shout at the radio

See? This is the bullshit I’m talking about. I get it. We all get it guys, we’re all impatient about when it will come out, it’s been a while, yadda yadda yadda. But being a fucking asshole about it isn’t going to make the game come out faster.

The game is still in development you know why? Because it’s not fucking finished. Be it polish they need to add, fixing bugs around, or maybe working on part of Act 2 or maybe 3 even to make sure things do tie up at the end and there’s no programming mess that deletes your saved data, the WhatPumpkin team is working on the damn thing.

If it was a matter of, the game is done 100% and it’s not being released for some asinine reason, or like a bigger company that was waiting to release an already made game in Christmas, then yeah! Sure, go ahead, complain, tell them to release it already and stop making us wait. But this is not the case, the game is being MADE, and your incessant nagging about ‘when when when where’ only makes you look like entitled little children.

There was radio silence about Hiveswap for the longest time. Allegedly because of legal issues, with so, so very few updates. The game changed house early in development, the style switched from 3D to 2D, this game has had so many awful hiccups, and people were desperate to hear ANYTHING about it. So once they think they got the game pinned down, they release a trailer with what they think will be the release date- Except it’s not. Because Game Development can be messy and this isn’t a Triple-A Company that will rush a videogame to match some date and schedule and then just slowly patch a buggy mess of a game, this is a group of people working together on a passion project about a setting both the author and many of themselves are in love with.

So sure, they missed the original deadline. Then they put out another trailer without a specific date, publicly said they will not say a date until they are 100% certain it will be then as to not get people’s hopes up, have released 2 Grubbles songs plus a bunch of snippets about the OST of the game, have interviewed like 10 people at WhatPumpkin for us to see the team behind the game, figures we already knew about in the Fandom, people that aren’t into Homestuck, professionals, amateurs, we even got concept art, the process of drawing backgrounds, the animation…

Have any of you complaining read the Interviews? With everyone mentioning their pride about the game? Talking about how excited they are to show you things about it? Of fucking course they want to release it already too, but they CAN’T. They. Cannot. Release. It. Yet. And none of your complaining is going to make it speed up. You know what crying like a baby is going to do and shouting the interviews don’t matter what will result in? Radio silence again. Would you prefer that? Total uncertainty about anything regarding the game than at LEAST seeing something?

And I get it. I get it’s been a long long time. I get some of you actually paid money for the Kickstarter. But you’re literally doing what Game Dev companies nowadays are doing all the time. You’re so centred on getting your hands on something early and meeting a stupid deadline that you’re willing to kill a project and receive a mess instead. The only constructive criticism above is the one mentioning they’d like to hear about the progress of the game itself and not the Dev Team. And you know why it will never happen?

Because they did it already. They thought their game was at 99% and announced a release date, then it backfired on them. They will NEVER tell us, ‘Oh, the game is JUST about to come out!’ because if they bump into another hiccup they’re going to have to delay it. And the last time that happened, y’all started to scream at them to just release it already and disregarded any show of good faith because you apparently can’t wait a single second longer after five years of waiting.

The most grating thing is people STILL STUCK on the January 2017 date have obviously not read any post they made talking about not wanting to get people’s hopes up until they’re 100% certain it’s just around the corner, and yet they keep popping up on every single piece of media they release about the game like bots bent on spreading negativity.

Be glad you’re even getting this game in the first place after the hell it’s gone through with The Odd Gentlemen and an ungrateful following.

We can go on a ride on my grandfather’s pickup truck and kiss this town goodbye. You will shout to the songs playing on the radio as I take a drag on my cigarette. Then you will tell me the little dreams you had when you were six, and I will laugh along with you when you are done. I will tell you stories about forgotten places in my heart and the people I left behind, and you will listen with your head on my shoulder as you hold my hand. It does not matter where we go, you will say. As long as we are like this together.
—  Lukas W. // Like this together
Script Format: Action/Description

In a screenplay, the action/description sets the scene, describes the setting, introduces characters, and set the stage for your story.

Example: excerpt from the unproduced draft of Seven (1992)

-Action appears after the scene heading. It is left aligned, single spaced, and mixed case.
-It is written in present tense, active voice, and in as few words as possible.
-Action should be no longer than 4-5 lines at a time.
-When introducing a speaking character for the first time, put the name in all caps.
-Capitalize specific sounds in the action. (Radio, door slam, shouting, etc.)

