shoulder bumps // clem & open

Clementine had been in France, the week stay turned into a week and a half. Was it because she didn’t want to return to her life of dutiful wife, or was it that she was having too much fun with Sulley - no one knew. However, today was the day she was to return home, at least that is what she had told herself and young child. 

Now, though, she found herself in Hogsmeade, flinging herself between each store, most likely to find a present she could present to her husband. She had just entered the last store of her trip when her shoulder bumped into someone and she scoffed loudly. The movement disturbed the peacefully sleeping child in her arms and soon he began to wail. 

“Excuse me? Apologize.” 

Aradia and her anglerfish for insanekaitlan

Land of Marsh and Form is an initially colorless and dull planet, once Aradia has completed her quest it’s color rivals LOTAF and it’s consorts come out to play. It’s a complicated sketch that only the Maid of Heart understands, but she’ll be more than happy to explain.

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