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*If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

London, England. Because I consume more British than American media anyway and BRITAIN.

*Pick three fictional characters who you would Kiss, Fuck and Marry.

Aaarg this is weird.

Kiss: Arthur Pendragon

F*ck: Simon from Misfits

Marry: Merlin

*What is the colour of your eyes and hair?

I have brown hair and hazel/green/blue/gray eyes. They change

*What is your name and age?

 I am 18 and my name is Jamie.

*What is your nationality?


 *What is the weirdest dream you’ve had?

I once dreamed that Voldemort was teaching my Sunday School class how to do the Horah in my temple library.

 *5 turn-ons?

intelligent/nerdy and awkward but not too awkward

not too tall (I’m 5'2, I would like to not be next to someone’s armpit for the rest of my life)

thin, high-cheekbones, dark hair (I sat this because I love Colin Morgan, Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith and this seems to be a common theme with them)

good sense of humor

love of British TV

*What’s your favourite band/artist?

Chameleon Circuit

*What are your allergies? If you don’t have any, what are foods that you hate?

I’m allergic to cats (I love them but they make me itch and sneeze like crazy), fire ant bites/wasp stings, and possibly pumpkin seeds.

*If you can bring any fictional character to life, who would it be and why?

The Doctor. Do I even need to say it?

*What are your top 10 favourite shows?

Doctor Who





Pushing Daisies


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Psych (early seasons)

Supernatural (seasons 1-5)

*Describe your dream holiday:

Spending a few weeks traveling around the UK. I want to see London, Bath, somewhere in Northern England, Cardiff, and Glasgow/somewhere in Scotland.

*Tumblr crush:

None yet, I"m pretty new.

*Fictional crush:

Neville Longbottom, book and movie

*Describe yourself with one word:


*Where do you blog from in your house?:


*Brothers? Sisters?:


*Favourite fandom:


OTP? Who and why?:

Simon and Alisha from Misfits. They just work so well together and they make each other better people without forcing each other to change. Alisha becomes way more passionate and considerate towards others and Simon gains so much confidence and becomes a freaking superhero because of their relationship.

*What’s your favourite band/artist?:

Chameleon Circuit

*Stolen anything before?:

I don’t think so…

*Favorite movie?:

The Princess Bride. I can quote the whole thing.

*Favorite song? :

Um, right now it’s King and Lionheart (the Merlin feels) but I love Exterminate Regenerate and Teenage Rebel by Chameleon Circuit

*Favorite Fictional Character?:

Hermione or the Doctor or Sherlock or Merlin.

*Favorite color?:


*Use one word to describe your life:


*Do you get on Tumblr daily?:

Yep, not for too long though

*What couple describes the love life you want?:

Hermione and Ron-happy and joking and not perfect but nice

*Do you know anyone in real life on Tumblr?:

tardisacrosstheuniverse introduced me to tumblr. I don’t know of anyone else

*Song that describes your life:

Duet with Myself by Charlie McDonnell

Is there a anime that describes your life?:

I don’t watch anime

What fictional Character would you like to spend the day with?:

The Doctor

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shouldhavebeenbritish asked:

Name: Isabelle Nickname: Isa (I have a lot since I have 3 given names but I use Isa the most) Age: 24 Reason behind URL: I feel like I'm a British person trapped in an Asian body. lol because my fandoms are usually British Main fandom: Doctor Who Favorite character and OTP from that fandom: Rory. Amy/Rory Doctor/TARDIS Ten/Rose Your biggest dream: To graduate from law school and pass the bar.

I love the name Isabelle. :3

I feel pretty British myself. xD

Great dream <3