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Hello Chip! It's nice to meet you dear! You seem very sweet and kind, and I hope you are enjoying your time in this other timeline today. My name is Wingdin Aster, I'm another timeline's Doctor Gaster. Which is like your 'Crazy G'. If you are ever in my timeline, you are very welcome to come to my house, okay? I would very much appreciate your company dear. And do not be worrying about your mother to much, with time differences you will at least be home for dinner, I'm sure of it!

“I, uh, appreciate the offer, I really do, but… I think I need to go sit down or somethin’… ”

“This is all… this is all a lot to take in… sorry… ”

* Chip has left the room.

the signs as festival trends
  • aries: the offensive cultural appropriated feathered headdress
  • taurus: high waisted shorts
  • gemini: pizza nipple pasties
  • cancer: holographic choker
  • leo: glitter gel "space paste/jam" all over their scalp, shoulders, cheek bones, and nose
  • virgo: bedazzled bras
  • libra: fitted neon onesie
  • scorpio: leather cutout bikini thong piece
  • sagittarius: light up platform sneakers
  • capricorn: pleated see-through skirt
  • aquarius: sticker jewels
  • pisces: goddess headband
Things I Like (as demonstrated by Sebastian Stan)

the jaw thing:

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the bicep thing:

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the arm thing:

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the back thing:

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the hip thing:

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the hip bone thing:

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the shoulder thing:

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the butt thing:

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the boob thing:

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the leg thing:

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the whatever this is:

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[Insp] @friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman yours are bomb af and I could not stop laughing so I just had to

[Chris Evans]

How do you tell an alien about the stuff we attach to our skeletons as a way of not letting a trauma fuck our bodies up? I mean, have you ever seen  a Fixateure externe? We bolt an external metal structure to an already damaged bone (and the other bones that need it for stability in the joint) so it’s at the correct lenght for mending itself without the boneends moving accidentally too far away and forming a pseudarthrosis.

Because you better believe our bodies will do that if left alone. It renders the bodypart effing useless.

Also, we sometimes just stick a titanium rod through hollow bones to fix them. Not getting in detail, but just imagine.

You are at the spaceport, and suddenly something weird shows up on one of the monitors. In a human body, so the possibility of the readings being accurate just went from no-way to oh-my-gosh-what’s-it-again. Anyway, you make your way to the waiting terran spacers. Ask if they are aware of there being a rather severe and concentrated metal-deposit in their… shoulder bone, clavicle your computer tells you it’s called.

You see the moment they understand, and most just start snickering and the affected human just starts… cursing… ‘alien airport detectors’.

They show you the medical papers shortly after that. You stare at them, turn your translator off and on again (a habit you picked up from a human acquaintance, actually…), then decide not to bother them anymore. You make a note of it and send it to your superior to do as they please. Because no. Protesis, even endoprotesis you can understand, but those are state-of-art medical devices. 

Not a piece of titanium in the bonemarrow.

Things I Like (as demonstrated by Chris Evans)

the jaw thing:

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the bicep thing:

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the arm thing:

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the back thing:

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The dorito ratio thing:

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the hip bone thing:

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the shoulder thing: 

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the butt thing:

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the whole body laugh thing:

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the whatever this is:

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[Insp] Guys I took the idea from @friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman’s spn ones which are amazing and made me laugh so hard.

[Sebastian Stan]

Cookie was a stray I rescued after she was attacked by a dog (her entire shoulder bone was sticking out). Here she is trying to roll around on my bed overestimating how much space she has.

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.

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ok ok for the langst thing, lance is having a bad day or something and someone (you can decide who) gives him a hug and he jus breaks down sobbing because it reminds him of his mom (going off of the moment at the party when he says he misses his moms hugs) sorry this is badly written bYE

*folds hands nicely* thank you for your ask


- Lets start with the leader of the group and space dad, shiro. He finds Lance sulking in the observatory with a look on his face Shiro hasn’t seen on the blue paladin before. He looks tired, but not just tired, exhausted. In every meaning of the word. Shiro himself is used to the feeling but seeing it on such a carefree positive soul hurts his heart. He walks over to Lance and sits down next to him, hesitant to put his hand on Lance’s shoulder, and only then does the blue paladin come out of his homesick trance.

