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How to Deaf Culture

I’m about to go attend a deaf event, so I decided to write this quick little list! A lot of my followers don’t know any ASL or even what ASL is (American Sign Language) , so here’s a guide for if you’re ever around Deaf people and how to respect them!

  •  DO NOT use the term “hearing impaired”. Good willed people like to use it for political correctness, but to the Deaf Community, it’s offensive because they are proud to be Deaf. They embrace their deafness and the lifestyle that comes with it.
  • TAP, don’t YELL. Yes, unbelievable, I know. They’re deaf. So yelling in their faces won’t help you or them one bit. Besides that, waving obnoxiously to get a deaf persons’ attention is also rude. Simply give a little tap on the shoulder to alert them, unless you’re facing their front! If coming up from behind, give a little tap! If not, a small wave will be fine.
  • ASL is not a direct translation of English. It is its’ own language, something like Korean or Mandarin or French and so forth. ASL has its own grammar structure and rules, so signing direct English is technically incorrect. If you accidently sign in PSE (pigeon-signed-english) which is direct translation, whoever you are signing with will most likely remind you/correct you to sign in the technical structure.
  • ASL is not universal. There is no count of how many signed languages there are, just like how it’s difficult to get an accurate number of spoken languages! The point is, there is British Sign Language, German Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, and so on and so forth. For Deaf who go overseas frequently or attend international meetings, there is an improvised form of sign language, but not so much that it is a learned sign language.
  • If using an interpreter, talk directly to the deaf person. Facing the interpreter is like saying that the deaf person is not there, which is extremely rude. The interpreter will catch on and interpret even if you’re not facing them, that’s their job.
  • Breaking eye contact is rude. In the hearing world, eye contact isn’t as important because we can look at one thing but still listen to the speaker. In the deaf world, eye contact must be made while conversing to show respect.
  • “S…L…O…W…L…Y” is a no.  Many deaf persons can read lips. Does that mean you should mouth every syllable of a word at a snails’ pace when talking to a deaf person? No. It’s like having the same done to you. Also, though it may be done with good intentions, it often comes off as stuck-up/having the higher power. Speak normally.
  • Don’t be scared! The Deaf Community loves to sign and help students learning ASL. If you have basic knowledge of it, then approach them politely and introduce yourself! Especially if at a deaf event, Deaf are more than happy to warmly greet you and sign. There’s no need to hold back! Just remember that Deaf Culture is different from Hearing.

I encourage you to learn ASL/your countrys’ sign language if you’re curious! Learn from classes, because online diagrams will not give you the correct forms. Sign language is a beautiful form of communication , along with the people in the community! Remember, every culture has its differences, and Deaf Culture is no exception!

Did You Know it’s CANON facts that steve Rogers’ shoulder is the Ultimate Perfect Height for Tony’s Stark’s chin 2 rest on when he’s exhausted n tired and just needs somewhere to put his head.

Squip and post-squip partially deaf jeremy head canons:

  • the first thing the squip did was make jeremy take out his aids because “your attractiveness will increase by sixty-eight percent without them. I am more than equipped to improve your hearing. I will now repair your hearing”
  • for the first time since his accident the summer before freshman year jeremy can hear everything perfectly again and it’s wonderful.
  • in fact it’s part of the reason why he trusts the squip initially: he’s already worked this miracle
  • Michael sees jeremy in the hallway after being abandoned at the mall and goes to tap him lightly on the shoulder like he always does to alert jeremy that he’s there. Jer just stares right through him before walking away. there are no hearing aids in his ears but he seems to hear whatever brooke lohst is saying to him because he’s laughing with her and why in the hell is he talking to brooke lohst and not stuttering or reading her lips??
  • the silence between them is deafening for three months
  • the first thing jeremy notices after waking up from his three day coma is that his ears hurt like crazy. and that his perfect hearing is gone again. 
  • it takes him a while to adjust again to his partial deafness. he’s frustrated and upset on top of the rest of his guilt and unease after the squip incident. he purposefully goes to school without his aids in, trying to close himself off and keep the voices in his head to a muffled minimum
  • then there’s a hand gently tapping him on the shoulder, alerting him that someone’s there. Michael, his hood pulled up. he can see that his aids aren’t in
  • “where are they?” he signs. Jeremy’s forgotten how much asl michael’s picked up over the last three years
  • “at home” he signs back. and he just wants michael to drop it, he shouldn’t be bothering michael after all he’s put him through, but then that hand is pulling him towards the parking lot and they’re getting in the pt cruiser and michael has the music turned up loud enough for jeremy to feel the vibrations through his seat and he wants to cry because after everything, even after all he’s put him through, michael still cares about him
  • they go back to jeremy’s house so he can get his aids and jeremy tells him about the squip fixing his hearing and all the other things it did to him. they have a long talk. they reaffirm their friendship. they listen to each other.
  • they rebuild their trust together. 

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)

Alpha and Omega

warnings for language, gore, violence, death/murder 
(named OC)

No characters from J.K. Rowling’s works are present within this work aside from mentioning as a part of fictional history. This work also features no storyline from Rowling’s works–characters and plot are original to this story alone. Any similarities are completely coincidental.

best to read this on your browser or desktop, tumblr app doesn’t like long fics. Feedback on this would be so appreciated. This took a long time.

ps - happy birthday, jungkook, you one of a kind angel boy.

listen to the playlist here

Originally posted by jeonilys

A crack sounds in the silence of his apartment and he jumps in his seat, whipping his head toward the direction from which the noise came, only to see her sitting on the floor, legs splayed out in a straddle. Her chest heaves with breath, skin sallow and sickly, eyes screwed shut and brows furrowed in pain.

“What the fuck?” he asks, and her eyes snap open to him.

She takes in a ragged breath, keeping her eyes on him as she starts feeling for the small leather pack she’s got around her hips, bringing the pouch to the front and unsnapping it.

“Sorry,” she says. “I just needed a safe place for a few minutes, I’ll leave and you’ll never know I’ve been here.”

“What the fuck?” he repeats, unable to ask anything else.

She lets out a rough laugh, the curled corners of her mouth giving him a sneer of smile, though not out of malice. Her skin is sticky with perspiration, the flyaways of her hair sticking to her face and pointing every direction as if she’d been through a wind tunnel, and her giant eyes are staring at him with the faintest glint. There’s life behind them, but only barely, and only when she reaches over to her left shoulder and raises her sleeve does he understand her expression, her pallid complexion, and harbored breath.

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ashes and shade and soul

summary: Feelings build up between the sides when they can’t find the cause of Thomas’s sudden lack of motivation, and Virgil finally comes to realize that his room has a purpose, after all.

characters: virgil, patton, logan, roman

pairings: none

warnings: symptoms of depression, some bullying

word count: 5,804

a/n: this was written for a prompt given to me by @flyingthroughthemoonlight I hope I did it justice and I hope it’s not too out of character.

“I greet and bless you, sacred father, bless you,

Ashes and shade and soul, paternal soul

I vainly rescued once. It was not given me

With you beside me to explore the coasts

And plains of Italy, nor to discover,

Whatever it may be, Ausonian Tiber.”

from Virgil’s The Aeneid

It was the heaviness he felt on his shoulders that alerted Virgil to the fact that not everything was right.