-The action describes what can be seen on screen. Do not describe thoughts or what happened off screen unless it can be shown. (For example:You can’t say a character arrives home after a lunch out with friends. You need to show it via visuals, action, or dialogue. The character could be holding leftover food from a restaurant or tell another character about the lunch.)
-You can use the action to describe a new setting or character.
-Describe what is important in a scene, nothing more. Call attention to important details that give the setting or characters personality. For example:

“THOMAS (34), stands in the middle of the pristine, unfurnished foyer in muddy jeans and a tattered shirt.”

“Gabby (8) sinks into her seat in the back of the classroom. All eyes are on her bright purple Mohawk.”

-You can get fancy by having the action transition to another scene. You could say, for example:

“Suddenly, Maya bolts from behind her desk and runs out into:


-Avoid putting dialogue in the action. You can put generalizations about crowds (such as “Rosa pushes her way past a jeering crowd”) but specific dialogue should not be in the action.
-Do NOT write camera angles or shots unless absolutely necessary! It’s the directors’ and cinematographers’ jobs to visually interpret the script.

*Note: There are definitely screenwriters (especially famous ones) out there that break these content “rules.” But they can afford to break the rules. When starting out, you should follow the rules until you can prove to people you know your stuff.

Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 6)

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Summary: You hear news of the fire and decide to take action. Dean, injured and trapped, fights for his life. 

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: angst, so much angst, language, house fire, being trapped, difficulty breathing, panic, fear, injuries…

Check out the Series Masterlist for previous parts and the schedule!

A/N: Okay, take a deep breath and please try not to kill me when you’ve finished reading…

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What the Hell?

Summary: A boy with a bat meets a girl with a hockey stick and it’s love at first swing. 

Author’s Note: Surprise! I wrote like 10 pages of this and I’m not even done! So here is part one. This is mostly backstory, nothing too exciting Fun fact: Dustin’s older sister was the one who taught him to curse…

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i have a prompt for u: for some reason the party is led to believe that will didn’t survive the exorcism(??) in that cabin and mike just can’t deal but then they’re reunited of course

On the way back to the Byers’ house, Steve made sure to drive, not paying too much attention to the potholes he was slamming through or the fences he was nearly clipping; it wasn’t his car anyway. With Steve obeying all the rules of the road, the trip from the pumpkin farm to Will’s house felt agonizingly slower. Beside him, Dustin and Max were slumped against the back of their seats, trying to come down from the last twenty minutes of their lives. The headlights were still shining in Mike’s eyes, the smell of overturned dirt filling the car as they pulled off their gloves and bandanas. Mike took his off, but he still sat straight up in his chair, watching the road from the backseat. They were acting like they were finished. They were acting like everything was over.

“Let me out of the car!” Mike cried, pushing on Steve’s seat and trying to get him to pull his seat forward. “Steve. Now!”

“Why? Where are you going now?” He asked, turning around once he parked in front of Will’s house.

“Inside.” Mike said. “They should be back, right?”


“Nancy, Jonathan, Will!” Mike waved his arms out, as if everyone had forgotten the chance Will could be lost to the Upside Down forever.

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ALONE TOGETHER (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Heyyyy❤ Please never stop writing this is awesome 😍 Can you write a Bellamy Blake imagine when Bellamy is in the rover stuck in the black rain and crying because he can’t save Mark but the reader is with him? Can be smut or not, if yes, could be rough and just to make him forget u know…. That’s it 💫

A/N: ok so i’m actually doing smut for once ??? probably cringey but yea idk tbh


  • warning: smut obviously, NSFW

The pain pours down like you’ve never witnessed before. It smacks against the window of the rover, filling the car with a loud shooting noise. Bellamy has his determined eyes on the road, wanting nothing more than to get to our destination and come to Kane’s aid.

But the Universe has a different plan. Suddenly, the rover comes to an abrupt halt and he quickly puts his arm in front of you, holding you back despite your seatbelt being on.

His eyes are wide as he slams his foot on the gas, removing his hand from you as you catch your breathe. “No, no, no,” he  mumbles, pressing his foot down as he turns the steering wheel to no avail.

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One of the Ways - Peter Quill/Star Lord Imagine

Word Count: 1619

Rating: PG

Warnings: kissing, fluff, indirect confessions, sparring!

Summary: You and Peter have bonded quite closely, since both of you were from Terra. However, a friendly bet turned competition can change a few things.