With a quick plastered on smile and tired eyes, he greets Shiro and though his voice holds no annoyance, Shiro can tell Lance doesn’t want him there. Doesn’t want to burden him, or worry him with his own stupid problems. The ache in Shiro’s heart grows and he hesitates to get closer, he doesn’t know Lance that well but he knows he needs someone and its Shiro’s job and a leader and family member to reassure him. (Also Lance staring out into space reminded Shiro of a heartbroken puppy, needing love and affection)

He pulls Lance into a slightly awkward hug. But once he hears the paladin sob and bury his face in his shoulder, it becomes bone-crushing. Lance then clutches back and weeps while weakly trying to tell Shiro about everything, his homesickness, his insecurities, his feelings. Shiro can’t understand but he just rubs Lance’s back and shushes him. Promising everything would be okay and never letting him go.

- Next is Hunk, the yellow paladin had woken up early from a bad dream he cant even remember and decided he should just have breakfast early instead of uselessly trying to go back to sleep.

A giant empty castle is not only lonely but creepy too, so naturally, he decides to wake up Lance. They were close enough that Hunk wouldn’t be anxious about bothering him and he could make it up to him by cooking something if he really disturbed his friend’s beauty sleep. When he gets to his room he doesn’t waste his time knocking, knowing his friend would have Pidge’s headphones on to help him sleep. He opens the door and almost does a double take on what he sees.

Lance sitting up with his pillow crushed in his embrace, weeping into the fabric and shaking violently. Hunk assumes Lance had the same problem as him and had a nightmare and immediately acts. Grabbing a pillow with one hand and stroking Lance’s hair with the other, the yellow paladin had his friend in his arms, one arm cradling his back whilst the other still stroked his hair comfortingly.

He began to reassure Lance that they all had nightmares and it was okay to talk to him. He started listing the blurry details of the dream he had before Lance coughed out a sob, weeping hard enough to struggle breathing. Hunk tries to soothe him for a while and after a few minutes Lance’s sobbing calmed down to gasping breaths. His grip on Hunk’s shoulders turn harsh and tells him it wasn’t a dream. Hunk freezes and asks what it was that made him cry. Lance whispers, “Myself.”

- Now we have Pidge, working hard on her computer whilst everyone is sleeping. Or should be. After a few hours when Pidge’s eyes start to sting from staring at a screen for so long, the mice come to her acting more frantic then usual. She asks them whats wrong (as if they could answer) before she realizes two of them are missing. Assuming the worst, she gets up and asks the remaining mice to guide her to the others. They run off into the dark halls and Pidge certainly didn’t expect what she found.

Lance, curled up with tears in his eyes, quietly venting to the mice on his shoulder and in his hair (seemingly trying to comfort him) Pidge listens in to hear him crying over his family, and the way he talks of his siblings reminds her of her own. She realizes how much of a brother Lance has been to him over their time in space and clutches her sweatshirt as he begins to speak about his flaws and insecurities. She listens and listens and knows she shouldn’t but she can’t help but eavesdrop and let guilt fill her as she hadn’t been a good little sister to the blue paladin as he was to her.

At one point she cant listen anymore and practically collapses onto Lance, frantically apologizing and sympathizing with his longing for his family. She rambles and rambles, afraid when she stops Lance will yell at her for listening to things that weren’t her business. But sometime through her rant, Lance’s hand comes up to stroke her hair and she stops instantly. Looking up at the boy she saw tears pouring from his eyes, seemingly not affecting the growing smile on his face. A smile that showed…relief. They continue to vent to each other, crying in each others arms.

- And last but not least, Keith. Going off to the training room as he did everyday, he noticed something off, the sounds of metal clanging and laser shots came from within. Once he opened the door, he saw Lance training, but he wasn’t the same as the goofy paladin he argued with that morning. That paladin always had a smile on his face, tries to find a joke in every situation to lighten the mood but this paladin was not him. This paladin, let out an aura of frustration. His everything just screamed with anger, lack of patience, and spite.

Keith was snapped out of it when the gladiator landed a nasty kick to Lance’s side and watched his paladin fly back with a yelp of pain. He flinched when the blue paladin yelled out with frustration and practically growled, “End the simulation.” Keith was about to step in when Lance grabbed his bayard only to throw it against the wall with a shout.