Patton’s room was sunlight, self care, clean whiteboard thoughts and horizons with no end; the windows were always open, as was his door, welcoming in anyone who was invited, pushed, or pulled inside, expected or no. The bed he was lying on now was most likely memory foam, something Patton would find cute, in his sentimental sort of way.

As much as Virgil loved his own room- silent with worry and tremors of underlying fear, littered in cobwebs- there was something about Patton’s that appealed to him. He was able to rest here, put his mind at ease on a pillow of reassurances and simply sleep for a time.

His own room had no real purpose, except maybe to serve as an advertisement for a Halloween decorations shop. The rooms of the other three could be utilized to solve problems, find new ways of seeing an idea, create plans, remind you what’s really important to keep you afloat. Virgil loved his room, but always knew that it had no value to it, and ultimately did more harm than good.

These were things he already knew, though he couldn’t help but be jealous, sometimes. They had all been in each other’s rooms before, to change their perspectives on something, make a new plan, or simply take a break- like how Virgil was, now. Patton’s room was a cloud, a place to float and think about all of the things you love, and remind yourself that you have a purpose in this world. Patton’s room was a place without worry.

Except for the little weights that were pushing down on his shoulders, making his eyebrows furrow just that little bit.

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Dean Winchester and the Sword of Angels - Part 1: Crown of Thorns

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Charlie Bradbury, Kevin Tran, Y/N Ravenwood, Gadreel Donovan  

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Indiana Jones stuff. Guns, snakes, booby traps etc.        

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: I love Indiana Jones and I love Supernatural. This is my way of joining my two loves.

This series will be my entry for @kittenofdoomage and @saxxxology-main’s SPN History Challenge as well as my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats AUs and Things Challenge, where my prompt was professor AU. Michelle I am so sorry I am late! Dean is a college professor just like Indy but this is not your typical professor AU.

Thanks to the ever amazing @mysupernaturalfics for being my sounding board, history expert and best friend. Oh she also betaed this for me. I love you to the moon and back Rach!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem - March 12th, 1939

The sun had just set and the tourist attraction had fallen quiet, before Cas and Dean had approached it. The creamy rocks had seemed as if they were almost shining in the moonlight, which hadn’t helped Cas’ guilty conscious of what they had done to the floor in the far back of the tomb, seconds before Dean had found himself in a dimly torch lit chamber, with vines coating the walls and the floor moving with bugs.

Dean was pretty damn sure this was a bad idea, but he had gotten many of those over the years. He had lived through all of those so he was pretty sure he was going to live through this one too. The keywords being pretty sure.

Dean took a deep breath as he stared at the around sixty glistening knives, being punched from and drawn back into the ceiling. The didn’t all lower at the same time and there was a rhythm to them. Dean only needed to figure out what it was exactly before he attempted to cross the floor.

“Tell me again why I am the pincushion, not you Cas?” Dean called over his shoulder, to his friend waiting above him by the hole the two of them with joint force had created in the floor of the Garden Tomb not ten minutes ago.

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In Media Res | Jungkook

Scenario: I’m a photographer for this big fancy wedding so I’m going around and snapping pictures of everyone and oh wow you are so incredibly otherworldly in your beauty and oops turns out I end up taking more pictures of you than the happy couple
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 8,592
Author’s Note: Jayesslee’s Sonia Lee & Andy Yang’s wedding video and the wedding from (500) Days of Summer both played a big inspiration for the making of this story. I just love outdoor weddings okay. In Media Res is latin for “in the middle of things”.


There’s something about a camera that has always fascinated Jungkook, as well as the mechanics that come along with owning and being able to operate one at his will. The idea that he could physically capture a moment or a memory within the confines of a tangible object, a place where he knows the information inside could not slip or fade away (unlike the thoughts and visions that more often than not slipped through his mind like grains of sand passing through his fingers) gave Jungkook a sense of reassurance.

For the longest time, Jungkook found calm and chased the peace that came with trying to capture an image. His computer and memory drive are filled with scenic shots, candid snapshots caught perfectly in time. He likes the idea of needing to be fast enough to realize when something good, something breathtaking and so completely irreplaceable was about to happen—and having to be quick enough, sharp enough, to catch that moment on camera.

So when Seokjin-hyung requests Jungkook to be the official photographer for his upcoming wedding—Jungkook is ecstatic that the older man would even consider Jungkook in the first place. Weddings are beautiful, timeless, and (most of the time) only happen once during the course of someone’s life. A wedding is filled with memories just waiting to be captured.

So Jungkook answers in the way he feels most equipped to react: “I would love to hyung.”

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anonymous asked:

Bakugou asking his girlfriend on a date but he forgets about it so he makes it up to her

Originally posted by katsukkin

You were absolutely seething with rage, the crowded bus you were in not helping alleviate it in the slightest.

You sigh in displeasure when a couple bumps into you after a particularly harsh slam of the breaks.

After waiting at a table for over an hour for Bakugou Katsuki to arrive, he’d finally bothered to call you and let you know that he couldn’t make it. He wanted to finish an essay that was due the next day. So you just ordered a snack to not piss off the waitress and promptly left.

Bakugou was so dead. He was so dead for making you look like you got stood up. Oh wait, you did get stood up. By your boyfriend. Oh boy was he going to pay.

The following morning you’re greeted to one measly text from Bakugou.

From: Bakugou Katsuki
I’ll make it up to you today babe.

You growl, locking your phone and stomping out of bed into your bathroom.

Glaring into to the mirror you square your shoulders, you’ve decide what to do to get back at your boyfriend. It’ll be tough, a dangerous endeavour, but it’ll be so worth it to see him loose his shit.

The silent treatment.

The crisp autumn air nips at your cheeks as you trudge to school. Your first test of endurance begins right as you are stepping through the front doors of UA.

Bakugou notices you walking behind him, waiting with the door held open for you.

You fix your boyfriend with a harsh glare, ignoring the kind gesture and  brushing past him.

“Oi y/n! What’s your problem?” His voice calls out from behind. An irritated edge already evident in his tone. He really hates being ignored, especially by his girlfriend.

To your dismay Bakugou follows you, quickening his pace to match your own. His face is contorted in a frown with his signature scrunched brow.

“This is about last night isn’t it?” He grabs your wrist and tugs you back to face him, both lovers eyeing each other with challenging glares.

“I already told you that I’d make it up to you today dumbass”

You frown, clenching your teeth to hold back your snarky retort. 

“Humph”, you rip your wrist out of his hold and turn on your heel to class. You decide that you aren’t going to let up until you at least get an apology from your stubborn boyfriend, then he could make it up to you as much as he wants to.




You curse under your breath, Bakugou was being such a dick head.

He had been kicking the back of your chair the whole morning period. You could almost imagine the stupid crooked smirk on his lips.

Perfectly timing your movements, you throw up the middle finger to your boyfriend as Aizawa turns to write something on the chalkboard.

You hear a growl and a pencil snaps, Aizawa tiredly turns to face Bakugou and reprimands him for interrupting.

You smirk triumphantly. Hah take that you jerk.

From: Bakubitch
Y/n you’re meeting me after school. Don’t be fucking late.

You grumble, locking your phone.

From: Bakubitch
I swear to shit if you aren’t there…

“Tch leave me alone you jerk” you mutter to your phone.

