shoulder shine

One of my favorite things about the k-pop fandom is that their could be a picture of an idol where their face is completely covered by a hat and face mask, and their will still be tags of exactly who it is, what day it was taken, and about how your dying because of how amazing they look


Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)


allurekorea #얼루어_트래블 월요병? 상큼한 남자들의 셀프캠으로 치유😘 좌 샤이니 ✨우 샤이니✨샤이니의 몰디브 화보 coming soon 🐢🐟🐠🐬🏝🌞🍸⚓️#샤이니 #민호 #온유 #shinee #Onew #Minho #몰디브 #포시즌스리조트몰디브#allure_HYS @fsmaldives

allurekorea instagram update with Jinki & Minho 170612