come on to tumblr to a bunch of people writin’ me really poorly-researched essays about how awful Solas is.

I just got to say, if your essay in all seriousness says, “Solas destroyed the world only because he wanted revenge for Mythal, and that’s the only reason” 

I will just… start laughing, and laughing, and then wipe the tears from my eyes, and that’s pretty much all your essay deserves in response. If you didn’t bother to understand even that relatively straight-forward aspect of the situation, then what else could you have to offer? If you don’t put any effort into researching or understanding the character, your meta is going to be painfully off-key.

a nice headcannon

highschool randl sleeping over and reminiscing about when they were younger and had fort sleepovers so they make links whole bedroom into a fort. so then when they go to fall asleep they’re almost out of blankets and neither of the blankets are long enough to cover up rhett’s lanky body. rhett falls asleep and link decides that he doesn’t need a blanket so his friend can be comfortable. rhett’s already asleep when link covers up his feet for him and then rhett wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes link covered him up so he just smiles and curls around link and covers them both up

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Here's an idea! All the grumps wearing a vibrator but no one knows who's remote they have and who has their remote. You can also apply this to the clone au if you love to sin!

Ohh, I really like this idea! If it’s all the Grumps whoever’s remote Brian or Ross had would be in trouble because they would tease the hell out of the person. Brian would keep it low most of the day, or for hours on end, and then suddenly jack it up to the highest setting for like ten minutes before lowering it again. 

Meanwhile Ross would just keep it on a high setting throughout most of the day and turn it down for like 5 minutes at a time. 

I feel like the rest of them would keep it pretty steady. Dan might keep it low, and maybe go up a little, but he doesn’t want to make his person uncomfortable. 

While all this is happening, their own vibrators are going off inside of them. I think whoever had Brian would be found pretty fast because they’d be okay and then all the sudden a loud shout would be hurt from somewhere in the office when Brian turned his up all the way. 

Please come talk to me about Patrick Stump

Steve was overcome with relief at having Danny home again, back where he could see him, whole and in one piece. The knowledge that he was hurting, that he was grieving and blaming himself was like a knife in his gut, but Steve would welcome that particular pain if it might lessen Danny’s in some measure.

He wants to reach out, to put a hand on Danny’s shoulder, to draw him into a hug, offer some small amount of physical comfort to the man who has become so much a part of his life. But Danny isn’t ready to feel better, and Steve knows it will only make him withdraw, and Steve can’t stand the thought. So he sits, listens, lets Danny have his presence and his support, like he did in Colombia, standing silent witness to Danny’s anguish; watching the man struggle with the decision and pull the trigger.

He was there for him then, and he’ll be there now. He’ll wait for Danny to choose him and reach out.

But he won’t stop wanting. And he won’t stop making sure Danny knows he’s worthy. He’ll wait. Despite how Danny teases, a patient man.


So, this happened.

Really, my whole existence on this website is all @chelebell ’s fault.

Do not be confused;
though my crown is crooked,
its shine is not diminished nor does it make me any less of a queen.
Royalty is the weight in my step;
it is in the arch of my neck.
It is the grace in the swish of my wrists, it lingers in the delicate caress of my fingers.
I own the oceans and they live in my eyes. Lurking beneath the surface of a polished gaze.
I control the beckoning waves, and upon a whim I may summon the storm. Doubt my authority and I shall gladly cast you unto the waters.
The weight of my stare is the only confirmation you need; my head held high will tell stories of my divinity.
I am a woman.
I am a queen.
Do not expect me to lower myself for your comfort; I deserve nothing less than a throne upon which to rest my limitless potential.

I should write a book called, “How To Further Complicate The Issue: A Guide To Making Your Own Life And The Lives Of Those Around You More Difficult Than Necessary”.

Chapters include:

  • Not Knowing When To Shutup
  • Gossiping
  • Arguing For Argument’s Sake
  • Kissing And/Or Falling In Love With Your Best Friends
  • Anxiety, Procrastination, and Self-doubt
  • and many, many more vital hints to help you fuck everything up 

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A Happy Family! ~

Thank you Jack, for playing Slime Rancher and basically turned me into a total sucker for this game…
Everything in this game is so cute and squishy, you can’t even be mad…

Honestly though, if that had actually been a backdoor pilot for Wayward Daughters that would have been the most fantastic hook ever.  Forget about your dumbass monster families in Chicago, this is what we want.  Characters who have been thrown together by circumstance and who now have to build a life and a family despite all odds.  People who have each been through their own personal hell, whose pasts frequently come back to haunt them not just figuratively but literally.

I want to see what happens next.  I want to see whether Alex finds herself thrown off course of the normal life she was building.  I want to see if she and Claire find something they can connect over, not just in life-or-death situations but in real life too.  I want to see how Jody handles two almost grown girls becoming a part of her family after she lost her real family so violently.  I want to see their relationships grow and change even while supernatural threats still lurk around them.

And really, the structure of it is perfect.  A new show about the three of them (four if you include Donna) would start out ready made with a foundation of conflict (that lovely driver of stories), and also that core of what make Supernatural so great: family.  You have three different characters with three different pasts to explore throughout the run of a show, all of whom are already beloved by the fanbase.  Claire’s story is clearly still moving forward as she tried to find her place in the world; Alex has a decision ahead of her, whether she can face the supernatural and what she’s done in order to stay with her new family; Jody has the struggle of raising two troubled girls, while being the sheriff, while also taking the occasional hunt.  There are so many plots that could come out of these characters, so much development and conflict and emotional connections between them.

Seriously CW, if you want to cash in on this giant fanbase, Wayward Daughters is the way to go.  We’re all waiting for it, we all support it.  Just give it to us already.