lance craves physical connection in the purest form. he had a big family, and probably at most times his house was crowded with people which means he probably didnt have too much personal space outside his room. he could sit on the couch and have people on both sides of him and in front of him on the floor. there’d always be some sort of light physical connection and Lance grew to get used to it and actually really like it.

Now up in space with the others, he craves the physical connection he got from his family. This leads to “accidentally” bumping into the others time to time. “accidentally” hitting pidge’s hand when going to grab the same thing. “accidentally” bumping shoulders in the halls with shiro and allura. sometimes even purposefully setting keith off because he knows he’ll do something physical like grab his shirt or punch his arm and at this point even the painful physical connection feels good. Considering he’s known Hunk the longest of all of them, he’ll do more obvious + comfortable things like sit too close to him so their arms/legs touch or when they lounge he’ll sit with his legs across hunk’s.

He’s being really obvious so of course Hunk notices his antics first and confronts him about. Lance gets a little teary eyed over his family but he doesn’t cry. he explains it to hunk and hunk immediately pulls him into a hug and lets his arm linger around his back because this has been what lance has been needing for a long time. Now when the group is standing around and Lance needs that slight physical connection, he’ll lean into hunk and hunk will put his arm around him or lance will grab his hand and hunk will squeeze lance’s hand for comfort + assurance. it’s really nice and Lance is happy to have such a good boyfriend like Hunk.


                                              Not all ghosts haunt.
                                              Some keep you company 
                                              until you can trust the living once more.

                                                                                            — N.S.H. 

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