shoulder harp

We all fail every once in a while

Based on imagine “Imagine comforting Rumil after he fails at some training” on Imaginexhobbit

Character(s): Rumil, Tiny bit of Haldir 

Words: 3035

Authors note: Everyone who knows me knows I love characters that don’t have a lot known about them and that I can just play with and create my way. So I love Haldir and his warden brothers. Here is my Rumil and my headcanon for his girl. It is also written in 3rd person because I got it half way written before I realized that was probably not the best way to go about it. Anyway, Here we go!

The young warden strode quickly through the old wooden bridged between the trees, his head bent down with his face covered by his thick strawberry blonde curtain of hair. He was trying to get away from his day as quickly as possible. He had retreated from the training ground with out a notice. His brothers hadn’t even noticed his disappearance as he left them and the field behind in he hope of getting to their shared home before them.He just wanted to lock himself away and hide till his embarrassment faded. It was a fact that made being- and living with- elves unpleasant at times- especially during the young adult years when one is responsible for ones self for the first time. No one forgets and no one dies; therefore, any embarrassment is felt for the rest of eternity. There is no hiding or running until it was forgotten. You just had to puff your chest out and hope you could escape it. That was what Rumil was doing, escaping the embarrassment he felt he would feel for the rest of his very immortal life. He strode as fast as his long and practiced legs would allow without arousing the suspicion of the keen eyes elves that were always walking about.

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the piemaker and the beekeepera playlist for the boy named ned and the girl named chuck and their many kisses through plastic wrap (because i have a lot of feelings about this show and i need to do something with them)

[1. 2 atoms in a molecule - noah and the whale] [ 2. beekeeper - david wax museum] [3. let me lend my shoulder - big harp] [4. she lit a fire - lord huron] [5. laundry room - the avett brothers] [6. vintage red - jay jay pistolet] [7. 10 billion years - jonathan boulet] [8. squealing pigs - admiral fallow] [9. castle in the sky - public] [10. me and you - jake bugg] [11. another sunny day - belle and sebastian] [12. never been alive - the avett brothers] [13. spent time - wheeler brothers] [14. birdie - public] [15. keepin it real - mason jennings]