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chloebennetWe marched in our nations capitol today. I was moved to tears standing shoulder to shoulder with women and men from not just all around the country, but all around the world. A lot of you ask me why we march.. we march for equality. We march because women’s rights are human rights. We march because black lives matter and love is LOVE. We march because everyone woman has the right to her own fucking body. We march because we will NOT normalize a bigoted, sexist, racist, egotistical, stale Cheeto as our president. Today was incredible. 👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 To all of my sisters (and brothers) marching today wherever you are, remember to keep this fire!!🔥 Today was just the beginning. Meet with your friends, know who your representatives are, vote every TWO years not just every four. Be vocal. Stay politically active. Fight for those who can’t. This is the beginning. 🎀🎀🌸🌸 #womensmarchonwashington#womensmarch

I want Eren to take a moment alone with Armin. I want Eren to finally just let everything go. I want him to cry out all his pain, strife, and heartbreak to him so he can move forward from it. I want Armin to dry his tears and tell him he’s a wonderful person and let him know that he is unconditionally extraordinary and beloved. I want Eren to take Armin in his arms in an honest gesture of need. I want Armin to embrace him right back and whisper over his shoulder ‘I love you’ with a promise that it’s all going to be alright and that he’s never going anywhere. I want this to make it clear to these two that their home is wherever each other is and that they should never be apart.
I want this and I’m gonna wish it upon every star until these symbols of love and hope are happy and respected. Amen.

chloebennet We marched in our nations capitol today. I was moved to tears standing shoulder to shoulder with women and men from not just all around the country, but all around the world. A lot of you ask me why we march.. we march for equality. We march because women’s rights are human rights. We march because black lives matter and love is LOVE. We march because everyone woman has the right to her own fucking body. We march because we will NOT normalize a bigoted, sexist, racist, egotistical, stale Cheeto as our president. Today was incredible. 👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 To all of my sisters (and brothers) marching today wherever you are, remember to keep this fire!!🔥 Today was just the beginning. Meet with your friends, know who your representatives are, vote every TWO years not just every four. Be vocal. Stay politically active. Fight for those who can’t. This is the beginning. 🎀🎀🌸🌸 #womensmarchonwashington#womensmarch

I’m Right Here (Barry Allen x Reader)

Part One

Prompt: Barry and you were living a great life, until Barry runs back in time to where his parents weren’t dead. He thought life was perfect until he realized that he had lost his one and only love. You.

Word Count: 1,712

Author’s Note: Hey guys, so in this ‘Flashpoint’, everyone is still friends with everyone. I know in the show it’s different but oh well just fyi in case you guys were confused lol BASICALLY it’s the same as the regular timeline. There is no Kid Flash (sorry Wally), and Barry is still The Flash in Central City AND Roy is in here…I’m sorry I love Roy so much I cried when he left Arrow so I just had to bring him back.

“Barry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Barry,” you whispered as your boyfriend of 2 years sobbed silently into your shoulder. Tears welled up in your eyes, daring to flood, and your heart clenched at his pain, but you knew that you had to stay strong for him. For Barry. 

Zoom had just killed his father right in front of him, and Barry couldn’t do anything to stop that murderer except watch. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what Barry must’ve felt in those few seconds. He ran back to Joe’s house where you were waiting outside, worried and helpless. You sat on the front steps with Barry clinging onto you like you were all he had left, and you basically were.

“Barry,” you said softly, running your fingers gently through his soft brown hair. He looked up with you with red eyes, somehow the green in them standing out more than usual. You cupped his face. “I’m right here, okay, Bar? I’m not leaving. You’ll be okay. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

Barry smiled at you and kissed you deeply. He loved you so much. He knew that he was going to live the rest of his life with you. But he was going to live the rest of his life with you and his parents. Barry had made up his mind: he was going back in time to save his mom. 

“I love you, Y/N. I will always love you,” he said in a hushed tone, his warm breath fanning over your cold nose. You kissed him back lightly. 

“But I can’t live like this. I’m going to go save my mom,” Barry announced as he pulled back slightly.

