Why have a life when you have Yuri on ice?


I just noticed something.

Can you see it?


It’s a pattern.

They’re all best friends and/or have black/dark brown and blonde hair.

It seems to be a returning trope for me.

I’m not really sure why that happens though.

But at least it’s never happened in South Par-

At least it’s never happened in a regular TV sho-

When you realize that...

…although Victor had ex-lover/s, he couldn’t possibly have been involved in a deep or serious romantic relationship. He was 27 when he said he’s been ignoring life and love for over 20 years. He had his lover/s either when he was too young (around 7 years old) or within the last 20 years, but either way it would not be a serious one if he’s been neglecting it.

Then comes the realization that Yuri is Victor’s first true love. And being at the right moment, place, and time, together, they met each other halfway in their first real romantic relationship.