CROSSING BRIDGES | As my walk to the Brooklyn Bridge consists of sweat and exhaustion, I can think of one thing, and its the bridges I’ve crossed. When we cross a path in our life, sometimes it’s not that easy. We struggle, we leap of faith, and sometimes we burn. 

Sometimes burning a bridge isn’t a bad thing. Where we start in life, we may not know where you will end up, but as long as we have faith, that’s what’s important. Forget about how we are going to get there or how we are going to finish. Live in the present moment and take it day by day. Yeah yeah, it’s easier said than done. Guess what? We GET to have faith. We GET to choose how we think. We GET to be happy. It doesn’t matter what is thrown at you, its your MINDSET. Set a positive mindset for yourself and it will change your life. Like I’ve said this cliche before, “Practice makes perfect” and “No excuses, just results.” 

Trust me, your future self will thank you.

Look up to the heavens today & u might see a hot-air ballon freewheeling through the clouds
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