This made you sit back, looking at him. “What, Barry, you can’t. Barry, you can’t do something like that. It’ll change everything,” you warned.

He sighed deeply with a sad smile. “That’s the point.” He let go of your hands and began to stand up. You followed after.

“Barry,” you started, your voice raising slightly, “Don’t do this. You’ll regret it. I know you, Bar. You’re not going to feel right doing this.” You opened your mouth to stop him, but he cut you off.

“Y/N, you’ll finally be able to meet my mom,” he looked at you with his sad green eyes, “she’d love you.” Your heart broke slightly at his yearning for his parents. You too wanted so badly to meet his mom. Barry’s dad was the kindest person you’ve met, and you knew that his mom would be the same, if not better. But you knew of the consequences and you also knew that Barry would come to regret this decision. 

Barry gave you one last loving look before running away, the lightening and wind the only indications that he was even there. He had gone to change the timeline.

Barry Allen, what have you done?

*in Flashpoint*

“Mom! I’ve missed you.” Barry hugged his mom as if he hadn’t seen her in years, which to him, he hadn’t. 

“Woah, Bar, calm down. You only came back from work,” she laughed but hugged him all the same.

“What’s going on here?” Henry asked as he walked in the room with a newspaper tucked under his arm. Tears welled up in Barry’s eyes, so happy that he finally had both of his parents here in the same room with him. Nora shrugged before going back to finishing her coffee. 

Barry smiled at his dad before smuggling him with a bear hug as well. “Nothing, I’m just so happy to see you guys,” he said.

“Alright, son, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but your friend Cisco called, asking for you.”

“Oh, really?” Barry was going to call you but maybe you were already at S.T.A.R. Labs, so after saying a quick ‘goodbye’ to his parents, he ran over to the lab, excited to see everyone. But most importantly, you.

As he walked in everything seemed the same. Caitlin and Cisco were at the computers and Harry was chilling in the corner with a coffee in hand. But he realized that you were gone. Maybe you were in the bathroom.

“Hey, guys!” Barry greeted with his famous smile.

Caitlin said a ‘hi’ in return, and Cisco turned around in his chair to look at Barry with suspicion.

“Hi…why’re you so happy today?” Cisco questioned with his eyes squinted.

Barry shrugged. “What? I can’t be happy today?”

Cisco turned back around in his chair and pretended to be nonchalant. “No, no, it’s good. It’s all good…”

Barry glared at him before asking the question that has been on his mind since he walked in.

“Hey, where’s Y/N? Is she out?” Barry asked the group. 

Caitlin looked up from her computer. “Y/N? Why do you need her?” she asked in confusion. Barry laughed. “That’s funny, Caitlin. Do you know where I can find her?”

“I’m pretty sure she’d be where she always is,” Harry piped from the corner, interested in a contraption that he’d been working on. 

“Which is…” Barry trailed off, pretending to know where you’d be, but in reality, he had no idea.

Cisco finished your sentence with the same confusion laced in his voice as Caitlin did. “…in Star City with Oliver. Barry, you are one weird speedster today. Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, laughing a bit to himself.

Star City? Why would Y/N be in Star City? 

Questions floated around in Barry’s head but he pushed them away. It doesn’t matter why you’re in Star City, as long as he gets to celebrate his new family with you. 

“Great! I’ll be right back, guys!” Barry announced, getting ready to speed to Star City, where Team Arrow was located, to get you.

“Uh, where are you…going?” Cisco started but didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence as Barry had already disappeared. He looked at Caitlin for answers but she just shrugged and went back to her work.

Barry entered Team Arrow’s secret hideout while in his Flash suit. The green lights illuminated the place, leaving the middle a bright white. It was quiet, and he could hear the clacking of Felicity’s keyboard and the sound of her voice as she spoke to someone. It seemed like she was talking into the earpiece that Oliver’s team uses when they go on missions. As Barry rounded the corner, there was no one there except for the blonde genius. 

“Felicity?” Barry called.

Suddenly, she shrieked and flew out of her chair. Barry’s eyes went wide as he went to help her. 

