sexy times w connor murphy (headcanon)

-would def start out with u guys just laying in bed playing w each others fingers and maybe sharing a few kisses

- u would be like “connor i gotta go”

- and he would be like “babe noooo”

- he would distract you with long hard kisses whenever u tried to leave 

- he would always make u blush n squeal n be all squirmy

- then he would take that chance to kiss down your neck 

- “connooorrrrr seriously, i gotta go”

- then he would just smirk and kiss you even harder

- obvs u would give in

- he would touch ur boobs a lot (like not even during sexy times he just likes em yano)

- i feel like before ur first time he would try something like (SHIELD UR EYES KIDS) fingering you to see how you liked it and to figure out your body more

- connor would always base his pleasure around yours

- he could literally get off to u havin a good time

- after fingering you for the first time he would probably do it all of the time 

- his fingers are long and skinny and idk man i just feel like he would be hella good at it

- he would never ask for anything in return

- he would leave hickeys ALL OVER U

- boobs, neck, collarbones, shoulers, hIcKEyS

- he would always know what he is doing

- HiCkEyS

- would never be ashamed of boners he would be liek “welp this is ur problem. u did this” 

- his long hair would be a plus bc ya kno u can like grab onto it and stuff


- when cuddling he would do stuff like kiss ur neck and touch ur bum

- i feel like there would be a lot of “i love you” sex

- hickeys

- maybe even one day zoe comes home earlier than usual and shes like “connor?? u home??” then she hears him grunting and you whimpering and she is like “EW WTF” . poor zoe

- all ur friends know u get it on the daily

- hE wOuLd JuSt Be SO gOoD aT iT??

- … hickeys

Sirius x Reader: Pureblood

Warnings: argument with mum

Requested: yes (it’s so late I’m so sorry)

A/N: THIS IS SO LONG I HOPE YOU LIKE IT- GOOD TO BE BACK!!! Thank you all so much for the support! (Also 1,600 followers?! I love y’all) I hope you enjoy reading this my loves and that it was worth the wait!!xx

I posted ‘pictures’ of the dresses described which you can check out HERE or a few posts down on my blog!

“MOTHER! I AM NOT WEARING THIS!” You yelled, looking at yourself in the mirror. A dark green gown with silver ruffles- Slytherin much? “When I walk in, roll your eyes to my mum- she won’t scream at you next mistake you make.” You whisper to the stylist stood behind you.

“Oh- Miss- I’m not sure what you mean.” She stuttered.

You winked at her and smiled before hiking your dress up and walking into the main room.

“Y/N, it’s the perfect colours.” Your mother said, smiling sourly at you.

“Mother, I’m not wearing it. Unless you want me to spend the party reminding everyone I’m a half blood.” You taunted.

“Find something.” She ordered, turning to the brown haired stylist behind you.

Your mother, Adia, had been ‘tricked’ by your father. When they first met, your dad thought she was joking about being a witch and ‘joked’ that he was also a pureblood from the North. So, long story short, she got pregnant and soon after found out your father was a muggle- quickly allowing him full care of you (the disgrace) once you were born and only seeing you when there were ‘purebloods and family’ parties. Like now.

You looked at the Slytherin green fabric hopelessly, not the best choice for a Gryffindor.

“Here.” The stylist said sheepishly, holding out mint green fabric.

You smiled and took it thankfully, turning into the small room to change.


“Calm down, it’s just a party.” You called, knowing it would irritate her.

You turned to the mirror one last time and took in your appearance. The stylist had given you a mint green, floor length gown, the beaded chiffon hanging elegantly from one shouler.

Your mother roughly grabbed your arm and immediately apparated to the party, “Tell anyone you’re a half blood, I’ll curse you.” She whispered in your ear before turning into the party, emerald cape trailing behind her.

You stood for a moment, looking at the purebloods before you and smiled- time for some good old pranks.

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Girlfriend: Irene | Headcanons

okay lawd let’s start

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  • type of gf who says she always thinks of you and actually means it
  • becomes hesitant in the beginning of the relationship in terms of initiating things
  • she wants to ensure you want the relationship too
  • but when she’s absolutely sure and confident, even then she doesn’t bombard you with barrages of texts every day
  • she doesn’t want to annoy you
  • gives you souvenirs after EVERY tour
  • bracelets, T-shirts, blankets, etc
  • cooks for you when she can
  • breakfast in bed every morning you can share together
  • doesn’t admit it, but dresses up for you most of time
  • like she hates it when you see her with just a bare/no makeup face
  • except when you pepper her face with kisses when she wakes up, then she’s more than confident
  • is so happy when she sees you and the rest of the Red Velvet girls getting along
  • she loves seeing her favorite people so happy and friendly together
  • keeps anything related to a comeback a secret
  • she wants you to be surprised and proud of her
  • excessive cuddling and constant backhugs
  • seriously Joohyun backhugs you so much, she barely knows what to do with her arms sometimes when she isn’t holding you
  • she loves when you two are late up at night and the room’s dark and all she can feel is you locked in her arms as she holds you and warms your forehead with occasional kisses
  • inviting Wendy over for “weekly cooking night”
  • in which you three cook something and then while waiting for it to cool off, Joohyun plays on her phone and you sit on her lap and Wendy just awkwardly stands there by the oven
  • and when the food’s actually ready to eat, Joohyun whines when you try to leave and keeps postponing eating time until she’s done playing Angry Birds because she wants to eat with you
  • and then ten minutes elapse and you and Wendy are like, “Fuck it”
  • And Irene’s pissed
  • “Fine, go sleep with Wendy then!”
  • “When you need someone to cuddle, Seungwan can help you, right?”
  • but then she immediately softens when you feed her and she’s a great big cuddly mess and she apologizes to Wendy and Wendy just holds her head and is like, “It’s okay. I get it. It’s okay”
  • literally praises everything you do
  • like you can trip down thirty-seven flights of stairs and Joohyun’s like, “Babe, are you okay? Great job on not hurting yourself too bad, though!”
  • “Babe, this cake is so good! You killed it!”
  • “Ohmagosh, babe, you’re like Picasso, that’s great!”
  • but also offers constructive criticism when you need it
  • in the sweetest, kindest way
  • like she’s not holding back, but she’s also showing she’s doing it because she loves you
  • secretly loves when you startle her on purpose
  • like I know she should be really pissed and stuff, but she loves the way you laugh so hard at it
  • so she literally is so EXTRA with it sometimes
  • oh, and speaking of extra
  • that random shit she does in the music videos
  • like the lip bites and winks and hair flips
  • YUP
  • she knows how it effects you so with every scene she’s like, “What can I do to make (Y/N) break a sweat?”
  • and BAAAM
  • and like she doesn’t give two shits when the fans are like “IRENE GOD YOU’RE SO HOT I CAN’T”
  • it’s when you say it
  • that’s when it starts to matter
  • then when she hears it from fans, her pride just mounts
  • and when you go to a Red Velvet concert, she tells herself not to dedicate all her attention to you
  • but then Be Natural comes on and she HAS TO BE EXTRA
  • just because she knows what it does to you
  • like she stares at you the whole time
  • and all the fans in front of you are like “OMG IRENE’S STARING AT ME OMG”
  • and Irene winks cuz she’s not staring at them
  • she’s staring at you
  • going grocery shoppping every Saturday and having the best time
  • when she goes with the Red Velvet members, she’s mainly too busy solemnly buying all the groceries for the dorm to really have fun
  • but on Saturday, you just stroll around and buy things you might need
  • and Irene cracks up watching you put on hats and dance to EXO in the middle of the video game aisle
  • and lowkey lets you sit in the cart sometimes
  • slaps your ass like thirty-eight times
  • then pretends she didn’t do it and nonchalantly reaches over your head to get a pack of bacon
  • and “accidentally” slaps your forehead with it
  • then bursts into laughter cuz she just can’t hold it anymore
  • randomly stares at you for like a whole minute just to annoy you
  • or to test if you’re even paying attention to her
  • like you two’ll be hanging with Wendy and Seulgi
  • and Wendy and Seulgi will be in there own world talking and you’ll just be alone eating
  • and you’ll revert your eyes over by Seulgi’s shouler and see Irene just piercing holes into your eyes and you’re just like ‘O’
  • and then she smiles and pretends absolutely nothing happened
  • mostly does this to sexually frustrate you
  • and prevails
  • every single time

