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Dating Kylo Ren Would Include:

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Dating Kylo Ren Would Include:

  • You’re the only person who can calm him down.
  • You give him a stress ball for his birthday and he constantly uses it. (Saving Hux money).
  • Cuddling in bed after work for the day.
  • You introduce Kylo to nerdy movies, like Star Wars.
  • He roots for Darth Vader of course.
  • You try to make him some of his favorite foods since he rarely eats.
  • When you’re too stressed, he massages your feet in your room.
  • When you’re in bed, you braid his hair with rubber bands while he’s sleeping.
  • You suggest dying his hair but he doesn’t want you too.
  • You two hug for a long time when no one is around. 
  • You suggest to Kylo that whenever he’s angry, he should shout “Serenity Now!” from your favorite Seinfeld episode.
  • You force him to watch your romance movies so he could calm down.
  • You make flower crowns for everyone on the Starkiller and Kylo allows it. Even sending one to Snoke.
  • You and Kylo share food together.

A/N: Now doing Star Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ships. Ship requests are open as always.

Melody Night Song

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, feat. Bruce Banner

Rating: PG-11 (for heavy romance)

Original Idea: A conversation I was having with the fabulous @melodynightsong :-D

Notes: I don’t usually dedicate stories because I don’t want anyone to feel bad. Nor do I usually even mention the name of the main character in my stories. But for always being so kind to me, I wrote this.

“Melody Night Song”


You walk into the Tower’s main room to see Bruce going through the mail at the table. There are lots of envelopes scattered around the kitchen table. “Oh! Melody! There’s some mail for you!” he tells you when he notices you’re there. You lower your eyebrows in confusion. What?

He rifles through several piles of paper before extracting an electric blue envelope.

“Here we are!” Bruce passes it to you.

A smile spreads up your face as you recognize the handwriting. Thanking Bruce, you retreat to your favorite sofa and sit down. You flip the envelope over and slit it open.

Princessa Melody Night Song,

I hope this gets to you before we get back. Let me tell you something: if this mission doesn’t kill Tony, I might. Him and Loki: nonstop bickering since we took off. It is driving me mad. Wanda is constantly telling me to ignore them, but that is proving difficult given they are both shouting. I miss the serenity of watching movies with you late into the night. No noise other than the TV and your laughter, no disruptions except when Wanda decides we need sleep. I cannot wait to return home. Honestly. I will knock some heads together if I have to be here much longer. When I told Tony I wanted to return to Sokovia, I was more thinking about just you and I going. Not a mission.

I miss you more than I ever thought I could miss someone I was not related to. I hope you are alright while I am away. Not suffering too much. ;-) I am joking. You are remarkable. You do not need me. I am, however, grateful and astounded you chose me. I realize that I am hardly the kind of man to settle down, but you make me think twice about my constant moving. You make me feel the same way music does—something I always hoped to find but never thought I would. I am so grateful for your angelic existence, dragul meu

I love you. More than English has words to say. Or at least, more than the amount of English I know has words to say. I eagerly await the moment I step foot off the jet to your smile.

With all my love,

Your speedster,

Your Quicksilver,


You smile wider and wider as you read his note. You never expected, when you first started dating him, that he could be in a serious relationship. He flirted with all the girls that he passed all the time. But after your birthday party several months back, and he asked you out to dinner—on a bet from Clint—he stopped. He reserved his witty, sweet, flirtatious, sometimes downright sappy comments for you and only you.

The only person he treated without sass besides you was his sister. You consider it an achievement.

“What are you smiling at?” Bruce asks, genuinely curious in a fatherly way.

“Pietro sent me a letter,” you answer.

“You know, the change that’s come across that kid since you two got together has been astonishing,” Bruce comments, glancing at you over the rim of his brass glasses and the top of a creased piece of paper.

You chuckle. “Trust me, no one is more surprised than I am,” you reassure him. “I figured he’d only settle down if he ended up in an accident or something. He never struck me as a one-girl kind of guy. I mean, I can’t say I’m disappointed, but some mornings I wake up wondering why he picked me—and why he even chose to slow down for someone at all.” Bruce nods. You’re pretty sure he’s not really listening. He’s probably reading physics-y stuff.

