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Peridot should wear suspenders over one of those button-up shirts with a bow-tie. If that's too much, try something like Pearl's design; legwarmers on jumpsuit, but also armwarmers and maybe a crop top shirt.

i almost wanna go with suspenders because of what sugar drew

also because theyre cute


Happy Birthday French Curves!! This month the theme was “DOLCE VITA”. I wanted to be féminine and to keep it simple. The challenge, has helped so many women, not only by inspiring them, but by showing them that style is not defined by any body type. You got to do whatever makes you happy, and don’t forget that your size doesn’t define your value! Have fun and Enjoy!

If you want to wear a crop top, but you don’t feel comfortable enough (bullying and harassment is real), wear it in a safe place, or when you’re with a friend. Don’t let them dictate how you should live your life, be safe and , and be strong. 

Bustier: Asos curve 

Skirt: Home made

Shoes: Newlook (old)


For someone who doesn’t do all digital often, I’m so surprised at myself at the result! I personally like my lines to be sketchy so doing clean ones was kinda a pain but I persevered. 

Honestly the drawings were saved by textures (this one and that one) and coloring editing, without them they would be flat.

Did you guys know that crop top was popular for men back in the 80′s? There’s a blog full of guys in crop top and I think you should all take a look (and make all sports anime characters wear ‘em lol[link]

Used a reference


How I wear a #croptop

The topic of fat people in crop tops has been trending recently because of the statement in O magazine. I haven’t really weighed in with my fellow plus size friends because frankly, I don’t really wear crop tops all that often and honestly I’m of the option that everyone should wear whatever they want to whenever and don’t go making big statements about it.

So I personally don’t like showing my midriff skin, but I do really like this chopped up crop top sweater vest that I layered over a sheer button up top. It gives me the layered look I love and a way to wear a shorter shirt.

I love seeing how all of you are rocking and styling your crop tops. I add mine to the mix and recommend trying this if you’ve been feeling shy about trying it!

Outfit Details
Polka dot sweater - thrifted, chopped
Sheer shirt - forever 21+
Black shorts - city chic
Espadrilles - Aldo


Choies is having a sale right now so you should definitely check it out! I absolutely love all the ones here so please help me choose which ones to buy!

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The first time Sherlock realizes that he has entered a domestic relationship with Molly Hooper he was... flabbergasted. [I hope this isn't dull]

When it happens, she is sitting on top of his kitchen worktop, wearing her shirt and her pyjama bottoms (short, made of cotton with some cat pattern on them), and looking for all the world like she belongs there.

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Flobear, I want to renovate my closet, where i live it's neither cold or hot, i can't wear a leather jacket but i can't wear shorts and a crop top, what should i buy to have a very stylish wardrobe?

must haves xx

nike air max thea

distressed denim skirt

ribbed light blue sweater

mirrored metal sunglasses

suede over the knee boots

knee rip med wash skinny jeans

striped crewneck sweatshirt

distressed light wash boyfriend jeans

cream knit sweater

lace up sneakers (isabel marant similars)

black button up denim skirt

button front corduroy skirt

navy bomber jacket

knit high neck tank

grey ripped jeans

light wash distressed denim shirt

coated black jeans w knee rip

rivet leather belt

snakeskin leather belt

Curvycutie10 sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:

“Honestly, all I really want to achieve with my photos and blog is to show people a different kind of beauty… one we do not see nearly enough. The beauty in real people who aren’t ashamed to look different from how society tells them they should. You all inspire me. Before I began my job for Addition Elle and before I discovered all of you I wouldn’t even wear leggings… forget the crop top in this picture. You make me feel good to be me… and for that alone… you are all truly beautiful. “

Thanks for sharing! :)

Teenagers have invaded

My 16 year old cousin and two of her friends wanted to come to DC for the weekend so they’re staying with me (as if I’m an adult enough for house guests). I feel extremely uncool and feel like maybe buying a crop top will make me fit in with them?

I’m also not sure if I’m supposed to entertain them. I showed them how the TV works, gave them some smartrip cards and directions to the Lost Dog Cafe. Is that enough? Do they need me to take them on a tour? Or make reservations at the White House? Should I call Sasha and Malia to hang out? I AM NOT ADULT ENOUGH FOR TEENAGERS.

(For the record, they are lovely and very friendly so far. I am just super awkward).

New to Cali (Nate Maloley)

Request: can u do an imagine where nate makes fun of ur London accent😘😘😘😘
My best friend Anna and I were going to a party at the jacks house. We were both new to L.A. from London and had met the jacks before, so they invited us. I had light wash high waisted shorts, a black crop top on with a flannel tied around my waist and hi top white converse on. We were told to dress pretty regularly and i decided this was casual and cute. I curled my hair and did my makeup and we left. We got in my car and I drove. “I’m pretty nervous.” Said Anna. “Oh my god me too. It should be okay though, right? I mean we moved here to pursue our dreams and here we are Anna! We did it! And this is our first party! It will be fun, and we can meet people around here. Also Gilinsky said if we don’t feel safe to drive home we can either get an uber and go back or just crash at their place.” “Okay, that’s fine. And you’re right y/n. It will be fun. We finally get to meet some new people and I’m so proud of us.” Said Anna with a smile. We arrived and I parked across the street. We could already hear the music. “Here we go.” I breathed out as we walked inside. We walked to the kitchen and got Anna and I a drink. “Y/N! Anna! So glad you two could make it.” Said Johnson. Him and Gilinsky walked up to us with two other guys. “Hey y/n!” Said G with a hug. “Hi Jack! How are you?” I asked. “I’m doing great. This party is pretty lit. Oh hey there’s Madison I’ll talk to you later.” Jack said, leaving Anna and I with the two boys. “So, y/n, right?” Said one of them to me. “Yeah! And you are?” Nate. Or Skate. Whatever you want to call me. And this is my boy Sammy.“ He responded. “Nice to meet the both of you.” Said Anna. “So what brings you two lovely ladies here?” Asked Sammy. “Well Anna and I came here to pursue our dreams. We’re hip hop dancers.” I said. “Yo that’s pretty sick girls. And the accent is pretty funny.” “It’s not funny! We’re from England.” I said, crossing my arms. “Oh, baby girl did I say funny? I meant sexy.”

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How can I be more girly? / pretty? Like hair, nail, clothes wise? What should I buy?

Have your hair down, I would say curl it. Nails defo use a baby pink or a hot pink nail varnish. Don’t wear trainers because that’s the least girly thing ever, wear flats or heels. Tight skirts and dresses help show your figure better than jeans, pretty crop tops/ bralets are girly too. Wear pink lipstick that automatically makes you look girly! Hope this helps chick 💗💗

I probably should’ve posted this earlier, but forgot haha~ 

I saw a lot of interest in some Lunar Descent items on my tumblr recently and wanted to let you all know that today there is a code for 25% off any order ( INSTANTMESSAGE ). It expires at midnight PST, so only a little less than 2 hours left! This is the biggest sale ever so far so I thought I’d share with you. <3

The photo above is of myself in the Hotspot Crop Top (shot by my boyfriend~) :)