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Hooked On A Feeling (George Washington x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Word Count: 3,158

Warnings: SMUT YO. Language.

A/N: Requested by the wonderful and hella patient @justcallmecinammon I changed up a few things, so I hope it’s alright.

Tags: @avengershavethetardis @eugolorp @robotic-space @spicydice @angesansnom


You had first met George Washington your freshman year of college.

You chose to attend school across the country in order to gain some independence. It wasn’t like you didn’t love your family, you just wanted some space. You wanted to find who you were, without being surrounded by people who remembered you for who you used to be.

You had been running late for your second class on the first day and you could not seem to find the right building. You were jogging across campus, your heavy bag beating against your back, when a car pulled up beside you. “Need a ride?” The driver called.

Desperate and grateful, you agreed and moved to the passenger side and climbed into the car, shoving your backpack at your feet. The air conditioning felt good and it was nice to get off your feet. “Thank you so much,” you panted, brushing your hair from your face.

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Roses In Thorns (Pt 7)

Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target.

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Angst, (the good type), drama, suspense, fluff, future smut in story line.

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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“We are all gathered today, to remember the passing of Park Jimin. A loving son, cousin, nephew, confident and…friend.” The pastors eyes settled on yours at the very end, re-affirming your responsibility in the death of Jimin. You flitted your eyes away and tried to break out of the pastors stare. A soothing hand belonging to Jeongguk pressed you closer to his side as he kissed the top of your head. 

“It’s okay…” He whispered, sensing your discomfort. You shut your eyes tight as the jet black casket was lowered into the ground, the only sounds registering in your ears being the waling cry of Jimin’s mother- a widow who had now just lost her son. 

“Shhh…” Jeongguk drew your body closer to his, and the warmth radiating off his chest was the most comforting feeling you were basking in whilst the world around you familiarised itself with death yet again. 

The silent tears erupting from your eyes were probably making a mess of his shirt, but Jeongguk didn’t seem to care. He gripped your body from faltering. 

“It’s all my fault…it’s all my fault.” You whispered in between broken silent sobs. If you hadn’t made Jimin come with you, he would be alive. He would be alive and growing up to be separated outside of your world, following in his mothers footsteps to become an ordinary civilian. 

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24 with jeff hardy?

Prompt: .“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

A/N:Putting under read more because I got a little carried away XD

You were so excited Jeff and Matt were making their return to the WWE, not only would they be in the tag team championship match but they would be dong it at Wrestlemania 33. You stood backstage with some old friends watching as The New Day announced that there would be a 4th contender for the tag team title. Every one thought The New Day were inserting themselves into the match up, until the music hit. The crowd went crazy as your husband and his brother performed their iconic entrance.

“It’s great to see the boys back.” You turned to see Nattie standing behind you, arms crossed and a smirk plastered across her face. Out of all the women Nattie was one of your oldest and closest friends and it had been a while since you had seen her. You pull Nattie into a hug.

“I can tell they’re already happy to be here, they haven’t even found out the results of the match and they were already acting like they’d won.” Nattie chuckled turning her attention to the match.

“The crowd looks excited to see the boys back as well.” you nodded wincing when one of the boys landed a bit awkwardly. Although you’d been married to Jeff for 8 years and dating him for 4 years before then you’d still never got used to some of the landings. The match was heading in favor of the Hardy Boys, Matt was currently trying to grab the betls while your husband was setting up one of the taller ladders. Sheamus and Cesaro were currently lay on some ladders suspended between the ring and the barrier, Jeff was now climbing a ladder above them.

“Oh no.” Nattie gripped your arm, both of you knowing what was coming next. Jeff climbed to the top of the ladder as you nervously bit your nails and he performed a perfect swanton bomb off the top of the ladder landing on top of Sheamus and Cesaro, breaking the ladder in the process. As all that was happening Matt managed to defend of Anderson and was now holding the Raw tag team belts. The crowd and everyone backstage errupted into cheers, Nattie pulling you into a hug, you smile was uncontrollable.