“I think I know why he picked you,” Bruce says after several moments of silence that you spend rereading Pietro’s letter.

“Yeah?” Your tone almost sounds like you’re challenging him.

“Yeah,” Bruce confirms. “You’re a new addition to the team—just like he and Wanda. Your powers—your gifts—are different from the rest of the team’s. Apart from him, Wanda, and Vision, we all have very combat-centered abilities. Most of us punch and kick. And then there’s you. To him, you’re pure light, straight from the stars and the moon.”

“How do you figure this?” you ask.

Bruce shrugs, almost facetiously. “He told me one night after the party Tony threw for Clint’s birthday.”

You laugh. “That explains the sappy wording about the stars and the moon,” you tell him. He chortles, still looking at whatever paper he’s been studying, and pushes his glasses a little higher up his nose.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The small bell rings through the main room.

Your head whips over to the panes of glass that overlook the landing pad for the Quinjet.

They’re home.

You leap to your feet and take off for the entrance to the jet chamber. When you reach the ramp, you slide to a stop in your socks, waiting for the back opening of the jet to lower.

Several tense seconds pass. For a moment you’re pretty sure Tony is messing with you, making you wait because he knows you’re eager.

Then the back opening lowers.

Before it’s even halfway down, a blue blur zips over it.

You find yourself airborne—sort of. Solid arms hold you close to a warm, powerful chest as wind whips through your hair and whistles in your eyelashes. You can’t really see because a blue-and-gray sports shirt blocks your vision.

Your Pietro.

There’s a jolt as Pietro’s back hits the wall in the kitchen. He puts you down, cradles your face with one hand and holds you close to him by the small of your back with the other hand, and gives you a long, relieved kiss. His muscles flex and tense under your fingers where you’ve rested them on his chest and abdomen.

They’ve only been gone for two weeks.

Two weeks is too long for an impatient, quick-tempered man like Pietro.

When he finally pulls away, he keeps you in a powerful hug, tightly clutching you to his chest like you’re the only thing keeping him alive.

“Oh, princessa, I missed you so much,” he whispers, warm breath fluttering the hairs on the top of your head.

“I missed you too,” you murmur into his shirt.

He kisses the top of your head over and over, like he can’t get enough of being near you.

You both hear a scoff from the entrance to the kitchen. You look to see Loki rolling his eyes. “Get a room, you two,” he snaps. Pietro tenses under you—the threatening, hostile kind. You pat his chest to get him to relax a bit. But it’s Pietro. He has more sass in his baby finger than most people have in their entire bodies.

“Had one until you barged in,” the speedster snaps back. You very nearly snort.

“He’s not worth it,” you whisper as Loki’s eyes narrow dangerously. “C’mon. Let’s go find a better spot to catch up.” You wrap your arms around his slim waist and tug him towards the door, giving him an almost mischievous smirk.

He beams impishly at you and follows you out, scooping you up as soon as you two have left the door.

“I love you,” he remarks, thick accent rolling mercilessly off his tongue. You could drown in that accent—something you never would have thought possible when you first met him all those months ago and all he was to you was a quick-tempered flirt. You never thought you’d be where you are. Of course, you’re not particularly complaining. You’ve got a handsome man in your arms who’s totally focused on you. It sounds like something from a story.

Yeah. Definitely not complaining.

“I love you too,” you agree. He leans forward and kisses you. Your eyes close.

You’re glad he’s home.

Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin Panel at Perth Supanova

Tonight Perthnova began and included a special panel with Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin which was very funny, littered with jokes and plenty of questions were answered.

Some things that happened:

-All the question askers got stickers etc from Con Man and a signed snippet of the mini scripts Nathan uses when shooting episodes of Castle.

-Nathan talked about their trip to Rottnest yesterday when they just missed the ferry and had to wait 2 hrs for the next one, which was then 30mins late!

-Talked about Con Man being kind of inspired by Firefly, and the idea that one actor rose to fame after their cancelled sci fi series, with Nathan commenting that the other one became, well Alan Tudyk to a great deal of laughs!