From: Bakubitch
I fucking love you.

Well shit.

With your arms crossed and a pout on your face, you wait outside of your high school’s gym for your boyfriend, feigning apathy. In reality, you were probably the most excited you’ve ever been to see him. Considering Bakugou of all people dropped the Lbomb first in your relationship. But, you still wanted to punish him a little bit.

“Oi” The heavy heat of Bakugou’s palm rests on your shoulder, alerting you to his presence.

You perk up, ready to attack him with a hug and multiple kisses when you remember your plan, face changing back to an apathetic pout.

“What do you want Katsuki”

“Look. I’m sorry about yesterday y/n, I’m taking you out now to make up for it”

“Humph… where?”

“That shitty place you always blabber on about, with the fucking dango”

Ah, dango. The one way to your heart. Suddenly, your stomach protests your little plan.

You press a wet kiss on his neck, his shoulders tense when you give it a quick teasing suck. You lock your arm with his own, steering him to the front doors, ready for a nice date with Katsuki, and some tasty dango.

“Oh by the way baby, I didn’t know you loved me so much” You coyly tease, shooting Bakugou a simpering smirk.

Bakugou’s chiseled arms tense, his cheeks flushing.

“I-I was just trying to get you to stop ignoring me and being such a fuckin’ brat!”

“Hmm okay Katsuki, whatever you say”

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MAAN YOU ARE SOO TALENTEDD!! Can I request one with todoroki or kirishima where they like one of the students from 1A and she is very kind to everyone and everyone loves her but she is very lowkey and cute? thank y so muuch :3 :3

THANK YOU OH MY GOSH THANK YOUUUUUU! Because you are so nice and so darn sweet YOU GET BOTH also because I love them both and need to write more for these two! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

This is what came to mind when I read the request~! Hope you enjoy!

Todoroki, Shoto

The last person Todoroki thought of running into at the hospital would be the girl he had been worrying over all day. From where he was standing at the check in desk, he could see that she had puffy eyes, her nose was red and hair messy. She had been crying! Not only was she not in school today, she was in the hospital and was crying! “I….I’ll be right back!” he quickly interrupted the receptionist he usually stopped to talk with and began to move towards the girl’s direction. He then saw the girl’s face twist with pain before disappearing behind her hands.

Todoroki then rushed quickly over to her, gently placing a hand onto her shoulder to alert her of his presence. When she looked up at him, she was surprised at first to see him but that smile he was accustomed to seeing rose on her cheeks, confusing him. “Todoroki-Kun….h-hello! P-Please excuse my look….. I’m alright!” She stuttered out, a gentle giggle escaped her lips right after. The serious expression and furrowed brows on the boy’s face giving him away.

“Why are you here if you’re alright?” he asked, the hand on her shoulder moving down her arm, giving it a slight squeeze.

This action made the girl’s face a slight tint of red, she looked away from him to hide her blush, “M-My father… he slipped on the job…. He’s finally getting discharged right now….I’m still emotional…” Y/N admitted, wiping at her eyes. Todoroki’s confusion and worry started to slip away with the help of her laugh and smile, plus the soothing sounds of her soft voice helped. He smiled because of her, and a hushed laugh came from him. He was going to text the girl after his visit with his mother but here she was doing just fine, he realized just how much he liked this girl. If she was on his mind for so long or usually at all times, there had to be lingering feelings right?

He cleared his throat once getting the sudden realization that he was still touching, nearly hanging onto the girl, his face bright red. Then he remembered what he had in his bag which was strapped over his shoulders, shrugging the bag off and unzipping it, his hand rummaged around. “Oh right…. Everyone missed you today, and I offered to bring you the homework, which I was going to do after coming here… Everyone even took turns writing down notes for you, well nearly fought over who got to,” he began taking out a few different notebooks from his bag and handed them over to the now shocked girl. Her eyes were wide and the blush on her cheeks became more apparent now that she was looking up at the boy.

“E-Everyone did…?”

“Yes. And I did some too.” Todoroki added his blush deepening. Y/N began to cry again but out of pure shock and happiness at the kindness of her classmates. Y/N was moved by them all. She had never liked such a large group of people so much before and they in return showed her how much they appreciated and liked her back. It was great! “Thank you….T-Thank you Todoroki-kun….” the bright smile on her wet cheeks was something Todoroki could stare at any day. She was such an interesting girl, even if she didn’t think so. He had deep feelings for this girl and each day he spent with her hardened them.

His cool hand lifted away from his bag to gently wipe away a tear from her cheek, those he could do without seeing. “Y/N….can I ask you a question?”

“Y-Yes Todoroki-kun!”

“……Do you think it’s okay to ask a friend to be …….more than friends?

Kirishima, Eijiro

“Movie night! Movie night! Get over here already!” Kirishima hollered out loudly, standing on the couch waving over at the group coming from the elevator to hurry into the entertaining area. It was his idea to have everyone hang out together once in awhile to keep their bonds on good terms, plus he personally enjoyed hanging out with everyone in the dorms. He gave everyone a bright toothy grin as they started to pack it in on the sofas but that was quickly erased when he noticed she wasn’t present. “Hey, Mina!” the redhead belted while jumping off the couch next to his pink friend.

“Is Y/N asleep?” he asked cocking his head to the side, a slight pout on his lips. The alien girl stared at him with a confused expression while she chewed on her gum, placing a finger on her chin lost in thought. Mina and Y/N were neighbors in the dorm on the same floor as himself, so they grew closer as friends since moving into the Heights Alliance.

Mina shook her head and sighed, “she doesn’t wanna join, I tried to drag her down but she said she was tiredddd…. lame!” she pouted herself and shrugged her shoulders. “But…. maybe the guy who likes her can convince her to come.~” she then gave an evil smirk as Kirishima’s face turned as red as his hair and eyes. “I didn’t even ask her… huehuehue…. SO go tell her how you feel and I’ll distract everyone….” she whispered at the boy and gave him two pink thumbs up before standing up and waving her hand. “Kirishima didn’t even choose SO LET’S VOTE!!! I vote Alien Vs. Predator!!”

“FUCK THAT! YOU’VE SEEN IT TEN HUNDRED TIMES ALIEN FREAK!” Bakugou screamed from his position on the sofa, kicking Izuku off once he tried to sit next to the hothead. Kirishima smiled at the rowdy crowd and nodded with a determined look on his features at the girl cheering him on and he rushed into the elevator.

Frozen, Kirishima stood outside of the room of the girl he had the ultimate manly crush on, his arm was raised to knock but didn’t. ‘Be a man! Be a man! Be a man! BE A——AHHHHHHHGGG!!!’ he screamed in his head and still didn’t move, how could he even start this conversation without being a fool! His sharp fangs ground together while his jaw tightened under his stress, ‘a man doesn’t become a nervous wreck goddammit!’ and as he pushed himself to do it, his knuckles barely made contact with the door before it swung open!

The two stared at one another shocked! “Kirishima-kun?!” “Y/N!” the two had spoke in unison for a few more seconds, both asking what the other was doing and making the other stumble with words while a tint of red hit both of their cheeks. There were many times where both couldn’t understand words when the other was present, the two both liked one another and the whole school knew it but the two of them.

