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Ignea: Doing each other's hair or post-battle care/healing~

“That hurts.”

“Quit whining.”

Ignis chuckled at her callus choice of words and the affectionate way she said them. She finished rubbing the healing salve on his back and picked up a towel to wipe her hands off with.

“Did I ever tell you how much I like a man with scars?” Aranea drawled, carefully dressing the injury.

“Well, I’m glad there’s some benefit to getting wounded, then,” he grinned, lifting his arms a bit to make it easier for her to wind the bandage around his chest. “I wish the nurse had a bit softer of a touch, though.”

“The nurse would have been happy to use a softer touch,” she lightly slapped his shoulder, close enough to the injury to make it sting and he hissed softly in pain and looked over his shoulder at her curiously. “…If her patient hadn’t gotten hurt doing something stupid.” She leaned in while he still faced her, stealing a quick kiss and smirking at him. “So that’s all the softness he gets, for now.”


BamBam X Reader
Words: 577
Summary: BamBam “teaches” you how to give a blowjob


“I need you to teach me how to suck a dick,” you blurted out.

BamBams head slowly lifted until he was looking you straight in the eyes.

“What?” You knew he had heard you, however, because he had an evil smirk on his face.

“Will you?”

“You know, I would, but I’ve never actually done it myself.”

You slapped his shoulder playfully.

“Shut up. You know what I meant. I know you’ve gotten a blowjob before. You know what feels good. Teach me.”

Being BamBams best friend meant you got to hear about every sexual encounter he’s ever had. In detail.

“Alright,” he said as he stood up. He scooted back in his chair, standing up, and unzipping his pants.

“NO NO NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” You rushed to stop his hands and he tilted his head to the side, confused.

“I thought you wanted to learn?”

“I do! But not on you. Don’t you have a banana or something.”

A small chuckle came from his mouth.

“Sweetheart, if you want to learn, a banana isn’t going to work.”

“Why not? I thought that’s how everyone learns.”

“You thought wrong.”

He pushed your hands away, which You forgot were still holding onto his, and unzipped his pants the rest of the way. He seemed to realized the terror on your face so he took a step towards you, cupping your cheeks.

“You can stop whenever you want. Okay?”


He took your hands and placed them on his hips. You held eye contact as you lowered to your knees.

You pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time, exposing his half hard dick.

It was… larger than you expected it to be.

You hesitantly took him in your hands, pumping a couple times until he was fully hard.

You continued to use your hands until you felt one of his hands on your chin, lifting your head so you were looking up at him.

“That feels great, babe. But if you want it to be a blowjob, you’re going to have to use your mouth.”

Nodding, you scooted a bit closer to him.

The first thing you did was lick his tip. He hissed, so you did it again. You ran your tongue from his base to the tip before taking him fully in your mouth.

You hollowed out your cheeks and bobbed your head.

Deep moans were coming from your best friend and, you’re not gonna lie, it was sexy as hell.

His hands found their way into your hair and when you looked up, you saw that his head was tossed back.

“You sure you’ve never done this before?” He asked, his voice barley above a whisper.

You hummed around him and the vibrations only made him moan louder.

You took him in as deep as you could, feeling his tip in the back of your throat.

You swallowed around him and a string of curses left his mouth.

“I-I I’m gonna-”

Before he could finish his sentence, he came down your throat. He pulled out and you swallowed all of his cum.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” he sighed.

“It’s fine. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” You stood up, a small smile on your lips.

He returned the smile and pulled you closer by your waist. He pressed his soft lips against yours, making your heart skip a beat.

He slowly separated his lips from yours.

“You’re definitely going to be doing that again.”


I should’ve been writing other stuff but this is what I chose to spend my time on lmaoooo

Off Limits - part 2

→ Reader x Blind!Chanyeol

→ “I love you Chanyeol,”

→ Warnings: Curse words. Slight violence.

Word count: 2K

The next few days were awkward; you would spot Chanyeol and Baekhyun in the halls all the time, in almost every pause and every lunch period- it was as if the two of them had a sixth sense of where you were to be found at any time.

Baekhyun would glare at you as they passed you, and Chanyeol would understand who they were walking by as Baekhyun quieted besides him.

