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Awwww maaaaannnn... No more post on how to make tutu's, bodices, and stuff? That makes me a saaaaaaddddd panda....

Here you go anon!

Here is a pattern for an easy wedding dress! 

Here is a tutorial on how to make cargo shorts! 

Here is a tutorial on how to embellish dresses which are plain! 

Here you learn how to make a corset top (very cute)! 

Here is a really easy apron pattern! 

Here is a tutorial on how to make tiered lace shorts out of boxers!

Here an honestly awesome dude tells you how to make a collared shirt!

Here you learn how to make a no-sew one shoulder top! 

Here is a tutorial on how to sew sweatpants!

Hope that helps!


May I draw your attention to Hiryuu’s sword? What’s interesting is that both these pictures of King Hiryuu come from different people’s mental images: the first is Li Hazara’s, the second is Tae-Jun’s. And while the armor is quite different between these two versions, the sword is exactly the same. It’s also – with the stone at the base and the curvature in the shape of the blade – significantly different from any swords that we’ve seen anywhere else. These things make me wonder if, rather than just being a product of imagination like the rest of these images, this sword is a real, historic artifact that still exists somewhere – if it’s something that people in the present could have seen or otherwise have knowledge of. If that’s the case, I have no idea how important or relevant it would be, but, well, I’d expect a visual detail like this to mean something.

It also looks completely different from the dragon-hilted sword that Yona was shown with at the beginning of the first chapter, so, I’m pretty confident in saying that if the sword from the prophecy is a literal sword, it’s not Hiryuu’s sword.

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Leviathan: Chimera

Human Name: Crevan (Krae-vahn; meaning fox) Alexander Smith.

Embodies: Sanity and Insanity


Human Form: He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. In his short time outside the Void, he’s gotten used to that; the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. He’s got that tanned Adonis look going on. Especially with that angular jaw. His rich chocolate hair has this tousled griminess which promised finesse. He has strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, it could be illegal. And then there’s his eyes—deep and catastrophic.

Preferred Form: A twisted crown of horns adorns a head of perilous night. The black feathers that embellish his shoulders shook and ruffled as if constantly tickled by a nonexistent breeze…. They trail over him like a mass of tails, twitching and coiling as they continue on down his form. An unnatural sentience.  The abyss reflects in the dark pools of his gaze upon a disarming magnificence and it stares back with a timeless hunger. Whispering of fear and longing as he debates…whether to enlighten or cast you into insanity.


When the eldest struck down the secondborne, Catastrophe fell to the void. The Rendering left Calamity as a discombobulated mist to be scattered to the farthest reaches of the Ether. He drifted aimlessly through the night; soon to be forgotten… to become the sustenance of birthing stars. However, instead of being consumed by his insatiable ilk, the leviathan horde, Calamity turned their greed against them. Too late did these brothers and sisters learn that no lesser force could ever consume and overtake the essence of pure destruction without casting ruination upon themselves as a result. Without his cognitive functions, the secondborne was pure hunger and brutality—incapable of mercy or guilt. Then again, he had never been the compassionate type to start with.

For ten years, Calamity plagued the void. Hunting down his brothers and sisters. Every conquest made him stronger. Keener. Deadly. So that one day, he could be reborn. Made anew in his own image that was stitched together from the blood and hides of his own species.  All of them, every single leviathan, would belong to him. Well, except one.


He knew what his older brother was capable of. Knew how devastating the betrayal of their beloved Shadowborne would affect him the most. Rarely do leviathans come back from The Rendering. And those who do… they come back different. Never for the better. While his lesser relatives hunted Calamity, hoping to garner his might, Chimera retracted himself from the Horde. Hiding deep in the Womb of the Dark Cosmos where not even Calamity could find him. For eight years, he hid. Biding his time.  Unable to save his brothers and sisters from their unjustifiable doom.  One by one, he could feel them blinking out of existence like the warmth of flickering candles. The anguish festered his odium for Shadowborne’s sacrilege and for Calamity’s betrayal. First chance he got, he escaped the Void. Falling to the mortal realms like a dying comet. For two years, he built up his own strength. Ever the crafty little fox, he avoided the detection of Jeremiah and his band of deific misfits as he began to unleash his own little dose of anarchy upon the worlds. When word reached him of Calamity’s return, what a hateful grin was birthed upon the thirdborne’s face.

“Let the games begin….”

General Information:

Within the hierarchy of the Horde, Crevan, as he is known outside of the Void, would be considered the “thirdborne”. Or “the third strongest brother”. While his mastery of the shadows is beneath that of his elder brothers, his other powers make him a treacherous adversary.

Now why he is considered weaker than his older brothers is because nearly everything he can do is based on artifices. Meaning if you can see through it, you can overcome it. That pain you’re feeling because of him? Not real. That nightmare? Not real. But because baser instincts are ruled by fear, it can be hard to make your brain see past the lies. He can cause you actual, real life pain, but Crevan prefers mind games over actually getting his hands dirty.

He won’t always be dead set on hurting someone. Sometimes he uses his illusions as a teaching method to give a target insight or to overcome hurtles in their lives.


Main powers: Void Manipulation, Energy Absorption, Teleportation, Some Elemental Control—all leviathans are capable of these things to some extent.

Power 1: Shapeshifting: Like all leviathans, Crevan can shapeshift, but his favorite thing to do is to transform into other people. Especially if he plans to mess with their heads.

Power 2: Illusions: He can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to perceive something as real through the senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) … type of illusion they desire, or fear, but the second that someone figures out “It’s not real! … then the illusions will wear off, … as a result people with Enhanced Senses might be able to see through it IF they can overcome the trickery being exacted on their minds.

Think of Scarecrow’s “fear” gas and how everyone just loses their minds when they inhale it. That’s how real these illusions can feel.

Power 3: Fear Manipulation: Crevan can bring the fears of oneself and others to life. How? He can see your darkest fears.

Power 4: Pain Inducement: Can cause a person pain by psychologically making them feel the pain.  Similar to the movie “Mirrors,” if he targets you, and hurts himself… The pain will actually be felt by whoever he’s focused on.

Power 5: He can make an infinite amount of copies of himself. None will be as a strong as the original, but unless you cut them all down you won’t stop him. He is like an army of ants that just keeps coming.

Extra Notes: Crevan’s inner world/pocket universe is comprised of mirrors/reflective surfaces. Within each mirror is a reflection of himself; but each reflection could be performing different tasks. If you visit his home, there is always at least one room just filled with mirrors. When he doesn’t travel through the void, he will use mirrors as a mode of transportation.


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