Keith coughed in an attempt to grab his attention but it went unnoticed as his teammate picked his bayard back up and ordered the simulation to start again. Keith crossed his arms and waited, watched Lance hastily aim all around his enemy but only landing two shots. Usually the paladin kept his cool, was patient when aiming for the right shot but here he was, well, a lot more like Keith. Right before the gladiator landed another nasty hit, Keith took action.

“End simulation!”

Lance whipped around and saw Keith, arms crossed with an angry look on his face. Well, he almost always looked angry but here he was obviously thinking. Hard.

Probably judging how awful Lance was at fighting. And after a solid minute of silence, Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

“Don’t just stand there! Go on! Tell me what a fuck up i am!”

Keith’s expression dropped.

“When will I be good enough for you?! For anyone!” His voice wavered as he yelled at the ground. Then he gave up, and let the tears fall. Keith slowly walked towards his friend before letting a few tears of his own fall.

“You always were.” And he pulled Lance into a hug that was instantly returned.

I just love how Tord has this robot arm which almost definetly wouldn’t work to standards

It has to be attached to specific parts of his shoulder and bones n nerves to work and move properly

and you can bet your ass it glitches or freezes or doesnt work right for hours on end anf hes sitting there tryna fix it with his shaky left hand and with his hurt eye, little depth perception

Maybe hes painting or reading and in the middle of a brush stroke his arm jerks across the FU CK ING PAPER AND BOY HE S DED


I’ve been watching TV series and movies my whole life , literally; never have I been able to see myself in any of the female protagonists; it was always the short , petite , cute girl , vulnerable , broken as she was , with the perfect make up , the perfect hair , the perfect smile , the perfect outfit , that got to experience love and acceptance ; And just as I’m about to give up on the idea of actually witnessing a character breaking down and destroying that stereotype , Gwendoline comes with her immense talent to bring to life Brienne; finally , a tall , strong , independent woman , with broad shoulders and the bone structure that could tear dragons to pieces, shows up; a female protagonist who doesn’t cry just to attract male attention , a character that does not expect to be saved , a character that literally kicks ass and stays true to her values even though everyone around her does the opposite; a tall girl who actually steals the guy’s heart ( THEY’RE GETTING TOGETHER WITH JAIME , SO STFU). As a tall girl , that fits no criteria , I salute and thank you;

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Pavlovian Boner

Characters: Bones x Reader

A/N: based on the conversations started by @bkwrm523 and @medicatemedrmccoy about how “Lee” prompts an unwanted boner.  Sorry it’s a little short, but i can definitely do a sequel… ;) enjoy babes

Warnings: it’s all sexual references and boners


tags: @annalisehartmann @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl

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Fanfiction - My Brother’s Lass (Part Twelve)

This isn’t a drill. It is, indeed, the long awaited penultimate chapter of MBL!! You can find all the previous parts here.

My Brother’s Lass (Part Twelve) – Redeemed

Dead bodies don’t talk – and yet, they scream.

There is something deeply disturbing about a corpse, which goes beyond the smell of rotten flesh and decaying things. Something that compels us to look away, to hide, fearing that we might get a glance of our own fate. To touch a dead person is to knock on a newly left home – still warm but jarring in its emptiness, vacant windows in the eyes of an elapsed soul.

It’s not the dead we fear, frightened beyond reason at the sight of a cadaver- but the line that separates us from them, getting thinner and more real with each spent heartbeat.

I could barely breathe underneath the pile of dead men, laying over me like grotesque blankets. I struggled to inhale in shallow and quick gasps, afraid I would start to retch and vomit, revealing my presence on the back of the wagon. And – I must admit – dismayed with the thought of my soul deciding to make an escape to join theirs.

It had seemed a daring but suitable plan, born in Claire’s mind as we scouted the outside of Fort William, looking for a possible entrance. A disjointed wagon, conducted by a cross-eyed man with a cleft lip, had chosen that moment to swing on its wheels towards the prison. A dark cloud of flies accompanied the march, as small widows immersed in grief, dutifully crying on a wake. Soon enough wee had been able to see the bodies stored in the back, collected over the barracks down the road, to be accounted for and dispensed by the garrison.

