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Domestic Drabbles: 10 - You Shouldn’t (Part 1)

Domestic Drabbles is back (: With #10! And three whole chapters! Enjoy! 


Agatha is visiting England for a few weeks, so Penny insisted she come over.

Which is fine with me. We haven’t seen each other since… Well, since before I left Watford. Penny says that Agatha is still sensitive on the subject on what had happened, so the rule is to mention magick as little as possible, as well as Watford, the battle with the Mage, and any other related things. Penny even spelled my wings and tail invisible so they wouldn’t bother her, much to Baz’s protests.

And that’s another thing. I might be fine, or even somewhat excited, to see Agatha. But Baz on the other hand…

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Some Ed doodles. Permission to trace/color if needed.

i try to pretend that
you haven’t kissed other girls
the way you kiss me
and that you never said
you loved them
or called them beautiful
or kissed them goodnight
or wished them sweet dreams.
i’m so jealous of those girls
and sometimes i wonder
if you’re jealous of the boys
who’ve done those things
for me.

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You remember how Rafael looked at Yelina when she kissed Alex at the gala? Could you write a headcanon where Barba is there with his s/o and she sees that look and gets super pissed because he's with her now and shouldn't be jealous anymore?

So, I wrote another Barba/gala piece that was totally unprompted, but had to shelve it to next week so as to not make this one redundant and vice versa. Also had to rewatch “October Surprise” for this one. I’m really suffering for my art, folks

You heard your boyfriend sigh from the next room as you put the finishing touches on your makeup.

“We needed to leave 5 minutes ago, cariño” he groaned.

“Let me remind you that you are the one that decided we needed to go to this event. I would have been perfectly happy to stay home and watch Netflix” you chastised him as you walked into the room.

“Well, for what it’s worth, you look amazing” he remarked.

“Thank you, but we really should get going” you said, rushing to put your jacket on.

Rafael seemed nervous on the car ride over, but you weren’t sure how to address it, since he didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

And that’s when it hit you. You were going to a campaign event being held in Alex Muñoz’s honor. As if SVU’s investigation into Rafi’s oldest friend wasn’t causing him enough stress, he’d also be forced to see Yelina, or as you affectionately called her, She Who Must Not Be Named.

It wasn’t long after you got there that you ran into the two of them. You saw Rafael’s body tense up and felt your own radiate with anger. The tension among all of you was so thick, it needed to be cut with a chef’s knife. Rafael’s insistence to talk to Alex alone wasn’t helping matters, either.

Alex finally convinced his handler manager and She Who Must Not Be Named that he was fine, but she wasn’t about to let Rafael off the hook. She made sure to tell him where she stood, planting the world’s most obvious publicity stunt of a kiss on her husband.

After a quick roll of your eyes, you noticed how hurt Rafael looked. She Who Must Not Be Named was definitely trying to twist the knife in his back, and it seemed to be working. But if he was truly over her, like he’d told you, it shouldn’t have mattered. So why did it?

Not only that, but he has now left you alone with her. How were you supposed to talk to anyone at this event if they were all here to support the man Rafael was investigating? Not to mention the fact that she refused to remove her laser glare away from you.

The men couldn’t come back fast enough. When they finally did, Alex looked ready to punch a hole in the wall, and Rafael looked completely exasperated and hurt. Although you wanted to talk to Rafi about his reaction to that kiss, the look on his face told you that conversation could wait. He needed to leave, now.

“Maybe we should get out of here and do something a little more exciting” you say softly, gently leading him away from the front entrance.

“Confronting a mayoral candidate at his party less than a week before the election? I’m not sure it gets much more exciting than that” he quipped.

“I happen to know for a fact that we have a very full Netflix queue at home. And if we’re feeling particularly wild, we could eat that Oreo ice cream straight out of the container” you suggested.

“Are you sure? It sure would be a shame to waste all of this makeup” he said.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. We’ve had enough excitement for one night” you assured him.

“And Yeli–She Who Must Not Be Named, I’m sorry about our encounter. I just want you to know that you are the one I love, not her. And I apologize if you may have thought otherwise tonight” he confided to you.

“I love you too, now let’s go home” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder as he hailed a cab.