The very first day after the incident, they had walked past you and Baekhyun had shut up as he served you a nasty glare and Chanyeol had understood;

“Y/N? Is that you?” He had asked out into the air around him. Baekhyun had slapped his shoulder lightly in response, his eyes daring you to speak as he steered Chanyeol away from you, further down the hall. You had sighed, embarrassment settling into your body as the several pairs of eyes of the people witnessing it grazed your body in confusion. You had only shaken your head before hurrying away.

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heart: sirius black

It was Valentines Day and all you wanted to do was show Sirius how much you appreciated him as your boyfriend. Lily thought it was a fantastic idea to charm hearts whenever he said your name, or mentioned you in a conversation. A prank, maybe, but it made your heart swell with complete and utter joy whenever you happened to be near him.

“And Y/N was like-” Sirius whispered to James, but was abruptly stopped by confetti like hearts surrounding his face.

“What is this nonsense?” Ms Mcgonagall quipped, a stern eye staring down at Sirius.

“I swear I didn’t do it,” he tries to reason but she dismisses his talking with a sway of her hand, continuing on with her lesson. He could hear whispering and looked behind him to see it was Y/N and Lily, a hint of rose pink settled on your cheeks.

“You’ve got quite a girl there, Padfoot,” James chuckled, slapping his shoulder in a jokingly matter.

Throughout the day, he would hear giggles from students who saw the hearts circling him. It wasn’t a surprise that he talked about you everyday but now he had every reason to because you put this charm on him and he wasn’t sure whether or not to be angry at you or love you even more.

He was, what one could explain, sauntering down the corridor to Potions, and was as late as ever. But he didn’t seem to care. A charmed note descended down to his polished shoes and confused, he bent down at the knees to take a closer look at it. It was in your handwriting, the loop of the ‘y’ giving it away.

Sirius, meet me at the Astronomy tower at 6, it read, a heart on all four corners of the note. It was cheesy and overly sweet but it was you, he was thinking about after all and he loved everything about you.

Y/N was looking out at the stars that just began their show, dazzling in the midnight blue sky. Sirius watched her intently, she too was like a star that shone despite the darkness around her.

“Y'know I think you’re absolutely ethereal,” Sirius confesses wholeheartedly, the wind blowing through his hair. A shy smile spread across your lips, and you turn around to see the boy you adored so much.

“Happy Valentines Day,” Y/N whispers, your voice like a melody as it flows into his ears.

“You too babe,” he replies, crouching done to kiss your honey-like lips.

“And also I’m going to get you back, this is a warning.”


“Can you drink that; doesn’t it have like flowers grown near a big crop of mountain ash trees?” You asked Scott as Lydia handed him a drink.

“(Y/N) I’m a fully grown Alpha I think I can handle my liquor.” Scott sighed and you and you snorted out a laugh.

“Yeah, Peter’s a fully-grown werewolf and he can’t handle his liquor so… good luck with that buddy.” You chuckled and slapped his shoulder, heading over to where Liam and Mason were stood.

After while the group decided to head inside which was when you walked past Scott and Theo both utterly drunk and in their boxers as they danced the cancan together.

“You’re seriously a man-child.” You told your brother when he asked if you wanted to join them.

“Do you think we should um… stop them?” Stiles muttered to Lydia.

“Wait I know what to do.” You said as you pulled your phone from your pocket and snapped a picture of them. “Yeah that’ll do it.” You hummed and walked off

For those who need it…

Shake It Out - Vitamin String Quartet (a tribute to Florence + The Machine)

Isabela feels like laughter. She’s rolling waves and high wind, smelling of sea salt and victory. She slinks her arms around you, scratching lightly at your back as she nuzzles into you with a smile. A storm, a battle, you have no choice but to hang on as she sways on her feet, taking you with her.

Merrill smells like pastries. She slaps her arms around you as tight as they’ll go, squeezing her eyes shut as she squeezes around you. She thinks she might crush you, but all you feel is love and warmth. She presses herself close, tries to touch opposite elbows with fingertips.

Even without meaning to, you think Aveline might break you. She doesn’t hug often, but she hugs fiercely. She puts one hand on your head, guiding you to her shoulder, slapping your back with the other. You think you might cough out your lungs. And then she simply holds you, like a mother bear might hold a cub, murmuring soft things in your ear.

Varric is grinning when he does it. You think he tries to lift it. You feel his arms around your waist and the barest lift… until your toes scrape the ground and he’s spinning in a circle. A man of hidden talent, he tells you. He’s all spice and ale, warm earth and cool stone, pulling you down and ruffling your hair when he goes.