Word Count: 1619

You never planned on being away from so long. Earth wasn’t that bad of a place. It was just dull. And that’s coming from someone who was born there. You wanted a more interesting life, and boy, did you get what you wanted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, your team and family. Nothing was ever dull with them. Even when there was nothing to save or protect, your friends always seemed to make things more interesting.

Gamora, Rocket, and Groot were discussing something. Peter Quill was listening to music, and you and Drax were exchanging some fighting techniques.

“I just look around for the best thing to hit them with,” you shrugged.

Drax stared at you. “Hitting someone with a pipe doesn’t do much. Punching them in the face does.”

You shook your head. “Sorry, Drax, but not all of us rely on pure muscle.”

“I don’t rely on pure muscle. I rely on food, sleep, and-”

“It’s an expression, Drax.” You laughed.

“I still don’t think you could handle yourself with just mere logic.”

“Of course she can,” Raccoon stated. “She could even take Quill down!”

“Down where?” Drax asked.

Gamora shook her head. “It’s an expression. It means that (Y/n) can beat Peter in a fight.”

Drax dragged his finger across his throat. “Like this then?”

“No!” you shouted. You shook your head. “Not like that. At all. What she means to say is that in a fight, I would win. Without death, just a surrender or immobilizing him for more than a few seconds.”

Rocket shrugged. “She’d win.”

“I agree that (Y/n) will win this duel where no one dies.”

Peter removed his headphones and gasped. “Nice to see you guys have faith in me. I, personally, think I would win.”

“Ha!” Rocket shouted.

Drax just stared at him. “Why are you laughing?”

“Sarcasm, Drax!” the raccoon stated.

Suddenly, the small plant, Groot, spoke up in a squeaky voice, “I am Groot.”

“A bet?” Rocket asked. he picked up the pot and stared at it.

“I. Am Groot.”

“Ten units on her?” Rocket looked at the plant surprised. “Fine. Fifteen units on (Y/n).”

“We’re betting on this?” Peter took off his headphones.

“No, we are not!” you protested.

Drax raised his hand. “I put fifteen units on (Y/n).”

Peter’s jaw dropped. “Seriously. Fine. Fifty units on me.” He stared at the green-skinned woman. “Gamora? Come on. Help me out here?”

“Ten.” Gamora smirked. “Ten on (Y/n).”

Peter groaned. “Oh come on!”

You shrugged. “Too bad, no one will be winning or losing the bet. I’m not doing it.”

“Neither am I,” stated Peter. “I don’t want to do that to her and embarrass my entire team.”

You blinked. “Do what?”

“Completely humiliate you in front of our team. It just… it doesn’t seem fair.”

Your jaw dropped. “Get ready to lose your money, Quill.”

Peter smiled deviously. “It’s on.”

Twenty minutes later you were clad in some old leggings, sports bra, and fingerless gloves. You were warming up in your corner. Next to you was Gamora, who was nodding in approval. “Just don’t lose.”

You scoffed. “See what I’m up against?” You nodded to the man at the other side of the room, the man was currently being cut off multiple times by a dancing tree.

You smirked. “I got this.”

You faced Peter Quill, your fist raised in front of you. Gamora stated the rules, “No rules. Do whatever it takes to win.”

“That’s not fair,” you argued. “Do you want me to knock him out?”

“I’m right here, (Y/n)!” Peter reminded you.

Groot waved his arms around. “I am Groot.”

Rocket exclaimed, “What! No weapons? That sucks the fun out of everything.”

“I’m good with no weapons,” Peter agreed. He eyes the many heavy objects that you could lift and use against him.

You scoffed. “Fine.”

You barely heard Gamora start the round. Peter lunged for you. You easily evaded his attack by stepping to the side and pushing him to the ground. “I like no weapons.”

Peter grunted in discomfort. “You know what?” He took you by surprise. Somehow, he flipped the two of you over and laughed. “I like no weapons, too.”

You growled. Blow after blow, neither of you seemed to have the upper hand. Peter didn’t have rocket blasters of his handy guns. You weren’t allowed to use the discarded items around the ship, like that conveniently placed pipe in the corner of the room. However, you had many tricks up your sleeve. Peter was too impulsive.

Finally, you had him against the wall, holding his arm behind his back. “Ready to surrender, Quill.”

“Not just yet.” The man hooked his foot behind your leg and tripped you. You fell on your back.

Peter leaned over, ready to pin your to the ground.

You rolled over, narrowly missing his next move. You stood up. For a split second, you paused to think out your next few moves.