“I can’t believe they did it! This is going to be great for them.” Nattie spoke but she coud see you were itching to go and seem them, she gave you a final hug promising to text you later. Walking to the Gorilla you saw the boys heading towards you, running towards them you tackled both of them into a hug.

“You guys did it!”

Matt chuckled at you hoising the belt higher up on his shoulder.“What gave that away?”

You punched his shoulder and he pretended to be hurt by it.

“Jeff are you just gonna stand there and let her beat me up?” He looked towards his brother for assitance but Jeff just nodded.

“Yes I am going to let her beat you up.” You smilled at Jeff and poked your tounge out at Matt as he walked away.

“Whipped!” He shouted back to you two. Jeff just chuckled and shook his head.

“So, how does it feel to be the champ?” You smile up at Jeff, leaning up to give him a kiss.

“I’ve been a champ for 12 years. This is just the icing on the cake.” He gave you a wink before wrapping an arm round your waist, pulling you in the direction Matt just went.

“You’re such a cheeseball.” You both cuckled, stopping every now and then with people congradulating Jeff.

“And yet you’ve been married to me for 8 years.” Rounding the corner you caught up with Matt who was waiting for you two by the promo area. After a couple of backstage interviews and photographs the boys decided to go out and celebrate. Back at the hotel you were putting the finishing touches to your make up when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“You look absolutly stunning babe.” Jeff muttered as he pressed some kisses along your shouler and up your neck. You relaxed back into his touch and let out a contented sigh.

“You don’t look to shabby yourself.” Taking in your husbands apperance you notice he’s wearing some black jeans and a white button button up. His hair was tied up in a bun making his jaw look even sharper. Bringing your hand up you rub it genty along his beard, pulling him down for a passionate kiss. Jeff’s hands slid down your waist to grip your butt as your hands gripped the back of his neck causing him to moan a little.

“We better get going or Matt and Reby will think we aren’t going.”

“I’m sure they’d manage if we didn’t turn up.” He smirked, leaning down to capture your lips again, pushing his tongue into your mouth causing you to moan this time. Reluctantly you pulled away making Jeff pout.

“Come on you. Lets go. We can resume this later.” You winked at him moving past him to walk out the door. Jeff slapped your ass has you walked by.

“Damn right we will.”

You finally caught up with Matt and Reby at the bar and a few hours later its safe to say everyone was a little more than drunk. You and Reby decided to be the responsible ones and not drink as much as the boys. Looking across the room Matt and Jeff were currently joking with some of the other superstars who had arrived at the same bar. Reby let out a yawn looking at her watch.

“We better get going. I think the boys have to be up soon.” She yelled over the music. Looking at your phone she was right, it was nearing 3am and the boys had to be up at 6. Walking over to the boys Jeff saw you giving you a goofy drunk smile.

“Baabbbeeee. I missed you.” He pulled you into a sloppy kiss causing you to giggle.

“You saw me like 5 minutes ago.”

“Exactly…those 5 minutes were the lonnnggeessttt 5 minutes of my life.” Shaking your head at his drunken words you grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the waiting taxi. Jeff was having a little trouble walking so helped him but slipping an arm around his waist, which of course he made a dirty joke about.

What fet like the longest journey back to the hotel you and Reby managed to get the boys back into their rooms. Shutting the door behind you and Jeff you turned to be face to face with said man. He placed his hands on your waist and pulled you into another kiss.

“No no mister. You need to head to bed.” Pulling away from the kiss you pulled Jeff to bed and made him sit down, turing away you went to grab him a glass of water but Jeff grabed a hold of you pulling you down to sit in his lap.

“You said we could resume this later….Well it’s later.” His hot breath fanned across your neck making you shiver. Prying yourself from his grip you stood up.

“Yes but you also have to be up in….2 hours” You managed to avoid most of his advances and successfully pulled his shoes off. Pushing him to lie down you could see that he quickly became tired. Placing a kiss to his hair line you grabed a bottle of water and some painkillers out of your bag and placed them on the dresser. Quickly chaging out of your dress you slip on some pj’s and cuddle to Jeff, he was not going to be happy having only got 2 hours sleep.

At 6am your alarm went off and you heard a groan from behind you, reaching out to turn your alarm off you felt Jeff pull you back into him.

“Morning sleepy. How’s your head?” You gently brush some stray strands of hair from out of his face.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus and then a car…..and the bus came back just for good measure.” You giggled at him, placing a kiss to his forehead. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you streatch and yawn, regretting staying up so late with the boys. Grabbing the bottle of water and painkillers you sit on Jeff’s side of the bed and hand them to him. He took them and looked up at you thanking you.

“I feel like a vodka would work better.” He grinned at you swallowing the tablets and chugging half the bottle of water.

“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” Standing up you head to the shower and turn it on. “Come on Mr Champ. You’ve got a busy day ahead and I still have a promise to keep.” You winked at him but Jeff simply looked confused. Striding across the bedroom you pulled Jeff in for a passionate kiss causing him to gasp a little. You took the opportunity to slide your tounge into his mouth and you both battled for dominance. You both pull away slightly brethless.

“Oh that promise.” Jeff looked at you biting his lip.

“Yeah I heard it’s a great cure for headaches.” With that Jeff picked you up and headed to the shower.

“Well why didn’t you begin with that.”

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Just The Way You Are

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 1,621
T/W: Scars / Lots of crying
A/N: For @onelastfic‘s request: “Can you do a Poly Hamilsquad x Busty Reader where the reader gets a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and is having a hard time getting used to life after the surgery?”
This was so hard for me to write, since cancer is so prevalent in my family. So, I kinda tried to make it sweet. 

Three months…three long, hard, painful, depressing months, since your surgery. You just couldn’t get past the feeling of it. Of course, you were more than happy to be alive and cancer free, but you felt like you had lost part of your womanhood. Ever since high school and puberty, your “busty” chest was the one thing you liked about yourself. It gave you those “curves.” When you met “the boys” as you called them collectively, they all adored your curves…and now they were gone. 

