Please stop assuming that everyone who dresses outside of the binary is ashamed of their anatomy.

So you can stop giving me your unsolicited tips on how I should do softer makeup to “look better” or only wear high waisted bottoms to “have a better figure”. Please stop.

I am fully aware of my muscular stature, broad shoulders, chiseled jaw, narrow hips, and everything else that makes me look “manly”. But it’s my body. And I love my body. And I will decorate it how I please. If that doesn’t neatly fall into your heteronormative aesthetic standards that means there’s something YOU need to fix. Not me.

On that note. Peep this beauty. Normalize this beauty. Cuz it ain’t going nowhere sweetheart 😘

We were misquoting Lashauwn Beyond all along. Alaska just fulfilled the prophecy!

(How could I not make this edit after last night’s elimination? I love Roxxxy but Tati should have stayed 100% based on this week! I hope Roxxxy uses this 4th save as motivation to shine like never before in the next challenge. Rooting for her to step it up because I know she’s better than this. Also, “This is not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race” is one of my favorite things to say in real life situations.)


DiigoSims Presents: Tumblr Life Collection - Part 2

Sooo… this was supposed to be for my 300+ followers gift , but I didn’t have any time to finish it , so now consider this as a 400+ followers gift! \o/

This collection is all about “Tumblr Inspired” Stuff! Get your sims all dressed up to take those cute aestethic photos you’ve always dreamed of!

This part has less clothing pieces , but i’m going to do some stuff “soon” to compensate :)

I used my own pallete in this clothings.

Spellcasterr’s Swimsuit:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 3 patterns
  • You need the mesh -here-

Lucassims’ Crop Top:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 3 patterns
  • You need the mesh -here-

Tajsiwel’s Top:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 2 patterns
  • You need the -mesh-

Spellcasterr’s Simple Swimsuit:

  • Comes in 5 patterns (i couldn’t do basic colours ;-;)
  • You need the mesh -here-

Note: If the thumbnails aren’t appearing in CAS , update your game or delete the thumbnail cache. It should work by then :)

- Read My TOU before downloading-


Simfileshare / Dropbox


  • @spellcasterr , @tajsiwel and @lucassims for the meshes
  • Google and Tumblr for Ideas and Patterns/Designs

This morning the boyfriend was like “You should wear your bunny shirt” so I decided it was time to make a contribution to the whole “Fat Girls in Crop Tops 2k14” thing. My poor belly is like blindingly white and it needs some sun.

And then the best pic I took, no glare or anything, ended up being a close up on my belly (camera zoomed accidentally I guess?). Belly is stealing the spotlight from the rest of me, but I like the pic. I don’t get how there’s people out there that hate bellies.

EDIT: The shirt is from H&M to anyone wondering, but I got it a long ass time ago. Shorts are from DEB!

A school observation about dress codes...

So as some of you may know, I’m currently working as a teacher. Since the weather has been warm for nearly two months now, I have seen lots of dresses, skirts, hot pants/short shorts, crop tops, and borderline see-through blouses and tops.

Apparently, according to many in North America, this should be a huge distraction for me as a male teacher. However…





Well, you were all very kind, and suggested I should release this top. It really is an important and personal cc to me, because this is the first edited EA mesh I’ve ever made. So it’s far from perfect, please forgive me that. Might this be a new beginning? Well, the relationship between Blender & me still doesn’t look all bright, but I’m trying.  So here is it, a quite simple long sleeve lace crop top, inspired by this top.

  • standalone
  • HQ texture
  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 4 swatches
  • recolouring is allowed, but please don’t include the mesh

Special thanks to @dani-paradise, @chisimi, @starlord-sims​, @salem2342, @pralinesims and to all the amazing CC creators whose items I used on my model. Poses by the one and only @flowerchamber. ♥

Don’t forget to tag #trillyke if you use it, I’d love to see, and I will reblog!  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

That 70’s Skirt

By Karissa Marie 

This post is for those minimal but trendy ladies out there. I always love adding easy, breezy outfits to my blog because it’s very likely that you own similar pieces in your own closets. I’m sure you have a grey crop top and denim skirt… and if you don’t, you should because they are all the rage right now. The 70’s styled denim skirt is so popular at the moment, every store has recently came out with their own versions of it. I also see them every single time I check my Instagram. I feel like I belong on a modern day version of “That 70’s Show.”

One thing I do recommend if you choose to be inspired by this outfit post is to LEAVE THE LEATHER JACKET AT HOME. It was 80 something degrees outside and I was close to having a heat stroke while taking these pictures. I just wanted the jacket for dramatic effect but I nearly died. (Exaggeration is my specialty, can you tell?)

Have a fabulous day! See you next time!

With Love,

© Karissa Marie


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ALDO Griliri Nude Block Heeled Sandals

RES Denim Lil Lover Skirt

Button-Front Denim Skirt

ASOS Textured Biker Jacket with Quilt Detail

ASOS Denim Button Through Western Midi Skirt

Ribbed Bralette

Did you know that you can search for fashion on Wantering? Try typing in your favorite brand or style into the search bar like “Summer” to browse the best items to shop.  


;-; asdfghjkl NEW MESH, I’ve fixed all the issues I had with this top! It’s a lace crop top that I made ages upon ages ago and never finished! But anyways, it has full morphs and also the pregnant morph, otl I didn’t test the preg morph but it should be fine! If you have any issues pls let me know via ask or inbox! I hope you enjoy! <3

Cakenoodles_af_LaceCropTop.package (compressed)

Download Dropbox \ Download Mediafire