With all the energy spent on strategy and actually defending yourself, your brain drawn up a complete blank. Before you could block an incoming punch, Peter pushed you to the wall, his elbow lightly pressed against your throat. “Got anything smart to say now, hm?”

Blinking furiously, you fought the urge to grab the thing nearest to you and knock him out. There was a compact, heavy-looking machine on the shelf nearby. Thinking back to all of your years on Earth, you rattled your brain for any advice you could use. Then, it hit you. You could practically hear the light switch go on.

You licked your lips. “You’d be surprised.” Leaning forward, you pressed your lips against his.

Peter was shook, his eyes wide open. He tried to ignore your lips that were constantly pressing against his own. He needed to win this! He had it in the bag. His elbow was at your throat! But, he couldn’t help it.

The elbow at your throat was lowered. You smiled against his lips and kissed him harder. Despite the fact that this kiss was just a way to get the upper hand, you, admittedly, lost yourself. Kissing Peter Quill… it was the best feeling you’ve ever felt. Better than when you left Earth and all the weight of your burdens was released. it was better than realizing you could take care of yourself and not have to rely on anyone. It was better than finding your team, your friends, and realizing that you are able to rely on yourself and rely on them as well.

Your fingers threaded through his hair, pulling and tugging. His hands found your hips and pulled them closer to him.

You gasped in surprise, making you remember your plan. You smiled and kissed him harder. You reached down and rested your hands on his.

Then, you tripped him. Peter landed on the mat with a slight thud. Easily, you straddled his hips, held his hand above his head, and smirked.  You counted down from ten.

Peter, unexpectedly, did nothing. He just stared at you or, more specifically, your lips.

The count hit zero.

Cheers erupted from the team.

You tilted your head, feeling pride well up in your chest. “Got anything to say now, huh, Quill?”

He blinked. “Me? Ha! All I need to say is that I let you win.”

You scoffed. “And lose fifty units for it?”

Rocket leaped onto his chest. “Speaking of which, I believe you still owe us fifty.”

The team, except for Peter and you, were celebrating their newfound wealth. You were celebrating with them, but Peter needed a co-pilot.

“You fought well,” you stated.

Peter cleared his throat. “As did you. Does seduction count as a weapon?”

You rolled your eyes and punched him playfully. “Shut that mouth, Quill. It was just a strategic move. Nothing more,” you blurted out. Once those words left your mouth, you instantly regretted it. Not because you thought you’d hurt his feelings in any way, but because you knew you were lying to yourself. Sure, that’s how it started, but you longed to feel those lips against yours again.

You glanced at Peter, and he seemed a bit tense. Squared shoulders. Clenched jaw, white knuckles. You stared at your lap.

“Well, if that’s the only way I can get you to kiss me, maybe we should spar more?” he suggested.

You stared at him, surprised. However, Peter was focused on driving the Milano. He never turned to face you. You smiled a little. “Well, I’m sure there are other ways to get me to kiss you again.”

Peter Quill smirked. “Can you tell me these ways?”

You shrugged. “You’re Star Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m sure you could figure it out.”

“(Y/n)!” Gamora shouted. “Rocket’s taking apart your radio!”

You groaned and got up. However, the door to the next room shut. You whipped around. “Pete-” The said Star Lord was right in front of you, his lips set in a devious smile. “Well, first off, I can get you a new radio. Second, do you think if I put Milano on autopilot, and, I don’t know,” he grasped your hips and pulled you closer, “this.” He leaned down, his lips only inches from yours. “Do you think these could be one of the ways to get you to kiss me?”

You smiled. “Promise me a radio, and I’ll answer.”

“I promise you a new radio.”


Your lips met his, and that spark you felt before appeared once again. With a smile and giddiness, you pulled away slowly. “You should discover more ways to get me to kiss you.”

“Trust me. I will.”

Hey, guys! it’s been a while. So sorry for the hope I gave. I was pulled into babysitting some kids, and I love those kids! So, so so sorry about that. Anyway, hope you like it!

Imagine not wanting to tell your fiancé Jamie that you were injured on the job

(A/N: For @samanthaofanarchy . I hope you enjoy this. Sorry, it took me so long but I made it extra long for you and for making everyone wait for so long. Expect a Sonny request in the next few days to make up for the all the long breaks. I hope you all enjoy!) 

Imagine not wanting to tell your fiancé Jamie that you were injured on the job

“Come here…” You shouted after your fleeing suspect.

Your suspect then quickly turned and slashed at you thoughtlessly.