Felicity slapped Barry on the arm before talking back into her earpiece. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” she started as she glared at the speedster, “It’s just Barry.” A pause. “Don’t worry, I’ll ask him why he’s here, Oliver. You just finish the job and get back.” Felicity then pulled out her black earpiece and slapped his other arm. 

“Ow!” Barry exclaimed, rubbing both arms in soreness.

“That’s for scaring me! Barry Allen, you know better than to do that to me,” she scolded. She situated herself back into the leather chair before looking up at the unexpected visitor. 

“So, why are you here, Barry? Do you need Oliver’s help?” Felicity asked.

“Actually,” he started, “I was looking for Y/N. Is she here? Cisco told me she was in Star City.”

Felicity looked as confused as Cisco and Caitlin did. “Yeah…Y/N’s here. Why?” 

Now it was Barry’s turn to seem confused. More frustrated than confused. “Why is everyone asking me that? What’s wrong with wondering where my gir-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because he heard a voice behind him. A voice that he’d missed even though it’s been only hours.

“Barry? What are you doing here?” you called out. You smiled at him and went to give him a hug. His face changed into one of happiness as he wrapped his arms around your waist. He missed your body against his.

As you went to pull back, Barry took your head in his hands and pressed his lips against yours with passion. This is what he wanted. Both of his parents alive and his girlfriend right beside him. But something was off.

Your eyes went wide as you felt foreign lips against yours. You didn’t know what to do. Shock took over your body and you froze. Felicity stared in surprise as well, unable to form any words. You were about to push him away when a voice cut through the silence. An angry voice.

“What the hell is going on here?!” 

That pulled Barry away from you to look at the speaker of the voice. Team Arrow had come back from their mission. Oliver, Diggle, and Theia all watched as Roy stalked up to Barry. A moment passed before Roy’s fist came flying towards Barry’s face. Fast.

Barry stumbled backwards and knocked against the table, his right hand holding his hand to his cheek. Your eyes got wider. Roy took a step towards Barry but you held his arm back. He looked at you with anger, than concern. Roy held your head in his hands, his eyes roaming your face for any injures.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” you whispered, “it was nothing. It was just an accident.”

But then Barry got up. “What the hell was that for?!” he yelled.

“Barry,” you warned.

Roy scoffed, his douche stance taking over. “It was because you kissed my girlfriend, you ass.”

Suddenly, Barry’s heart stopped cold. He looked over to you, slowly feeling his perfect life break. 

“You’re..his girlfriend?” he asked quietly.

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Yes, Barry, for the past two years. You knew this too. What’s gotten into you?”

Barry looked around at the commotion that he’d started. Everyone was staring at him like he had spoken a different language. 

“I need to go,” Barry said. Again, he sped off without a response.

You were Roy’s girlfriend. Not his. Tears pricked his eyes. But…you love Barry. Barry loves you. A sob escaped Barry’s mouth as he forced himself to run faster until his legs burned. You weren’t his anymore. He had all of this love to give you, and you were loving another person.

Then, his perfect life shattered.

Part Two

’The man did not shy away from Mob’s touch, so Mob left his hand there, drinking in the sensation. He squeezed just lightly, and the man squeezed his shoulder in return.


Tears welled in Mob’s eyes. He raised his other hand to the man’s outstretched arm, wrapped to it, pulled it in. The man allowed it to happen with very little resistance, just a light tugging as Mob’s trembling body folded to it, wet cheek resting against the man’s hand. It was warm. Warm and soft and safe. It was something that filled up a gaping chasm in Mob’s chest he’d long stopped noticing was there. Tears slipped in silence down Mob’s cheeks.

I’ve been meaning to draw something for @phantomrose96‘s fanfic A breach of trust And finally got around to it. This scene was so well written and I wanted to try my hand at drawing it out!


Friendly reminder that Percy Jackson is such a powerful demigod that the smallest gestures and sneezes can cause damage.


Anna McNulty: from her teardrop backbend tutorial - Via YouTube.