-Least favourite episode of Castle was Last Call (the one where he buys the Old Haunt at the end). He loved the episode, but it was a hard one to film, they filmed for 18hrs and the next day 19hrs. Nathan previously joked that his least favourite episode would be the next one Adam’s in.

-Talked a lot about Adam potentially being on Castle again, Adam asking Nathan if he can go on his show again.

-Nathan loves the whole Castle cast, and especially working with Jon and Seamus who are hilarious, and funnier than he is, which he doesn’t like. He often asks them to have a look at some of his scenes to give suggestions as to whether his comedy works or not, what could be done better etc.

-Adam went to King’s Park and to the war memorial which he liked and he saw some American sailors there and they ended up drinking beer together.

-Lots of mentions of Firefly being cancelled too early of course. Nathan spoke about all the Firefly references in Castle. He was asked whether he ad-libbed them or whether the writers wrote them in, and he said that they mainly did it, which he loved, though he did change a line one time to reference Firefly, specifically why he knew Mandarin.

-Castle doesn’t wear latex gloves at crime scenes because they have to wear them for ages when shooting and it gets gross, so he doesn’t like it and told the writers that Castle doesn’t wear gloves. (I totally get that, because they feel gross after a while).

-Adam talking about Perth-nice weather, really relaxed and small town feel, but also very cosmopolitan.

-Nathan mentioning that if he wants to know how to clean guns, just ask Adam, who then joked make sure it’s not loaded!

-If a fight broke out in the Old Haunt, who would be the last man standing? Captain Mal, Captain Hammer or Castle? Castle would hide away behind a trapdoor? I think Nathan said. Mal would go through a window and Captain Hammer would win because he has superpowers.

-Someone asked if Castle had to die, how would he do it? Nathan got mock upset with the question, then said they wouldn’t kill Castle off (though Adam jokingly disagreed), and said he’d want him shot through the head.

-Adam mentioned working on Angel and his first scene-which Nathan loved!

-Adam talked about Joss not letting him keep anything, but Nathan let him keep the jacket he wore in the Castle episode so ‘Nathan’s better than Joss’

-On Joss and Firefly-Nathan was grateful to Joss for thinking him leading man material, whereas Adam saw Firefly as somewhat of a reboot of his career.

-On Dr Horrible-likely to be a second one, but Joss busy recently entertaining the whole world with Avengers 2, but think it’s a good chance of happening in the future.

-On more Firefly-it was 13 yrs ago and Nathan doesn’t want to be 50 and playing Mal, though he could see Firefly maybe being rebooted.

-On their favourite projects: Nathan immediately shouts Firefly, Adam says Serenity, then backtracks saying the correct answer would be his current project (The Last Ship) as he’s getting paid. But Adam says that filming Serenity was special to them all to get another chance at telling the story and that it meant a lot to them all, especially because of how important it was to their Firefly audience (he got quite emotional about it actually). He and Nathan reminisced about filming Serenity. 

-Apparently Joss had a really interesting storyline for Simon Tam.

-Working on a crime show has really helped Nathan’s skills at the game, Mafia.

-Nathan loves that Castle’s dreams come true in the show, because he compares it to his own life where he gets to do cool stuff like come to Australia to talk to us!

Just Like one of the Asish Animes (Closed rp with kagome-keiichi)

Dierk adjusted himself, sliding down in the chair so he was resting on the end of the seat, and back arched slightly. The library was quiet as always, and Dierk was enjoying himself, earphones in, classical music at a low volume, caressing him into a peaceful mood. He read the novel before him in near bliss. It did not take long to finish it, and need to put it back on the shelf.

He got up to do just that, but, unfortunately, lost grip on his media player. He frantically attempted to grab it mid air, missing ever so slightly as it caught on the earphone cord, springing up right above his hand, and then descending again, unplugging itself due to the velocity of the fall, and landing on his shoe, which he had lifted as a final attempt to catch it. This, naturally, caused Dierk to kick it, rocketing it across the library like a hacky sack.

He caught his breath as he noticed it fly towards another students head. He bit his tongue, not wanting to shout and ruin the serene library setting; although, he assumed being hit in the head with a small media player would also ruin such peace and quiet.

He walked over to the other student to apologize, as well as retrieve his music player, mostly the former.