Fenris brushes your cheek with his hand first. Stiff and awkward, seeking permission as his hands move to your waist. Light and barely there at first, his hands clenched into fists. Then they spread, warm palms your back and pull you in without hesitation. Gentle fingers threading through hair, his head leaning against yours.

Sebastian is all smiles, enveloping you quickly, patting your back. He holds you in a way where your arms are strapped at your side, your head stuck beneath his chin, stuck in his embrace. He speaks in soft melodies, lullabies, whispers of protection and comfort. Your head rests against his shoulders, voice lulling, hands rubbing soft circles on your back.

Anders has wisps of magic about him. As he holds you, they seem to seep into your skin. They find every bruise, every hurt, every cut and scrape. Warmth wraps around your bones and you, relaxing at the healer’s touch. He winds his hands into your shirt, holding to you almost desperately, the care in every callous on his palms.

Negans lost and found part 2

Negan’s Lost and Found part 2 

Summary:  Negan decides what to do with you next

Word: 4700

Warnings:  Mild dubcon, 

A/N:  This is for Negan smut week!  You really don’t need to read the first part to follow, because it’s basically porn 

@negansmutweek, @negans-network, @kellyn1604

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

You stay still on the carpet, your body exhausted from Negan but your mind going a millions miles a minute, unsure of what is going to happen next. He’s going to take you back to The Sanctuary, back to his rules and watchful eyes, back to his anger and back to your old life.  It fills you with a strange mix of happiness and fear.  Then a new thought crosses your mind, what if he doesn’t take you?  What if he doesn’t want you anymore?

               “I can tell that big beautiful brain is going full speed.” Negan reaches down and grabs your naked body, tossing it over his shoulder.  He slaps your ass hard, causing a sting and a yelp from you. “It’s not good for you. Calm down.”

                Your head is hanging upside down as he walks towards the stairs.  You start to climb and another fear comes to mind.  He is going to take you outside naked, in front of all his men and the people you have lived with for over a year.  This causes you to fidget and tears to form in your eyes.  SMACK!  He slaps your ass even harder.

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Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 4)

Parts P| 1| 2| 3

Hope you will like this part, something sweet in between won’t hurt ;)

You want to make this real. Our marriage?” You asked. Your eyes were wide open as your hand hung awkwardly on the air, holding your fork.

Junmyeon nodded, pressing his lips together, biting his lips.

“HAHA” You laughed out loud, putting the back of your hand on your mouth. “Junmyeon… You almost got me there.” Slapping his shoulder, you wiped the tear that skipped your eyes from laughing hard. “You thought I would fall for that, didn’t you. Fool.”

He couldn’t be talking seriously. You didn’t want to believe him. You didn’t want to get hurt. You were afraid to take him seriously. You laughed, ignoring how fast your heart was beating. Reaching for the water bottle, you drank it whole, watering your dry throat.

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Pure Distractions

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Chanyeol

→ Domestic AU; in which Chanyeol couldn’t care less about the movie you were watching.

→ Warnings: making out.

Word count: 573

“Chanyeol,” You warned the second his hands inched slightly closer to your thigh. “I’m watching the movie.”

Knowing your boyfriend he would not give up with that, so you scooted further away from him, grabbing several pillows and placing them to fill up the space you left behind, your eyes trained solely on the TV-screen. He moans sadly as you move away, his long arms reaching over the pillows you put between the two of you to caress you shoulder. You slap his hand away with another warning before you fix your eyes back at the movie playing.

You had waited and wanted to see this movie forever. Having not been able to go see it in the theaters when it showed, you had been ecstatic to come over the DVD when you had been shopping today. You arrived back home, grin wide, excited to see the movie with Chanyeol, only to find out he held no interest for it, whatsoever. Bummer.

You still appreciated him sitting there and watching it with you though- or did you?

“You should be over here, sitting on my lap, babe.” Chanyeol announces after a long silence. You huff as your only response, your hands finding and embracing one of the pillows before stuffing your face into it to hide your flushing cheeks. Damn him and his carefully thought-out words.

“I want you…” He sing-songs, his whole body falling over and breaking your little wall of pillows. “here with me.”

You glare at him, begging him to stop with your desperate eyes, the hold around your self control support - the pillow - only getting tighter.

“It’s so cold over here.” He sighs out, making sure breathe extra hard for further effectiveness. He knew you would eventually fall through. “I need my personal heater.”

