BTS reacting to their S/O’s medication making them super excitable

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Super weird, but a reaction (BTS or Got7, either’s fine) to their girlfriend’s medication making her super…excitable (if ya know what I mean) pleeyuz!


“Are you feeling okay? By the looks on your face, you are. You’re insane, why do I love you? I don’t know why, but I love you lots.”


“Woah woah there, are you on your meds? Don’t be too excited like last time, you almost broke so many things in the house, it was way too funny!”


“You’re being giggly again and I find it extremely adorable but I also know you’re planning on doing something I don’t know what it is, but I’ll find out!”


“You barely go out on runs, let me guess, your medication? Want to come to the studio with me, rapping is pretty tiring and I want to see you rap!”


“It makes me so happy to see you this excited and happy about everything, it’s so cute. Want to go and annoy Jungkook? He’s been a bully to me and he never is to you!”


“You’re being so excited and I’m loving this! You should look at yourself, you’re being so funny and giggly! You’re like a little kid at a playground!”


“Are you sure you’re not on drugs? Wait; they practically are drugs, oh oops! Come and let’s dance before you break things like last time!”



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During a fight for winnix? <3

Would you believe this is my first attempt at anything more than stray headcanons for these two? Bear with me pls <3

“Don’t you?” Dick asks him after he’s affirmed his unshaken belief in the heroism of what they’re doing here, and of all the boys who lie murdered - murdered, can they think of it any other way at this point? - by ruthless criminals like bad intel, split-second hesitation, weak leadership, improper grenade safety protocol…

… this should all be funny to him by now, like it is to Nixon. Or maybe not funny, because Dick’s got a higher limit to his capacity for gallows humour and always has, but at least full of dramatic irony. Maybe, he thinks, human error was the real enemy all this time, and suddenly it’s not funny to him anymore either. It’s sickening and cruel in a way he can’t stand to face.

That’s his cue to lift his drink back to his lips, but Dick is beside his chair in the blink of an eye to clap a hand over his and still the movement. The ice cubes in his glass tinkle out their own light, careless laugh to fill the silence.

“Nix, every man still in our company has seen at least one of their friends die so quickly, with so little warning, and with so little apparent value to the sacrifice that they’ve wondered why any of us are here. You’re not alone in what you’re feeling right now. I know there’s no way to explain to a grieving mother that her son’s boots didn’t even hit ground before he was lost and make it sound as good to her as storming Berlin or punching Hitler square in the jaw, but -”

“Christ, Dick,” Nix hisses from between clenched teeth, but he can’t quite work out how to continue. While Dick’s description of heroic deeds as civilians must define them is a cruel caricature alongside what he just went through, and what they’ve all been through since landing in Normandy, it’s bitingly accurate. In fact, the juxtaposition is so effective that he feels about two feet fall when he finally sees the point to which Dick is leading him.

“- but it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand how heroic it is for their sons to have gotten in that plane at all when they knew it was possible for their lives to be snuffed out that way,” Dick finishes without any great flourish or even a lift in the volume of his voice. He’s still got that preternatural, stern calm in every part of his being. “Because we can translate it for them. That’s what these letters do.”

Swallowing hard, Nixon sets down his glass, feeling an odd sort of chill across the top of his hand with Dick’s no longer resting there. “I didn’t -” He pinches the bridge of his nose, clears his suddenly tight throat. “I didn’t mean to say -”

“Of course not,” Dick says evenly. “You’re upset, angry, and very drunk. I’d wait for at least one of those conditions to improve before you tackle the letters.”

“You forgot to mention that I’m a bitter, jaded asshole, and that’s a condition that never improves.”

Dick’s mouth quirks slightly at one side, but Nixon can’t tell if what he’s smothered would’ve been a smile or a frown.

“Yes, it does. You just can’t see the difference when it does.”

“And you can?”

“Of course I can. I love you.”

Nixon’s mouth goes dry, but suddenly the last thing he wants is a drink. By the time he’s able to turn his eyes to the place where Dick was just standing, he’s already gone.

So Nixon just picks up his pen and starts to write.

I feel like I should post more funny teaching stories here

Because I definitely have them.

For example, I have come to learn over the course of holding this position that Japanese school culture festivals are, in many ways, just as filled with zany hijinks as they are in your average anime.

Some highlights from my recent experiences with the mysterious beast known as the culture festival:

-Class 1-B presented a statistical report on this season’s fishing hauls. Sounds boring, right? Nope - it was presented via interpretive dabbing, with all of the class officers in glow-in-the-dark squid masks

-3-A, for their presentation, composed and performed an enka ballad about why our town is NOT famous

-Not to be outdone, 3-C crafted a loving, emotional video tribute to their three years of junior high school…narrated by the disembodied head of former US president John F. Kennedy projected on the gymnasium wall

-2-B made a ping-pong table. Their presentation consisted of walking onstage, saying “We made a ping-pong table” and sitting down.

-Students were allowed to order special lunches from the set festival menu up to two weeks in advance. The vice-principal was meant to pass out notices explaining how many of each item students might order. He failed to do so. A student ordered 28 muffins. The faculty watched in horror as he ate every single one.

I just saw Power Rangers and it’s awesome! Here’s a few reasons why you should go see it, too: 

• it’s reaaally funny 
• diverse cast
• epic female villain
• lots of easter eggs
• every power ranger has their own story
• the queer character’s struggles are relatable, what you get to see could be considered a small step but definitely in the right direction 
• all women in this movie have realistic body types, they look strong and healthy 

 What are you waiting for? IT’S MORPHIN TIME!

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‘Average book talks about the Parisian sewage system for 50 pages’ factoid is actually a statistical error - Victor Hugo’s 'Les Miserables’ which talks about the Parisian sewage system for 5000 pages is an outlier and should not have been counted.