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i once knew an atheist
who made an irony of satan
he listened to the sounds of cannibalism
and there was death in his jaws.
i thought he was pretty
so i told him there was a god,
and he laughed, and said
“i know, darling, for you are speaking
with him now.”
naïveté, how i adored him
i wanted to save him
but he said there was no need:
hell made him comfortable;
he proceeded to light fires in me.
i thought i was the angel on his shoulder,
and my tears were the holy water
and the wine
but he went to san antonio
and he left me behind.
i prayed for him, until my prayers
were shallow echoes unto themselves
they shattered in my face
when he hooked up with someone else.
well, last night i called the devil
and i told him he was right
there was no god, there was nothing
but pain,
and cycles of foolish optimism—
he said “no, child. it is i who was wrong:
god is real, i found him
between a woman’s thighs”
i asked him, well what about mine?
“oh! i know you tried, darling
but hers were white, like christ.”

Love is not just a “feeling”. It is not just butterflies and a quickening heartbeat. Love is cleaning up vomit off the bathroom floor when they were too sick to make it to the toilet. Love is bringing you Tylenol when you are too sick from the flu to get out of bed and get it yourself. Love is waiting in the ER for someone for  4 hours even when you knew they only had a  common cold. Love is literally crying on each others shoulders and wiping the tears off each others cheeks.  Love is holding their hair back when you had a little bit too much to drink. Love is rushing home to each other just to tell one another about your plain old boring day. Love is spending those days just cuddling on the couch eating soup and watching Netflix and being perfectly content with that. Love is staying up until talking about everything and nothing at all. Love is showing someone your darkest and rawest feelings and getting nothing but a listening ear and an understanding mind in return. Love is when you work so hard just to make sure that the other person is comfortable and taken care of. Love is washing their dirty laundry and doing each others dishes.  Love is motivating you to do well in college and praising you when you did well on your finals. Love is massaging legs after they worked all day.  Love is more than just a “feeling”.

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Capernoited with poly Steve/Reader/Bucky

Capernoited - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy + Bucky/Steve



“Stevie. Please.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.”


Before you could even finish your plead, Bucky brought one of his arms around your waist and pressed his lips against yours, guiding you into the elevator with Steve close to your other side, the Captain looking positively torn between amusement and low-key pity as he watched the scene unfold.

“Sorry, doll.” Bucky shrugged once the three of you were all set, leaning over to press the button of your floor before glancing at you again with a rather amused gaze as he noticed you were pouting. “Not gonna happen. I don’t think it’s allowed here.”

“But if we just talked to Tony.” You frowned sadly at him, head bowing against Steve’s shoulder as your eyes teared up for a bit. “I want him so bad, Bucky. That’s not fair.”

Once Steve and Bucky noticed the tears welling up in the corner of your eyes, they shared a rather desperate glance because drunk you wasn’t something they knew exactly how to handle.

What was supposed to be just a movie night with the team turned out to be something else as they decided to play Never Have I Ever with Tony’s stock of liquors after the second film ended. Most of them could hold their liquors pretty well but you and Wanda were still lightweights and it didn’t take much until you were both giggling at every little thing around once the game was over.

They honestly thought it was an okay situation but as soon as they decided to quit for the night, somehow you brought up a subject that the three of you had discussed earlier in the week – an adoption of a dog.

You’d saw a post in your Instagram of a shelter that was about to close up and didn’t have a place of their pups and immediately took it to your heart, dragging both boys to the place in the hopes to bring a puppy with you to complete your little family.

Bucky and Steve didn’t think it was the right time just yet, hence why you came back home empty handed and low-key heartbroken.

But they didn’t know it had upset you this bad until that moment.

“Jesus Christ, Buck,” Steve muttered as he brought a hand to your head, fingers running through your hair as you started sniffling quietly against his chest. “Maybe…maybe we should talk to Tony.”

“She wanted to adopt 3 dogs, Steve.” Bucky sighed tiredly, bringing his hand over to caress your face before pushing a strand of hair out of your cheeks. “We can’t even take care of ourselves!”

Before Steve could think of a reply, the elevator stopped and the three of you walked into the corridor your shared floor. Steve’s arms were still around you as you entered the apartment and Bucky went straight to the kitchen to get you water as you settled on the living room’s couch in a sad, drunk mess.