“Baby,” He pouts up at you and when he receives no sign of a white flag, he groans. You first think that he gives up himself and he leaves you to watch the movie in peace- until he moves forward for the control and quickly pauses the movie.


He grabs all the pillows on the couch in both hands before hauling them down on the floor, out of reach, before going for your personal one. He takes it out of your hold easily, throwing it down to join the other on the cold, needs-to-be-vacuumed floor. He grabs you by your bottom, grinning up at you as he gently places you on his lap. You pout down at him the way he had pouted at you only moments ago.


“I wanted to kiss you.” He justifies his actions, his hands brushing up over your form once, twice, as you move your face down to his. Your breaths collide seconds before your lips does. It’s hot and desired; your lips moving against each other in a kiss that gains intensity by the second.

His hands sneakily moves down, underneath your pants to rest upon your bottom, triggering a gasp from you. Your own hands place themselves around his shoulder as your head tilts just a little to the side to welcome Chanyeol even more.

“I really liking kissing you.” He adorably confesses in your breathless break from each other’s lips. You laugh breathlessly, both of your chest almost bumping into each other as they move with every heavy inhale and exhale.

“At least you put the movie on pause.”

A/N: it’s kind of short, so I guess it’s more of a drabble but I still hope you enjoy it! and thank you to the anon for requesting ♥

So, I’m watching this video about Lucifer and they’re talking about the people at the Sabbath kissing Satan’s ass as an act of blasphemy.

Then they show this fucking thing which makes me lose my shit, cus I’m high and picturing Lucifer dropping his trousers and bending over like:

“Oh, very well. If it’ll piss off dad, why not? The more the merrier.” Then he peers over his shoulder, slaps his own ass and says “Well come on now don’t be shy! Everyone take a turn!”

At first he’s pretty reluctant about it, and just putting on a show; but it’s Lucifer and the second he sees something he likes it becomes a fun thing for him. And then half way through a flock of gorgeous people kissing his ass he goes:

“Oh I should have done this much sooner. This is quite nice. OH! That one found the crown jewels. naughty~”

Seriously wtf?


AN: So One Derek Requests Are My Guilty Pleasure (Still Need To Release My Derek Smut Fic), And Two Derek Always Looks Sad When I Try And Make Gifs… :D Enjoy <3

The bickering between Erica and Isaac could be heard from the Hale house driveway. If Derek hadn’t chosen that exact second to yank open the front door and stalk his way over to the car, you would have driven away.

“Help me.” He muttered as he opened your door and buried his face in your neck sucking and kissing the skin gently. His large hands soon found their way up your thighs and you hand to slap his shoulder to pull him out of his lusted daze.


“Nope, you chose to turn a load of kids they are your problem.” Your smug smile fell from your face when Isaac stormed over to you and picked you up as if you weigh nothing and began using you in his argument.

“ENOUGH, Isaac in your room Erica get the groceries from the car and BOYD… do you ever miss behave?” You asked him as he stood from his seat to help Erica. He smiled at you and hurried past Derek who wrapped his arms around your waist.


“What, why am I…” He stopped fighting you when you raised an eyebrow at him and he quietly retreated to the room he’d claimed as his own.


“God… so hot when you do that.” Derek’s eyes flared and it wasn’t until you planted a kiss on his jawline that he gained control of his self again.

“Ew hello kids here.” Erica said with a dramatic eye roll. You chuckled and attempted to unwrap yourself from Derek who reluctantly let you go.


“Please you do much worse than that with plenty of boys.” The comment made both Male werewolves glower. Boyd sniffed subtly at Erica and a frown of disappointment settled over his face, Derek however used your careful gaze as the distraction he’d need to slip a hand under your shirt to rest on your stomach.


Your phone beeped and you grabbed Derek by the front of his jeans, so you could walk over to the kitchen counter, without fighting to free yourself from his grip. He lent his head on yours as you began flipping the running commentary of Stiles’ problem of the day, you sunk into Derek as you thought about how much work helping the hyperactive boy was going to be. Derek, however, was more than happy to shift the way he was standing for you to be comfortable in his arms.


“He says he needs a witch.” You groan. Erica stormed over to you and gripped your arm, growling when Derek didn’t let you go.


“Look what he’s doing.” She winged at you. you followed her upstairs to find Isaac laying in nothing but boxers on Erica’s bed.


“I’m going to help Stiles, get Derek to deal with him.” You mutter when you saw the troublesome glint in Isaac’s eye.