You didn’t feel like the boys liked you as much, even though they insisted that you were so much more than your chest or even your beauty. They did everything possible to try and make you believe it, but you just couldn’t help but look at other girls and feel jealous and think that the boys probably liked it better too. But in reality they only wanted you, adoring you just the way you were, busty or not. They were just happy you were alive and still with them. 

Today, like most days, you were the last to get up. You sat up in bed, brought your knees, close to your now flat chest and cried or stared off at the wall for a while. You rested your chin on your knees, blanking out. Not even acknowledging Alex as he walked into the bedroom, coming around the bed to sit next to you. Sniffling a little you turned your head away from him. Feeling his hand rub up and down your back. 

“How are we doing today, Honey?” Alex’s voice came across gentle.

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consequences of loving ; z. yixing

» vampire au / light mature scene
» lowercase intended.

this was the future. a year where mythical creatures decided to reveal their identities; varying from sirens to fairies and even the basic twilight creatures – wolves and vampires. the world was in great shock, a lot of people weren’t in favour of having other beings living in the same surroundings with them. mythical creatures could be dangerous, yes, but only when provoked. more on the darker side, the only creatures you warily watched out for was vampires and wolves as they could easily lure you as a victim for their own pleasure.

you thought the world was ending. the news on your television only showed killings of beings; humans and the others. there was even one news that particularly showed a fairy getting punished for nothing. perhaps breathing? it was ridiculous.

the government announced several strict laws that every beings must follow. and one of them was to never have attachments or any commitments towards any mythical creatures and vice versa. if the rule was disobeyed, the punishment was getting hanged.

and you feared for your own life.

because there was one particular mythical creature; specifically a vampire who seemed to have an attachment towards you.

and his name was yixing.

a vampire who looks in his twenties but is actually hundreds of age, which blew your mind at first. he was very handsome and you questioned yourself how you got him following after you everywhere like a lost puppy. you may not be confident on yourself but having a handsome vampire after you may not or may have boosted a bit of your ego.

“where are you going?” yixing questions, placing himself on your side. there was always something in him that made your heart flutter and your mind go insane every time you spend a day with him. and whatever it was, you were to suffer the consequences sooner or later. wether it was good or not.

“to buy more cereal and milk.” you didn’t ask him if he was coming with you because you always knew what was gonna happen.

he would follow you everywhere no matter what, as creepy as it sounds.

“why are you attached to me? i’m nothing but a mere human. this could get us both killed.” you mumbled against his lips, both arms wrapped around his neck as he pressed both of your bodies closer. his lips left yours to leave kisses down your jaw and down until he reached your neck to leave bites.

“you are a great person i suppose, everything about you is great that i knew i had to make you mine.” there, he left small marks that littered your skin. he leaned back, taking a long stare at his masterpiece before sharing a passionate kiss with you again.

“i don’t care if i die. i would even want to suffer just to live my eternal life with you. and i don’t care if this is wrong, it feels so right.” you pursed your lips and leaned slightly away from him, taking a deep breath as you rested your head against his bare shouler. yixing felt his heart soften just by taking a look at you, a person who he loves. he brought up a hand to run it across your hair, kissing your head, letting you cry out your heart while he sat there, comforting you with his voice of innocence.

“i love you.” he gently pushed you back on the bed as he hovered over you, letting himself ravish you for the last time. letting both of yourselves’ back arch in pleasure, words that comes out as ineffable and muffled while you stare at each other lovingly.

you still couldn’t forget the things he did for you. and how you two loved each other despite breaking a golden rule in the government. you will always miss the twinkle in his eyes when you see him giving you a look of admiration, or when he sees you at your most vulnerable state.

you let your eyes roam the crowd before you, letting a smile curl up on your lips before taking a step out of the stool and letting yourself have yixing as your last thoughts.

My Alpha Sequel

External image

“— do you care to explain this mess?” My father asks me his gaze raking over Hoseok and me with anger and a bit of hatred.

“It’s nice to see you too father.” I say in a cold tone. It’s not like I hate the bastard.. I would just rather not have him around. 

“Don’t fucking avoid the question.” He says to me and Hoseok tightens his grip around me laying his head on my shoulder right above the bite mark. My dad’s eyes rest on it and he lunges for him only to be knocked down by Hoseok’s father. 

They start to roll around fighting in my room and I groan looking at Hoseok. He looks back at me his eyes hardening. I get up throwing the covers off of me going into the closet finding a shirt as my room becomes a wrestling ring. I grab the dog whistle off the top shelf and walk back into the room. Everyone is pratically fighting and when I see Hoseok helping his dad fight mine I blow the whistle hard making all of them howl and break up the mess. You can tell how divided it is because my pack moves to my side and Hoseok’s pack moves to the other side of the bed.

“This is fucking ridiculous. Grow up.” I say to them all becoming a bit pissed off.

“Grow up? You grow up. I mean look at you. Running around sleeping with Alpha’s who killed your mate. They hate us. You betrayed us.” My father says and I feel a slap in my face from his words. I face him full on my anger rising more.

“If I seem to recall.. You fucked more then once. Even when you was with mother. You mark every single fucking girl you can and half of them were human! I slept with Hoseok before Jackson and after him. He helped me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Besides your not even my real father. He is.” I say pointing to the man leaning against the wall besides Jhopes father.

“I left that pack to be with you and Jackson. The deal was-”

“THE DEAL WAS that you wouldn’t have contact with anybody from their side. And you did it!” He shouts at me and I roll my eyes.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! I TRIED AND EVERY TIME WE CAME IN CONTACT THEY ATTACKED US! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN IT HAPPENED!?!” I ask the old bag and he raises his eyebrows looking at Hoseok.

“You attacked her?" 

"She needs an Alpha.” Hoseok says as camly as he can. But I can see his body shake.

“You know what.. Your absouletly right. That’s exactly why you get to hear the good news today.” My adopted dad tells me and I look at my real dad who looks down with sadness and regret.

“What is he talking about appa?” I ask my real dad and Jackson’s dad slaps me making me glower at him as Hoseok climbs off the bed only to be stopped by my dad.

“Your going to marry Mark. He was the closets to Jackson and he has asked to have you as a bride. And we also reached a deal that as long as Mark becomes your Alpha we will not have anymore war with Hoseok and your former pack.” He says and I drop my mouth open.

