shoulder stand pose

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When I practice yoga at home, I tend to do what my body wants, what my mind needs and what my heart and soul are calling out for.

This is great but I often find myself flowing into the same poses again and again and forgetting about some of the ones that I practiced in class—so I put together a couple sequences of poses that I want to practice more often! I did this mostly for myself but I wanted to share it with the beautiful yoga community that inspired me to do this in the first place!

Here is a simple one to start—something grounding and opening. I like to do a couple sun salutations before I begin and do a vinyasa or two after each pose. But do what makes sense for you! It’s your practice!

"I NEED FUN/NON EMBARRASSING WAYS TO EXERCISE. I'm pretty overweight at the moment but because of the stupid thing that apparently fat people trying to lose weight (jogging, going to the gym etc.) is hilarious I'm way too embarrassed to full out exercise in view of other humans. Any advice you lovely svelte ladies?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says: 

I’m sorry but, in what world is “fat people trying to lose weight is hilarious” ???? That’s really fucked up and if people are saying things to you that make you feel that way, 100% report them. If, however, that is a thought that’s just in you head. GET RID OF IT. 

I think about 90% of working out is related to your brain. I know you have to do the physical activity blah blah blah. BUT you have to convince yourself to put the clothes on, to go to the gym, to not feel embarrassed, to keep going when you’re tired. It’s all one giant mind trick. The best way to push through is to switch your way of thinking. 

I’ve spent countless years not going to the gym because I was afraid people were judging me. They were TOTALLY looking at me and thinking about how I was lifting weights wrong or not running long enough or they noticed I hadn’t been in a week.. you guys no one is lookin at you, nor do they care how you’re doing things and how often you’re there. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND. Also, taking classes is a great way to get your work out over with and be with a bunch of people in solidarity. No one can do every single move in every single class perfectly. Spin class, especially, it’s pitch black and you’re basically just bouncing, PLUS cheating is simple and EVERYONE DOES IT. aaaaaannnnddd the goal isn’t to get it perfect every time, it’s to get a little bit better every time. 

Working out, like many things, is for you and you only. F what everyone else thinks and says, it’s not about losing weight, it’s not about looking cool, it’s about you wanting to feel good. The best way to feel good about yourself is to drop all those negative thoughts surrounding what others think about you. I promise, they’re not thinking about you. 

Kristin Says:



While I agree with Dannielle about the fact that people need to back the fuck off and that you should NOT have to feel embarrassed about your body for any reason… I also know that there are a lot of broken people out there who do really stupid and hurtful shit when they feel people are “different” from them. So, if what will make you comfortable right now is working out in privacy, you should one million percent do so. 


I recently downloaded an app called Sworkit Pro. It is nothing special… it’s just a list of exercises with a British lady-voice who tells you which exercise is next on your list. I am sure I know all the exercises in my own brain, but setting a time and having structure is critical for me to get shit done… otherwise I’m like, “Eh I lost count maybe that was 15 sit-ups whatever where are the cookies.”

In Sworkit, you choose what kind of workout you want (they have settings for streching, for yoga, for strength, for cardio, etc), and the time you’d like to spend on your workout. You can also set weekly goals and such. AND WHAT’S MORE, you can play music from your phone while the British lady barks at you, so when you are doing burpees you also feel powerful while Katy Perry is telling you to Roar.

I have to be very, very disciplined and make sure to do this every day before I shower. After I’ve showered I am hopeless bc by the time I finish working I want to eat and then I want to relax and I can’t motivate to jump around the house. You figure that part out for you, but do it at the same time every day, and be as strict with yourself as possible.

Lastly. Yoga & breathing are essential for me. My “routine” as it were is as follows: I do three rounds of breathing (my preferred breathing is the breath of fire). Then, I do three sun salutations, very slowly. Then, I do 15 minutes of Full Intensity Cardio via Sworkit. Then, I do 5 minutes of Head to Toe stretching via Sworkit. When I can, I add on a little more yoga time at the end to do particular poses (shoulder stand, headstand, tree, and twists are my favorites).

Now everyone knows all my secrets.

Howdy! Oh man! The month is already over, but I am ending my favorite month so happy ❤ because I met new incredible yoginis, I have a lot of fun and you made #enjulyyourpractice a challenge so special and awesome!! Cheers for you!