“But you can’t leave me alone with them… that’s what you did this morning.” You smiled and kissed the end of Derek’s nose, knowing if you got any closer he’s wrap you in his arms again.


“Watch your pack Derek.” You sing as you skip to his car, the keys dangling from your hands.



“Momma Hale glad you could make it.” Normally you’d object to Stiles’ name for you but the boy seemed to be vibrating on the spot which was never good.

“Well you said you needed help.” You sucked in a deep breath as you took in the state of his normally almost spotless room.


Pink string was zigzagging from one wall to the other, papers and pictures coated the floor and Stiles himself was tangled in string. When you looked closer you realised that he was making some sort of complex plan that seemed to utilize every member of the Hale and McCall pack.


“Stiles… sweetie what’s going on, you feel ok?” You asked wearily. You jumped when he slammed a piece of paper against the wall next to you with a large picture of Lydia splashed colourfully in full print.

“I’m gonna kiss Lydia.” The way he said it was how you imagined someone planning to climb a mountain would reveal their plans. All you could do was nod and smile as you tried to untangle him from the string.

“Well… it looks like your all good here so, I’m gonna take these away and drop them with your dad.” You grabbed the bottle of medicine that he’d clearly taken to much off and put him to bed before dropping them off with John and picking up dinner on the way home.



“Thanks Momma Hale.” Erica muttered as she grabbed her take out and ran up to her room, Boyd did the same which made you look at Isaac and Derek for an answer.

“Boyd lost it when I sent rolled her bed and kinda… alphad her beta, it was really gross and loud.” Isaac smiled and sat between you and Derek, missing the irritated glare Derek was giving him as he began devouring his food.

“Alphad her beta?” you questioned.


“Yeah they were…”


“Isaac go eat somewhere else.” Derek grumbled before he could finish. He nodded, not stopping shovelling food in his mouth as he walked to the living room.


“Stiles didn’t need my druid skills, simply needed Momma Hale to put him to bed.” You mumble as you poke at your food.

“See they’ve called you Momma Hale so much your using it.” The Alpha grinned wolfishly when you punched his arm.


“Can’t help it if they love me.” He chuckled and kissed you lightly.


“You gonna Alpha her Bet…” Derek’s flared red and he snarled at Isaac who was stood with an empty take out box and a smug grin on his face.


“Derek don’t he’s just board.” You say as you run your fingers over his jawline. He closes his eyes, leaning into your touch, forgetting Isaac is there at all.


“Well I’m off to bed, Night Derek, Night Momma Hale.” He called as he climbed the stairs.

“We could go to bed.” Derek said as he looked from Isaac’s retreating form, to you, although his expression told you that sleep was far from his mind.

Part Two     More Teen Wolf

Dan vs Phil-Dance Evolution: A Summary

- Not the potato sack, it’s the “parachute skydiver that had a baby with some kind of ninja? In a straight jacket™”

- small wreath for prison

- It’s Japanese Just Dance for the kinect, so there aren’t any wiimotes involved. “A futuristic sequel to DDR”

- Phil can’t control the game menu

- Ruffage either means dogs or vegetables

- Lots of shrieking

- “I mean my hips don’t lie personally, so..” –Dan Howell 2016

- “No grabbing boobs, Phil”

- Dan accidentally touched Phil’s butt

- “I was trying to become the crab but the crab didn’t want to become me” ~and other poetic observations by Phil


- ALL OR NOTHING (im not even surprised)

- Bro behavior: Chest bumps, shoulder slapping, arm punching, shoulder bumping, violently yelling “BROS,” and a fucked up shoulder

- Phil’s hips lie

- Forced dabbing

“work it Phil yeah come on”

- Phil wins! And the placing of the sticker is aesthetically pleasing

- Dan butt-bumps Phil off screen and breaks something

Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 5)

Parts  P| 1| 2| 3| 4

Sorry for being so late guys. I hope you like this part as well~

A few years ago

Junmyeon’s birthday.

“Aigo, it is the birthday boy.” You cheered as you walked over to Junmyeon and squeezed him in your arms.

Chuckling, Junmyeon coughed as a sign that you were suffocating him. “Thank you, Y/N.”

Letting go of him, you handed him his present which was a new pair of socks. Junmyeon’s mouth fell open as the words were lost on his tongue. He just let out a deep sigh. Chuckling, you slapped his shoulder and nudged him. “Just accept it. I will bring you something better next year.”