“YOU CAN’T MAKE ME MARRY HIM!” I shout and I feel the elders look at me in shock.

“Is it because you want to marry Hoseok?” Jackson’s dad asks me and I look down touching my bite mark.

“You want to marry the man who killed your husband? I knew you were a traitor but I didn’t know you were a back stabber as well.” Jackson’s dad say and I look down shaking my head.

“It seems she betrayed us all.” Hoseok says looking at me. I laugh a hard laugh nodding my head.

“Your damn right. So I’m going to betray you all once again. I’m not marrying anybody. And I don’t want to be in either pack. Last night was a mistake.” I say to Hoseok who looks like I’ve slapped him. 

I thought I would get off that easy but I didn’t. My adopted pack kicked my ass and literally dragged me back to our headquaters. Hoseok wanted to intervine so did my real father but they held them back so they had to watch. I was bloody and bruised when Michelle spotted me. She took me from the elders and walked me to a room that had a big round table in it. 

“They found out?” She asks me as she starts to lick my wounds and I nod my head crying softly. 

“Don’t feel bad. They caught me in bed with Jungkook.” She says softly. I look at her and we both laugh how ironic. 

“We are such rebels.” I say and she nods her head agreeing.

“We have a meeting.” Mark says coming in the room and grabbing my hand. 

I go with him and there is the other pack in another room waiting for all of us. I see Jhope with his arms around a brunette and I bare my teeth as he looks at me. His expression unreadable but I see his eyes drift down to me and Mark’s hand. I hold onto it tighter and Hoseok tenses up. Mark tells them of the wedding and we discuss the deal between the two packs. No one looks happy about it.

“Ugh you smell like him.” Mark says dropping my hand. I smile widely dragging a nail up his arm slowly letting blood leak out.

“Don’t be smart boy because your my omega. Keep fucking with me and I will make you smell like death.” I say and he whines softly nodding his head. 


Over the next few months that passed my sexual fustration has been on a whole new level. It doesn’t help that we have to train with each other so I’m always seeing Hoseok’s sweaty body. I miss his touch. My bite mark is still on my neck so when I wear tank tops to workout I always catch Hoseok’s eyes lingering on that spot making me weak. Mark started watching my house twenty four seven. He tried fucking me on the full moons when I went into heat but I threatened his life. We were getting no where. Everything is just complete hell. 

I’m sitting at my wedding party with Mark and Michelle. Tomorrow I have to get married. I dread every bit of it. I look at my dad who smiles at me softly beside Hoseok. I love the fact that despite me leaving my first pack and joining Jackson’s he never hated me. He always had my back. He’s a good man. I just hate that I ever hurt him.. Or Hoseok..  

“Nice dress.” Michelle says to me trying to make conversation.

“I feel like a piece of meat in this thing.” I say pulling the short red dress down. It barley comes down over my ass and it is sleeveless with a low dip in the front.  

“Techically you would be dog chow.” She says and we both snicker only to be shut up by my adopted father. 

The whole night is a buzz kill. I danced with Mark. Watched Hoseok grind against the girl. He starts kissing her roughly and I tense up bitting down hard on my teeth hating that he’s acting like this. I get up and go outside after my anger gets the best of me. I see the full moon rise and realization dawns on me. Hoseok is going into heat tonight. 

Michelle comes outside looking for me and we talk for a bit before Jungkook comes stealing kisses from her. He proudly shows me the bite on her inside thigh and I blush tracing over the mark as she shivers and claims she didn’t beg. We know that’s a lie. I shiver as I look at my phone noticing that it’s midnight. 

“Where is Hoseok?”

“He left already he started getting a fever.” Jungkook says softly. 

“Yeah his play date looks pissed that he didn’t want to be with her tonight.” Michelle says and I drop my mouth open.

“He didn’t?” I ask in shock and kookie smirks as I try to explain myself.

“First off shut up we all know you still want him. And second off he only did that to get back at you and to let Jackson’s dad think he was over you so that he could stop the wedding.. But it didn’t work.” Jungkook says with a pout and I bite my lips looking at them both.

“I’m going to see him. Cover for me.” I tell them as I slip off my heels. 

I put them in my hand running into the woods shifting out to my wolf form. It’s been a while since I went to Hoseok’s house but I do still know how to get there. I sniff him following my nose as it leaves me across the old territory marks to my familiar home smell. I run deeper into the woods starting to smell a overdose of cologne as if a person put on too much and that’s how I know I’m close. Hoseok always smell that way when he’s in heat. When I shift back out I walk up the stairs open his door and shutting it back.

“Hoseok.” I call around the big one story condo. 

“Alphaaaa.” I coe as I walk around getting close to the kitchen. 

“J- FUCK!” I yell as he slams me against the wall kissing my lips in an urgent manner. 

He wastes no time pushing his tongue in my mouth as his hands roam my body pushing me harder against the wall. I whimper softly from his roughness not seeing this side from him that much. But then again I was only every once around him when he was in heat and that’s because he ripped me open. Shit..

Hoseok runs his nails down my arms as he sucks on my tongue occasionally biting on it. He wraps his arms around my back reaching the top of my dress running his nails down it shredding the red thing. I feel the dress fall down and I know better then to hope it’s gonna survive. He snaps my panties from me as I roam my hands over his body feeling his chest and abs under my finger tips. His hot body against my flustered one.

He breaks the kiss biting all over my neck sofly growling as he hurriedly takes off his pants and boxers lifting me up into the air grabbing my skin harshly and I whine throwing my head back. 

“H-Hoseok b-be gentle!” I whine but it falls on deaf ears as he roughly pushes into me. 

He wastes no time pulling out and slamming back into me over and over making my body slide up and down the wall. I smell fresh blood and I know it’s from him entering me. I moan loudly in pain and a bit of pleasure. I throw my arms around his shouler as I lean down biting into it trying to take my mind from the pain. Hoseok keeps drilling into me with inhuman pace as he breathes hard nipping at my neck. He tenses up thrusting erractically and I know he’s close. He doesn’t even say my name when he fills me up he just holds me close and I let his shoulder go. He puts me down and I slide to the ground whining a bit. I catch my breathe as he looks down at me and I grab my ripped dress and underwear.

