Please stop assuming that everyone who dresses outside of the binary is ashamed of their anatomy.

So you can stop giving me your unsolicited tips on how I should do softer makeup to “look better” or only wear high waisted bottoms to “have a better figure”. Please stop.

I am fully aware of my muscular stature, broad shoulders, chiseled jaw, narrow hips, and everything else that makes me look “manly”. But it’s my body. And I love my body. And I will decorate it how I please. If that doesn’t neatly fall into your heteronormative aesthetic standards that means there’s something YOU need to fix. Not me.

On that note. Peep this beauty. Normalize this beauty. Cuz it ain’t going nowhere sweetheart 😘


DiigoSims Presents: Tumblr Life Collection - Part 2

Sooo… this was supposed to be for my 300+ followers gift , but I didn’t have any time to finish it , so now consider this as a 400+ followers gift! \o/

This collection is all about “Tumblr Inspired” Stuff! Get your sims all dressed up to take those cute aestethic photos you’ve always dreamed of!

This part has less clothing pieces , but i’m going to do some stuff “soon” to compensate :)

I used my own pallete in this clothings.

Spellcasterr’s Swimsuit:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 3 patterns
  • You need the mesh -here-

Lucassims’ Crop Top:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 3 patterns
  • You need the mesh -here-

Tajsiwel’s Top:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 2 patterns
  • You need the -mesh-

Spellcasterr’s Simple Swimsuit:

  • Comes in 5 patterns (i couldn’t do basic colours ;-;)
  • You need the mesh -here-

Note: If the thumbnails aren’t appearing in CAS , update your game or delete the thumbnail cache. It should work by then :)

- Read My TOU before downloading-


Simfileshare / Dropbox


  • @spellcasterr , @tajsiwel and @lucassims for the meshes
  • Google and Tumblr for Ideas and Patterns/Designs

This morning the boyfriend was like “You should wear your bunny shirt” so I decided it was time to make a contribution to the whole “Fat Girls in Crop Tops 2k14” thing. My poor belly is like blindingly white and it needs some sun.

And then the best pic I took, no glare or anything, ended up being a close up on my belly (camera zoomed accidentally I guess?). Belly is stealing the spotlight from the rest of me, but I like the pic. I don’t get how there’s people out there that hate bellies.

EDIT: The shirt is from H&M to anyone wondering, but I got it a long ass time ago. Shorts are from DEB!

Things that Taylor should include on the 1989 tour:

  • Wildest Dreams Piano Version
  • I Know Places / I Knew You Were Trouble Mash-Up
  • A club after the concert like Club Red / T-Party
  • Love Story Pop Remix
  • Wonderland performed in an Alice In Wonderland environment
  • Sparkly Crop Top Outfits
  • Hand Hearts
  • Polaroid Cameras sold for merchandise
  • Taylor singing songs from different albums with her guitar
  • Outfit changes during Style
  • A forest environment for Out Of The Woods
  • Fire and lots of ex-lovers during Blank Space
  • How You Get The Girl and You Are In Love being acted out while Taylor sings
  • Fans dancing on stage with Taylor during Shake It Off
  • Rain pouring down during Clean
  • New Romantics as the final song
  • Fireworks and Confetti to end the show
A school observation about dress codes...

So as some of you may know, I’m currently working as a teacher. Since the weather has been warm for nearly two months now, I have seen lots of dresses, skirts, hot pants/short shorts, crop tops, and borderline see-through blouses and tops.

Apparently, according to many in North America, this should be a huge distraction for me as a male teacher. However…





Cheap basics under $20!