You jumped back automatically and missed it by inches. You stumbled slightly on the rocky surface. You looked up after milliseconds of getting your bearings, you looked up only to find your knife wielding suspects coming for you once again. You delivered a swift punch that caused him to back up but it was momentary, he came at you again but you blocked his hand quickly holding it above your heads and struggled violently for a few seconds. He pushed hard and so did you in defence. He let out what sounded like a growl before kicking your legs causing you to stumble again.

And this time when you looked up you didn’t have time to dodge the knife. It slammed into your torso and ripped your skin.

“Son of a bitch,” You cried as you clutched your side as he retracted the knife.

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Losing a life

THANK YOU SO MUCH @andreasumbra For the help!! Love you bby!!

6. “ I lost the baby.”
10 .”We can’t keep this up forever.”
36 .” I’m so in love with you.”
41. “I’m pregnant.”


The radio beamed with music, everyone was shouting, bodies being thrown about needlessly, you knew everyone was having a good time. Except for one man, he only sat at the bar, a drink resting in his hand, you walked up to him, sitting down on the stool next to him. “No fun?”

He turned towards you, he wore a maroon suit, tightly fit around his body, a white button up shirt underneath that. His hair was waved back with gel, it almost looked like he had a half pompadour. “Hmm?”

The thick club music drowned out any chance of you hearing him and the other way around, so in a quick act, you pulled out your phone, typing into notes. ‘No fun?’

A half smirk came to his face. He got out his phone and typed in something in his notes, ‘Date ditched. Most likely out bathroom window.’

You let out a laugh at his reply, you were in the same boat and instantly typed,’So, that makes both of us.’ His smirk turned into a smile that made your heart beat faster. He typed in,’I’ll get you a drink, on me since we’re both pretty lonely.’

You smiled at him and couldn’t help but blush as he got you a drink, setting the liquor down in front of you. The both of you continued to type in your notes to talk to each other since the music was still very loud, in all honesty you most likely would’ve been able to understand him, but typing in notes was more convenient. The beer was getting to you, your vision blurring and eyes starting to sting. He was looking the same way, his eyes red and his spelling now deteriorating.

You excused yourself to go to the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror, you started to cheer yourself on, “you got this.”

“Date the hot dude.” You pointed to yourself in the mirror, a girl walked in and you instantly became silent, walking out of the bathroom and avoiding the young girl

Once you came out, you were pinned to the wall with your arms above your head. You looked up to see the man from earlier, Tom. You saw lust in his eyes, caused by the strong liquor in his system.

He slowly leaned in to give you a kiss, you were surprised at first but quickly gave in and kissed back. He pulled away and started kissing your neck, you bit down on your lip. He stopped, causing you to feel a little sad, but he made up for it, taking your hand in his.

“Where are we going?” You asked confused, Tom turned to face you, “Want to head back to my place and have a little fun?”

Both of you hopped in the back of an uber, you noticed something strange that night. A group of people with camera’s were following behind him, flashing on and off as you guys drove off. You reached his flat, he pushed the door open, a wave of fear washed over you for a minute, you had hoped he wasn’t some strange murderer.

He took your hand, looking at you with a craving, you pulled him into you, kissing his neck as you played with the hem of his pants. He picked you up from under your bum, you giggled in delight. He started to carry you up a pair of stairs, kissing your neck, Tom reached a room, throwing you onto the bed in satisfaction.

Tom crawled onto you, his lips instantly back onto your neck, you played with the buttons on his shirt, quickly unbuttoned his suit. You smiled at his body, he was so fit, “kiss me.”

You did as you were told, placing your lips on his as you pulled him towards you, you collided harshly, you rolled on top of him, he stared at you in admiration.


You opened your eyes, the light flooding in and drowning you, you gasped covering your eyes. When your eyes were finally adjusted to the bright light, you looked around, you were in a large bed covering in white blankets. This is not your room. Your memory was foggy and your headache wasn’t helping you remember either.

You heard a noise that seemed to be coming from the other side of the bed. You turned around to see a handsome man, he was asleep and he had no shirt on. You looked down to see yourself in a white button up shirt, you turned red from embarrassment, realizing what had happened last night.

In a quick stir, you got up and started to change into your clothes, hoping to not wake the person on the bed. You finished changing, turning to see if you had everything, once you did, you tried to walk out.

A hand grabbed ahold of your wrist, you jumped up in shock, not thinking about how you should react to him holding you. You turned around to see that the man you slept with was wide awake, his hand on your wrist which stopped you from leaving.