“I guess I should go now.” I say softly standing up feeling a slight pain from the rough fucking. Hoseok’s eyes soften and he picks me up making me yelp. 

“Don’t go. I need you..” Hoseok says slowly closing his room door after he enters in. He sits me on the bed taking my ripped close from me and I look at him shivering when he leans in to look at me. 

“Despite me needing you. I was hoping you wouldn’t break rules. Your getting married tomorrow.” He says softly his eyes filing with tears.

“I’m always gonna break rules for you.” I say mournfully throwing my arms around his shoulders and he kisses my lips deeply and much gentler then the first time his first wave of heat passing off of him. 

“Take me.. Do me like it was our first time all over again.” I say softly and he grins laying me down as he lays over me. 

“If I recall.. The first time I marked your neck as I fingered you. And then I played with your breast until you were drooling. And then when I started to eat you out I went so slow you cried and I also remembered I played with your ass with made you flustered and hot. And then when you were at the brink of releasing I let you go and you shook for nearly five minutes. And then I let you suck me off until I filled your pretty mouth with cum. And then I fucked you with your feet pressed beside your head. I pounded so hard into you that when I grabbed the headboard and pulled and it, it broke and fell to pieces.” Hoseok says raising up a bit and I nod my head moaning at every word. 

“I want a repeat.” I say to him and he nods his head wasting no time.

He starts out slowly sucking on my neck just like the first time. Making sure angry red bruises where on my skin. He then slowly trailed kisses down to my breast taking the left one in his mouth. He sucks it slow and soft flicking his tongue against it ever few minutes as he slides two fingers into my pussy moving them slowly. I groan throwing my head back wondering how the hell can he contain his hormones so good.

He breaks from my left nipple trailing kisses to my right one in his mouth pressing his fingers against my spot slowly. I drop my mouth open drooling as he continues to tease me and suck at my nipple rolling his tongue around it. He lets it go watching me before he slowly trails kisses down my stomach marking it again. He pouts softly when he sees where Mark hit me in a fight we had. 

“He hit you?” He asks me his anger rising. I don’t answer I just look off trying to avoid it.

“— did he hit you?” He asks me again louder this time and I bite my lips still not answering. 

He growls curling his fingers hard against my spot pounding his fingers inside me fast and hard. It’s too much for me to take when he adds his tongue to my clit sucking it fast and harshly. 

“YES YES YES HE HIT ME HOPE!” I cry out and he pulls away slipping his fingers out of me. He places them at my mouth and I suck them looking in his eyes that tells me ‘later’. 

He slides his fingers out of my mouth opening my legs pressing both of them against my asshole. He slides his tongue in my pussy as he starts to finger my ass slowly. I whine rocking my hips down against his fingers as I start to play in his hair shivering from every touch. His tongue wiggles until it reaches my spot but he keeps the same slow pace and I groan starting to get mad as he scissors his fingers inside of my ass. 

Hoseok looks up at me pulling his lip back over his teeth letting my see when he slides his canines across the slides off my pussy lips and I cry out shaking hard. 

“HOSEOK STOP IT!” I cry out and I hear him hum as he starts to go a bit faster flicking and pressing his tongue every where inside of me. I feel myself start to tense up and I curl my toes letting my eyes close as I feel the pit of my stomach flip. Hoseok pulls back and I shout curse words at him writhing under him on his bed. 

“It’s just like our first time.” He says in amazement and I curse mentally hating I ever said that I wanted him to do a repeat. 

I get on my knees taking his dick in my hand starting to fist it. I lick his tip watching him and he bares his teeth in a sexy way that makes me lick from the top of his dick to the bottom. He plays in my hair swipping it from my face as I lower my mouth on his dick starting to bob my head slowly. He moans out softly tracing his tongue across his bottom lip. He tucks it in his mouth as he starts to thrust his hips slowly into my mouth. I reach up trailing my hands down his legs as he rolls his hips faster moaning louder. He leans over slapping my ass as I hallow my cheeks letting him hit the back of my throat. 

I swallow around him and he groans shaking. He starts pulling harder on my hair thrusting his hips roughly into my mouth. I feel him throb as I lick over his veins and I can tell he’s close. I slide my mouth all the way down holding it at the base of his dick as I nuzzle my face into his pubic hair making him blush like our first time as he releases into my mouth. I swallow it all cleaning up the rest with my fingers and he smiles pushing me up until I’m laying under the head board.

“Are you ready?” He asks me and I nod my head slowly. 

He bites his lips lifting my legs until my feet are by my head and I hold them as he uses one hand to steady my waist and the other to guide his length inside of me. We both moan in unision when he fills me up. He lets me adjust this time before he pulls out and starts to slowly slam into me. 

“Anngg!” I moan out softly throwing my head back against his pillows watching him watch me. He starts to go a littler faster as he trails his hands up and down my legs making me shiver and curl my toes in pleasure. 

“So fucking beautiful.” He groans shutting his eyes throwing his head back and I watch the sweat trail down his chest. I watch as he creases his eyebrows as he concentrates on hitting the right spots inside of me. 

He leans down making me release my legs as he grabs my hands holding them beside my head. He slows back down rocking slowly into me and I moan licking his bottom lip. We kiss again and I slide my tongue across his incissors making him shake and arch his back as he continues to fuck me senseless. 

He lets my hands go breaking the kiss as he nuzzles his nose into the right side of my neck and he grabs the headboard pounding hard into me hips snapping roughly. He groans licking my neck as he grabs harder at the headboard. I press my legs against the sheets tracing my nails down his back making flesh markings. I smile in content and he growls looking at my expression. I can read mischeif in his and when I mumble no he leans down biting into my neck making me release a moan and cry of pain of he marks the right side of my neck. 

“S-STOP F-F-FUCKING DOING THAT!” I yell as he laughs and I moan as he starts to hit my spot shutting me up. 

The whole bed starts to move and rock as Hoseok continues taming my pussy his dick pulsating again as he gives me deep strokes making sure I feel him. 

“I-I’m close Hoseok.” I say to him softly and he pulls back licking my wounds after his soul searches mine for sometime. He throws one of my legs over his shoulder placing his forehead against mine his eyes watching mine as I tense up and shake under him. My toes curling again as my eyes start to get blurry and I know that I’m about to release. 