These cute and inexpensive clothes can be found at this online store called CHOIES and they also provide free shipping worldwide!

here are some items I found cute:

  1. White sleeveless roll neck crop top - $7.99
  2. Long Sleeved Black Striped Crop Top - $9.90
  3. Black Cross Front Crop Top w/ Side Cut Out - $6.99
  4. Black Long Sleeve Cropped Knit Sweater - $19.90
  5. Vintage Floral Kimono - $13.90
  6. Navy and White Striped Bodycon Dress w/ V Neck - $9.90
  7. White Mesh Dress - $13.90
  8. Black Knit Infinity Scarf - $9.90
  9. Black Over the Knee Socks w/ White Stripes - $1.90

you can find more cute tops here, accessories here, and dresses here.

please like this post if you think the items above are cute and/or i should purchase some of them! this would help me a lot on my decision ty xx

That 70’s Skirt

By Karissa Marie 

This post is for those minimal but trendy ladies out there. I always love adding easy, breezy outfits to my blog because it’s very likely that you own similar pieces in your own closets. I’m sure you have a grey crop top and denim skirt… and if you don’t, you should because they are all the rage right now. The 70’s styled denim skirt is so popular at the moment, every store has recently came out with their own versions of it. I also see them every single time I check my Instagram. I feel like I belong on a modern day version of “That 70’s Show.”

One thing I do recommend if you choose to be inspired by this outfit post is to LEAVE THE LEATHER JACKET AT HOME. It was 80 something degrees outside and I was close to having a heat stroke while taking these pictures. I just wanted the jacket for dramatic effect but I nearly died. (Exaggeration is my specialty, can you tell?)

Have a fabulous day! See you next time!

With Love,

© Karissa Marie


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ALDO Griliri Nude Block Heeled Sandals

RES Denim Lil Lover Skirt

Button-Front Denim Skirt

ASOS Textured Biker Jacket with Quilt Detail

ASOS Denim Button Through Western Midi Skirt

Ribbed Bralette

Did you know that you can search for fashion on Wantering? Try typing in your favorite brand or style into the search bar like “Summer” to browse the best items to shop.  

Frat Party (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: yes

Summary: You go to a frat party and end up hanging out with Luke the entire night. One thing leads to another…

part two


There was another party tonight, a frat party. Honestly, I didn’t really want to go but all my finals were over, and my friends were all going so I said fuck it.

I got changed, not actually putting much thought into my outfit, simply changing my shirt to a crop top and put some high waisted shorts on. I texted my friends, letting them now that I was ready and soon we were all headed to the party together.

“I wanna get shit faced tonight.” My friend, Amy, said as we walked in. “And hook up with someone.” She added, looking at everyone in the party. “Someone hot.”

I snorted at her words as we made our way through the frat house. “What? Don’t laugh at me Y/N. You should hook up with someone too; you’ve been studying to hard lately. You need to relax.” She drawled out and handed me a cup filled with an unknown liquid. I drank it, happy with the taste.

We stayed together for the first bit, talking to each other and getting to see who was here. “Oh,” She nudged my shoulder. “I’ll see you later.” She walked over to a group of people, some of which I had no idea who they were. I laughed into my drink when she started to clearly flirt with I guy I knew she thought was hot. Go Amy.

“Why are you standing here all alone?” I heard someone say from behind me. I turned around and saw Luke Hemmings coming to stand next me, a cup in his hand as well. He had on a snapback, covering his usually blond up-do, a black tank top and jeans, with sunglasses hanging off his neck.

I didn’t know him that well, I had one class with him and we didn’t talk that much. I’m pretty sure that this was his frat house though. “My friend ditched me.” I laughed.

“That’s too bad. But I guess that means that you’re stuck with me for now.” He said with a small smirk, bumping his shoulder with mine.

I always felt conceited when I thought this, but I’m pretty sure that he was hitting on me. “Really and how long do you think I’m going to be stuck with you?”

“However long you want me around.” He teased back. I nodded and laughed, and finished off the rest of my drink. He immediately offered me another one, and again, I said fuck it and agreed.

I ended up hanging out with Luke for most of the night; we stood around, then sat around, and then stood again. I don’t know where Amy had gone, I saw her a little while ago but I don’t know where she had gone now.

“What?” I asked Luke, seeing his lips move but not being able to hear what he had told me. I think the music had gotten even louder, and more people had piled into the house making it louder than it should be.

He leaned in closer so that I could hear him. “You wanna go outside, its quieter out there.”

I nodded, and followed him out the door. The sun had already set, but it was still light enough to see. It was also much quieter.

“C’mere.” He said, leading me around the house. There was a small garden type thing; I didn’t even know that they gad gardens. Okay, it was more of a patch of grass and some bushes surrounded by trees, but I was still surprised.