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this is stupid, you have been warned. I have a crush on a youtuber and find myself really jealous of their significant other. but I know it's stupid and I hate it. I shouldn't be jealous if this person I like and whom makes me happy, is happy. If I were a teenager or a kid I'd forgive myself easier but I'm an adult and feel like I should be over being so dumb. but the more I think about how dumb it is and try to correct myself, the more I get jealous. advice for snapping out of it?

I wouldn’t say it’s stupid tbh. I’ve been in that boat and I still sometimes struggle with feelings of envy or jealousy! And as long as you’re not being disrespectful to their partner then all is well imo!

It’s a human emotion and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it. A lot of people at all sorts of different ages go through the same thing and the best part is that those feelings won’t last forever!

My advice to you? Hmm…Don’t tell yourself it’s stupid because a lot of people go through it. Try your best not to think about it too much? I’m sorry I’m not much help with this issue D:

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I just started dating someone and he's my first boyfriend and he's poly. Everything is a bit new to me but I'm open minded. I'm his secondary and I'm having a hard time understanding my feelings :/ I feel like I got really attached to him and I can't imagine him seeing someone else besides me and his primary, and most days I feel awful because I can't see him and be with him while his partner can. I know I shouldn't feel jealous but it just hurts. (cont.)

(Cont.) My friends told me I should try to see someone else and maybe it would make me feel better but we’ve just started dating and I don’t really feel like looking for someone new right now, I don’t even know where to meet new people. I don’t want to break up with him because I like him a lot…everything has been so confusing, I don’t know what to do.


Hey Anon! 

It’s not that you shouldn’t be jealous. Jealousy is something we have all been conditioned to feel and do nothing about other than being possessive. You need to sit down and express these things to him. Face to face. You have already acknowledged why you’re jealous: you can’t see him and be with him as much as you want to. Talk to him (and maybe his primary partner as well) and see if there is anything that can be done to help you feel more secure and have your needs met.  

Here is a great resource: Relationship Bill of Rights
“You have the right, without shame, blame or guilt:
In all intimate relationships:
-to feel all your emotions
-to feel and communicate your emotions and needs
-to seek balance between what you give to the relationship and what is given back to you
-to know that your partner will work with you to resolve problems that arise”

Plus there is a ton more specific to poly relationships and poly networks. 

While, yes, it may be time to end the relationship, it might also be a perfect time to figure out how to compromise with all involved so that everyone is content. Go with your gut - I find that it is almost always right. There is a lesson in everything and by facing this situation head on, you will be stronger for it in one way or another. 

-Mimzy ( @polygoing )

adore u

rating : pg

word count : 2077

characters : you x vernon

genre : fluff

sequel : mansae

“I don’t know about this,” you whispered quietly into your boyfriend’s ear as he squeezed your hand tightly to calm you down. “I’m feeling really uneasy,” you repeated for the third time as he made you crouch and duck hanging branches from old trees.

“It’s alright,” Vernon smiled as he turned around to face you. “You can trust me.” His voice is lower and warmer than usual but the anxiousness doesn’t seem to fade away even after hearing his comforting words multiple times. “I promise that we won’t get caught,” he whispers before stepping on a twig resulting in a sharp and loud crack.

Vernon’s bares his teeth and inhales sharply, showing his regrets when his actions didn’t meet his words. You raised your eyebrow at him, “mhm. That certainly makes me feel better.”

“Okay change of plans,” he says quickly.

“We head back to my hotel and not sneak around?”

He chuckles and waves his hand in the air as if your suggestion was preposterous. “Pfft, no. I can’t promise that we won’t get caught but I promise that I’ll make it up to you if we do.”

Your eyebrows arch and your eyes squint at him, not sure if him ‘making it up to you’ will be worth getting caught by security at his old middle school in the middle of the night. “And how will you do that, exactly?” Vernon shakes his head while smiling at your question before kissing the top of your forehead. You try and supress your laugh at his cheesiness with the back of your hand. “Okay there.”

“Well that’s rude,” he pouts, hitting your arm lightly.

“I’m just kidding,” you grin, making his face regain the cheerfulness that was almost never absent.

Getting back Vernon’s original motive, he squeezes your hand, preparing you to trespass and explore the educational institute. If you’ve never met him, you would have backed out in an instant, being too worried of the consequences but his sweet words just drew you in. “It’s your last night in Seoul, I want to give you something to remember.”