“You said that last year too.” He shook his head in disbelieve. Beholding something, Junmyeon froze, looking behind your shoulder.

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Kiss The Rain [Taehyung]

Summary: “A kiss under the rain keeps the doctor away.”

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1.4 k

A/N: Requested by my mutual @chens~ Thanks Candace bby \^ㅅ^/

Originally posted by taetaebts

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A/N: Sorry work and school got me all tired meh, but here is some kink JB porn for you bbys

Warning: BDSM Themes

Genre: Smut ;)

Word Count: 1687

You sat next to your boyfriend JB as you and his group members were unwinding from a tiring dance practice they had just finished. On your other side was Mark and the 5 other boys created a circle on the dance studio floor with the feast of fast food in the middle.

Jackson and BamBam were ripping apart chicken wings mercilessly and you laughed at how the boys wolfed their food down.

“Yah!” JB scolds the younger boys “Stop being animals, we have a lady here” He smiles at you and you blush. You slap his shoulder and he just laughs while he continues to eat.

“_____, you don’t mind right?” BamBam looks at you with a pouty face and you can’t help but giggle.

“You’re fine Bam, go ahead and eat however you want” you say sweetly and BamBam smiles while whispering a “Yes!” him and Jackson dab at each other and continue to shove chicken down their throats. JB rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh of defeat and you giggle while leaning on his shoulder while the boys finish eating.


“Bye boys!” you waved at the boys before leaving and they all said their goodbyes, except for BamBam who wanted a hug.

“Don’t go, Noona!” he whines and wraps his arms around you, tightly squeezing you.

“I gotta go, Bam, I’ll see you again soon alright?” You pet the boy’s pink hair and let out a giggle at how cute he was acting.

“Jagi, come on, let me walk you home” JB says as he pulls you away from BamBam. You wave goodbye again before JB is dragging you out the door and out of the JYP building.

“What’s wrong, JB?” You look up at your stone faced boyfriend who pulled you along the sidewalk without a word. He wouldn’t answer, no matter how many times you asked him.

It was a quiet walk home.


As soon as you got inside your apartment JB closed the door behind you and before you knew it, your back was up against the door. JB stood in front of you with a dark and lustful gaze.

“Jae-” you started to say his name but you were cut off by his lips.

“You were so mean to me tonight, princess, why were you treating me so cruelly?” He whispers against your lips and you can’t muster any words.

“Is daddy not good enough for you anymore?” he teases and you shake your head.

“I need you daddy, I’m sorry, please” You begged and gripped his shirt while giving him one of your signature pouts.

“I don’t know anymore” JB says as he pulls away from you and you follow, wanting more.

“I promise, daddy” you whine and JB raises an eyebrow.

“Go to your room and be ready to be punished” he commands and you nod softly as you shuffle into the room. You close the door behind you and you see a sexy piece of lingerie laid out across the mattress. He planned this.

You pick up the piece and look at it before putting it on. The leather little number was revealing and would definitely show all your curves. You changed out of your street clothes and slipped the lingerie on.

You look at yourself in the mirror and can’t help but blush at the way the little bit of leather actually held and accentuated your breasts and hips. There was just enough material to cover your nipples and not enough to cover in between your legs. You let a hand drag over your stomach and  thought about Jaebum touching you.

“Where’s my princess? All I see is a naughty little slut” he growls as he enters the room. His words embarrass you but they also excite you. You loved the way he talked dirty in the bedroom it made you insanely aroused.

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked you up and down. You could feel his eyes on every part of your body. Looking at your breasts. Caressing your ass. Analyzing everything. He hadn’t even touched you with his hands yet but you could feel them on your body and it made you burning hot.

“Come here, kitten” he says and you slowly make your way over to where he sat on the bed “you know what to do” he smirks and you nod, laying yourself over his legs. Your ass exposed and thighs slightly shaking. You balled your hands into a fist as you awaited the first smack.

JB’s had swiftly came down on your ass with a loud smacking sound the echoed the room. You relished in the stinging sensation and the vibrations went straight to your aching pussy. You let out a small whimper and a sigh. JB smiled as you closed your eyes tight.

Smack. He spanked you again this time kneading the stinging ass cheek after doing so, you feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. You grip his knee after he spanks you a third time.

“Ah-ah” he tsks and sits you up “What are the rules about hands?” he raises an eyebrow.

