shouldnt you two be saving the world

Avengers discussing the game plan : Infinity War

Nat: thanos is comming and you put a kid in a suit with instant kill mode

Gamora: Do you have no consideration for anyones safety at all what if he would have gotten hurt

Falcon: Look at that Parker .. the ladies are all over you

Gamora: Shut it Bird boy

Parker: *giggling*

Falcon: You already have problems with birds .. I dont think you want another

Parker: O-OH *shifting uncomfortably*

Tony: Look ok I did what i thought would protect him

War Machine: Ohhh .. you mean like a PARACHUTE

Strange: You put a 12 year old in a supersuit

Parker: Im 15 a-actually sir

Bucky: at least its a suit all you got are rags a cape and a shiny necklace..

Strange: yeah a shiny necklace and magic powers that can blast your arm off …. OH WAIT -

Bucky: Someone say the words im putting this guy down-

Strange: And its NOT a cape

Falcon: Its a cape dude .. it flaps in the wind its a cape

Strange: cloak

Clint: Its a cape bro

Strange: And if i use my powers to snap all of your arrows in half then what

Clint: Id have to set my buddy black panther on you

Tchalla: We are not friends…. i still dislike all of you equally but we have a bigger matter at hand

AntMan: Yeah guys shouldnt we be more worried about Big purple guy

Groot: I am -

Cap: Groot .. Yes .. We know

Thor: I do not think he understands

Rocket: well yeah no Shit Sherlock

Tony/Strange: *Raised eyebrow*

Cap: You guys now is not the time to be fighting eachother … We have our differences yes … some of us no longer see eye to eye .. But that shouldnt stop us from working together to save the innocent people .. even if that means holding hands with an enemy *looks to Loki*

Star Lord: Im just saying maybe if your buddy in the green spandex and unicorn helmet wouldnt have-

Loki: there are two horns you imbecile ..

Tony: Hush up Rudolf Hitler its your fault we are really in this mess

Thor: I still do believe Captain America has got this right. We must fight for honour. We are warriors this world depends upon us to keep it safe .. then we shall do just that.

Parker: *vlogging* first week in the avengers and there have been 17 arguments like this … who would have thought the worlds greatest heroes -

Bucky: Who let this twerp bring a video camera in here are you serious

Vision: If I were you I would not start a conflict with the amount of tension in this room at the moment .. If my calculations are correct Mr.Strange and I are the two most powerful beings and we would not hesitate to keep you at bay

Strange: DOCTOR

War Machine: yeah lets NOT let vision do anything I dont feel like getting hit with a mind blast that could leave me paralyzed from the waist down AGAIN

Falcon: OooooOH

Cap: The man has a valid point

Vision: You were putting wandas life at risk

Wanda: I made my choice vision you cant keep hovering over me

Vision: But-

Hawkeye: HA .. bet you didnt see that coming

Wanda: *magically choke clint*

Hawkeye: *gasping* too soon ??

Tchalla: You are all disorganised .. we have got bigger problems to deal with than your petty fudes with eachother

Banner: Tchalla is right .. We all had a part in this mayham .. Unltron giving vison his powers Loki and the tesseract the Sakovia accords everything we have done has led to this moment .. we cant pin the blame on any one person


Nat: ……You werent even here You hopped on a plane and left you asshole

War Machine: Whos this guy ? Tony You know this guy?

Tony: Yeah who the hell are you we were supposed to be science bros for life


Rocket: Hey youve got one more time to yell about the big purple what ever the hell in my ear before i literally eat you alive

Cap: We go in …. we do what we do best …. We go about our lives …… We dont have time for this anymore
Avengers -……


Tony: …….. Last one there pays for the damage!!