“I-I-I-I! I was going to take a bath!” Y/N murmured pulling her bathrobe tightly closed, feeling herself being more exposed than usual. The gentleman that he was, Kirishima quickly back away a few steps allowing her to leave her bedroom and shut it behind herself, he apologized for being in her way but still stayed near her and stared down at the short girl with a determined pout on his red cheeks. The girl was already shy enough as it was and having her crush staring down at her made her feel like she was going to feint! “O-O-O-Okay….! Off I go!” She laughed nervously and gently bowed at the boy before moving passed him.

“Wait!” Kirishima called out behind her, one of his large hands grabbing at one of the girl’s, stopping her in her tracks. “J-Just hold on….” he whispered out this time, making the girl turn to face him again with wide eyes. He gulped down hard, trying desperately to push down his nervousness because how that he had gotten this far, there was no turning back! ‘Be a man!’


Take Care (M)

Originally posted by jinkooks

Summary: Taking care of your boyfriend (who’s a member of one of Seoul’s most notorious gangs) when he’s bruised and battered always seems to lead to more than what you had bargained for – not that you’re complaining.

A/N: I’m not entirely sold on this one, but I tried. It’s pretty much all smut with the exception of the beginning. Hoseok though… That boy is something else. Enjoy,guys. xx

Words: 2,785.

Warnings: Gang!AU, blowjobs, smut.

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anonymous asked:

I apologize if this has been asked before, but would someone who had minimal training but can read body language really well be able to defend themselves somewhat competently against a trained fighter?

No, because that’s not how body language works. Usually, when people talk about reading someone’s body language, they’re actually looking for social or psychological cues someone exhibits.

Body language is affected by your cultural background. I don’t mean you can’t learn other cultural cues, but they do vary. So, your character might be very good in reading their native body language, but not really understand someone from another country.

In this context, reading the combat body language from a martial artist isn’t like learning a foreign language, it’s like trying to understand an alien one.

A couple things, combatants do have tells. Untrained or poorly trained fighters will give away what they’ll do before they strike.

One of the things training does is mute those tells. Some forms will generate false tells that are designed to mislead an opponent. A feint is the most basic form of this, but this can get pretty sophisticated.

When you’re dealing with someone who’s had the same training you have, reading their body language in combat is doable.

When you’re dealing with someone from an unfamiliar style (or even just someone with more training in your own style) trying to read their language can get you in trouble fast.

When you’re dealing with someone that’s been trained in multiple styles and is incorporating elements of what they’ve learned together, reading their body language is going to get very dangerous.


I think one of the things you’re missing (and it’s a common mistake) is the assumption that combat is an physical. You’re thinking: “well, even if my character has limited training if they could read the other guy’s body…”


Learning to mess with your opponent’s mind and mask your tells is part of the standard package. It’s such a natural part of the training package that most martial arts won’t actively discuss why they’re training you that way. It’s just a part of it. Martial arts training, all combat training really, works under the assumption that your opponent will try to read your body language to gain an advantage and works to circumvent it in the way it retrains the instincts, how you stand, how you move, etc. You see this commonly in the long lag times at the beginning of boxing matches or other fighting events where the two opponents spend a good long time staring each other down before either moves.

What are they doing? They’re reading the other person’s body language trying to get a beat on how they’ll react and they’ve got a very tight margin of error. Read it wrong and it’ll cost them a point, which can cost them the match.

Every martial art and combat style has different tells, different quirks, because they all have different priorities and evolved to combat different social expectations. Body language is a means of social communication, it’s how we communicate to each other in ways that are mostly tracked subconsciously. Body language is one way interacting with individuals who have certain mental disabilities can feel awkward for someone who is neurotypical (or has a different disorder) because the social cues you expect in their physical behavior aren’t there. (On the other side, having certain mental disorders means you may spend a lifetime trying to decode the signals.) As Starke said, body language is social conditioning, it’s cultural. Change cultures and everything you expect about boundaries and social cues shifts, changes. If you’ve ever visited a foreign culture, you may have learned that the physical social interaction can be just as daunting as the verbal language barrier.

The combat arts are built to subvert your expectations when it comes to physical tells. Many of the techniques and even the basic resting positions are meant to mess with the way the human brain tracks data and registers threats.

For example, your peripheral vision is a beautiful, beautiful early warning system when it comes to tracking movement and it’s a double edged sword. All it does is track motion, you can train your body to respond to that motion. It puts a priority on fast, circular motion coming in toward the head because it’s easier to track the hands when they’re outside the line of the body.

However, by coming up directly toward the face (as seen in common prison grabs which target the eyes with the fingers), you can engage a blind spot because the brain is slow react to movement camouflaged by the body. Attack the face and your opponent will instinctively move to defend it, thus leaving the rest of their body undefended. The second strike comes, almost at the same time, to the gut (or elsewhere). Having succeeded in their attack, they then proceed to work their opponent over a.k.a keep hitting them until they can no longer stand. You don’t need years of martial arts training to learn this or even a basic understanding of how the brain works. Kids on the playground will do an early variant of this in games of keep away. Training however, does make the individual a great deal more subtle.

(Learning The Body Line: stand facing a mirror. Hold your elbows and hands outside your body, then bring them in so your elbows touch the front of your chest. Keep your fingertips up, loose, but touching. If you don’t immediately notice, close your eyes and count to ten. Then open your eyes and look for your hands. If you’re not drunk this will happen pretty quickly, but not fast enough. If you are drunk, it’ll happen really goddamn slow. That’s how the body line works. You have now learned one of the simplest, basic mechanics of mental manipulation and body camouflage built into almost every martial art. Congratulations.)

Whether attacking or defending, combatants don’t want their opponent to see what they’re doing until it’s too late. When you watch the early movies with Jackie Chan and Jet Li or other martial artists, ask yourself “when did they switch their ready position”. To the casual observer it often seems like they just go, “bam” they’re in the obvious ready position and then they’ve attacked.

However, it actually starts much earlier than that. These actors actually move to a ready position the second their character’s register that they’re in danger. Often, it can be as much as a full five minutes before the fight even begins. Watch the first twelve seconds of this clip from Kiss of the Dragon. As Jet Li walks down the hallway, he’s already in a quasi ready position. His head is up and alert, his shoulders are squared, his arms are slightly tensed (you can tell by the curve at the elbow as they move out from the body and moving with very minute swings). When the desk is kicked through the glass, he steps back, but instead of staying facing fully forward his body turns on a slight diagonal, his hand comes up (to guard his face from the glass and in general) in an automatic response. He’s slightly caught off guard, but he’s already instinctively moved to protect himself in response to the action. (This is trained instinct, not natural instinct.)

These are the barest, barest of basics. The psychological aspects of camouflaging movement are so built into most martial arts that the practitioner isn’t even going to think about it. They might unpack it later at higher levels or if they develop an interest in exactly how the physical side of martial arts affects the mental side and vice versa.

You’re not going to learn to look for these tells unless you’re learning to fight. If you are learning to fight, then you will start training yourself to look for tells in your practice partners. You may be told what to look for, you may not. As you improve your technique, you will get better at hiding your tells

It’s a vicious cycle.

The short is: everyone is already looking for signs that someone is going to attack them. Those signs do not usually cross-confluence with the usual social expectations of threatening behavior until the first strike happens. They often come off as distinctly non-threatening.

