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I think one of the best things about the LEGO Batman stuff is how it’s bringing the character back to a more family-friendly place. Some people love the grim and gritty stories, but there’s no reason why you can’t tell great, fun stories and still make them accessible to everyone!

Some words of clarification, if you will allow me.

The reason I came up with words like “neuronarrative” is because I see a need for such word. It’s that simple.

I see that right now on the Internet “maladaptive daydreaming” has two pretty different meanings, and the phrase is used interchangeably with no explanation in many different communities.

It’s like you have two groups of people. First is people who love drinking alcohol on the weekends or holidays, enjoy it in moderation, like talking about it and creating new cocktail recipes and so on. And second is people who struggle with alcohol addiction, feel like their drinking is out of control and wish they could quit it. And both groups use exactly the same terminology!

As you can guess, it creates a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. You have some people who talk about how much they love their daydreaming and how it helps them in everyday life and who think it is the most wonderful thing in the world, and you have others who haven’t left their house for three days because they couldn’t stop daydreaming or who lost friends because of their daydreaming addiction. Both exist alongside in one community and call their experience maladaptive daydreaming.

I think it’s not fair to either of them. Those who think daydreaming is a positive force in their life need spaces to enthuse about it and share their stories and feel like they are not weird or wrong. Those who think it is a negative force need spaces to complain about it and seek help and discuss their problems and not feel like their issues are diminished. And accurate terminology can help separate them and better articulate their thoughts and explain their experience and reduce the misunderstanding and conflict.

So that’s why I came up with “neuronarrative” to describe unusual and intense daydreaming that isn’t seriously harmful to the person experiencing it, and wrote an article to explain the difference ( I’m not saying you absolutely have to use my word, but I do think we will need separate terminology at some point.

But essentially it’s up to you which words to use. The community is new and diverse. There are no rules. Do what makes you comfortable. It’s your choice. I wanna call my experience neuronarrative. You can make up your own word, or use other words - reclaim them, change their meaning, adapt them for your use.

All I want is less confusion and confrontation and a better community where people’s needs will be met and where they can feel safe and welcomed. But I’m just one person. It’s up to you, every single individual in the community, to choose what to do and create a place that is good for you. And I’ll try my best to help you.

A while ago, I made myself a Niffler keychain, but I lost the little thing (note to self: even in the form of a keychain, a Niffler will always be a Niffler) - so I used its design sketch to make this illustration. Might make some similar ones for the other creatures later…

if you think roleplaying is a business that you have to ‘market yourself’ properly in order to be successful, you’re no friend a’ mine. cause you’ve missed the point.

do what you love? be happy? eat a snickers, because you’re kinda an asshole.

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Hi ... I really wanted to know your opinion about bts who plagiarized bigbang with the no signal thing and all ... I really want to know your opinion, if you want to talk about it of course

Surprisingly I thought I’d care but I really don’t at all. I’ve been too busy with real life to get involved in any of this and most of the people speaking up are self righteous assholes who won’t let others have a piece to say - both fandoms included

Mira: Apologies in advance, but I am officially going through my drafts and deleted some of the threads that I feel have no real plot development going on at this time. Levy is completely swamped and it’s making it hard to want to be here. 

I’ll be queue’ing up what’s left, but don’t hesitate to still interact despite this. I just need to clear some things for the sake of my own sanity. - though.. in other news…

I may have already started making an FT oc-