shoulder synthesizer

spockoandjimjim  asked:

imagine OMS Jim liking when Spock gets a cold because he can take the day off to dote on his husband

yes. Yes.



- Jim dabbing at Spock’s face with a damp cloth.
- Jim massaging achy shoulders.
- Jim synthesizing hot tea and kindly telling Spock to drink it.
- Jim chiding Spock for not putting his slippers on when he stands up.
- Jim bundling Spock up in blankets.
- Jim lying in bed and drawing circles on Spock’s side as they talk quietly.
- Jim leaning back against a wall of pillows and looking through work things on his PADD as Spock sleeps on his chest.
- Jim quietly amused by Spock’s sneezing fit.
- Jim helping him out of bed and into a shower–not because Spock can’t do that on his own but because he always does that.
- Jim slipping a warm flannel shirt over Spock’s shoulders so they can play chess by the windows facing the bay.