You two made it to the front door of the school, only to find a lock on all of the doors. “Oh well, let’s head back now,” you whisper while tugging his arm.

“Nah, there’s the janitor’s door and it’s always unlocked,” Vernon replied, pulling you off of the door steps and leading you to a rusty door with blue pain chips falling off of it. You hesitated to go in the dark school, even if no one caught you, the whole placed looked pretty eerie to you.

Vernon pulled an unlocked chain out of the door hole and tossed it in the grass, the damp soil cushioning the fall to mask any sounds. He tried to carefully open the old door so that there would be no squeaking but you only cringed when you heard the ear wrenching sound of metal on metal. Hesitating would only drag the awful noise longer, so with a big boom, he pulled the door open and quickly pulled you inside the school.

“Can’t believe we’re actually doing this.” You grumbled as Vernon guided you through the darkness quickly so that you both of you could find a source of light.

“Well, I’m glad we are,” he grinned as he turned around to what you think was a wink but was indistinguishable due to your eyes that weren’t bless with night vision.

After a few minutes of fumbling around the basement, you two emerged on the first floor, where the offices and staff rooms were. “Are we there yet?” You asked as if you two were on a road trip and you were the impatient child.

“Almost,” Vernon said reassuringly. His eyes wandered around for a few moments before he nodded towards a direction that he was soon pulling you to. You groaned quietly when you were met with three flights of stairs, causing him to laugh and tug your arm as an encouragement.

By the time you arrived at his destination, you were embarrassingly winded from running up the stairs compared to your boyfriend who was too excited to even take consecutive breaths. “Good job,” he whispered cheerfully, releasing your hand to give you two high fives.

“Thanks,” you said rolling your eyes while laughing. “That was quite the exercise.” You wiped your sweaty hands on your jeans before motioning for Vernon to show you around the empty classroom that drowned him with memories.

Your eyes wandered all over the slightly small room when Vernon pushed your back gently into it. The windows took almost two thirds of the wall in front of you, letting the bright moon seep through and illuminate your surroundings. Vernon caught your eyes and nodded for you to come with him over to the ledge. He walked over and jumped on to the wooden shelves and opened the window revealing no screen to protect any bugs or anything from coming in or out. “Isn’t that dangerous?” You asked, worried about how he could fall out due to nothing behind him.

“Yeah I guess,” he shrugged. “No one’s ever fallen out though, just a pencil or few.” Even though he was certain that he had the stability to not plunge out, he jumped back down to make you feel more secure.

“Which one’s your desk?” You asked, scanning over the wooden tables that were scattered due to poor organization skills by the students.

Vernon shrugged his shoulders with his hands up and started to try and seek out his desk along with you. He moved closer to the dusty green chalkboard and found his desk which were beside multiple other ones which were placed against the wall messily. “That one!” He exclaimed and started to move his fingers along the smooth wood.

“How do you know?” You walked over to the desk, rolling up the sleeves of your sweater so that you could wipe away the dust from the top to reveal pencil marks.

He guided your hand over to a particular wood carving that read “V+Z” in a small heart, “I remember I used a protractor to write that when I was bored in math class.”

Your noise scrunched up in dissatisfaction as you looked at the heart and Z. “What’s the Z supposed to stand for?” You placed your finger right on it and looked up at Vernon, waiting for an answer.

A nervous chuckle got caught in his throat, making his cough awkwardly into his hand and avoid your eye contact in the process. “You know how on ‘Hello Stranger’ I-”

“The girl that you dated for a year right?” You basically bolted into his sentence as you raced through the question.

His hand scratched the back of his neck, “ha, yeah..” You scrunched up your face as him, making him burst out laughing. “What?”

Your lips pouted subconsciously as you folded your arms across your chest and drifted away from the desk. Vernon continued to laugh as he pulled you back by your hand, “why?”

“Nothing,” you shrugged feeling a bit jealous even though you know that the two lost contact over the years. Your gaze feel on the floor as you heard Vernon’s foot steps getting closer to you. His sneakers squeaked before you felt his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you in closer to him.

