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Death’s Artist

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Pairing: Death x gender neutral!Reader
Word count: 1,113
Request@deaths-maiden Can you do a Deathxartist!Reader soulmate thing where whatever you draw/write shows up on the other. The reader loves to draws and soon Death starts looking forward to seeing the drawing and they make him smile, eventually they start communicating that way and it’s just a lot of fluff pretty please?

Being an artist, and knowing that art was something your soul mate would see meant the world to you. Whatever doodle you did while bored while on the bus to work would appear on their skin. You often wondered what your soul mate looked like. Would they have long blonde hair, perhaps? Short black hair? Shoulder length red hair? Or some fun style in a bright color? Would they have striking green eyes, that seemed to read into your very soul? Blue eyes that sparkled when they laughed? Brown eyes that reminded you of your favorite childhood chocolate? Porcelain skin that reminded you of fresh fallen snow? Would it have been kissed by the sun in that glistening tan? Or would it be they be the most lustrous ebony one could conjure up? The possibilities were endless, the combinations ranging from common, to the more rare.

And that alone to you was the most exciting thing that one could ever be faced with. Often times when you imagined your soul mate while you were in bed for the night, all you saw was an array of colors, that was always shifting. A constant shift taking place, never settling on any one combination. Your mind refused to picture up an actual person, keeping you all the more interested in the biggest mystery of all- who was your soulmate?

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I made up this messy low twisted bun thing for work yesterday because I didn’t want to wash my hair, but I was actually really pleased with how it turned out, so I thought I’d share.

This will probably work better with coarse hair types–if you have smooth or slippery, fine hair, this works better if you don’t wash your hair for a day or two beforehand.

It’s super fast, super easy and inspired by that inside-out ponytail you see on Pinterest everywhere. I basically kept on looping the ponytail through until it made a bun!

It just looks like a neat little updo from the front, but the back is super twisty and elegant.

I made a little step-by-step doodle above, but here are the steps explained:

1) Part your hair somewhere near the center–extreme side parts won’t work well for this. You should have almost equal portions of hair on both sides, as if you were going to make pigtails.

2) Put the two portions of hair in a low ponytail, keeping the part intact.

3) Bring your ponytail back up towards the top of your head, and then loop the bottom of the ponytail down through the open space at the center of your part and pull through to twist the ponytail in on itself. You can leave it at this step to just have a pretty twisty ponytail thing, if that’s your jam.

4) Repeat step 3 until the just the tips of your hair are left to loop over. To close the loopy bun thing, tuck the tips over the top of the bun part, behind the bun (closer to your scalp).

5) Pin the shit out of the tips of your hair so your bun thing doesn’t come unrolled. Hairspray if you need to (my hair is coarse enough that I only needed a few bobby pins and 2-day-old hair to make it stay in place).

And that’s it! Takes about 2-3 minutes tops.

My Yuri on Ice!! Headcanons.

• Viktor has a hard time sleeping alone, since he’s so used to sleeping with his dogs. So when he traveled with Yuri he sleeps in the same bed room with him. Which is also why he usually naps last minute during his competitions before coaching Yuri. Because he can’t sleep easily alone. He’s also loves to cuddle in his sleep. 

• Pichit s great with kids, because he has a big family and he would often volunteer to babysit his younger relatives/siblings/neighborhood kids. 

• Yurio secretly loves being pampered especially by his grandpa. Also Yurio will sometimes wonder what’s like to be a big brother whenever he sees the triplets or any children. 

• Whenever Leo sees a cute plushie he’ll straight away thinks of Guang Hong and gifts it to him. Guang Hong is pleased with this. While Guang Hong loves making homemade treats for Leo in return. 

• Georgi might be emotional on the ice but whenever someone asks for his help he’s actually pretty helpful, supportive, caring, mature and level headed. Also he actually has shoulder length hair, he just really likes to style it that way. So whenever he’s at home relaxing he’ll tie it in a ponytail, a small bun or just let it go. (Basically he’s naturally pretty hot when he’s not trying too hard)

Our Deal

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I woke up to sunlight flooding my room and an empty bed. Kai was gone. I wasn’t surprised, seeing as how my father would kill him before killing me if he found out that I was ‘sleeping with the enemy’. I don’t know how this little arrangement happened anyway, but I wasn’t complaining. I sat up and stretched before looking at the alarm clock on my nightstand. 6:27. I groaned before plopping back in bed.

“Morning beautiful.”

I jumped up in surprise to see Kai standing there with a towel around his waist, beads of water dripping onto the hardwood floor. Ughhhh.

“Dude, would it kill you to dry off in the bathroom instead of dripping all over my floor?” I asked as an attempt to divert attention from my blushing cheeks.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it, babe.” I plopped back into bed before he could see my even redder checks.

“Why are you still here anyway? My dad could’ve caught you.”

“He would’ve, if he were actually here. I heard him leave early. Something about a vampire to hunt?”  

I eventually got out of bed and got ready for school. After showering, I got dressed in a black tshirt dress, black knee socks, and black shoes before styling my shoulder length hair in a partial top knot. When I exited my bedroom, I was greeted with the sweet-smelling scent of pancakes.

 I walked into the kitchen to see Chef Kai with a spatula in hand, flipping pancakes onto two plates with bacon on the side. I gave him a peck on the cheek as a thank you before grabbing my plate and digging in. When we were both finished with our breakfast, I grabbed our plates and began doing the dishes.

