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Pocket-sized Namjoon getting stuck in your bottle of edge control as your laughing watching him struggle to get out

lmfao do not take this seriously I’m just hella bored okay


Kara and Alex introduce Maggie to Eurovision Part 8.

Watch Portugal and his weird outfit and facial hair choices here:

No one is saying whites shouldn't rap, why do people keep implying that anyone is saying this?? White ppl rapping isn't the issue. Mediocre white music that is heavily influenced by Black sounds being rewarded and heralded as something fresh, new, exciting, and excellent at the expense of Black artists is the issue. Fraudulent ass culture vultures capitalizing off of Black culture when they couldn't care less about Black bodies is the issue. Our capitalist, white supremacist society saying Black art is better, more palatable, and more interesting coming from a white face is the issue.

Like what are you people not getting that you keep oversimplifying it to, ‘SO WHITES CANT RAP????’

150515 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio
  • Topic - Teacher (May 15 is Teacher Day in Korea)
  • Tablo: Who is your teacher?
  • Gray: For me it is a hyung two years older than me. Now we're both doing music. Right now you know Girl's Day right? He wrote a song for Girl's Day.
  • Tablo: Oh! I thought Gray was going to say his teacher was Girl's Day.
  • Gray: No no no no
  • Tablo: I was thinking what kind of teacher would they be.
  • Gray: When I started music, he taught me how to use a music programme..
  • Tablo: Oh really?
  • Gray: Yeah. He was a sunbae in our school club, Choi Dok Wan.
  • Tablo: Choi Dok AN?
  • Gray: Choi-Dok-WAN
  • Tablo: Hmmm, Dokwan-shi!
  • Gray: He's a hyung called Choi Dok Wan
  • Tablo: Dok Wan!
  • Gray: Anyway, that hyung taught me how to use music programmes after coming back from the army at 29 years old.
  • Tablo: He also wrote for who else aside from Girl's Day?
  • Gray: Well... Who else has there been lately? To be honest, these days...
  • Tablo: You don't know?
  • Gray: Yeah I don't know.
  • Tablo: You have no interest?
  • Gray: Nooo! He's also working with someone from an audition programme.
  • Tablo: That's unexpected though, the teacher of hip hop producer Gray worked with Girl's Day.....
  • Gray: Ah, that's because when I was 25 I didn't have the confidence to do hip hop. I was 25 and to debut as a rapper at that age seemed too late. There were also lots of better people like when I listen to Simon D rap, I thought ahh I shouldn't rap.
  • Simon D: Don't be like thaaat
  • Tablo: There's a lot of (talented) people like that.
  • Gray: There is a lot. When I listen to Tablo... ahhh I shouldn't rap. So I thought I should write music instead.
  • Tablo: AHAHAHAHA
  • Gray: I just did it!
  • Tablo: You do well though!
  • Simon D: (laughs)
  • Gray: I'm just enjoying it, just enjoying myself and doing the rap that I can do. I thought about battles and if I'd get dissed as well and what I'd do. It's a scary thing!
  • Tablo: Ahahahahah worrying about disses before you get it
  • Gray: I thought that I wouldn't be able to handle that and producing is my strength anyway. However, I thought just producing would be financially difficult especially in hip hop
  • Tablo: Yeah, it's not easy
  • Gray: That was 5 years ago though, nowadays it's very difficult.
  • Simon D: That's true.
  • Gray: Even just 5 years ago, Shinsadong Tiger or Brave Brothers and those doing idol music earned a lot of money so I wondered if I should do that. Back then I joined a idol composing team with Choi Dok Wan, but back then I still didn't know anything.
  • Tablo: That's where Blink came from?
  • Gray: After that, the team totally failed and dissolved. (Everyone laughs) Dok Wan went on to make 'Expectation' and 'Female President' and I thought that for me I'd be wearing clothes that didn't fit so I returned to hip hop and became Gray. Back then I went by Lee Sung Hwa. Composer Lee Sung Hwa
  • Tablo: And now you're Gray.
  • Gray: I became Gray and 'Blink' happened.
  • Tablo: So there was such a behind story. But from our perspective this is a good thing because Gray can now show his type of music that only he can do. If he kept doing that kind of (idol) music, of course it would have still been good-
  • Gray: It would have failed.
  • Tablo: Nooooo.
  • Tablo: The music would still have been good-
  • Gray: It would have failed.
  • Tablo: AH STOP IT!
  • ---
  • Gray's requested song was GSD's Expectation lol

satanslovingconcubine-deactivat  asked:

Modern day lovers of rap shouldn't be politically correct people. Since the beginning, rappers have said sharp shit that can be seen as homophobic, racist, sexist, ect. But It's just commentary on the society we live in. My question is, Iggy is hated on this site because of her past lyrics and comments. Is this really a valid argument against her? She's called racist, homophobic, ect. Yet, the majority of rappers use slurs and I don't think there's room for sensitivity in hip hop.

Let’s make things clear. We do not hate Iggy Azalea. We do not hate anyone. We’ve mentioned this countless times. Stop putting words in our mouth and making assumptions.

FR was a longtime supporter of Iggy’s career and if you look through her tag, we have posted several of her recent projects. There are MULTIPLE people who run this Tumblr, and up until recently, I felt it was necessary to take a stance against her problematic response and lack thereof regarding those Twitter posts and other RECENT comments she’s made in interviews. My comments do NOT reflect those of the other members of this community. But you know what’s fucked up? She never apologized. And rather pathetically, tried to save ass by deleting those tweets only until AFTER news sites began reporting/people began calling her out.

Rap may not politically correct, but it should strive to be progressive. When countless beautiful & talented WOC from the South are ignored and someone like Iggy begins making a profit off of an entire style of rapping they spent YEARS building, it leaves something to be desired.

And the sad part, she doesn’t even care. Her team doesn’t care. You don’t care. We no longer want to be part of the problem, and we’ll be as sensitive as long as we fucking want.