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“Hashtag: We survived that death trap!”

Phictuuri for @yuurinochillkatsuki who wished for Yuuri, Viktor and Phichit visiting an amusement park and Viktor not dealing too well with the ferris wheel.
I didn’t do too well with the ferris wheel but I gave them hipster clothes to make up for it!

[Requests are still open! Just send me your idea and i will see what i can do!]

I finished All Quiet On The Western Front about a week ago and I have not stopped being sad once

So I read this (very good) (angsty) (go read it now!!!) fic and one of the scenes inspired me to draw a simple animation?

(an AU in which Royce’s the owner of the Transistor in the end) and the Camerata trio keeps bothering him.

Also my hc that Royce’s aroace self is So Very Done with Kendrells lovey-dovey honey-sweetie talks and sometimes he wishes for them to disappear.