“No using hands, unless they’re daddy’s hands” you say.

“That’s right, what did you use just now?”

“My hands…” you look down.

“Correct, so that means we have to keep your hands still” he stands and sits you on the bed “hands behind your back” he commands and you obey.

JB pulls off his hoodie as he walks over to the dresser, pulling out a bundle of black rope, he stretches before unwinding the bundle and binding your hands behind you.

“Good, on your knees” he instructs and you kneel. He wraps the rope diligently around your torso and breasts. Everytime you breathe you can feel your diaphragm expand and contact, you feel your breasts push against the ropes and you can’t help but moan every time you exhale. The feeling of being bound and submissive was a feeling that only JB could make feel good.

“That’s a pretty picture” he hums as he takes your chin in his hand “you’re such a cute little sub for me” he smirks and you blush. JB kisses your lips gently and pulls back quickly, making you lean forward, wanting more.

“Look at you, little slut, you want more?” he smirks and you can’t help but nod and whimper. JB walks over to the dresser again and grabs a black ribbon. He kneels behind you and utilizes it as a blindfold. Everything feels amplified, your touch, your hearing, your scent, you can’t move though. All you can feel is the carpet beneath your knees.

You feel his hand beneath your chin again and he rubs his thumb over your lower lip. You lean into his touch, it was warm and welcoming. He retracts it and you whimper. You want his warmth back.

“Daddy…” you whine and JB answers.


“Where are you daddy?” you whimper.

“Doesn’t matter” he whispers in your ear and it sends a shiver down your spine. You feel JB’s hot lips against the skin on your neck and you gasp at the sensation of him sucking and loving on your sensitive skin.

One of his hands is on snaking down your bare thigh and you start to moan out softly. He kneads the soft skin beneath his hand and you feel like you might melt at his touch.

“You like that baby girl? Does that make you feel good?” he growls in your ear and you whimper in reply.

“Let’s see how wet you are…” he whispers and slides a hand up your thigh, to your exposed pussy. His finger slides over the damp slit.

“Such a little slut, does being tied up get you wet?” you nod and whimper a “yes” in response.

“Dirty little girl, you want daddy to fuck you?” he teases and you nod.

“Fuck me, please! Jae-” he swats at your pussy.


“D-Daddy” you moan out as you feel your pussy throbbing in pure lust.

“Good girl, but you have to beg for daddy’s cock” you can hear the smirk in his voice “what do you want?”

“I want daddy’s cock! I need you to fuck me hard and good, you’re the only one who can fuck me til I cum daddy!”

“That’s good, princess” you hear the unbuckling of his belt and the dropping of fabric. He spreads your legs and doesn’t give a warning before shoving himself inside of your aching pussy.

“Fuck! Ahh…Daddy!” you cry out as he fucks you hard and fast. He lifts a hand to gently grip your throat while the other holds your hip down in place. You feel yourself reaching climax as JB slows down.

“Don’t cum yet, don’t cum til I say baby” he growls and you nod. You use every muscle in your body to try not to cum all over his cock.

“I’m so close daddy, I wanna cum so bad!” you whine and JB smiles looking down at your helpless and submissive stance. You were his and he was in full control, he loved playing with you in this way.

“You wanna cum princess?”


“Say please you little slut” he smirks.

“Please daddy let me cum!” the wards come out raspy and desperate.

“You’re such a good little girl” he says before ramming into you again, hitting your g-spot. You cry out as you feel the muscles contract and tighten around JB’s dick. He slowed in pace as his orgasm washed over him and he released inside of you.

“Oh god…” you smile as you come down from your high.

JB unties you and removes the blindfold gently.

“I wasn’t too rough, was I?” he asks in genuine concern.

“No, it was perfect” you smile “I love you being so rough with me, it was the best sex ever”

“I’m glad I could make my princess feel good” he chuckles “now come on, let’s get you cleaned and ready for bed, okay?” you nod and open your arms to JB as he lifts you up and carries you to the bathroom.

Sara doesn’t have to come back to the show for Calzona to rise.

She had been debating this decision for weeks, for months if she were being honest with herself. She stood outside in the rain, blonde hair darkening with each drop.

“So this it? You’re just…leaving?”

Arizona sighed and licked her lips. “You know as much as I do that what we have wasn’t going anywhere.”

