Dating Tom Holland Would Include part.2

• A lot of hand holding and cheek kisses
• Nick names such as “Shit head”, “Dick head” or “Twat”
• but also “Darling” and “Babes”
• One of your selfies is the lock screen for his phone
• Pep talks about handling the fame / haters
• Tom is very supportive of your dreams, career, etc. Always offering to help in any way
• Introducing Tom to food, movies, music, celebrations of your culture / religion (if they happen to be different)
• Busting a nut every time he kisses your neck
• Him having a whole playlist of songs to fuck you to
• He becomes a bit more dominant when you guys are more comfortable with each other
• Pool sex, Car sex… every surface of the house sex
• Your neighbours definitely know his name
• Tom: “Round 2?”
• You: “Your on top this time”
• Tom: “I’ll flip you for it” *throws coin in the air*
•You purposely leaving hickeys and scratch marks before important shoots or filming days
• He gets very embarrassed when the makeup artist asks about them, but hey, he’s Tom Holland, he can talk his way around ANYTHING
•Waking up at 6am to watch cartoons and eat cereal cos you’re both still 6 years old at heart
• Christmas, New Year’s Eve & Birthday celebrations with his family (&yours)
• His brothers coming to you for girl advice
• Drunk Tom being very affectionate& touchy-feely
• The cast of SM: H adore you!
• As does the cast of Civil War
• Except Anthony Mackie. He can’t process why a Queen like you would waste your time on Tom
• But he low-key loves Tom
• Over the top with the compliments on social media
• *You post new pic on the gram*
• @TomHolland2013 “Yass, slay bitch, eyeliner sharp AF😩😩🔥🔥”
• Always running your fingers through his curls as he falls asleep on your lap or chest

This was sooo long but ya’ll asked for it. Should I start writing blurbs for Tom? 💕

Do you think that the Tamers interviened during WWII and used their powers and monsters to make a difference? I personally headcanon the series happening in Italy, so Big burg (and Bibursi) and Old Mill could have been bombarded at some point. Or maybe Tamers were told not to use them so they wouldn’t be discovered ? What if there had been some Tamers on the Nazis side (either having their ideology or just to use the weapons and power to take over monsters?) What if some Tamers were persuaded humans were the inferior race ?

So my mom does this thing where she hears about something in the news barely remotely close to where I’m living and sends an email checking up on me. This time, I assume she’s referring to the terror attack in Barcelona, some 700 miles away from where I am.

hope you’re doing all right. Are you okay being there with everything that’s happening? I’m praying for God’s protection over you.

My response: Thanks, but Barcelona and [where I am] are nowhere near each other. Are you okay being there with everything that’s happening? I’m referring, of course, to the white supremacist/nazi sympathizer running the country (into the ground).

But what should I really write her?

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Hello! I just found your blog and its wonderful, i love it so much!!!! I was wondering if you could do a scenario of Shindou You meeting his s/o at the hero license exam (she is a part of UA). Thank you so much! I hope you have a good day/week.

Hey! Thank you for your sweet words, they mean a lot ahhh! <3 Of course you can have it, I just hope it’s not strange, lol. I never know how I should write Shindō, tbh… You too have a great week! 

Word count: 726.

Shindō Yō:

The outside of Takoba National stadium flooded with students from several academies, some eager, others scared. The noise what to be expected, for it was a special day for any teenager who was seeking to become a hero: the Hero License Exam, whose mere mention was able to pump adrenaline through these youngsters’ veins, was finally here, and the atmosphere it was predicted it would hold was far from disappointing.

And among a sea of excitement and chattering heroes in training stood [Name], from class 1-A, with an expression of mild hesitation and, dare I say, almost fear. Despite Aizawa’s encouraging words, she couldn’t imagine herself winning, even after all the training.

Her nervousness had become even worse after meeting the students from other notable academies. They looked so strong, so capable of being heroes… Thankfully, Inasa’s amusing antics had managed to put her at ease even if just slightly.

And then came Ketsubutsu Academy.

She recalled him introducing himself as Shindō Yō as he went shaking hands with every member of her class and, honestly, his flattery made her feel light and tingly in the chest. She had to admit that he was handsome, but she denied to believe that it was the reason why she felt so nice.

But his friendly eyes staring into hers and the warmth of his hand when he shook her own; she was convincing herself that he was, indeed, handsome.

And then came Katsuki, rejecting his warm welcome and claiming that he was just plain and blatantly fake. [Name]’s easy smile dropped when reality hit her.

Of course their rivals wouldn’t be so nice. He was just a fake, waiting to crush her into the deepest despair when the time to battle against each other came.

Pessimism was back, despite Mina’s sweet words of encouragement, which served at least to make the female smile softly, by the time the students were called inside the large building. [Name]’s fingers played with the small buckle of her hero costume that she would have to wear. Her digits stuttered, however, when the bunch of students in front of her stopped abruptly, and let go of the small metal piece, which fell with a deaf clang on the pavement.