“Please don’t leave,” he begged in a raspy voice, he sounded sleepy, but it was so attractive. You blushed a bit and he let go of your wrist, “I know what happened. It was the liquor, but I really like you.”

The boy only seemed to speak with honesty, sincere on his comment, you looked to the door once and turned back to him, it wouldn’t hurt to stay here.You sighed and decided that you didn’t always want to be single.

“Okay then, I guess we can give it a shot,” You told him with smile, sitting down on the ground in front of him.

Tom had eventually won you over and you two became official.You had found out certain things about Tom, like he is an actor, the only detrimental part is that he is always gone, working on the new spiderman movie.

When he comes back, you both have as much time with each other as you can. The days varied on what you would do, but it mostly would be full of cuddling, others would be more touchy, and some were lazy.

After 3 months of dating Tom, you started feeling sick, you couldn’t hold down anything, and you woke up to consistent puking. You felt nauseous and dizzy as well as pain, but you were used to it, considering it’s been happening for awhile now. Tom was out filming, luckily, he was coming back late that day.

The day went by slowly, the pain just surging through your body, you ached and felt terrible no matter what you did. You got up, grabbing your car keys and driving to a walk in clinic, hoping they would find the source of the problem.

You checked yourself in, waiting behind a few other people, you decided reading a magazine would be the best way to pass time. “Miss Y/N Y/L/N.”

When you got called in, the nurse asked you a lot of questions, which you answered honestly. She wrote all of the answers down on a piece of paper, she smiled at you, telling you the doc would be in after a few minutes. You were left in a room by yourself, nothing to do but sit and stare at white walls.

You felt nervous as you thought up scenarios about what was wrong with you. ‘Hopefully it’s not too bad,’ you thought to yourself. An older man walked in the room, his nametag said, ‘Dr. Flynn.’
“Nice to meet you, I am Doctor Flynn.” You shook his hand as he reached it out to you, you smiled at him, he looked down at a clipboard, “so my nurse says you have constant dizziness and nausea?”

You nodded at him, hoping he would find out what is wrong with you, “are you okay with me asking personal questions, Miss Y/N?”

“Yes of course.” He set down the clipboard, turning towards you as if he was getting to the real hard hitting questions, “when was the last time you had sex?”

“About a month ago.” He nodded, “When was the last time you had your period?”

You had to think back for that question, realizing it had actually been awhile since you had your period, “I should be getting it sometime soon.”

“The reason I am asking, is because my nurse and I both believe you are pregnant.” Your breath hitched as those words escaped the doctor’s mouth, you couldn’t be pregnant, you had just now fallen for Tom. What would he think?!

Dr. Flynn noticed your panic, “We aren’t saying you are, but you have common symptoms of first month to fourth month of pregnancy.”

Tom would be concerned about this, he already had alot of stress on him from the Spiderman movie, including this would just be the cherry on top. “Can I take a test?” You asked, your voice not as strong due to the shock from the news.

“The test could take up to a day to get the results back.” You shook your head, you didn’t have a day, tonight would be Tom’s last night home for almost 2 weeks, you need it now. “Can you make it a rush order?”

Dr. Flynn cocked his head, curious as to the reasons why, “My boyfriend, Tom, tonight is his last night home..”

“Ohh.” He nodded, “here is what we’ll do. Take it town and I’ll have it ready by 4 pm tonight.” You smiled and wrapped your arms around the older man, “thank you..”

It had faded into the night, Tom was to be home in 40 minutes and you had to be at the hospital in 10. You drove quickly, pulling in and hopping out to run inside, grabbing the results, Dr. Flynn pulled you back there, wanting to see how you would react to opening the results.

You ripped open the envelope, seeing a note saying positive. The blood test came back with signs of pregnancy, your breath catching in your throat, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”You grabbed the piece of paper explaining the blood work, but you didn’t know what you were going to say to Tom. You walked out of the office, still not able to process the fact that you were going to have a baby.

You decided to run to the store, looking for something special, you found something that was perfect, you got home and wrapped it quickly.You prepared a dinner once you got home, you made Tom some spaghetti, but your heart was still racing with fear, hoping you could tell him sooner rather than later.

The sound of a car door slamming rang in the distance, you stood there, waiting for Tom to walk inside. The door opened, Tom called out your name in his thick accent, “Y/N, love where are you?”

Tom walked into the kitchen, a backpack on his shoulder, sweats and a shirt on, “well don’t you look sexy.”