When Bucky came back with a cup of water and an aspirin, you immediately groaned at his sight and buried yourself further into Steve’s chest.

“Come on baby doll, you gotta drink this.”



“I want a puppy.” You pulled away from Steve and glanced at Bucky by the corner of your eyes, a pout curving your lips as you furrowed your eyebrows at him. “Pretty please, Buck.”

Bucky couldn’t help but sigh and glance helplessly at Steve because honestly, he didn’t know what else to do but to give in into her wish. And even if they didn’t give in right now, both of them knew very well that they would eventually with her cute insistance. So much that Steve’s reply was basically an amused smile with a shrug because yeah, they were definitely getting the damn dog.

“Okay, we’re picking up the pup first thing in the morning!” Bucky gave in, watching your entire face suddenly lit up with happiness as you stared at him with wide eyes. “Just one puppy though. I don’t think this tower is ready for 3 dogs just yet.”

It didn’t take much until you were launching yourself at him, pressing numerous kisses to his cheeks and mouth as he wrapped his arms around your waist and held you up against him.

“Thank youuu, I love you so much!” You beamed up with a hard kiss to Bucky’s mouth before turning around to Steve, throwing yourself on his lap as you gave him the same treatment you gave Bucky. “I love you, Stevie!”

The rest of the night was pretty much spent with the boys trying to sober you up and trying to get you in bed, task which turned out to be difficult because once you won the puppy battle you instantly turned into a happy and rather horny drunk, sneaking in touches and kisses at every chance you had until exhaustion took over.

When you woke up in the next morning, your tiredness was immediately forgotten over a set of small cute paws stepping on your chest and wet little kisses and sniffles you got from a certain new member of the family that the boys had picken up earlier.

As they Steve and Bucky took their places on each side of you, you couldn’t help but grin wickedly as you nuzzled your cheek against your pup’s nose.

“I’m such a good actress, aren’t I?” You sighed contently, giggling quietly as the puppy started licking your face. “I got both of you so good.”

Steve still looked rather clueless but by Bucky’s expression you could already make out that he realized what you really meant before you spoke up again.

“I wasn’t really drunk last night.”


Imagine: George confiding in you after Fred dies.

George sat on his bed, staring at the empty one across the room. A knock brought him from his thoughts. You stood in the doorway. “Your mum called, she said you haven’t left your room in a week.”

George took one look at your sad face, and the tears started falling. You quickly rushed over to his bed, pulling him into a hug. He sobbed on your shoulder, clinging onto you for dear life. You rubbed his back and whispered that everything would be okay. 

You pulled his face from your shoulder, tears stained his cheeks and chin, his eyes red and his face blotchy. “I’m here George, we’re all here for you.” You smiled as tears filled your own eyes. 

There is a kind of crying I hope you have not experienced, and it is not just crying about something terrible that has happened, but a crying for all of the terrible things that have happened, not just to you but to everyone you know and to everyone you don’t know and even the people you don’t want to know, a crying that cannot be diluted by a brave deed or a kind word, but only by someone holding you as your shoulders shake and your tears run down your face.
—  The End, Lemony Snicket
In a place I’ve been, but never like this:
I dance for the first time since my heart
broke off my limbs, a wound of entirety.

Our fingers are well-taught rope tricks
into the hope of one another, we hold
tightly to those hands at one week sober.

We stay awake, and stay awake, and you sing.
Is it too dark of a place to wish I could
crawl into your throat and warm in that

kindling of breath. When we speak of fire,
it is never the kind that takes to the trees,
or their mothers. The sky is not touched.

He likes to use his teeth, and I say nothing
is too hard. I imagine them sunken like
morning eyes into my shoulder, I imagine

the tear of meat, and still, nothing is too hard.
And still, I imagine asking what more he
has to show me: do you want to know

how hard a woman can be? I dance for the
first time since I started growing back,
and it is everything before the unassuming 

skin on my lower back, the only place I have never
doubted any hand, takes this to mean: we are no 
longer awaiting a war we have conceived.