Even if they can figure it out, the amount of lag time between when their brain figures out the person has moved from threatening to actually attacking and when the hit connects probably won’t leave them enough time to respond if they haven’t been trained to. This will all take place within a few fractions of a second and if you haven’t been working on building up the response times and mental connection to different parts of the body, if you have to think about it, then you’re already moving too slow.


Underwear (Part 6)

Summary: Nat goes into protection mode, there’s fluff y’all I promise. 

Word Count: 2514

Warnings: angst, swearing, kisses :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7

3rd Person POV

Peter escaped breaking down by the skin on his teeth this morning, just barely making it to his first class after making eye contact with Y/N. Ned had been asking him what was wrong the whole time, making wild guesses to get him provoked. By the time Peter had gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw until it hurt, the lunch bell rang.

Peter didn’t pay much attention to Ned, only nodding along and humming in recognition at anything he said. He hated himself. He was horrified. He hurt his girlfriend, coloured her stomach purple and made her cry. Peter thought he didn’t deserve her, unconsciously squeezing his fists as last night’s events vividly replay in his head.

When he woke up, he had seen Y/N’s face, covered in tears as she scrambled to get away from him. Peter didn’t even bother touching his food, knowing he’d probably throw it up anyway. Ned gave up pursuing an answer, instead eating his food silently. Peter sits at the cafeteria table, leaning his head on his crossed arms as he drifts in and out of sleep. 

A sudden tap on his shoulder alerts him to turn around, and a part of him secretly hopes it’s Y/N. Instead he’s greeted by Liz, a frown unable to help but make its way onto his face. Liz either remains oblivious or ignores this, her face masked with concern as she beckons him over, seeming frantic.

“Peter, I need you to come with me right now- it- it’s about Y/N…” Peter’s now at full attention, shakily standing from his seat and audibly swallowing. “What is it?” Liz shakes her head, pulling him to her by his arm as she walks away, taking Peter with her. Ned tilts his head to the side, narrowing his eyes at the seemingly scheming girl.

Peter doesn’t want to create a scene, begrudgingly following Liz out of the cafeteria and down the hall. They stop in front of Peter’s locker, while he finds himself becoming angry. Why hasn’t she said anything yet? If Y/N’s unsafe, (other than how he already hurt her) he wants to make sure she’s okay.

Crossing his arms, he faces Liz, opening his mouth to begin speaking. Before he can get a word out, he’s being pushed against the cold metal, a pair of unfamiliar lips forcing themselves against his. Everything that’s happened since the night before has left Peter’s senses numbed, leaving him weary and exhausted.

He was expecting to receive some kind of information about Y/N, not be assaulted by Liz. The shock takes about two seconds to wear off, but by the time he’s able to shove off the girl attacking him, it’s too late. A tiny, fragile gasp is heard from a few feet away, and he looks up to see Y/N standing there, trembling.

He can tell from a single glance how hurt she is. Her hair is messy, in a way that looks as if her fingers have run through it one too many times. One hand is on top of her parted lips, while the other lays limp at her side, the only movement there being the noticeable quivering. He calls out, trying to convince the girl of his dreams not to leave him, although he had done that exact thing a few hours previously. 

Y/N sprints away, making it to the exit before he takes off after her. His knees tremor, barely holding up his weight as he bounds after her, unrestrained sobs shooting out of his body like an unstoppable tidal wave. Y/N gets to her car, sparing Peter one last glance through her reddened eyes before she takes off in her vehicle, speeding away with desperation. 

Your POV

You sit still, petrified at how you’re exposing yourself to the team. Your many attempts at stifling your sobs are proving ineffective, as you make yourself as small as possible, pressing your face to your hands. The surrounding team is suffocating you, and you heave in an attempt to not cry anymore. It seems as though they’re also frozen, not knowing how to deal with a breaking teenager. 

Nat’s question is enough to make you cry harder, while she settles for pulling you into a hug, crouching to the floor with you. “Might I ask what we do in this scenario?” Vision pipes up, and you can feel his eyes on you as he studies you carefully. “Everyone go, I’ve got this.” Nat softly speaks, ushering you as you begin to cease your sobbing, instead just hyperventilating. 

At first there are signs of protest, but they all fall silent as Nat glares at them. The group quickly disperses, and that helps to ease your panic. After a few minutes of your attempts at regaining your breath, you manage to do so, getting yourself to the point where the only signs you had been breaking down were your puffy eyes, reddened face, and slightly swollen lips. 

Anyone who could see you would know that you were previously crying, but at least you aren’t on the verge of passing out. Nat stays with you the whole time, allowing you to cry into her shirt as she hugs you tightly. When she had first shown affection towards you, the team was astounded, this being something Nat rarely ever did. 

They all theorized the same thing; she had seen you as a little sister, and wanted to protect you to the best of her abilities. Muttering Russian endearments into your ear, she continues the patterns on your back. Breaking away from her, you nervously look up to her face, finding it to portray the exact definition of worry.

“Here’s what we’re going to do, okay?” You nod, smiling timidly at her soothing voice. “You’re going to have a nice long bath or shower, and then we can talk about what happened. Just me and you, alright?” Nat gets up, offering you a hand. You gladly accept, shakily standing. 

“I’ll be in the kitchen.” As she turns to walk away, you tap her on the shoulder, pulling her into a brief, tight hug before leaving to go to your room. She smiles as she strides to the kitchen, then moving to plan what she’s going to do to whoever hurt you.

The shower felt great, it gave you a chance to wash out your tension and massage some of your muscles, the hot water calming you. You now stare at the mirror, chuckling darkly at the person who stares back at you. The bruises on your stomach put you on edge again, and you’re soon reminded of what happened with Peter and Liz.

You wipe the tears that prickle your eyes, sniffling as you sigh, reaching over to the towel rack. Wrapping the large cloth around your body, you wring out your hair, weakly opening the door and stepping into your room. It’s a wonder how much can change in a span of a few hours, isn’t it? 

Once you’re changed into your most comfortable pyjamas, you slide on your fluffy socks, the ones that allow you to slide against the hardwood floors like a giant dork. You always wanted to do that with Peter, to chase each other through the halls. 

You wanted to scream at him, tell him how much he hurt you. A part of you blamed yourself for wanting to comfort him as well, knowing that as much as what he did with Liz wounded you, he did not mean to physically harm you. You open the door, stepping into the hallway with a deep breath.

As you make your way to the living room, you hear multiple voices yelling. Only able to make out a few phrases, you barely recognize who the voices belong to. “You did what Peter?!” You gasp, feeling another panic attack coming on. 

You’re able to keep from hyperventilating, instead clenching your jaw in order to stop the whimpers that are desperate to leave your mouth. You want to turn back, but you need to see what’s happening, your curiosity overcoming your anxiety. 

Step by step, you shuffle to the living room, unable to stop the few tears that slide down your cheeks. Peter resembles the mess you look like, his eyes spilling tears and lips quivering as he speaks to Natasha, who looks just about ready to kill him.

He makes eye contact with you, clamping a hand over his mouth. “Y/N please! It wasn’t what you think it was.” Nat watches you, trying to see whether or not she should deck the teenage boy in front of her. You’re sad, a type of pain that eats you from the inside out. A type of hurt that reaches into your chest and squeezes your lungs. 