He nodded, walking up to you, he kissed your lips, “you look a little sick, babe.” He walked past you, picking up a plate and starting to eat, “I have a present for you before dinner.”

Excitement rushed to Tom’s face, he was such a child, you handed him a present wrapped in christmas wrapping paper. He laughed at it, looking at you, “It was all we had.”

You rolled your eyes as he carefully unwrapped the present, he pse the neatly unwrapped paper to the side, “please don’t tell me you aren’t gonna use that again.”

“Then I can’t tell you.” He stuck his tongue out at you, smiling jokingly, “wait wait.” You pulled out your phone, turning it on a live video, instantly people started to watch, since you were Tom’s girlfriend, you knew people would be all over your feed, hoping to see Tom.

He looked up at the phone, “please don’t tell me you got us a cat.” You laughed at him, you now wish you had a cat in the box too, but you shook your head.

“Open the box” Tom did as he was told, taking the top off the box, he looked inside, there was only blue and pink tinsel and filling paper. “You got me a box with tinsel and paper?”

You shook your head, watching as Tom dug deeper into the bag, he finally pulled out the intended gift, it was a small spiderman onesie, he looked up at you, confused at first, “princess, this might be a little tight.”

“It’s not for you.” The people in the comments got it before Tom did, soon they were commenting #babyspiderman

Tom still wasn’t understanding, but he then pieced it all together, he looked down at your belly then you, he had tears in his eyes almost instantly, “you’re-”

Tom almost couldn’t get the words out, so you spoke for him, “im pregnant.” Tom stood up, walking to you, putting his hands on your waist, looking down at your stomach in happiness, Im so in love with you.

He kissed you, holding you in his arms, he looked at your phone, the comments were blowing up your phone, some positive, some negative, but mostly positive. “#babyspiderman huh?”

“Can we name him Peter?” You laughed at Tom, putting your hands around his neck and pulling him into a kiss. “You can name him or her whatever you want to.”

2 months seemed to past since you have been pregnant, you had grown in size, Your sense of gravity has changed completely, you were heavier in the front, compensating for the new life inside you. You had been taking care of yourself, Tom took a few more weeks off to make sure you were okay but they couldn’t delay a movie so he had to be gone again.

You had been home alone, walking around, your back in pain. You had recognized the pain in your stomach, feeling a tearing at the inside of you, but then, you could feel something drip down your leg. You looked down, seeing a clear liquid draining out of you.

Panic washed over you, “no… no.. no..” You needed help, the pain worsened, not being able to feel anything but that pain, you let out a wince as you fell to your knees, your arms on the ground, rolled into a ball of pain.

You pulled out your phone dialing 911, “hello, ma’am what seems to be the problem?”

“My water just broke.” you let out a cry, another shock wave of pain coming over you, “ambulance is on their way, how far along are you?”

“5 months.” You stated quickly, letting out another scream of pain, “okay ma’am I need you to sit down. Don’t do any quick movements.”

After 10 minutes the ambulance arrived, they pushed the door open, rushing to where you were, they noticed that the water was now turning into blood, “she is losing the baby.”

You shook your head, “no please, save my baby!” You cried out. You were panicking as you saw more blood. You sobbed as the people in the ambulance tried helping you, they had numbed the pain in your stomach.

No matter how hard they tried, you had already lost your baby.From the loss of your blood, you started to fade, tilting your head back as your vision spotted. The only thing you could really see were the flashes of cameras, you realized what it was, the paparazzi.

The medics reacted, putting you in the back of the ambulance and driving you to the nearest hospital but the paparazzi wasn’t far behind. You closed your eyes, hoping they could still save your baby, but just as you faded, so did your hope.

You woke up in a strange room, nothing but white surrounding you, you saw an older woman, her heart looked to be sunk in her chest.

“Miss Y/N, we are sorry for your loss,” they told you. Your breath hitched. You looked down to your stomach in fear, your baby was gone. You started to cry. “N-No! N-n-not my baby…!” you cried into your hands.

They needed to clean you up and see if anything else in your body got hurt, any organs that have been pushed upon. You laid on the bed, exhausted both mentally and physically, not wanting to think about what just happened.

They called Tom so he could know where you were. He was coming back in two days, which gave you mixed emotions. You wanted him with you right now, his arms around you, comforting you in this time of lose.

But, no matter how bad you wanted him here, you weren’t ready to face him. Or anyone for that matter. You didn’t want to see your friends, or your family.