“FUCK HOSEOK!” I shout out cumming as I clamp my walls down on him and he growls out loud pounding into me harder.

“—!” He feels me up and I hear the ripping off the headboard. 

I blush as he slides some of the wood from my face knocking it off of the bed as he holds me laying his body on mine. He’s still heavy but since I’m a wolf his weight feels good on me. 

We fall asleep holding each other as we always do. He fucked me against every inch of his house until the sun came out and I was so sore and spent he had to carry my ass around. He fought Mark and made him step down from the marriage. Jackson’s dad tried to lay his hands on me but it didn’t work because my father kicked his ass. We decided to stay one big pack because I didn’t want to let either go. And yes I finally let Hoseok claim my pack as my offical Alpha.


@stronglikemusic - some Richonne bath time fun for you 😊

The gentle sound of splashing water breaks the silence as Rick presses the washcloth to Michonne’s bare back. The soft glowing of the candle’s flame caresses her glimmering skin. A relaxed sigh escapes her mouth under his trusted touch. He leans closer and kisses her shouler, before trailing more kisses up her neck. Michonne tilts her head to the side, granting Rick better access; her hair in a high, messy bun. He shifts closer; his growing arousal set against her. Dropping the washcloth, Rick snakes his hand down her back, around her waist, and then up to cup her breast. His rough palm causing her soft nipple to stiffen and a quiet moan to fall from her lips. Impelled by her exquisite whimpers, Rick’s hand traverses the length of Michonne’s firm body and comes to rest between her thighs. He laps at her neck once more before his fingers dance teasingly over her sweet, throbbing bud. The water splashes around them while he rubs her swollen lips and she gifts him with another delicious moan.

The New Order

The ashes fell. Skybred filth,
like dirty snow. It clung to her
hair, dimming red to grey,
and Draco remembered a factoid–

gleaned years ago,
from God knows where–

that redheads don’t go grey.
Their hair turns white.

Potter’s woman, tears tracking
through the ashes on her face.
He wondered if any of her beloved
remained in traces mixed with tears.

His cousin, distantly, and so his,
by right. A good match, the Dark Lord
said, and a gift. There would be many
such gifts. Draco watched Hermione

(she of the burnished copper hair,
and the bruises that he pressed
to remember the moment when their
flesh met–til the marks faded)

drift absently, face blank with
force exherted by wand and not by fist.
Snape led her gently, a long finger
resting on her shouler. Just beside

a ruddy smear of Potter or Weasley along
her jaw. Snape’s face looked like
soured milk. He regarded Draco, and
his eyes nodded warm. He smiled,

a wan thing, sick and like to die
easily. This new order was hard for
them both. But an order is an order,
and he would do as he was told.

“Ginny,” he said, and his voice
felt like a broken statue in his throat.
“Please don’t fight the spell.”

She had tried, but only for an eyeblink,
probably to go to her friend. It was
easier this way, and Snape probably
knew some tricks to make the rest

go well.

Many died and were burning, and the
rest had been gathered for this Final
Solution. What is left to do with a
vanquished foe–what is left to do

but to breed?

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

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#39 with Finn Balor :)

Prompt: “It’s your turn to make dinner.”

Finn and you both had a couple of days off together so you’d spent the day exploring the current city Finn was in and doing some shopping and seeing a film you’d both been dying to see. Finn had decided that since you had a couple of days off he’d rent a really nice house with a pool so you two could have a “mini vacation” together. Arriving back at the house Finn suggested that you have some drinks by the pool so you head upstairs to get changed. Dumping the bags on the bed you reach into one and pull out a new black 2 piece suit to put on, quickly stripping out of your clothes and put on the suit, admiring your refelction you did a little twirl loving how it hugged your curves and accentuated your ass. Smiling to yourself you head down to the pool to see Finn lay on one of the loungers already in his trunks with 2 drinks on the table next to him.  

“Wow it’s so nice out here.” You gazed out across the view, Finn had chosen the most beautiful house for you to stay in claiming “I’m only getting the most beautiful location for the most beautiful girl.” Realising Finn hadn’t spoke to you yet you turned to find him gazing at you, mouth slightly a jar. Bushing you do a little twirl.

“See something you like?” You ask, smirking when you see a pink hue cover his face. Finn smiled at you standing up and making his way towards you, he gently wraps his arms around your waist as you rested yours on his shoulers.

“Just my beautiful girlfriend rocking this bikini.” His hand came down to gently toy with the side of the bottoms biting his lip. Reaching up you gently grab his jaw pulling his lips to yours for a sweet kiss, he smiled into the kiss and moved one hand back to your waist and the other to caress the side of your face.

“So are we gonna get in this pool or are we gonna stand here and make out?”

“Well when you put it like that…” he chuckled and pulled you in for another kiss, slipping his hands under your thighs to pick you up. You quickly wrapped your legs around his waist and felt him start to walk, you couldn’t see where however because Finn was still kissing you. Suddenly he stopped and pulled away from the kiss smirking.

“What?” You looked around and see that Finn was stood at the edge of the pool. “Fergal Devitt don’t you dare!” You squirmed trying to fight out of Finn’s grasp but he was too strong.

“Cannonball!” Finn yelled jumping into the pool ultimately bringing you with him. As you sunk under water Finn cheekily grinned at you, causing you to roll your eyes and swim towards the surface. Rubbing the water out of your eyes you swam towards the edge to fake sulk, you heard Finn emerge from the water and swim over to you, he wrapped one arm around your waist and placed the other on the side of the pool next you yours.

“Oh come on I know you’re not mad.” He poked your cheek giggling. So you turned to face him, almost getting distracted by the way the sunlight was reflecting the movements of the water in his eyes making them look like the ocean. “It’s rude to stare.” Finn inturupted your thoughts.

You blushed and gently splashed him. “Fine. I’ll forgive you but it’s your turn to cook dinner.”