With his words, you feel another emotion wash over you; Anger. Anger at how he left you that morning, unable to look at you. You’re supposed to work things out together, not run away from your problems. The tears seem to fade out, your eyes replaced with fire.

“What Peter?” You step forward, Nat’s eyes darting between the two of you. “You were pushed up against the fucking lockers, kissing somebody else. What else could it have been other than you being unfaithful!” Nat becomes puzzled, not knowing about your new relationship. She wasn’t the only one.

Peter begins speaking, just as the others pile into the room, standing around the two of you, on guard as if preparing for a fight of sorts. “She tricked me! Please Y/N, she told me to go with her, that it was something to do with you.” Your breath catches in your throat, about to attempt speaking when you’re interrupted.

“What the hell is going on?” Tony exclaims, seemingly sharing the thoughts of everyone in the room. “Y/N and Peter are dating… but he kissed someone else?” Nat’s lips make a small O as her eyebrows furrow, a cocking her head to the side. You look at Peter, then back to the team.

“Look guys, we’ll give you answers later but we really need to sort some things out.” Speaking shakily, you point your thumb towards your room, just about ready to collapse. Peter sniffles, looking as broken as you. Your feet slide against the smooth floors, ignoring the team’s questions as you go to your room.

You can hear his faint footsteps follow you into the bedroom, shutting the door as he remains silent, eliciting a sigh from you as you realize you’ll have to initiate conversation. “Speak.” A single word. The response that follows deciding the fate of your relationship, whether or not your hearts will shatter.

“Liz came to the cafeteria and said I had to follow her, that it was something to do with you. I- I thought you weren’t safe. I know she didn’t give me any specifics, and looking back on it now makes me think of wha- what an idiot I was being.” He hiccups before continuing, tears steadily streaming down his face as he tugs at his hair.

“It was a wrong place at the wrong time situation. She came onto me out of nowhere. I froze, and then- and then you walked in. I swear, I didn’t want to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry for everything.” He finishes with a gasp, tears wetting your cheeks once again.

“O- okay.” You sigh, pulling at the roots of your hair as you put together sentences in your head. “What you need to know, is that what happened this morning was not your fault.” Peter opens his mouth to protest but you quiet him, holding up a trembling finger.

“If I were to have a nightmare and hit you, would you say it’s my fault? What if I thought you were an enemy? What would you say to me?” You dry your tears, jabbing a finger into his chest. Peter opens and closes his mouth, trying to look for a counter argument.

“Exactly. Now I know it’ll take a while for you to full trust yourself, but I need you to know that this is not your fault. Do you understand?"  You place your hands on Peter’s shoulders, using your thumbs to wipe away his tears. He nods slowly, cautiously bringing his hand up to touch your cheek with quivering fingers, afraid to wound you again.

Shake your head, you swallow thickly. "Don’t run away from me ever again, that really hurt.” Peter sobs for the last time, carefully holding his arms out as you step into them, wrapping your arms around him. “I am so, so sorry. I promise, it’ll never happen again." 

He tightens his hold around you, breathing in your scent and tilting your chin up to meet his gaze. You rest your forehead against his, sniffling and let out a breathy laugh, spiting everything that’s happened in the past hours. Peter presses a kiss to your forehead, lingering as you stare lovingly at each other, the tears gradually fading away.

You rub noses, shutting your eyes as the two of you chuckle at the sentiment. A loud bang is heard on the door, followed by Steve’s shout. "What is happening?” A childish snicker is heard, Sam’s voice filling the air. “Shush Rogers, maybe you’re being a cockblock!" 

Both you and Peter’s eyes fly wide open, meeting each other’s direct line of sight as you hop to the door, ripping it open. "For your information Wilson, we are not having sex.” Nat steps ahead of everyone, resuming her silent badass stance as she glares at the boy standing nervously behind you, causing him to audibly swallow.

“Did he hurt you Y/N? Do I need to rip out his teeth?” Peter’s eyes go round as he steps back further, hiding behind your shoulder. “No Nat, it’s okay. We resolved the conflict.” Wanda cocks an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Yes you two, I will give you an in-depth report of everything later. Now, my boyfriend and I are going to watch Netflix until the ungodly hours of the morning. Have a good day.” You slam the door shut, turning around to face Peter. He watches you in admiration, a blush creeping up his face as you catch him staring.

You say nothing, instead walking over and taking his hand in yours, walking him to your bed. Peter purses his lips and shudders, remembering that just 14 hours ago he was injuring you. Sensing his thoughts, you pat the mattress, hoping to soothe him with your voice.

“I trust you, Peter." 

With that, he cautiously joins you, climbing onto the bed and pulling you into his lap. You lean the back of your head against him, his chin resting on the top. 

The two of you sit like that for a while, laughing at crappy movies on Netflix and at each other, cuddling and reassuring one another of your feelings with eskimo kisses, deep down knowing the both of you have found love, you just don’t know it yet. 

A/N: There it is guys! I hope you liked it :) Part 7 anyone? ;)

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anonymous asked:

D for Djinn for your ABC Prompt thingy :)

Here’s my Djinn story. If you’d like to suggest some letters in the future, leave them in my ask box! :)

Dean woke with a start. His heart began to bang in his chest with uncertainty of where he was. He quickly took in his surroundings. He calmed when he realized he was in the passenger seat of the Impala. A hand on his shoulder alerted him of someone driving. 

“Dean. Are you alright? Did you have a nightmare?” Dean snapped his head to the left to be greeted with familiar blue eyes. He felt the tenseness in his body slowly dissolve as he looked over at his friend. 

“Nah. I just didn’t realize I’d fallen asleep.” He self-consciously wiped the sleep from his eyes. He tried making out their surroundings but it was too dark to really see anything. “Where are we, Cas?”

“We are about an hour away from town. We can get a motel room for the night and get everything ready to go by tomorrow afternoon.” The last thing he remembered before falling asleep was being on a hunt with Sam. Something was kidnapping people and then leaving them dead, drained of their blood. Dean felt a headache coming on.

“Where’s Sammy?”

Cas looked over at him with a worried look on his face. “He’s at the bunker with Eileen. Are you sure you’re okay, Dean? I knew we should have let them take this one so you could rest a little longer.” Dean officially felt confused and his headache was getting worse the more he tried to piece everything together.

“Why would I need rest, Cas? And where are we going exactly? I don’t even remember leaving.”

“Dean, the last hunt, you got thrown across the room and hit your head. It was really bad. You were with Sam and I wasn’t there to heal you right away. By the time I got to you, you were in a comma. I have been slowly healing you but sometimes you forget things and you get headaches. Do you have a headache right now?” Without waiting for an answer, Cas reached over to place his fingers on Dean’s forehead. Dean was surprised when instead of simply placing his fingers as usual, Cas carded his fingers through Dean’s hair and rested his hand on the back of his neck. Before Dean could complain, he started feeling the warmth and security that came with Castiel’s healing touch. Dean felt him slowly rub the back of his neck and finger the short hairs that rested there. And just as quickly as he started, he pulled away making Dean miss the touch.

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Do you do nsfw?? If you do could you please do something with mc wanting to have sex in a public public place with the RFA +V and Saeran?? And because I like sin can you make it detailed af

Thank you for your request~~! Sorry it took so long, NSFW is too fun takes a long time to write D:
I tried to make is as spicy and detailed as I could so I hope you enjoy it!