“Just give it more time, give us-

Drenched locks slapped her shoulder at the shake of her head. “I’m going to New York. I leave tonight. I just…wanted to do this right and say goodbye.”

“Arizona…” she took a step back from Eliza and turned without another word, her throat tight and tears mixing with the pouring rain.

She got behind the wheel of her car and drove off, bags already packed and stuffed into the trunk of her car. In a matter of hours, she was going to be in New York.

The sun was shining, fresh clothes and a grey jacket keeping Arizona warm. The heels of her boots clicked against the concrete, the smell of the city strong. She checked her phone again, making sure that she was on the right street.


Looking up and seeing her daughter about to ride her bike, a super magic smile popped onto her face and she knew she was where she was supposed to be. It was moments later when she felt a pair of tiny arms wrap around her, the love in her chest bursting until she couldn’t breathe.

“Mama what are you doing here?” Sofia bounced up and down.

“I came home. I came to finally be with my girls.” she got down to Sofia’s level and held her face in her hands. “I couldn’t live without you two any long. I love you both so much.”

Sofia beamed, her smile so much like Callie’s, her eyes and exact replica. “I love you, too mommy. I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.”

Arizona held her close and knew that being here, in this moment, in this space right now was all she needed.

Standing up and taking her daughter’s hand, she looked around, knowing that this street was going to be something she’d soon be surrounded by every day. “Now. Where’s your mom?”

Tyler Joseph Imagine *Fluff*

Tyler Joseph

“Tylerrrr,” I said, shaking Tyler to wake him up. It was always hard to get him up in the morning, especially when he had a long night the day before. This was one of those mornings.

“Tyler.” You slapped him lightly on the shoulder. Still nothing. 

“Tyler!” You slapped his shoulder harder this time. Not even a blink.

“TYLERRR!” You yelled and punched his arm super hard. He opened his eyes and shot up. 

He looked over at me and sighed in relief. “Oh, it’s just you. Good morning, babe.”

You rolled your eyes at him, “I tried to wake you up, but you weren’t budging. I had to do what I had to do. Sorry, babe." 

You pecked him on the lips, got off the bed, and wandered out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. 

The kitchen in the house connected to the living room, so you wandered into the living room. You sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. There wasn’t much on, so you went on to Netflix. You clicked on Supernatural and watched your favourite episode. Tyler wandered in and sat beside you, cuddling you into his arms. 

He was curled up into your side as you watched the episode, and it was the one about where Sam and Dean went to go investigate a teacher’s disappearance at a school, but found out that the students were having a play about their life, but with a few things off. The Fanfiction episode.

It was your favourite episode, but Tyler doesn’t watch Supernatural, so he just ignored the TV and cuddled you in his arms as you watched the episode. He nibbled at the crook of your neck, but you didn’t mind, plus it wasn’t too distracting. It did tickle, though.

"Tyler? Babe? Please stop, I’m trying to watch the episode,” you kindly asked him, touching his arm lightly.

He nods his head but keeps doing it.

“Babe? Babe, please,” you said to him, looking him straight in the eyes, but then he bit his lip and you knew exactly what was up. 

“Tyler, do you just want to cuddle with me?” You asked him, pausing the episode. He looked you in the eyes and nodded. You sighed, then got up off the couch and went into you and Tyler’s room, Tyler following you like an adorable lovesick puppy.

You hopped onto your bed, which you shared with Tyler and he followed suit. He cuddled you into his arms and kissed your forehead over and over again.

“Y/N?” He asked you.

“You looked up at him as a sign for him to say what he wanted to say.

"I love you.”

You smiled, the three simple words making your time with Tyler 500× better.

“I love you too, Tyler.”

He kissed you once again on the forehead, and you two cuddled for hours, until one of you eventually had to get up because they were hungry.

And the person who was hungry definitely wasn’t you.

Hey guys! This is just a small, short filler fic whole I work on the next fic. The next one is going to be long af, just a warning. Also, I have nothing against Jenna (I personally really like her) but yeah, so, here ya go!  

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i love how when Dean hugs Sam he like…closes his eyes for a minute and just grips him as tightly as possible like he’s trying to remind himself that this is real, that Sam is alive and solid and in one piece, and when he pulls away he composes himself before Sam can see him and gives him a buddy-buddy punch on the shoulder or slap on the back so Sam can’t ask what’s wrong? and so that Dean won’t have to explain how sick to his stomach he feels when Sam is in danger, how unbearably frightening the idea of losing him again is