“Hm.” Claire had hummed, shielding her eyes from the downing sun to take a better glance at the sad procession, as we hid in the vegetation nearby.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to locate the redcoats on the niches – a well-guarded place, crawling with young soldiers, eager to prove themselves to their King. “I ken that sound means ye’re up to something.”

“Well,” She pursed her lips in thoughtfulness. “How do you feel about an early funeral?”

I gave her a half-amused, half-puzzled look. “Not even marrit yet and ye already looking forward to be a widow, Sassenach?”

“You did say the only way to get in is through the gate.” Claire shrugged and pointed vaguely to the wagon, the driver now saluting the sentinel to ask for permission to enter. “Unless you have a secret army you have been planning to tell me all about, this seems like a way to get in without being killed outright.”

“Are ye seriously suggesting I disguise myself amongst the dead to enter?” I raised a brow, aghast. She gave me a look of unwavering conviction. “And how do ye suppose we were to get out, if I manage to rescue my brother?”

“Haven’t got that far on the plan, I’m afraid.” Claire conceded. “But time is running out. The next round of executions will take place in a couple of days – we must act now or Willie will be forever lost.”

“Aye.” I swallowed hard, watching the wagon disappear behind the gates, one bare foot – almost grey in colour - dangling from the back as an uncanny wave of goodbye. “We’ll manage.”

“We have to do something about your hair. Red Jamie.” Her eyes bore into mine, concerned and supportive, silently apologizing for the harsh words. “If someone sees you helping William, they’ll know who you are instantly. Before you can say “Humpty Dumpty!” Lallybroch will be crawling with English soldiers and you’ll be the next one arrested, waiting for the hangman to tie his ropes.” Her hand searched mine and gripped it. “I can’t have that.”

“I dinna know about Mister Humpty Dumpty, but I ken yer meaning.” I nodded, my free hand mindlessly brushing the red cowlicks of my hair. “Give me yer wee knife, mo nighean donn.”

I recalled the feeling of misplaced tranquillity that descended over me that afternoon, while I sat next to the weeping stream, Claire’s hands upon me. Her fingers trembled a little – and yet her work was precise and decided, baring me of the red streaks that had defined so much of myself through my lifetime. My fallen hair sprawled at our feet, sometimes kissed and swept away by the breeze, a cloak I could no longer use for shelter because it was so strikingly associated with who I was.

When she was done, Claire had placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned over to kiss the naked top of my head – her lips parted and quivering, like a prayer. I held her waist and placed my forehead against her heart, wordlessly asking for her blessing. A warrior preparing for battle, already walking on the outskirts of afterlife - if not for the hold she still had over me, enough to keep me with her. Claire would always keep me grounded. The heart out of my chest, which I had chosen without a second thought.

I groped my bald skull and smirked, attempting to sound more cheerful than I truly was. “Red Jamie no more.”

“Always Red Jamie.” Claire caressed my lips and smiled, sheathing her sgian dubh in its scabbard. “Always my Jamie.”

The wagon jostled along the path and I faintly heard the driver making his usual greeting to the soldier on duty, making a crude remark about his gruesome commodity. The sound of something heavy being open, more laughter, wheels complaining – and then we were across the short bridge and into the Fort’s courtyard. I sighed in relief and instantly regretted it, the moment my nostrils were filled with the smell of blood and loosened bowels.

When we stopped, I opened an eye to spy the ghastly driver heading out to an inner door, dutifully taking the documents he carried with the day’s account. Clenching my teeth, I rolled over like a conniving lizard and peeked through a crevice on the side of the transport. We had arrived during ration hours – no soul within sight. Regretfully smiling to my nearest companion – his eyes still open in shock, death coming much too soon to his expectations, his teeth the colour of old parchment – I slid from the embrace of the dead and into firm land of the living.

I knew where Willie was being kept – Claire had made me an accurate description, the same memory and confidence she applied to her treatments serving her well in that purpose. My heart jumped, hammering against my ribs every time I made a turn in a corridor, each time I dissolved against the shadows to avoid detection by passing patrols. I touched the hidden dirk against my thigh and prayed “Not yet. Please, not before I find him”.

