shouri akumu


These days I’m rewatching Inazuma Eleven’s first episodes, beacause they’re on tv when I have lunch and since it’s always a pleasure…

Some days ago I’ve watched episode four and I was happy to see again that Handa was the only one that didn’t want to pass the ball to Gouenji - even when Someoka was marked. He defended him like a striker, but in italian when Shourin and Teppei said the things that are in the screencaps above, Shin'Ichi said “You’re right” so I wanted to post it with the subs and write something like “Oh, but Shin'Ichi’s convinced”. But since he seemed angry it didn’t make much sense, but I didn’t care.

And now I’ve read english subs. Handa’s so angry and says “You guys…” so… He’s still supporting Someoka! It’d seem stupid, but… It’s awesome!
I love Break Trio, but the trio that I love the most is the one composed by Endou, Someoka and Handa because they’re the three “founders” of Raimon’s soccer club. Everyone doesn’t give a fuck about this! Even Toramaru in episode 126 “Where you where seven etc etc”. Before they were only three!

Uff, I’m doing so many “random vents” posts these days.
So, Handa, good job, protect your friend!