BTS reacts to: Waking up with boobs

Jin: *sees reflection*  “Oh yeah, I can work these” “I thought I looked good before” “We should go shopping, I need a cute bra!”

Jhope: *Walks into bathroom half asleep, and sees self in mirror* “Oh god! I’ve become my sister!” “Yoongi, you jinxed me!!!!” “Is this a curse? will I go back?”

V: *Promptly runs around squeezing and comparing everyone’s boobs* “I thought I’d at least be a solid C cup” “Jin’s are nice, But mine are better. right?”

Rap Mon:*Starts having PTSD flashbacks of AHL* “This is going to be the learning to twerk thing all over again, Isn’t it?” How do you expect me to dance with these things?!”

Jungkook:*Has found his new favorite thing to play with* *Gets bored-plays with boobs* *Gets sleepy-plays with boobs**Plays with boobs*

Suga:*Immediately hates them* “Great, now my back hurts” “My impromptu nap positions have been cut by like, half!” “No! I will not put on that death trap you call a bra!”

Jimin:*Super worried and self conscious, Until he sees himself* “Now I have the boobs to go with the butt” “I should try a crop top!””They might not know much about kpop, but they’re about to know about Jimin 😜 ”

Making Eric jealous

  You were outside having a smoke with Eric and Dylan, your best friends. You had a crush on Eric and the only person who knew was Brooks. He also told you Eric had a crush on you as well. Brooks walked up to the three of you. “Are you guys going to the party?” he asked. “Hell no! It’s gonna be nothing but a bunch of jocks grinding up against a few whores” he said, blowing out smoke. “I’m totally going if you are.” you say to Brooks. You didn’t have a thing for him, but you knew it would make Eric jealous if you acted like you did.

  You watched as Eric furrowed his eyebrows. He sightly glared at Brooks. “I guess if you’re going I’ll go too.” Eric says to you. “Do you think I should wear a crop top and some short shorts?” you ask Brooks. You could tell he understood what you were doing to Eric and he played along. “Sounds good. What do you think Eric?” he asks, looking over at him. Eric looked fully pissed.

  You were going to get him to admit he likes you if it’s the last thing you do. “Do you want me to pick you up?” he asks, trying to hold back a grin. The bell rang and everyone smoking put out thier cigarettes. “Thanks for the offer Brooks, but I’m good.” you smile. “You know I was just joking.” you tell Eric. No response. “Admit it.” you say. “What?” he pretends to have no idea what you’re talking about. “You know you were jealous!” you tease him. “Maybe”he mumbled. “What was that?” you smile. “Shut up”

  • Me, during the dead of winter when my dysphoria is covered in three layers of clothing: having a body isn't so bad! I should wear a crop top this summer! That's a good goal!
  • Me, in the summer when bodies are at their worst: maybe I'll just never leave the house to avoid having other humans see my meat suit.