I came to his cell, deep in the guts of the Fort. The guard in the corridor was lulled by prolonged inactivity – he barely struggled when I trapped his neck with my arm, pressing enough for him to faint. I knew the risk of someone discovering the intrusion was getting greater by the minute – expeditiously grabbed the chain of keys from his belt and headed towards the cell’s door.  

He had been left in complete darkness. I opened the locked door, holding the small candle I had recovered from the guard’s table.

Willie was asleep, curled in a defensive posture, his back against the door. I walked slowly, afraid of scaring him enough for him to make a loud noise. As I approached, I noticed the bruises on his face, the sickening array of green and grey.

“Willie.” I whispered, touching him on the shoulder – the bones protruding, closer to the surface. He came awake like a man coming for air after prolonged immersion, gasping with his eyes wide open.

“Dinna touch me!” William croaked, his hands shielding his head. “Let me be! Please! Please!”

Bi samhach!” I hugged him gently trying to silence him, crouching next to him on the filthy floor. “It’s me. Jamie.” And then, noticing his unhinged gaze, I resumed to talk in Gaidhlig, feeling that the soothing ancient words would distance him from the nightmares of his captivity. “Seas, a brathair.”

Sawny?” He sobbed, his hands turned into claws, seeking to feel the contact of my flesh. “Seamus, is that ye, a bhalaich?”

“Aye, ‘tis me – hairless, but me.” I held his face between my hands. “I told ye I’d come for ye.”

“I thought I’d never see ye again.” Willie confessed in a broken voice, hugging me with abandon. “Not in this life, at least.”

“Ye should have known I’m too pig-headed to allow such a thing.” I said in jest, helping him to sit up. “We have to go, Willie. There’s not much time.”

“I’m too weak.” He glared at me, his lips chapped. “Ye have to leave me here, Jamie. We won’t make it if you take me with ye.”

“I’m not leaving ye!” I retorted in an assertive tone. “Both of us will walk out of this prison or none of us will.”

“Ye have to.” He insisted, agitated, trying to force me to understand. “Randall – the English captain – he’s the darkest soul I ever encountered on this earth. He thrives on his wicked ways and his desires aren’t meant for this world. He’s the lowest of demons, a creature of destruction – he canna see ye, Jamie. If he’s made aware of yer existence, he’ll want ye.” He gulped, an intense tremor taking over his body. “Ye aren’t marked – not in a visible way, as I am. Ye are everything he wanted to be and isn’t and for that he’ll try to possess it – and when he discovers himself unable to, he’ll try to destroy it. Ye’ll destroy you.”

“I dinna fear him, Willie.” I assured him in a calm voice, even if every hair on my arms stood on end. “It’s leaving ye behind that would destroy me. Blood of my blood, aye?”

“Ye should fear him. The things he is capable of…” Willie said between clenched teeth, fighting pain as I forced him to stand. “Leave, Jamie. I’d only ask of ye that ye see Claire safe. That ye make her happy, for as long as she might want ye.”

“Claire loves ye too, a brathair.” I said with gentleness. “She would never speak to me again if I dinna take ye out of this place – probably would stab me herself. Neither of us would know a moment of happiness for the rest of our lives.”

“She sure is a fierce wee thing.” He offered me the ghost of a smile and walked by my side, dragging his left leg, his arm around my shoulders for support. He was indeed exhausted, spent from days of fear and hunger, his leg badly bruised – or even broken – from one of his last beatings. “Thinking of her – of ye both – has kept me sane between these walls. If I never see her again, please tell her that…”

“Ye can tell her yerself, brother.” I stopped him, giving him a lopsided smile. “I’m sure she’ll appreciate it more coming from ye.”

Slowly we climbed up the stairs towards the tower. I was grunting with the effort of almost carrying William on my arms – and acutely aware that only a miracle could make us avoid detection, given the pace in which we were moving.

As we came around a corner, an officer almost bumped into us. What followed was a short fight, awkwardly restrained on the small space of the corridor, ending when I clubbed him on the head with my dirk’s handle.

We could hear loud screams coming from downstairs, urgent and angry like a wild beast awakening, urging us to run away. I pulled William with me, ignoring his incessant pleas to leave him behind – I was determined to save him, even if it meant I’d lose my life or freedom. This was my road of redemption – the journey to regain the right to call him my brother, after all the deception and grievances I had inflicted upon him.

