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This is shit but I just needed to draw some basic designs for what I want my version of the septicegos to be.

They all have (Somewhat) different body types as well but I just wanted to do a simple basic pose because I wanted to focus mostly on the clothes, hair, and color stuff this time.

They aren’t very original yet but I want to expand more on them and make them look different than how other people draw them, but still keep in important details that make them septicegos and not just ocs.

But I guess they’re kinda like ocs?? Idk 


You get scared when you come home to Sebastian screaming and cursing in the study. When you walk in there, the room is a complete mess, and he says he cannot learn his lines from a new script. You promise you’ll help him if he calms the hell down and cleans up his mess.

Hi, so this isn’t really like me, but I felt like I had to say this somewhere before I forget or loose this feeling inside my head. 

I..I’m not really open on this, since it’s a more personal issue, but I’ve had difficulty with religion…my whole life. It’s always this back and forth feeling, and today it got the best of me.

I got so mad at myself for feeling that way…I just wanted it to stop. I needed a sign on what to do, on how to fix this empty feeling in me. And before I knew it I started to break down in my room… when I felt something…I don’t know what it was, or if it was even real, but I and happy.

Something while I was crying. And I’m..not sure if this will make any sense, but I talked to whatever that was. Or I was just talking in my room to myself for all I knew, but whatever it was gave off this feeling I’ve never had before. And if it was what I feel like it was, I think it was a sign to pursue..what I felt in that moment.m

I’m going to try to pursue Christianity and see how that goes.

There’s only this one old friend of mine who’s part of it, and I feel this calling to go talk to him, since I feel like he’s the only one as of now who could possibly help me. For all I could know this could go horribly wrong, but I..feel like it’s the right thing to do

. I..don’t know exactly how prayers work, but if somebody can pray that I’ll have the strength to find guidance somehow, that would mean the world to me. Or just some thoughts, or if any of you guys have any advice or thoughts on this little experience of mine. That would mean a lot..thank you.

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That’s really not surprising - Leia grew up in a healthy, loving, supportive family with all of her needs met financially and emotionally. Makes a HUGE difference in coping mechanisms. It also makes me very sad, though, because we’ve seen that Anakin gets along just fine with people just like him (re: Ahsoka). They could’ve been best friends, and instead…it’s just ash and bitterness.

A lot of it does have to do with the circumstances that one grows up in–one of the biggest differences between Luke and Leia is that they both had this core desire for more than a simple life, but Leia was in the position where she could do something about it, she could live that life and do the things she was itching to do.  Luke, on the other hand, was stuck on a desert planet, knowing he was meant for more, was so eager and untested that all the loving support from Owen and Beru that he got couldn’t touch that core of how he practically vibrated with a need for more.

One of the important differences between Leia and Anakin is that she doesn’t hold onto her anger about something in a way that she can never let go of or it really trips her up.  It’s understandable why Anakin has trouble with that!  He has so much anger about his childhood and how he sees the galaxy and he never really lets anyone help him with that despite that they do try to, he cannot let it go, cannot control it before it controls him instead.

I think that’s the one of the big differences between Anakin and Ahsoka as well, that she has all this tremendous well of feeling in her, including a lot of anger at the same things that make Anakin angry, but she doesn’t hold onto it beyond what’s necessary, she listens when others reach out to her and help her, she lets go of it when she needs to.

Like, I’m not sure Leia would want to be a Jedi, she already has an outlet for her desire for that greater calling to help the galaxy, but if she did, I think that’s why they were interested in her and why she would have made an excellent Jedi, in the way Ahsoka was and Anakin never really quite was meant for it at his core! He was a great Jedi in a lot of ways, but ultimately I don’t think he was happy with their way of life (which is nothing against either of them!) and instead of the clarity he needed to find his focus and priorities, he just kept digging deeper and it ended so, so badly for him.  We see that Ahsoka does have the clarity to know when she needs to walk a new path and I think Leia has that same kind of clarity, about herself and her path.

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you mean this daddy?

or this one???? (don’t call yourself that, do you know what that does??? to me??? to Jensen???)

this one???

this one???? (god, help me)




(yeah, I love him too)

  • Nami: Why are we here again?
  • Robin: We promised Luffy to help Ace.
  • Nami waves a hand: He doesn't need help. Honestly look at them.
  • Robin turns to see Marco and Sabo falling over them selfs to buy Ace clothes: ... well, that's true.But we promised we make sure he didn't buy anything overly bright this time.
  • Nami: ugh, in the name of fashion I guess your right. Who buys an orange cowboy hat anyway?
  • Robin: A man with not one but two sugar daddies.

that frustrating thing where you make yourself vulnerable to someone by trying to actually talk through a point of contention and it ends with them drawing a bunch of nasty conclusions about you and making you feel shitty

it shouldn’t matter what strangers think about me, but it can’t help but feel like an attack on my identity and sense of self when someone decides “we disagree because you are Bad”

So this beauty arrived today in the mail and honestly I wasn’t initially even going to buy it. That B&N interview with Joel Enos left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn’t want the money I pay for these volumes to go in his pocket so I made a promise to myself to not buy this when it comes out. I ended up breaking that promise after season 3 of the anime was announced, because whatever Viz does is nothing compared to what Pierrot is capable of and I didn’t even care anymore. Also, I guess it’ll look nice in my shelf and Urie is in it so it’s worth it right?

Anyway, to get to the point, I read it, ended up on the credits page at the end of the book and guess what I saw there…

They replaced him.

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I think Iida is the funniest character in BNHA and he isn’t even trying! Miss Joke needs to learn from him! - inspired by S2 episode 22

Just a meme this time…

Cheap version of the actual comic i wanted to draw but I really need sleep now - I’ll edit next time I got time. I needed a break… now I need sleep!