Day 31. Standing Shoulder Pose

How to: From plow pose put your hands on your waist, elbows close to your core, now slowly bring the legs back, so they are straight up in the air, keep your abs engage and relax the neck, the weight need to be distributed on your elbows and neck. Hold 3 breaths.

* * * Thank you so much!! * * *

Will be an special article on my website, if you want to be part, please go here!.

*I am not certificate yoga teacher, tips based on my own experience.

Lots of love, Savannah.


Ps. August 1st I will anounce the three lucky winners of the hamsa earrings and a SPECIAL GIF for Valencia!!! Because she hurt her back and can’t keep doing the challenge.


In other news, here is how to do a shoulder stand. I haven’t tried to do these since I was a child, but I managed just now with some degree of wobbly success. 

Day 20, Shoulder stand pose.

I love this pose, but as always there’s plenty I can improve on. I remember doing this as a kid and driving my mum mad as she thought I was going to break my neck. If you’re in the position properly you aren’t going to hurt your neck as you’re supporting yourself through your core and through your shoulders. Like reclined hero pose you can place a thick blanket behind your shoulders for more support.
This pose is known as the queen of yoga poses as it has so many benefits to your body:

“1. It bathes the lymph nodes in fresh lymph by increasing the circulation around the lymphatic system. This nourishes the whole body.

2. Inverting the body from the neck up means that gravity increases the venous blood flow to the heart, brain and eyes. This relaxes the heart and decreases the heart rate, and it brings clarity to the mind and sight.

3. It lengthens the spinal nerves, which relieves tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

4. According to the authoritative text, Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iygenar states, “persons suffering from breathlessness, palpitation, asthma, bronchitis and throat ailments get relief from this posture.”

5. It is excellent for those suffering from thyroid disorders. Shoulder stand brings balance and regulates the hormone secretion of both the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck. This indirectly is very good for flexibility.

6. It soothes the nervous system. This is an excellent posture for those who suffer from stress, tension, anxiety (high blood pressure, only if it is taught by an expert yoga teacher) and shortness of temper.

7. It is excellent for sleep. Shoulder stand helps those who are suffering from insomnia.

8. It increases energy when practiced in the mornings. It lifts and sustains one’s energy levels dramatically when practiced every day. Therefore, it is especially good for those suffering from a fatigued body and mind.

9. It is excellent for fat loss. It increases the metabolism. It strengthens digestion by returning “agni” (fire) to the abdominal organs—liver, spleen, pancreas and stomach.

10. When done correctly shoulder stand tones the muscles of the gluteus, back, thighs and abdominals. This will benefit your balance and stability.

There are many other benefits of shoulder stand. These are just a few of the main ones.

Women should not practice shoulder stand during menstruation. There are also contraindications for shoulder stands if you have neck pain or injury, so shoulder stand should only be practiced under the guidance of a good yoga teacher.”

// #joytotheyogis day 23: shoulder stand with lotus

if lotus pose is too intense for your hips, you can come up with your own shoulder stand variation, or even come into a half lotus instead <: 

personally, i really like this variation because it helps with my form for shoulder stand (my back becomes straighter) and i really like hanging out in this pose <: 

come into a shoulder stand from plow pose, and then from a full shoulder stand, slowly come into a full lotus. remember to keep breathing, and stay in this pose for as long as you feel comfortable <:

if you’re still working on your shoulder stand, you can just stay in either plow pose, or a regular shoulder stand! <: 

2 more days to christmas! are you guys excited? <: 


#blossomingyogis Day 8 - Urdvha Padmasana with option to Pindasana

This pose is really challenging, don’t worry if you can’t do the full pose, there are many different poses that have similar benefits: shoulder stand, plow pose, karnapidasana (Knee to Ear pose) :)

If you are working on lotus pose, try doing  it in a shoulder stand, it’s easier! (that’s the trick I learned from my friend :))

But if lotus is not an option for you yet, just do the halasana (plow pose) or the shoulder stand :)

To come into the pose:

  1. Come into a plow pose.
  2. Cross your leg in lotus pose.
  3. Support you back with your hands and lift your thighs  up towards the ceiling.
  4. If you feel ready, place your hand on your knees and hold it for about 5 breaths.
  5. To come into the Pindasana pose, slowly draw the knees into the chest and wrap the arms around them. Stay for about 5 breaths.
  6. Uncross the legs and come back to halasana and slowly, using your hands to support you, roll down through the back.
  7. Repeat on the other side.

Today I’m grateful for coffee with coconut milk <3