I am no longer waiting at the door for you
to find me, now, deserving of a lock so un-picked
you might think to call me fixed.
—  “Pick” by Emma Bleker
the signs as my cat

Taurus: mrrroooooOOOoooOOAAAAAAAA
Gemini: tiny cat sneeze
Cancer: whkAch
Leo: softly aaaaa!!!
Virgo: the sound of a deflating balloon
Libra: Falling off of a dresser at 4am and cutting my mother’s boyfriend in half
Scorpio: AAAAAA!!!!
Sagittarius: Falling off of a plank onto a radiator
Capricorn: huff 
Aquarius:  Slamming into the wall at mach 7 
Pisces: Sitting on my shoulder and slowly tearing it apart

Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 4)

Parts P| 1| 2| 3

Hope you will like this part, something sweet in between won’t hurt ;)

You want to make this real. Our marriage?” You asked. Your eyes were wide open as your hand hung awkwardly on the air, holding your fork.

Junmyeon nodded, pressing his lips together, biting his lips.

“HAHA” You laughed out loud, putting the back of your hand on your mouth. “Junmyeon… You almost got me there.” Slapping his shoulder, you wiped the tear that skipped your eyes from laughing hard. “You thought I would fall for that, didn’t you. Fool.”

He couldn’t be talking seriously. You didn’t want to believe him. You didn’t want to get hurt. You were afraid to take him seriously. You laughed, ignoring how fast your heart was beating. Reaching for the water bottle, you drank it whole, watering your dry throat.

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“KIM NAMJOON WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Oh my God I think I’m gonna be sick” you screech as you walk into see your best friend straddling your boyfriend and his hands around he shoulders. Tears slowly start to rise up in your eyes, you clench your jaw refusing to let these tears spill. “Y/N! This isn’t what it seems like baby” he says quickly shoving off the traitorous swine off his lap “Not another word I do not want to hear a single word from you.” You spat at him with tears stinging your eyes threatening to fall.

You walk over and squat in front of the girl sprawled on the floor from being shoved down. “WHO the hell do you think you are? I trusted you. You are truely aweful. You are nothing to me at this point. Seeing as much I should probably let you know a few things. You are an AWEFUL person. You are ugly inside and out. None of your many boyfriends liked you in all honestly you were just easy. A toy to them to get a load off. “What the fuck do I know?” You must be thinking to yourself. Alot more than you think you pathetic wench. They told me everything. You are disgusting, to think I ever trusted you. You are trash. Get the fuck out” you spill out all the things you’ve bottled up. She looks at you with a smirk. “Whatever y/n. Your boyfriend wanted me he didn’t push me off right away. He was dozing off waiting for your ugly ass to get out of the shower. I just so happened to come in. You’re boyfriend is hot you know? So of course I wanted him I just went over sat on his lap and started kissing up his neck. He obviously wole up because he pulled me up to kiss him instead and up he went. You think he only wants you? Then how can he get his dick up so easy over me? Hm?” SHE gets up and brushes the dust over her butt before strutting out stopping at the door turning back to look at Namjoon “text later if you want some fun” she winks and walks out.

You turn your head over to where namjoon was sitting his face in his hands. You finally let the tears fall streaming down your still damn cheeks “why? What did I do wrong? Tell me please… why would you do that.after 5 years why the hell are you doing this. Are you bored of me” You fall onto your knees putting your face in your hands your wet hair falling around you as you begin to sob. “Y/N I thought she was you.. you’re the only one I want you know? I don’t want anyone else. You’re my baby girl. I’m sorry please baby girl” he says sliding off the couch to sit in front of you wrapping his strong arms around you. You push him off and stare at him your eyes filled with heartbreak as a tears stain your cheeks. “Why?” You whisper as a new set of tears start falling.