“Have I ever mentioned,” Kai began as he wrapped his arms around my waist, “how much I love this dress?” I laughed as he began to leave small pecks on the curve of my neck. My laugh faded as he began to suck softly.

“Kai, I’m gonna be late,” I said as I attempted to open my eyes.

“Ditch,” he mumbled into my neck as his hand creeped up my dress.

“No, seriously. My dad woud kill me if he found out I ditched,” I exclaimed as I pushed him off of me. I quickly finished washing the dishes before grabbing my books and such from the living room table and shoving them into my bag.

“Alright, Goody Two-Shoes,” he said as he held his hands up in mock surrender. I glared at him as a smug smirk appeared on his face.

“I am not a Goody Two-Shoes!”

“I don’t think you’ve done one bad thing in your life. Ever.

“I’m sleeping with you, aren’t I?”


I found myself seated on a large pleated couch in a house with a bunch of other college students. Elena dragged me here with the excuse that I needed to “get out & have fun for once”, but we got seperated as soon as we walked in. 

 I brought my coke can to my lips and took a sip (no way was I getting drunk in front of all these people) before getting up and walking out. 

“Hey cutie,” a random frat boy called out as I walked past. I rolled my eyes and continued walking

“Hey!” I was grabbed from behind and forcefully turned around before being pulled into the frat boy’s chest. “I was talking to you.”

“And I was ignoring you,” I scoffed. “Now that we’ve stated the obvious, you can let me go now.” 

“How about we go upstairs instead?” he slurred while drunkenly smirking. Before I knew it, the boy that was once in front of me was sent flying a couple feet away.

Man was he annoying.” I turned around to see Kai standing behind me.

“I had it handled, Kai!” 

“Sure, if you call being pressed against him ‘handled’,” he glared. I took a step forward and returned the glare.

“What’s your deal?” He ran a hand through his hair before responding. 

You’re my deal! You keep doing this..this thing and it makes me.. care for you.”

I dropped my glare and replaced it with a look of confusion. “What?”

“For some reason, I always want to be around you. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about you. I guess I like you? I don’t know?”

“ like me?”

“It’s like I want to hate you but I just can’t. It’s probably the sex. Can sex make you feel?” I rolled my eyes as he continued rambling before stepping closer to him.

“I like you too,” I admitted. 



“So now what?”

I playfully rolled my eyes before grabbing both sides of his face in my hands before planting a passionate kiss on his lips, unlike the usual sloppy kisses we’ve shared previously. Kai eventually pulled away and released a breathy laugh.

“Now your dad’s really going to kill me.”


first kai imagine!! loosely based off the song ‘our deal’ by best coast. tell me what you think & SEND REQUESTS PLEASE 😊

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Hi! Rusty, did you evwn thibk of making a ears long messy curls, or long-ish (somewhere above neck) hair that are straight but with long bangs and longer hair on top? I dont know if i make any sence, but your cc are so wonderful and useful and im really short ob some hair like that. Bye❤❤

I hope understand to your question correctly. (sorry, i’m not english people)
Why am i do not make a long hair style, right? (longer than shoulder length)
Because, first, I prefer love short hair. when moving a long hair style motion is unnatural. ^^;
And thank you for using my CC!

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I'm starting to experiment with presenting as a nonbinary person and I was wondering how short I should cut my hair to pass as both a boy and a girl?

There are quite a few options here. However, I suck at describing things and I don’t think I can add a photo to an ask so I’m going to give you a few terms to search for on google.

The first is “short asymmetrical side sweep.” The first 3 or so photos that pop up in images are what you’re going to be looking for. On one side the hair is cropped very short, and on the other it is kept much longer. It can be styled to look more feminine, or it can be left a little more messy to suggest a more masculine look.

The next is to keep your hair around shoulder length. It’s pretty self explanatory on the feminine side, but can also be puller into a sort of ‘man bun’ looking style. Search for “shoulder length hair man bun” and you’ll see what I mean.

The final style I would suggest is to shave your head. It sounds extreme, but in this day and age a shaved head is a lot less gendered than it used to be. A simple search for “woman shaved head” and then “man shaved head” will prove that a shaved head is just a shaved head, and there isn’t much gender attached to it anymore.

I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for with your hair, so you should also do some research of your own to discover what you really like. I hope that I’ve given you a few good ideas or at least a place to start while you search for a good style. No matter what you do, remember that hair grows back, and even if you don’t like it at first you always have the chance to try again with a new cut.

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ooo 10 and 46 :)

thanks for sending this in 💚

10: how would you describe your style?

oooh i like this question. i’d describe it as classic, minimalistic and casual. i don’t really wear colors except for white, grey black and denim. very scandi-style, lots of long black coats and oversized white shirts! 

46: whats your go to hair style?

shoulder length, slightly wavy, parted down the side. seriously thinking about going platinum.

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Aristotle 'Aris' Crossey

Age 15
DoB 4/7
Height 166cm
Quirk Earth Destruction: able to cause natural disasters from tsunamis to earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, Needs to be around certain areas for quirk to work (ie. needs large body of water for a tsunami). Sometimes loses control depending on how large of a scale she’s working with.
Personality extrovert, quick to anger and excite, childish, optimist, realist, kind, loyal, brave
Appearance milk chocolate skin, sort of hourglass figure but with a slightly chubby tummy, black hair styled in shoulder length dreadlocks, dark brown eyes with dark red rectangle glasses, full lips, round face, long lashes