“Are you jealous?” He asked sheepishly while swaying your body from side to side as if he was going to shake the answer out of you like an eight ball. You shook your head violently but not to the extent to give you whiplash but hard enough to flip your hair across his face. “You sure 'bout that?” Vernon continued to tease.

You struggled to get out of his grip, “let me go.” Vernon obeyed your orders but before you could turn around, he placed his hands on your hips and did you the honors. “What do you want?” You asked, trying to avoid his gaze.

“You,” he whispered. His index finger tapped your chin, encouraging you to meet his eyes. “No girl before me has ever made me happier than you, so you shouldn't be jealous.”

Your lips curled up in a bashful smile as your left eyebrow arched, “who said I was jealous?”

Vernon sighed with defeat as he couldn’t beat your stubbornness and shook his head. “Hush,” he shushed before pressing his lips against yours so that you couldn’t hit him with another retort.

He kissed you aggressively, press you backwards so that your butt landed on the desk that was the center of conversation a few moments ago. His hands lifted you up into a more comfortable position before his hands explored the curves on your body.

Right as you wrapped your hands around his neck, you both heard the sounds of shoes squeaking coming up the stairs and towards the classroom. Both of your heads turned towards the door on instinct and muttered the same thing under your breaths, “shit.”

Vernon pulled you off of the table hastily and grabbed your hand so that he could burst out the door with you right behind. The security guards shone a flashlight on you when you appeared in the hallway before rushing down the opposite staircase and out into the dead silent streets.

The cool crisp air outside burned your lungs and hit your face harshly as you were directed towards a quiet convenient store parking lot. As your legs were about to collapse under you, Vernon let go of your hand and pat your back. “I don’t think he would’ve followed us all the way here.”

You took multiple shallow breaths before choking out, “good.”

Vernon sat down on a florescent yellow parking bumper and wiped the dust off the spot beside him before patting it - a sign for you to sit down.

After catching your breath and letting the paranoia of anyone catching you two subside, you remembered something. “You said you’d make it up to me,” you said quietly. The owls hooting were too fascinating for you to drown the sound out with your voice.

“Make what up to you?” Vernon asked, running his fingers through his Einstein esque hair which the wind sculpted.

“You said that if we get caught, you’d make it up to me.”

He turned his head, looking at you intensely as he stroked his bare chin. “I don’t know,” Vernon shrugged. In a split second, you grabbed your face with bot of his hands and gave you a quick peck on the lips.

You shook your head dissatisfying “Nuh uh, I’m not leaving with only that.” Of course you couldn’t get enough of Vernon’s kisses since you were leaving back to your home country soon but you wanted something to remember him by other than this night.

“Alright,” Vernon sighed and moved from the bumper down to the ground with one knee placed on the rough gravel and one up for his elbow to rest on. His hands nervously reached into his varsity jacket and pulled out a box which looked like it held a ring.

“You’re not gonna… you know..” You muttered, not even daring to say the word propose.

“No, are you crazy?” He chuckled and opened the box to reveal a gold ring that looked nothing like a wedding ring but more like the ones that the Seventeen members wore.

Your mouth hung open, basically asking for flies to enter. “Vernon - I… Thank you so much,” You rushed your words as you gave him a mini hug and let go for him to place the ring onto your finger. You inspected it with it on your ring finger, the street lamps illuminating it perfectly.

“You like it?” Vernon asked, whispering while holding your hand. You nodded vigorously and smiled down at him. “Do you know what it means?”

You shook your head honestly, “it looks like the Seventeen ring.”

He nodded, satisfied at how fast you recognized the similarities in the design. “I went to the same store that made our rings and decided to give one to you.”

Vernon turned the ring around your finger so that you could see the words “Adore U” on it. “What was that for?” You said, not letting your smile slip even if you wanted for it to.

“Because even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby; I adore you.”

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How do you overcome jealousy in romantic relationships? I know my boyfriend loves me very much but for some reason, I still feel jealous, even to people I shouldn't even be jealous of.

Overcoming jealousy is like changing any emotional reaction or behavior. It begins with awareness. Awareness allows you to see that the projected stories in your mind are not true. When you have this clarity you no longer react to the scenarios that your mind imagines.  Jealousy and anger are emotional reactions to believing scenarios in your mind that are not true. By changing what you believe you change what your imagination is projecting and you can eliminate these destructive emotional reactions.  Even when there is justification for the reaction, jealousy and anger are not beneficial ways to deal with the situation and get what we want.

