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for transmasc people is there anything you can do (subtle padding etc?) to make your shoulders look a bit more like a cis guys? I never see tips for that in tips on how to dress etc. Thanks :)

Kii says:

I’ve never really heard of how padding can be used on the shoulders while still looking natural. Followers, any ideas?

Dress code

I got dress coded because my bra strap was showing and too much of my shoulders were showing, So while teacher was talking to me my BFF looked around and saw a our friend Brandon (he’s the hot guy in our class)who has muscular arms and shoulders so she tipped on that teachers shoulders and shouted “OMG!! BRANDON’S SHOULDERS ARE TOO SEXY FOR MY BRAIN TO WORK!!!! HE HAS TO COVER UP AND PUT A PAPER BAG ON HIS HEAD OR ELSE I GET DISTRACTED!” Brandon saw her staring and shouted"I DIDN’T MEANT TO BE DISTRACTING FOR GIRLS IN PUBERTY" the teacher just was really angry and was about to shout when my French teacher (his wife) came and whispered him “If you don’t shut up about the whole bra strap, Shoulder and collarbone dress code for girls then I will make you pay. A lot.” He calmed down looked terrified and left. Was a good day.

How to draw Shoulders - A Process Tutorial


Shoulders! How do they work?!?!

No, really. I honestly have no clue. Maybe it’s because I was born with hunched shoulders and they look a bit wrong compared to other people’s. But even if your shoulder looks normal, it probably is one of the most complex mix of muscles in your whole body. Because the range of motion of the shoulder is so big, there are a lot of muscles at work when moving it. Man, there are even a lot of muscles at work just to keep your arm in it’s place. So this week I plan to tackle and understand shoulders so I can finally draw them right.

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