Namjoon gets up and screams “FUCK! I AM SO SORRY. JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO! ANYTHING PLEASE TELL ME I’M DESPERATE” He walks over to your couch and slams himself down putting his hands in his hands. It is quiet no sound in the room except for your quiet sobbing you look over to see Namjoons strong frame shaking. You crawl over and put a hand on his knee and he raises his face from his hands and you see his eyes filled with tears. “Y/n this just ruined everything…” he sobs gently throwing his arms around your shoulders. He falls forward until his head is resting in your neck. You rest your arms around his chest kissing his head. Despite how aweful you feel the site of him crying hurts even more. “Stop crying please my love” you whisper quietly he looks up at you and says softly “just please listen to me for even just one minute.” You sigh deeply and shake your head in agreement. He pulls away taking your small hands in his large warm hands. “You are the love of my life. You have been since I first layed eyes on you. I never would do anything to purposely ruin this. You are the best thing to have ever happened to me. This has been the best 5 years of me life. Meeting the boys could not have even brought me this much joy. Y/n you are like an angel the world sent down just for me. I have never wanted anything more.” You look at him and say bluntly “then what the heck did I walk in and see?” His eyes widen “I didn’t want any of that. I thought she was you. I was dreaming of you and feeling that suddenly made me think it was you. I never wanted your friend. She ruined everything today. I wanted to make today special..” he says to you. You sigh and sat there in silence until you see namjoon sitting up rummaging around in his pocket pulling out a set of rings “Today I was going to ask you if one day you promise to marry me. I was gonna say we can even still pretend were married until then. I got us these promise rings because I wanted to tell you I swear to love no one else but you for as long as I live. And until I can get you the best ring to finally propose with I was hoping you’d settle with a promise ring for now..” he says softly with his deep voice cracking. New tears fill your eyes and your head drops onto his chest you begin shaking your head “what is it? Do you actually agree?” He says wrapping his arms around you. “Yes” you reply in a small voice.

You feel him lift you up and scream happily. “I WAS SO AFRAID YOU’D SAY NO NOW Y/N.” He screams triumphantly. You laugh and replied quickly “but another fuck up like that and I’m gonna smack the dimples off your cheeks. So hurry up and put the ring on me before I change my mind. He sets you down on the couch and puts the ring on your small finger. You lace your fingers through his as you put the other ring on his finger.

–low key slutty stuff so stop reading if you a baby child–

He leans forward and kisses you deeply you kiss him back happily. He takes one of his hands and puts it on the small of your back sliding it down your body. You moans softly opening your mouth. He slides is warm tongue in your mouth greeting your tongue with his. Your tongues wrestle for dominance as you slide yourself into his lap curling your fingers in his hair. You feel a slight buldge jump beneath your clothed body. You bite his lip making a hungry growl come from deep within his chest causing him to fully harden under you. “Baby girl I love you so much” he states as he begins to kiss and nip at your neck slowly laying you down on the couch. His warm body on top of yours making sure there is no space between you. You start to his his adams apple licking and biting softly on the spot as you start trailing love bite all down his neck and exposed collarbone. He lets out a soft moan “Im the only one who makes you feel like this right?” You pur into his ear sliding your hand down his waist. He grunts letting you know your answer. He starts grinding against you when you hear a small gasp.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. YOURE DISGUSTING!” You pull away and look around to see his cellphone screen with your best friends video chat open and her lookong disgusted. Little to your knowing during that moment Namjoon pulled out his phone a starts a video chat with your best friend just to let her know that he is yours and showcasing the ring that’s on clearly on your finger in the screen. Namjoon chuckles “Well obviously I’m sharing a passionate moment with Y/N, my fiancée to be as you can tell by the ring and these marks all over my neck” showing your hands and turning his head so she can clearly see the marks you had left him. “Fine whatever I get it. You don’t want me. Jesus no need to show me that” she begins to say as namjoon brings your face up to his enveloping you in a loving kiss as your best friend hangs up. “Y/N I’m sorry about that I just had to set the record strait to her” “it’s ok good now she knows your mine” you say smiling pulling him back down to the kiss taking his phone and throwing it on the floor so you guys can finish what you started.

There is a kind of crying I hope you have not experienced, and it is not just crying about something terrible that has happened , but a crying for all of the terrible things that have happened, not just to you but to everyone you know and everyone you don’t know and even the people you don’t want to know, a crying that cannot be diluted by a brave deed or a kind word, but only by someone holding you as your shoulders shake and your tears run down your face.