Eventually we stood on the battlement above the courtyard, soldiers gathering and screaming, pointing at our figures with accusing fingers. The frenetic sound of trained soldiers running up the stairs in our direction crushed the insides of my head, until all I could hear was the echo of the end coming, marching towards us with an English accent.

“Do ye trust me?” I asked roughly, my hand gripping the back of William’s stained shirt. His blue eyes bore into mine – a spark of past resentment and heartbreak, but then the limpid acknowledgment of earned faith.

A-chaoidh.” He nodded. Always.

I turned to the other side, facing the cold dark waters bellow us – menacing in their unknown depth.  William’s breathing was laboured and superficial, as he realized what I was about to do.

I took his hand, crushing it inside my own, and we jumped together, diving into a sea yet to prove itself merciful. And as we blazed into the sky, our joined hands exploded in heartrending pain, one single bullet shot through them – making us again one flesh, one blood.

Chocobro’s Scenario's

The boys can’t stop touching their S/O.


  • Noctis would come home after a morning of training with Gladio.
  • Tired and exhausted, they would plop down on the couch and call out to their s/o to see if they’re home.
  • When he gets no answer, he wanders to their shared bedroom and lays on the bed with the intent to take a nap.
  • That’s when their s/o comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, having just gotten out of the shower.
  • Noctis turns over, giving them a small smile in greeting as they come over to the bed and give him a chaste kiss to the lips before going to the closet to change.
  • When they come back, Noctis is sitting up on his elbows, watching them.
  • His s/o comes over and crawls next to them in bed, kisses them, then he sits up, laying their head in his lap as he absently plays with their wet hair.
  • They look up at him, noticing he looks tired and suggests they nap, but he shakes his head and continues to play with their hair.
  • As well as drawing little patterns on their collar bones and shoulders, revealed by their sleeveless shirt.
  • His s/o just revels in his small touches, wondering why he’s being so affectionate and choosing to do that instead of take a nap, his favorite past time.
  • They choose not to question it and close their eyes, relaxing at his touch.
  • Not to long later, Noctis does choose to take a nap, but not before pulling his s/o as close as he can and snuggling up with them before they both fall asleep.


  • The boys had just made it to Lestallum, it was later in the early afternoon and made their way to Talcott’s hotel.
  • Noctis decided to take a small nap, while Ignis choose to go to a nearby store and pick up a few thing, and Prompto wandered off, with the passing words that he would go take some pictures around town.
  • Gladio chose to stay in the hotel along with Noctis, going out on a balcony that accompanied their room and pulled out his book to read, waiting for his s/o that promised him a visit when him and the boys arrived.
  • He got a text from his s/o. “Hey, I just got to the hotel, where are you?”
  • He texted them back with, “I’m upstairs in room 110, the doors open for you babe.”
  • He waited the short time for them to come upstairs and when they do, he hears the door open and little shuffling sounds that he can easily tell is his s/o trying to sneak around the bed to avoid waking Noctis.
  • Gladio chuckles to himself before setting his book down and turning around in the chair he was in, to look right at his s/o as they walk onto the balcony, smiling brightly as they see him.
  • He extends his hand out to them, which they gladly take before Gladio pulls them towards him, moving his hands to their hips and pulling them into his lap.
  • His s/o chuckles but turns sideways on his lap so they can still see him as he tilts his head up to give them a kiss.
  • Gladio quickly deepens the kiss before just as quickly pulling away, choosing to wrap his arms around his s/o and rest his chin on their shoulder.
  • They then sit there, trading recent stories back and forth, having been apart for a while now, all the while Gladio is running his hands up and down their arms.
  • And moving his hand to their back to rub gentle circles along their spine.
  • And then moving his other hand to the top of their thigh and running his fingers up and down the length of it absently.
  • His s/o then trails off in favor of savoring the feeling of his gentle touches, Gladio just smiling happily, watching them relax in his arm.
  • After a few minutes in silence, they speak up and ask Gladio why he was being so affectionate today.
  • To which he only answered that it was because he missed them after being apart for quite a while.
  • But really, he just couldn’t get enough of touching his s/o, and showing his love in such a gentle way.


