s Note: I dunno about this one. Lots of ups and downs, lots of sass. Also lots of jumping around in the timeline, so seriously, feedback welcome, let me know if I need to add some section headers to clarify…

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Steve paces the few steps he can take in the cramped hotel bathroom, holding the phone to his ear, waiting for Natasha to pick up. He’s peeked around the door twice to make sure the others are still asleep and turned on the shower for good measure before she finally answers.

“We have a problem,” he confesses before she can finish her groggy greeting. Steve had a habit of waking up at an ungodly hour.

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I’m so upset right now, I don’t know what to do.

Yesterday my five year old (read that again, I said five… it’s important) and I were in the car and learning about directions. North, South, East, West. My rear view mirror has an indicator in it and every time we turned we talked about which way we were headed. She seemed like she was struggling to remember even after getting it right several times. She’s been doing this more frequently with a lot of topics she knows backwards and forwards and it’s frustrating but I try not to let her know I’m frustrated. We turned again and the indicator changed to SW and she immediately shouts out “South West!!” I get super excited and congratulate her because YaY she gets it but then I hear a muffled “Oh No.” from the back seat and look to see her covering her mouth with her hand like she said a bad word.

After a lot of questioning about what the heck just happened, she finally admits.

“I didn’t mean to be smart. Girls aren’t supposed to be smart.”

Y'all. I almost broke down into tears right then and there. I asked her what she meant by that, girls are smart! Mommy is smart right? My FIVE year old was getting so upset because she had let it slip she knew things and I didn’t seem to be able to make any difference. Eventually, we got to the kicker….

“But boys don’t like girls who are smart.” She tells me, clearly distraught.

“Fuck boys.”

This, at least, gets the little light of my life to laugh again. She knows mommy has said a bad word and it always makes her giggle. I’m seething in rage that she has been taught to hide her intelligence already, but at least I’m not keeping her mood down in the dumps… I guess.

I’m not one hundred percent sure where to go from here. Honestly, I’m not even ten percent sure. I let the topic drop yesterday because I was too upset to make rational decisions and we went home and played Snipper Clippers… a game that requires you to think… and worked on the puzzle she got for Easter.

And then I read her a story about a bunch of puppies trying to feed themselves while their owner is sick because she is FIVE and can’t read on her own yet. She can’t read, but she knows boys don’t like girls who are smart.

We try so hard, to teach her to think, to problem solve. We encourage her when she’s interested in ‘brainy’ things like the set of gears she loves to tinker with. But I can’t control every aspect of her life. I work. My husband works. In a few months she will be in kindergarten and around even more people and children of various ages than she is now at day care.

And I can’t help but think about this child, who KNOWS boys don’t like girls who are smart…

What else does she know?