“Is this where you bring all your girls?” I teased, looking around. He laughed and followed me. “You got me there Y/N.”

“You know there’s one thing that I regret this year.” Luke told me, putting down his empty cup on a cheap looking lawn chair. “And what’s that?” I asked, noticing how he didn’t stop walking in closer to me.

“We didn’t get to hangout more.” He said, a smile breaking out on his face. He looked down at his feet, and if I knew him better I would say that he was nervous.

“Smooth, Hemmings.” I said, similar smile lining my own lips.

“I try.” He shrugged. I think he was going to kiss me, I was almost a hundred percent sure of it. Honestly, I wanted him to kiss me. Either the alcohol had gotten to me, or I just really missed a guy but all night I’ve been starring at his lips and imagining the feeling of them on me, really wanting to know how his lip ring would feel against my lips.

Before he could make a move, someone called his name making him turn his head around, away from me. “Hemmings! C’mon, we’re playing a little game inside.”

He looked at me, and I shrugged and followed him back inside. Turns out, that “little game” was an altered game of truth or dare, one of those alterations being that no one who was playing was 12.

Luke sat down with everyone on the floor, looking up at me and patting the spot next to him. I laughed and sat down next to him. Now that I looked around, I had realized that I found Amy. She was sitting on that guys lap, the guy she was flirting with earlier on.

They were spinning a bottle in the middle of the circle, and honestly I was really happy that I had nothing to do with it yet. Of course, that was until Amy spun it and it landed right on me. I inwardly groaned; the fact that we were close friends made it worse because she knew what would piss me off. And, I’m pretty sure she was drunk.

“Y/N, truth or dare?” She asked, smirked on her lips. I quickly thought it over. “Dare.” I said, as confidently as I could. If I said truth she would make me confess something embarrassing to all these people, something that she already knew.

“I dare you,” She trailed off, looking around. “To play a game of too hot with Hemmings.”

Maybe it would have been better to have picked truth. “What? I uh-“ I glanced over at him, and he had the same facial expression as how I felt.

“No Y/N. Rules are rules. Remember, first one to use hands loses.” She said. Yep, she was drunk and I was going to hurt her later. Sure, I wanted to kiss Hemmings but not like this, in front of all these people.

I let out a sigh, I turned my head to look at Luke. I kept my hands by my sides, actually trying to win. I leaned in, we were already close enough that our arms were touching, so now that we were closer together our noses brushed.

He leaned in to connect our lips, and it came as a small shock, even if I don’t know what I was anticipating. His lips were soft against my own, not applying a lot of pressure but his lipring was hard and cold, but oddly felt nice.

I pressed myself closer to him, applying more pressure. I felt his tongue poke into my mouth, and I think he shifted closer to me so that our chests were basically pressed up together. We were both turned, bodies twisted awkwardly so I detached our lips for a brief second to swing my legs over his own, straddling him.

My hands were still at my side, but they were digging into my things, itching to run my fingers through his hair. I pulled back again, tugging his bottom lip between my teeth. A small groan escaped the back of his throat, and he moved his head in closer to mine to press up closer to me again. He tried to move in closer, moving my hips against his.

Next thing I knew, I felt a pair of hands grip at my waist, moving up to my neck. His fingers toyed with my hair, and I heard a few people say something about the game being over but that didn’t stop us. He pulled away, but resting his forehead against mine, breathing heavily.

“I guess I won.” I whispered, moving off of him. “I guess you did.” He said, as I sat back down next to him. I saw Amy wink at me from across the room, and I rolled my eyes.

The game kept going, but Hemmings leaned in. “I’ll be back in a sec.”

I was confused to see him go, but Amy got my attention from across the room, and she nodded her head towards where Luke had left, moving her hand up and down, in what people would say a handjob motion. I shook my head, flipping her off.

I was glad I came to this party after all.

Title: Of Crop Tops and Leather Pants
Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Yoonminseok
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yoongi probably didn’t expect to be so attracted to crop tops. / in which established yoonseok go man hunting and come back with a jimin i have terrible friends but i am also terrible

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