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My personal favorite Kpop Hairstyles (31/∞) →  4Minute’s Jiyoon’s green hair (from ‘Crazy’ era)

I’m still recovering from the awesomeness that was the Vanity Fair photoshoot for The Force Awakens, and the fact that Kylo Ren’s character design is 100000% everything I love……

the sith trash son vibe is strong with this one

Got7 as Girls


Originally posted by markjin

Height: somewhere around 170-173 cm (5′6-5′7)

Hairstyle: more of a natural style; about mid back with a few waves and long bangs

Hair color: A really dark, almost black brunette

Chest size: a solid c-cup

Piercings: Just one on each earlobe

Tattoos: One on the wrist, probably an important word or symbol with deep meaning

Clothing style: sundresses, high waisted shorts, tank tops, leggings, flip-flops or boots

Stereotype: The shy girl who everyone falls for but no one can have.


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Height: 167 cm (5′5)

Hairstyle: A longer pixie cut that’s shaved on one side

Hair color: kinda the color in the gif I chose, like a red/black mix

Chest size: double b-cup, not quite a c-cup, but larger than a regular b-cup

Piercings: one on each earlobe and a helix piercing

Tattoos: One on the shoulder and one on the back of the neck; the shoulder tattoo being a meaningful quote and the neck being an infinity sign

Clothing style: nice button-ups, flannel, jeans (shorts or long), plain tee shirts, sneakers

Stereotype: Seems like a badass that could literally kill you with one look, but is actually a super caring girl with a huge heart


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Height: 164 cm (about 5′4)

Hairstyle: long and straight with straight across bangs

Hair color: black with natural highlights

Chest size: lets be real, probably a d-cup

Piercings: two on each earlobe, a stud nose ring, and a bellybutton piercing nobody knows about

Tattoos: quite a few, not completely covered, but a decent amount on the arms, legs, and shoulders

Clothing style: tank tops, cargo pants, band tees, ripped jeans, either converse or timberlines

Stereotype: actual badass tomboy who owns every guy at any sport and is incredibly competitive


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Height: 165 cm (5′4)

Hairstyle: short bob with bangs

Haircolor: black (virgin hair)

Chest size: a-cup

Piercings: none

Tattoos: none

Clothing style: cardigans, fedoras, jeans, nice skirts, collared shirts with a tie, fancy shoes no one has heard of but still look nice

Stereotype: nerdy bookworm who gets straight a’s in all her classes


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Height: 158-161 cm (5′2-5′3)

Hairstyle: long and natural, slightly wavy with layers and long bangs

Haircolor: caramel brown with natural high and low lights

Chest size: b-cup

Piercings: one or two on each earlobe

Tattoos: none

Clothing style: hoodies, black/darker jeans, graphic tees, tank tops, converse/vans

Stereotype: the insecure girl who thinks everyone hates her when in reality literally everyone loves her


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Height: says she’s 177 cm when in reality she’s 170 cm (says 5′8 but is 5′5)

Hairstyle: shoulder length and more wavy

Hair color: something bright like purple or red

Chest size: smaller a-cup

Piercings: one on one earlobe and a stud lip ring

Tattoos: angel wings on her back, and an ankle/wrist tattoo that says ‘dream’ or ‘love’

Clothing style: crop-tops, jean shorts, flannels, fur coats, expensive and designer everything, heels or dress shoes

Stereotype: expressive, loud, and not caring about what people think about her, but tends to get bullied for the way she is


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Height: 179 cm (5′11 ish)

Hairstyle: very straight and long but usually in a high ponytail

Hair color: brown-to-blonde ombre

Chest size: b or c-cup

Piercings: two on each earlobe

Tattoos: either none, or a whole sleeve on one arm, no in-between

Clothing style: leggings, athletic clothes, oversized plain tees, short jean shorts, athletic shoes or sneakers

Stereotype: very athletic and always moving, shy but considers her close friends to be family

A/N: so this idea came to me when I was in the shower (don’t ask why) and I just kinda felt like typing it up and seeing how it turns out. It turned out being way better than I expected so I hope you enjoy! Let me know if I should do other groups, too~

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