Zen: He’s shocked when you express your desire to ‘do the deed’ on an extremely crowded train but the way you entice just gets him turned on and before he knows it, his body is feeling the same way too. He gives in to your wishes as he can no longer control the beast so he unbuckles his belt while both of you are pushed up against the doors. You wrap your arms around him, making you two seem like a normal affectionate couple however he soon slips down your underwear and instantly realises just how wet you are. Unable to hold in his new found desire any longer, he rams himself into you, getting a small squeal out of you however it was drowned out by the noise on the train. When the train turns a corner, he pushes further into you and once everything has calmed down and ended, he now wants to do more. This must be the beast he was speaking about.
“You naughty girl,” you would hear him say throughout the ride.

Yoosung: At first he was against it, telling you that he wasn’t sure if it was the best idea however he couldn’t refuse your constant insistency and told you that he would only ‘do a bit’. He kissed you a bit then wrapped his arms around your waist while you two were in a park. Those who passed by thought you two were just extremely loving towards each other however as the two of you moved behind some trees, things started to get saucy. He was hesitant at first as his hands shook while taking off his belt however you could already tell that his member was going hard.You helped him take off his belt and slide down his trousers a bit and you slid off your own underwear. Seeing you so seductive and taking the lead, he couldn’t help but just want to do it so there, in the park, between some trees, you two went at it as if the park was closed for the day.

Jaehee: Would constantly try to convince you and mostly herself that this was a bad idea and at first she seemed extremely adamant about that fact but after a few puppy looks and long, drawn out pleases she gives in to a few kisses. Wowever after you two get on the bus after waiting at the stop, she realises that you want more than just kisses. Your hand massages her inner thigh which is covered by her trousers and while your hand slowly creeps up and down her pants, she’s trying to decide what to do. Before you can properly get your hand down her, she puts her hand on yours and smiles at you.
“Let me do it for you.”

Jumin: As much as he’d be for the idea, he doesn’t want to 'make a scene’ if it came down to that however when you keep on asking and asking and asking, he can’t help but give in to your puppy eyes and low key begging so while you two are at a famous bridge out in the city of Seoul, he decides to have his fun with you. Of course he won’t play with you too much but the two of you move behind a statue which stands in front of a wall. He never thought much of the people who walked by him however you could feel that he was much harder than usual, probably because of the thrill this action took. He took his time with you, kissing the back of your neck and skirting your thigh with his fingers despite your obvious desire for him. Soon enough, after an 'adequate amount of love’, he inserts himself and you can’t help but push yourself against the back of the statue as Jumin continues to ram himself inside of you. Now he just can’t stop. He would gladly do this again, even without you asking.

707: Even when you’re dropping hints like crazy, he still doesn’t realise that you want to do the sexies until you explicitly whisper it into his ear. Seven was strangely dense in this area, explaining his 'reluctance’ to even consider sex as an option in this crowded shopping complex. You thought that if this was one of the rare times you could get Seven to such a busy place, you might as well capitalise on the situation. You dragged him off to a hallway which branched out to a lift that was barely used. It was away from the crowd just on the other side of the wall however there was always the chance that someone would walk here and find you two getting it on. Seven soon snapped out of his daze and realised just what you meant. If he wasn’t busy taking in your kisses, he would have been cracking jokes in order to hide his embarrassment however he was getting into the mood. He wrapped his arms around your back and pulled you close as you could feel his erection pressing up against you. His face was red but had a small smirk as he liked what you were thinking. He slowly unzipped your dress and bit down on your shoulder. Now he was alert and in the mood, completely forgetting that there were people just meters away.

V: He would catch on to what you want pretty quickly and only smile because he found this impulsive side of you quite cute. Despite his attempts in trying to tell you that having sex in the movie theatre is a bad idea, he too wants to engage in some of this fun play time. The two of you are sitting at the back of a relatively empty cinema, save the couple seven rows down from you and the wannabe movie critique to their left. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you into a sweet kiss before pushing you onto the seats with the armrests conveniently pushed up. He continues to do this while taking off your clothes. You can bet that once everything is off and things are getting hot, he won’t be so nice and sweet like before. Definitely the type to look you in the eyes while you fuck but I think he also wouldn’t mind you taking the lead.

Saeran: Doesn’t get the hints but rather a strange feeling seeing how clingy and weird you’re acting. When he stops to ask you about it on a street in the city, you give him a straightforward answer knowing that he wouldn’t understand you if you tried to hint at it. He looks at you with a blank look and to your surprise, a grin spreads across his face as he pulls you close to him, his hands resting on your waist.
“Do you really want to do it in such a busy area?” he would ask, unable to control his smirk and when you nod, he leans down to your ear and whispers,“I don’t think you’ll be able to get ahold of your voice.”
Fast forward a bit of time and the two of you are in a garden. Luckily, the place isn’t too busy however there are people that pass by every now and then. The two of you just look like an affectionate couple from a distance away however if they were to look closer, they would see you sat on top of Saeran with your eyes looking into his. He would move you with his hands on your hips and would be relentless in order to hear your moans over and over again. Despite being quite timid about this stuff, he would definitely be turned on from seeing your reaction in this situation.

The origin of love (is you)

for days 7 & 8 of eijiroctober: with ashido, with kaminari. 

Ashido’s “wild, fun, time-of-their-lives cryptid hunting slash get Kirishima to confess to Bakugou” road trip is shaping up to be exactly that – as soon as Kirishima can figure out how to be Bakugou’s gay awakening.

ao3 link

“Ohh, this is gonna be so awesome!” Ashido exclaims through an ecstatic grin. Her bouncing can be felt throughout the entire vehicle and the window’s rolled down so she can periodically stick her head out, inhaling the fresh valley air and gazing at the miles and miles and miles of nearly identical forest scenery – somehow she never grows bored of it.

Her trusty camera is suspended around her neck, ready to snap at any suspicious looking animal, plant, or light in the sky, though she doesn’t expect to until tomorrow. Their destination is a prime cryptid sighting area, which she’s spent her entire life dreaming of visiting. To help her is a carefully selected group of individuals: Yaoyorozu, her girlfriend and greatest supporter, skilled in all things involving logistics and survival, so she’s sure to save their lives at least once before they’re safely back home; Sero, in charge of managing their provisions (food, gasoline, money), as well as being the only person Ashido’s knows with a valid driver’s permit; Kaminari, her partner in crime in all things reckless and fun, an absolute must if they’re going to have the time of their lives; Bakugou, the designated hiking expert that’ll guide them through the wilderness where a cryptid is absolutely hiding; and Kirishima, so Bakugou would agree to come in the first place, and also because Kirishima’s an excellent source of moral support and keeps the crew passionate about the cause (and because Ashido’s totally working on hooking him up with Bakugou during this trip – her noble subgoal, which must also be accomplished at all costs).

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Last Minute Kiss ((Doctor Strange x Reader))

This was requested by @zexeos-ex !!

I wanted to write something that incorporated into the film so this turned out to be much longer than anticipated! I hope you all enjoy!!!