The doctor walked into the room, she held a clipboard, “so we did a few tests on your body. Your body wasn’t able to withstand the baby. You were slowly killing yourself the farther you went into the pregnancy.”

You nodded, holding your hand in sadness, a tear dropped onto your lap, and that’s when the flood of tears started. “It’s okay..”

The doctor put her hand on your shoulder, hoping to comfort you, but all you wanted was to cry, not feel better, that meant you had to move on and you didn’t really want to move on. “You are allowed to go home tonight. We have someone who will bring you home.”

You got up off the bed, putting on some new clothes, tears still coming from your eyes. You walked out of the room, and soon out of the hospital. Once you were out of the hospital, a crowd of paps started to bubble you, all you could do is get to the car fast enough.

When you got home, you immediately took a shower since you felt dirty and the water relaxed you. Once you changed into comfortable clothes, you laid in bed and watched tv, as tears rolled down your face. You and Tom were so happy to be parents, but it got taken away instantly.

You cried yourself to sleep, alone without a baby kicking and keeping you up until the early mornings. The next day, you got up, brushed your teeth, and changed into more comfortable clothes. You weren’t planning to go anywhere today, you got yourself some breakfast and watched tv again.

It wasn’t hard to fall into a deep depression from losing your child, all you could do is think about crying and how Tom was going to react.

Later, the sound of the door opening filled your ears. You heard footsteps and looked up. Tom was standing there in front of you, sadness in his eyes, as well as regret. He felt horrible seeing you so heartbroken. He could tell that you’ve been crying due to your puffy eyes. You haven’t said anything since he came in.

Your lip quivered and you cried into his chest, “ i lost the baby.” he held you close as his tears fell as well. The both of you were hurting. He regretted that he wasn’t there at the hospital with you when you needed him the most.

We can’t keep this up foreverTom,” He knew what you were talking about, nobody knew that you lost the baby besides Tom and the workers at the hospital. “We need a break from social media..”

You agreed with what Tom had said, hoping you would soon get more time with him. “We have to announce it..’

Both of you knew that there was suspicion rising about Baby Spiderman, ever since there were photos of you at the hospital released. “I have an idea…”

Tom grabbed the box with the onesie, pulling out his phone and taking a photo of it, he added it to Instagram, the caption reading, “You may come a whole lot later than expected, but someday Baby Spiderman..”

Your heart broke when you read the caption, only feeling the sadness as Tom was. He pulled you into him one more time, holding you close, “I’m staying here. As long as you need me. As long as you want me.”

Tom kissed your forehead, he wanted to make it all better but no pain can describe what you feel when you lose your own baby. “Someday Princess…”


The Beatles at Cow Palace, 19th August 1964 - the first concert of the Beatles first US tour. 

“On tour that year, it was crazy. Not within the band. In the band we were normal, and the rest of the world was crazy.”
[George, Anthology]

Within the first few seconds of the first song, ‘Twist and Shout,’ a radio journalist was trampled and a young girl’s leg was broken as some of the 17,300 fans rushed the stage; the sold-out concert was held up for five minutes to restore order. And thanks to an offhand comment by George Harrison about the group’s affinity for jelly beans, The Beatles were pelted with flying jelly beans throughout their 33-minute, 12-song set. The band left the Cow Palace by a decoy ambulance, their limousine immovable as it was swarmed by rabid fans!
[From the auction catalogue description for this set of photos, sold in 2012]

Source: RR Auctions, photographer unknown.

“What happened?” Jaal asks, barely keeping the question from becoming a demand.

“Oh, well, long story short, our date night got cancelled because Peebee decided my time was better spent in a fucking volcano.”


(Jaal/Gemma Ryder, spoilers for both Jaal and Peebee’s loyalty missions, as well as the Jaal romance.) 

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Nothing But Trouble {bakudeku}

for pride, for envy, for rivalry

8tracks | playmoss

| 1. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t) - The Buzzcocks | 2. No Good Do’er - The Cliks | 3. Antidote - The Hives | 4. Twist and Shout - Ima Robot | 5. Trouble - The Butchies | 6. Heaven’s On Fire - The Radio Dept. | 7. Passive Aggressive - Placebo | 8. Casualty of You - Of Montreal | 9. Stutter - Elastica | 10. Dismantle Me - The Distillers | 11. Twisted Nerve - Be Your Own Pet | 12. I Was A Fool - Tegan & Sara | 13. I Can’t Stand My Baby - The Rezillos |