  • A day at the beach!
  • Prompto, his s/o, and the rest of the chocobro’s decide it’s as best a time as any to take a day off and go to the beach in Galdin Quay.
  • Noticing that people were staring at his gorgeous s/o from the minute they got there, he decided it was time for a distraction.
  • He drags his s/o to the water first, grabbing their hand and walking into the water.
  • His s/o smiles as they watch Prompto doing funny swimming maneuvers in the water, making ridiculous puns about him being a fish.
  • The both of them laugh and he gives her a quick kiss, enjoying their time swimming in the water together while the other chocobro’s do their own thing.
  • That’s when Prompto starts a splash fight.
  • It’s on.
  • His s/o retaliates his splashes with their own before Prompto dives in the water and grabs their waist to drag them under with him.
  • Once he resurfaces, they look around to see where his s/o is and notices they haven’t come up yet.
  • Worried, he looks all around, fails to see them and starts to panic.
  • That’s until they pop up behind him, wrapping their arms around his shoulders and say boo in his ear.
  • Prompto jumps and blushes embarrassed that his s/o managed to surprise him, and suggests they get out of the water to sit on the rock near by and relax after their play fight.
  • They agree and Prompto takes their hand, grabbing a towel and leads them to the rock, helping them climb up first before going up himself and sitting behind them.
  • He wraps his arms around them, as his s/o snuggles closer and they watch the other people on the beaches around them.
  • Prompto takes the towel and slowly dries off his s/o’s arms, then legs, then belly and they complain that it tickles.
  • He sets the towel and snuggles his face in the crook of their neck before whispering something to his s/o.
  • When they ask what he says, having not heard his muffled words, he replies with, “You look super cute in that swimsuit, and I wanted you for myself, away from everyone’s eyes. So stay here with me?”
  • They couldn’t say no.


  • Ignis had a full day of working for the crown in the capital city while his s/o had a full day of working at their job as well.
  • He came back to their shared apartment before them and got started on dinner.
  • When his s/o came home, exhausted and sore, they hear noise in the kitchen and make their way to see what’s going on.
  • An immediate smile graces their face at the site of a tired Ignis making them dinner.
  • His s/o walks right over to him and hugs him from behind, a bright smile on their face as they kiss his shoulder.
  • “Aren’t you tired? You had a long day at work too I assume, you don’t have to make dinner too, we can order out.”
  • “Don’t worry, I could never be too exhausted to refrain from making my love dinner.”
  • “You amaze me everyday Ignis.”
  • He smiles and continues cooking, telling them to go take a quick shower to relax and he’ll be done with dinner when they’re done.
  • And that he is.
  • They both eat his delicious meal he made for them and talk about their day.
  • After dinner, both sharing the dishes responsibility, they head to the living room to watch a light hearted movie together and relax.
  • Ignis lets his s/o stretch out, with their feet in his lap as he gives them a foot massage.
  • His s/o insists to give him a massage as well but he refuses, saying he wants to pamper his love.
  • They shake their head but accept anyway, before snuggling into his side.
  • Ignis spends the remainder of the movie giving his s/o little kisses, and running his fingers up and down their arms and side.
  • They eventually both fall asleep, with Ignis’s head resting on their shoulder and his arms wrapped tightly around them.
Bright Ideas

Characters: Jim Kirk x Bones x Reader

Warnings: oh my god.  so many.  threesome, unprotected sex, oral sex, fingering, general filth..dirty talk, slight come play? it’s just pwp

A/N: it’s just filth.  god i hate y’all.  Also it’s super unedited.  sorry.  i’ll fix anything tomorrow

words: 2619

tags: @medicatemedrmccoy @imoutofmyvulcanmind @yourtropegirl @ravengirl94 @feelmyroarrrr @outside-the-government @jimtkirkisabitch @hellhoundsandunicorns @daybreak96

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anonymous asked:

Could you do an AU where Kirk and Bones are each others' "one that got away"? Maybe to make it less fatalistic, they could be reunited 10-20 years later.