The Hong Kong sanctum had fallen. The dark dimension seeped through the cracks in the sky. Utter chaos surrounded the two sorcerers that simply stared in horror. But Stephen’s eyes were locked on the body that laid behind Kaecilius who cleansed his bloody blade. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He couldn’t feel anything. He just stared. It was (y/n). (Y/n) had stuck with him since the first day they met on the training grounds. She had been their with him every step of this insane journey. It felt like a knife had been plunged into his heart. She was alive in New York. She was alive in the mirror dimension! She was alive when he left her to tend to the Ancient one. God, he wished he had done something.. he wished he had taken her by the hand and kissed her goodbye. He wished he had told her to wait and reveal his true feelings to her. To have told her how much she meant to him. How lost he’d be without her. But he didn’t. He left her behind to fend for herself. This was the price he had to pay. His heart couldn’t handle the pain.

“We’re too late..” Mordo spoke quietly, unable to comprehend the scene.

“Too late..” Stephen repeated the words to himself and stared down at the Eye of Agamotto that laid against his chest. He gave (y/n)s limp body one more glimpse. He could save her. He could save his (y/n). Mordo patted Strange’s shoulder alerting him to their foes who began charging at them.

“Stephen! “ his words muffled as Strange placed his shivering hands over the relic. He unlocked it revealing the emerald jewel that bowed to his command. His eyes darted up and saw Kaecilius leap into the air, blade in hand. Stephen threw his hands forward, slowing his Opponent’s descent. The blade froze right before it made contact with Strange’s chest. For a brief moment, Everything froze in it’s place. Blood pounded through Stephen’s veins as he strained to turn the dials to the left, sending Kaecilius back into the air. A balcony that had crushed a burning shop flew back up to its rightful place. Cars flew backward, debris flew through the air revealing Wong who had been impaled but sprung to life. Stephen held out a hand and pulled Wong out of the reversal. He knew it wouldn’t be long before Kaecilius could break the loop so he needed all the help he could get. Strange’s eyes shot back to where (y/n)’s body had laid as it rose from the war torn street and met Kaecilius’s blade. The cry she let out echoed in Stephen’s ears. He knew he would never forget that cry. Against his better judgment, Strange pulled her from the reversal and ran to her. He could see her brace herself for the fatal strike but was met by his warm embrace. Her reflexes caused her to stiffen and prepare to strike but she quickly relented. Stephen pulled himself away from her so he could see her beautiful face. It was bloodied and bruised but he had never realized how perfect it was. Her bleeding smile beckoned to him, he didn’t care about the chaos around him. Now was the time. Until..

“Strange!” Mordo shouted interrupting the perfect reunion. But before Stephen could say something he realized what had caused the urgency. Behind (y/n) he saw Kaecilius and the Zealots turn themselves around against the flow of time. Stephen’s grip on (y/n)’s shoulders tightened as he held her close.

“Clever plan, mr strange. But not clever enough.” Kaecilius lunged forward causing Stephen to push (Y/n) to the side and quickly form his weapon.

(Y/n) watched for a moment as Wong and Mordo joined the fight as well. She was about to fight too but was nearly run over by a reversed car. She looked back and saw another heading right for the fighters. She quickly formed a shield barrier and sent it flying in front of the car, stopping it in its tracks. She studied the debris that shook on the ground and tried to predict if they would hit Stephen. If they headed in his direction she would block it or redirect it toward Kaecilius. (Y/n) couldn’t intervene no matter how much she wanted to, but she knew that she would only distract him. Though she wasn’t going to simply watch!

The battle continued all across the street to the point where Strange had gotten the upper hand. But Kaecilius held his arm in the air and slammed it against the pavement causing a shockwave to rip through the realm. Everything froze. The bikes. The cars. The people. Everything. Except for the dark realm that loomed above the sanctum. (Y/n)’s head pounded as she came to. Her eyes quickly found Strange who laid unconscious with a hand reached out toward her. Stumbling to her knees, (y/n) inched herself closer to him.

“S-Stephen..?” Her voice shook with fear. She placed her hand on his bloodied cheek causing him to gasp and come to. (Y/n) sighed in relief but froze when she heard Kaecilius speak.

“Don’t you see? It’s too late. Nothing can stop dormamus awakening. This world, is saved.” Strange shakily pushed himself off the pavement in an attempt to stand but was caught by (Y/n). The duo knelt on the street using each other for support. Mordo and Wong stood on either side, struggling to steady themselves.

“Cmon Stephen, we can finish this!” Wong’s voice was filled with pride even though they all knew the truth. (Y/n) stared at the portal that flared in the sky. It was like something out of a nightmare, striking fear into their hearts. She looked up at Stephen with tears in her eyes. This was it. They had failed. Not even the ancient one could save them now. God, she only wished she had more time. Though Stephen’s gaze didnt waver from the portal. He mouthed something to himself then a spark went off in his head. He turned to (y/n).

“I’m sorry, but I just..” He interrupted himself and placed his shaking hands on her bruised cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss. They stayed their for a moment. He wanted to savor every last second. (Y/n) couldn’t help but return the kiss, it was what she had wanted for a long time. And well worth the wait. When they finally separated he laid his forehead against hers and held his eyes shut.

“I love you (y/n). Please forgive me.” Hearing those words made (y/n)s heart melt. But then she realized.

“Wait-Stephen what do you me-“ he pulled himself from her grasp and soared over Kaecilius and toward the oblivion. Tears spilled out of her horror stricken eyes as (y/n) screamed his name into the cosmos. Everyone watched in awe as he disappeared into the shadowy mist.




After forcing an inter dimensional being into leaving planet Earth and disposing of Kaecilius and his zealots, Stephen realized that time had been put back to the exact moment before he had kissed (y/n). Of course he would never forget it but she never experienced it. Was that fair? Stephen couldn’t tell. She looked up at him with her shimmering (e/c) eyes with tears threatening to attack her bleeding lips. He was just about to recreate the moment when Kaecilius spoke.

“There’s nothing you can do, Strange. You’re too late.”

“Yeah, about that. I kind of made a deal with your pal up there so…” Kaecilius’s eyes widened at these words. He was suddenly lifted into the air along with his zealots and sucked into the unforgiving oblivion causing it to fade away.

“You know, they really should have taken the whole book because.. the side effects come AFTER the spells..” (y/n) chuckled at his frankness but paused when Wong fell into a fit of laughter. Stephen raised an eyebrow at his friend then looked back at (y/n) who smiled.

“A bargain with an inter dimensional being. That’s not something you hear everyday.” (Y/n) spoke as she helped Stephen to his feet.

“Yeah well something tells me that may become a habit of mine.” He paused for a moment. He wasn’t sure if he should tell her what he had witnessed. What he had felt. Would it be strange for him to do so considering it never happened? Though His heart quickly out ran his mind. “You may not remember any of this but.. I lost you tonight. (Y/n) it scared me so much, it made me realize how much you mean to me. That’s why.. before I went into the dark realm I-“ He was interrupted by her lips. The warmth had returned in his chest like it had before. He didn’t feel the sense of dread and fear he had felt when it was life or death. This time it felt like the beginning. This was the start of a new journey for him. One that he and (y/n) could explore together.


*ices hand* man typing on a phone is convenient but hurts after a while😂😂I love this movie and this scene so much. I’m definitely going to incorporate it again in the future!