She struggled to kneel down and take it squished between a mass of excited teenagers and afraid of having her hand stepped on if she let it wander too low.

But before she could reach the buckle, slender fingers had taken a firm hold on it and brought it up to her eyes’ height, which stared at it with wide disbelief once they realized who these fingers belonged to.

“This is yours, right?” He asked, enthusiasm in his voice as he handed it over. [Name] nodded, muttering her thanks and never daring to look into his dark eyes. “Well, if I recall correctly you are from the U.A.” He smiled kindly, and she almost forgot that it was all an act to lower her guard.

“Y-Yes… You were Shindō Yō, from Ketsubutsu Academy, I think?” She answered, shyly, while the students advanced forwards; the young boy walked next to her, bearing a smile that almost made her want to scream “I hate fakes” and run off, but given the claustrophobic space they were both trapped in, that would be a very silly idea.

“Glad you remembered, cutie!” He winked, and she nearly had to look away to fight a blush of embarrassment; however, what coated her face in red wasn’t shame nor awkwardness, it was anger.

“D-Don’t think I’m going to let you win just because you come at me with cute nicknames, idiot…” She mumbled, looking at her feet and turning around, her back facing him. “Nor because you’re cute…” And before he could say something else, [Name] had scurried her way forward, disappearing into the sea of students to find her best friend and tell her that…

“I just told him he is a cute idiot,” she whined to herself, her face flaring red in embarrassment this time.

Meanwhile, Shindō walked forward with a wide smirk on his face, satisfied with what he had just heard. Her reaction had been all but entertaining and, honestly, he couldn’t wait to see her again, inside the building.

And who knows? Maybe, after defeating her, he would invite her to have some coffee with him.

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I’ve got a series of books in mind and the second book takes place a couple decades after the first. In the second book, one of the main characters from the first book, who was an apprentice herself, is mentoring the son of one of her friends in the first book (who was a secondary character). How should I go about writing that role reversal?

Even if it’s not important in the book itself, make sure you flesh out (for yourself) everything this character has been through in the two decades between books one and two. What other training and experience did she receive? Where did she go and what did she do? Who else did she meet? Did she stay in touch with the friend from book one? If so, what was their relationship like? Was she around when the friend’s child was born and did she know the child as it grew? When and why did she make the switch from apprentice to trainer/mentor? What does it entail? Is it a state of semi-retirement where she will no longer be active “in the field” unless things are critical? Is it a full-retirement that she comes out of in order to mentor the friend’s son? How does she feel about the way her life has changed and how it has turned out? Does she have any regrets? Anything she would do differently? Any internal goals yet to be worked out?

All of these things will inform the story, not just in terms of how you write the character, but potentially in terms of what needs to happen in the story. So, once you get them fleshed out, you’ll have a better idea of how to go about writing this role reversal scenario. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited asks: how to portray/describe (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge requests (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complex questions. Asks directed to other anons/askers. I get dozens of questions per day…please don’t ask if I got your question. See master list & main site for more info!

Got some good ideas for the fics (I should probably write the scenes out while I still have inspiration)

Let’s just say Pidge does some really cool things 😄

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How many blogs do you have and what are they called?

I have five blogs. @petroltogo is my (almost never used) main blog. @tonystarktogo is the one I’m most active on. @still-a-caterpillar is one I wanted to use as a half-fictional online diary but never got around to actually do something with it. And then there are @fiveseveneightmiles and @trademarkbadboys both of which are completely blank and meant for original stories, should I ever finish writing them.

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          YESSSSS THANK YOU SO MUCH                                                                                      

1) fight them or fight for them I love this boyo so much

2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them: there is no infinity key on this laptop why pretend there is an infinity sign

3) would i smooch: soz maxie but I would smooch

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them: I SHOULD

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already: 11/10 could become one of those people who read audiobooks

Hi, Guys!!  I just want to check with you which series you still want me to continue.

I went through my numerous amount of series, and I want to know which ones that I should ignore and which ones that I should continue writing.  There are many that I haven’t written any parts for in months, and I want to know if any of you are interested in me continuing them.  I don’t want to write something that you guys won’t be interested in.  I share my writing because I want other people to enjoy it, so please feel free to say which ones you want me to continue or just plain out stop writing.  I want your opinions please!

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I'm sorry I have to write this as an anonymous message but I'm too shy to write this with my name attached. I'm so glad that at some point you had the thought ' I should write FanFiction'. There are a lot of amazing authors on ffnet, AO3, Ashwinder and many other pages but for me you take 1st place. I'm so thankful for every single letter you write. I also think Courage and Craft should be your House Words. They describe you perfectly, as far as I know. You have my eternal adoration. <3

You are sweet and wonderful, and please feel free to write me (anonymously or not, I don’t mind) whenever you want ♥ 

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David King for the ask

 why’d you pick David sweetheart hmmmmmmmm

1) fight them or fight for them

2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them: -10/10

3) would i smooch: nag oes 

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them: I should write about him getting punched

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already: Poshest Voice Ever