  • Jim and Bones start dating pretty early on in the academy. And by dating, really, it’s just them hanging out and having sex, drinking and very much not talking about their feelings for each other. Jim thinks he’s just a rebound; Bones has been pretty depressed over that whole divorce, after all. Besides, Jim doesn’t do actual relationships. Bones never sees him as such, though, but he doesn’t think of it as serious either. Jim doesn’t do serious, and even if he did, who’d want someone like Bones? 
  • They work so well together, though. Finding comfort in each other’s company. They spend weekends in bed just gossiping, laughing at dumb inside jokes, eating pizza and fast food in bed, naked and content while watching TV. Studying together works, too. Overall, it’s a pretty good deal. They work together, especially knowing that this is only a temporary thing, anyway. It’s easy, it’s safe. It doesn’t require anything complicated. Or, y’know, talk about where this is going.
  • When those feelings start becoming more serious, though, both of them start becoming more wary of it ending. Because that was the deal, right? An unspoken agreement about this being only temporary. 
  • Bones is probably the first to crack. Because Jim is naturally flirty, which is usually fine, but Bones starts dropping things like: “why don’t you talk to that girl? She looks interested,” he tells Jim when they’re in the bar, and Jim shrugs. “I guess,” he replies, “what about you? Plenty hot people here.” “I guess,” Bones repeats, “would you want that, then? Going home with someone else?” Jim narrows his eyes, neither of them really wanting to talk serious quite yet, and perhaps the bar isn’t really a place to do so. “Can we just enjoy a drink - or six?”
  • But it’s Jim who actually ends things once summer rolls around. They’ve been bickering all day, their exams are almost over and Jim’s initial plan was to spend all summer together with Bones. Finding out that Bones made other plans, though, it’s kind of hurtful to know Bones is going to spend all summer with his ex wife and his kid. Even if they’re separated, Jim remembers how miserable Bones was over Jocelyn. It’s a childish move, probably a dick move, too, but Jim suggest they separate so Bones can do “whatever the hell he wants”, and so can Jim. Bones looks hurt, naturally, but he agrees. Most of summer, Jim spends alone being hurt over Bones agreeing to separate.
  • Jim thinks they’re back together post-summer when Bones shows up again. It’s like he’s almost forgotten about it, but Bones simply smiles and offers him a bottle of Georgian moonshine. They drink it together, but Bones doesn’t initiate any intimacy, and so Jim decides not to, either. They did break up, after all, but they have no one else to turn to besides each other, and so they remain friends anyway.
  • There are definitely times Jim thinks he loves Bones. When the other drags him on to the Enterprise after he’s temporarily suspended. When Bones stands proudly next to him when Jim becomes a captain. He doesn’t think about it when it happens, but Bones just quietly sitting with him and holding him after Pike’s death is something so immensely valuable to Jim, he can’t even put it in words. He knows Bones’ feelings must be mutual when the other brings him back from the death, but he can’t get himself to talk about it with him. Bones is just always going to be the one he has a thing for. Someone he loves but can’t ever be together with again, because Jim broke up in the first place. And anyway, it’s been so long, surely Bones moved on with his life.
  • Until Krall happens. Jim spends some time in the medical wing in York Town once it’s all over, though besides a black eye, he’ll be fine. Though by the time he gets to his quarters, Bones is waiting for him. “Hey,” Jim says, shrugging off his leather jacket. “what are you doing here?” “I wanted to see if you were okay,” Bones says, getting up from the couch and walking up to him. “I’m fine,” Jim replies, smiling fondly when Bones reaches out to gently run his finger just under the outline of his black eye. “You went to a different doctor to get yourself checked out?” “You were still trying to land the fucking plane,” Jim replies, and Bones laughs. “Shut the hell up.” “Make me.” Jim says it before he even realizes it, but Bones obliges. He leans in and kisses him. Jim finds himself pressed against the wall, his own arms circling around Bones’ shoulders to keep the other close. It’s been many years, and yet kissing him still feels the same.
  • “Where are you going?” Jim asks. Bones is just sitting up straight in bed, legs thrown over the edge of his bed, and Jim watches the other pull his underwear back on. “Bathroom,” Bones replies, “is that okay with you or what?” Jim huffs, turning to lie on his back instead. “Thought you were leaving, for a second.” “Well, do you want me to?” Bones asks. “No,” Jim replies, a little too quickly, maybe, because Bones raises an eyebrow at him. “No,” Jim repeats, “I really don’t.” Bones smiles, and he leans in just enough to press another gentle kiss on his lips. “Don’t worry,” Bones says, “I’m not going anywhere.”