The steps to permanently end jealous reactions are: 

1) Recovering personal power so that you can get control of your emotions and refrain from the reactive behavior.
2) Shift your point of view so that you can step back from the story in your mind. This will give you a gap of time in which to refrain from a jealous or angry reaction and do something else.
3) Identify the core beliefs that trigger the emotional reaction.
4) Become aware that the beliefs in your mind are not true. This is different than “knowing” intellectually that the stories are not true.
5) Develop control over your attention so you can consciously choose what story plays in your mind and what emotions you feel.


Forrest Curran

You shouldn't have to be jealous. (N.M Imagine)

Anon Request; can I maybe get one where Nate feels jealous because Sammy is flirting with me. Please and Thank you.

“Babe!” I heard my boyfriend yell from downstairs, I was upstairs cleaning mine and his shared room along with the bathroom and guest bedroom and bathroom.

“Yeah?” I yelled back

“Sammy wants us to go over today and just hang out with him the jacks mike and swift!”

“What was that I couldn’t hear you from upstairs” I said

“Sammy wants us to go over today and just hang out with him the jacks mike and swift, like swim/barbecue type thing” he added

“Okay, yeah, sounds fun, well let me finish cleaning our room, and we’ll get ready and go”

“Sounds good lil mama, I’ll be down here playing xbox” he said giving me a kiss

I went back up stairs, finished cleaning, then we both got ready, and we left.

Arriving to Sammy’s I was a little nervous because one of the boys always tries to flirt with me knowing I’m Nate’s, and plus I was always the only girl.

We walked in and of course I’m still the only girl, but we were greeting of course Sammy going a little to far with my hello

“Ayyyy baby girl, you look beautiful in that bathing suit of yours” he said hugging me the giving me a wink when we pulled way. per usual I rolled my eyes and said my hellos to everyone else.

Sammy and I were kinda close I mean we grew up next door to each other, he’s the one who introduced me to Nate.

When everyone finally got comfortable, we all took off our clothes that were covering out swim clothes me headed to the pool, I was the last one out because I had to take off more than the guys. When I stepped out I got looks from all the guys, I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t know why because I do, I had big boobs and kinda thick thighs with a medium sized butt, but still that shouldn’t give them a reason to stare.

We all got into the pool, i sat on the ledge cause I wasn’t ready to get fully in yet, Nate came over to me and sat in between my legs while I played with his hair and we all talked.

Then mike suggested they play basketball inside the pool, so Nate left from in between my legs and they all played, mid through the game Sammy came and sat beside me.

“Having fun Y/N?” Sammy asked

“Yeah a lot thanks for inviting us.” I said smiling

“My pleasure” he said poking my sides to tickle me

Nate looked over at us and his face went red, I knew he was mad, but I didn’t have a clue as to why. He threw the ball to Swift and got out of the pool. Of course I followed.

“Nate!” I yelled walking behind him “Babe!” I yelled again this time grabbing his arm

“What y/n?! Go with Sammy, obviously you enjoy his company more than mine!”

“What are you talking about? Wait are you jealous? Why? Do you hear me getting mad and bitching to you when you’re with all these girls at parties and shit but you can be jealous over a friendship?”

“It’s different y/n, those girls can’t take me away from you, no matter how hard they try, but I have his gut feeling that Sammy can do it at any moment.”

“Nate, I’m yours, and only yours, no one or nothing can take that away from you, and that’s a promise” I said pulling him into a hug

“Now can we go out back so I can show Sammy that you’re mine?”

We walked back outside and the boys all looked at us and Swift said “Aw look, the happy couple fixed their problems”

“Yeah we did but there’s one little thing I want you guys to know” Nate said to the boys

“Jump” he whispered with a smirk

I jumped wrapped my legs around him and we kissed, “now I hope you guys know, she’s mine.” He said

“Message received” Johnson Joked

Hope you enjoyed!! 💖💖 Keep requesting 😋💖

'I shouldn't be jealous, you're not even mine' PART 3

requested by anonymous

summary: she had to choose between Michael and Luke, but he decision was somewhat forced

part 1        part 2

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