shouldn't be as funny as it is

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May I request a ship for BTS and Got7? The scenario is optional. I'm 158cm/5'2" with brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. I'm really calm, but I am pretty funny sometimes. I enjoy music; I play the saxophone and I enjoy listening to R&B especially. I also enjoy video games, and I work hard to make good grades. I'm a Capricorn & I'm an INFJ type. Overall, I just like to help people if they need me. My family is very important to me, and I always try to put them first. Thank you!! 💜

For BTS I ship you with…. V!!

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Capricorn + Capricorn = love and life everlasting, also INFJ’s and ENTP’s are known for being a good match, the stars say yall are made for each other so theres that… the stars aside, yall would actually be perfect together. Tae adores his family and you obViously do too, shared core values are important for relationships. Your calmness would balance his lack thereof, not to mention how cute af he’d find you, tiny with beautiful brown eyes and chocolate hair, like dude who could resist you?? Yall both share music, he’d prob take sax back up just to jam with you. 10/10 would say yall are perf

For Got7 I ship you with…. JB!!

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Another Cap + Cap = even more everlasting life and love, yall are also both infjs so yall would totally vibe and understand each other in a way most people couldn’t. Same as Tae, he’d find you hot af and immediately want to meet you. Once your relationship picked up you too would have a wealth of inside jokes, like so many, it’d make jackson soooo jealous, which would become another joke. It’d be beautiful. You both have ambition, which is important. Video game dates would be yalls favorite, lots of food, lots of games, lots of each other, not to mention how jealous the whole wide world would be of you, not just because you got JB but because yall would be real relationship goals. 


Boy problems, who’s got ‘em?

watching fanwars break out between armys and exo-ls like

of all the Kanas i’ve acquired through multiple game files, i’m certain that the Kana my Corrin has with Niles is probably the oldest and also the strangest


[and yet more]

When you Black and you see a funny, relatable post about getting ya ass beat

When you realize that it’s lowkey highkey child abuse 

When you realize how bad it is that something this fucked up is something that bonds you to other Black people

When you read it again and it’s even funnier than it was the first time