“If you insist.” Finn mumbled and pulled you in for one last kiss. His lips were soft and tasted of chlorine, Finn tried to deepen the kiss by swiping his tongue across your bottom lip. You decided to tease him and keep your lips shut causing Finn to growl and dig his fingers in the flesh of your ass making you gasp. Finn took advatage and slipped his tongue into your mouth making you moan, pulling away slightly breathless Finn rubbed his thumb across your slightly swollen lip.

“Let’s go cook dinner then.” Finn winked and lifted himself out of the pool leaving you there slightly dazed.

Prompt from this list.


Prayer Request

Please pray for my mom; she fell and is currently in the ER. She may have dislocated her left shouler but do not know for sure until xrays are done. I pray she did not break any bones. She just turned 66 years old. Her name is Rosa. God bless you all.

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Bromos + 55?

“Just go away” You people are begging for angst aren’t you? Well I’m not è.é So have a teacher AU with PE teacher Bahorel and History and Geography teacher Feuilly è.é

“Knock knock.”

Feuilly started and his red pen drew a line across the paper he had been marking. Shit. Oh well. That paper couldn’t get any worse anyway. He looked up, confused.

“Did think you’d be holed up in here.”

Bahorel was standing in the dooframe, sportswear and all. No, not standing, leaning. Feuilly rolled his eyes. No one should be allowed to look good in grey sweatpants, and yet here was Bahorel.

“I have papers to mark,” Feuilly explained, looking at the pile of papers he still needed to tackle. No matter how any he marked, the pile never seemed to shrink.

“I don’t know what that’s like,” Bahorel smirked like the lovable little shit that he was. He closed the door behind him and walked to the desk. Before long, Feuilly felt the warmth of his hands on his shoulders, Bahorel’s fingers drawing little circles on his shoulder blades.

“Whatcha’ marking?” Bahorel asked softly.

“A test on the Renaissance period. Some of these kids will be the death of me I swear. One of them wrote Michelangelo ‘Mickey l’angelo’. You just can’t make that up.”

Bahorel’s hearty laugh bounced against the walls of the classroom. Feuilly felt a kiss being pressed against his hair and smile to himself. He really did like teaching, with everything he had, but bitching about it was more than liberating at times.

“I want to be done with those before the week end,” Feuilly explained. “So that it’ll be just us, and the dog, and bad television.”

“I like that.”

The bell rang. In a minute, kids would be swarming into the classroom. Bahorel’s hands left Feuilly’s shoulders, but he didn’t look like he was ready to leave yet.

“The kids will be here any second now,” Feuilly pointed out, nodding towards the door.

“I know. I have class, too. But they can find the locker rooms on their own, I’m not in a rush.”

Feuilly chuckled and gently pushed his shoulers towards the door.

“Come on. If they find us alone together they’ll come up with the most outlandish stories.”

“Not so outlandish,” Bahorel winked.

“Oh my god, just go away.”

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Could you do more Jealous reader or Jealous Sam? I really love those

*rubs hands together* my time has come. jealous sam here we go

You were glad Sam finally let you tag along on a job. Traveling had always been something you loved to do, and gaining a free trip to France was not a bad thing to cross off your bucket list.

The first few days in the country of romance filled Sam with a passion for you that you had never seen before. He was constantly pulling moves on you and wanting to make out in the oddest of places, but you didn’t mind. You liked this side of Sam.

Unfortunately for you, being in the country of romance meant having single guys trying to pull moves on you as well. They would give you roses, compliment how beautiful you were in french, and try to ask you to dinner before you politely declined.

This did not seem to get in the way of anything until you were walking with Sam along the streets of Paris. His grip tightened around your hand as he leaned into you ear.

“If one more guy catcalls you I’m going to-” Sam said, before you hushed him. 

“Sam, someone is going to hear you.” You said, patting his hand. “Just ignore it.”

You had pulled away from the main streets and arrived at a little cafe on the corner. It was around time to eat, so you told Sam you would grab a seat while he went and ordered for the both of you. You snuck a kiss to him as you sat at a table and Sam went inside.

You silently wished you had gone inside as a man approached you. He did not ask to sit down before he sat next to you and began speaking in French, in which you couldn’t understand.

‘Sam, hurry up…’ you thought, smiling and shaking your head at the man. 

You tried your best to tell him no, that you didn’t speak French, and no, you were not interested in him. He did not comply, and continued to grab your hand and kiss it.

“Hey, asshole.” Sam said from behind you, grabbing the mans attention until Sam swung his fist at him, knocking him out of the chair and onto the pavement. “Stay away from her!”

“Sam!” You shouted, putting your hands over your mouth.

The man groaned as he tried to regain his conciousness. Sam was about to go in for another punch when you grabbed his wrist, storming away from the cafe with Sam being dragged behind you.

You two never said a word to each other until you got back to the motel room.

Sam unlocked the door and you walked inside as he shut it behind him.

“What the hell was that?” You asked, motioning your hand towards the window.

“He was getting too close to you!” Sam responded, raising his voice. He paced around the room as you sat on the bed.

“That doesn’t give you a reason to punch him!” You almost shouted.

“What was I supposed to do? You weren’t turning him away! For all I know you could have run off with him while I was inside!” 

“He couldn’t understand me, Sam! I tried saying no but he kept pushing!”

Sam sat on the other side of the bed.

“I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry.” 

You crossed your arms. 

“I don’t understand why you get like that.” You said, shaking your head and looking out the window.

You heard Sam start to say something, but he shut his mouth to think a little longer.

“Because I’m afraid of losing you.” he said, his voice a little more than a dull whisper.

You turned to look at him. He couldn’t make eye contact with you, looking at the floor in shame.

“Sam, you’re not going to lose me.” You said, scooting closer to him.

“How do I know that? For all I know, Fabio could come and sweep you off of your feet and you’d leave.”

You sighed. It hurt to hear him say that. 

“I’m not going to leave you. I would never even think of it. ” You leaned on his shouler and wrapped your arms around his waist. He put his hands on yours.

“Sam, I love you for you, and I’m lucky to be with the one and only Sam Drake.” You said. You looked up at him and you could see a smile come across his face. 

“I love you too.” He said, nodding. Sam looked up before he stood, your arms falling from his waist. 

“Come on, I owe you lunch.” He said, helping you off of the bed. 

“Will you behave this time?” You asked, following him out the door.