Some wips to make up for my moaning. Been trying to both be realistic and not so realistic. I think everyone and their mum has used the photo for the bottom ref opps. Though that pic is what I get for listening to Nightwish & Within Temptation too much. Top one is me trying to draw them younger, so so hard. I had to give Ben a undercut, the emo child he is.

The Fboi Anonymous Meetings #WelcomeToTheF.A.M.

BamBam: Welcome to the very first Fboi Anonymous Meeting! I wa-

Wonho: Yeah i have a question!

BamBam: Dude the meeting just started, how the fuck do you have a question??

Jungkook: Woah time out! Are we actually allowed to say bad words at this meeting?!

Zico: We’re grownups, of course we can say “bad words”.




Yixing: Get out

Wonho: Back on me. So with these meetings do we get to pick who’s the top fboi and I don’t know get an award or something?

Seungri: Bro I don’t know why you’re even talking about winning anything, at this point you should just be happy to be included.

Jay Park: Gotta agree with the Seungman, you should focus on “including” more cloth to that crop top you’re wearing. It’s November bro.

Wonho: Fashion transcends seasons.

BamBam: That’s true, but no, this is a support group. We’re trying to learn how to be better guys and idols.

Kris: speaking of “ideal”, Yixing, is it awkward when you hear Kai banging Krystal’s brains out in the back of the dorms?

Yixing: I don’t know, is it awkward only being able to get any recognition on your solo career because of your role as Chinese Guy #2?


Mark: *to Jaebum* If I knew this meeting was going to be so savage I wouldn’t have come.  

Jay Park: *to Zico* Isn’t that the kid who’s dating Jackson? I thought he would be use to not cumming.


Seungri: I swear this meeting is amazing.

Bobby: Wasn’t Chen suppose to be here? I was looking forward to meeting him.

BamBam: His hairline and his image decided to disagree so I rescinded the invitation.

Jungkook: So what about Sehun? He was always talking about all the bitches he has around him.

BamBam: *sighs* he was talking about watching Vivi and Kai’s dogs so I immediately uninvited him too.

Wonho: so it’s kind of like an “honor” to be chosen. Kind of like we were “selected” as the “best”.

Luhan: now I know I’ve been gone from Korea for a while, but is this dude like in a loser group or something? He seems awfully needy.

B.I.: Oh no there’s only one loser group, and they’re actually on hiatus at the moment.

BamBam: let’s get back on track, I wanted to start these meetings because I have recently over the past few months–

Jaebum: *to Mark* after 12 scandals and 3 almost suspensions

BamBam: *clears throat* – Decided to reach out and help other Idols like me who struggle with keeping their image pure.

Jay Park: I like my image though.

Cap: And I’m not even bad, I just have hella tattoos.

BamBam: Jay, I know I invited you, but technically under contract I’m not allowed to acknowledge your existence. And Cap,we just wanted to let you feel included. That’s 80% of the reason why you’re here.

Cap: Cool.

Seungri: Hey kid, what you’re trying to do is noble and all. But I like being a dick to chicks. Especially our fans. They’re like horny prostitutes you don’t have to pay.

Zico: Ikr? They build up this whole fantasy about you and how great the night is going to be and all you do is give them 3 good pumps before passing out from all the beer you had earlier.

Jungkook: Ew.

Bobby: Um

Yixing: TMI


BamBam: This is a safe place! Be yourselve-

Mark: If I was being myself I would have been 10 minutes late to this stupid ass meeting.

Kris: Same

Wonho: Yeah me too!

BamBam: I know all of you would probably try and pull that, so I scheduled the meeting at 7 but knew not to actually come till 8 because that was what all of you were going to do.

Seungri: Damn maybe you are a true fckboi.

BamBam: My only goal is to help.

Luhan: You know for being so successful, so fast and so young, you are really down to earth. You don’t have a big head.

BamBam: *twitches*

Jaebum: Uh Oh

BamBam: *starts shaking*

Mark: Crap.

Luhan: What’s going on? What did I sa–

BamBam: HOW DO YOU KNOW I’M NOT BIG!! HOW. DO. YOU. K N O W???!!!! *falls over in raucous laughter*

Yixing: Yeah this got weird quick, so I’m leaving. Luhan and Kris, I’ll drive you to the airport *all leave*

Zico: Jay, I just got a new computer. With great virus protection. Namjoon’s bringing over some special movies, you in?

Jay Park: Do you even need to ask? *both leave*

Seungri: Yo Cap let’s go hit the town. I met some girls at a fan meet earlier and they said they were 18 so let’s go show them what half of that number feels like.

Bobby: *trying to do the math* Oh God.

Cap: Um…okay? *both leave*

Jungkook: I gotta go. We’re having a little party to celebrate being the best group in Korea back at the dorms.

Wonho: Are y'all serving Ramen?

Jungkook: Um we have some in the pantr–

Wonho: I’m going with you!! *both leave*

BI: We’re bouncing too. Catch you at the Mama’s when we win Best Male Group! *both leave*


Mark: Is it just me or is it really easy to hate those guys?

BamBam: *calming back down* Wait my meeting wasn’t over!

Jaebum: Sometimes you have to give up and let go of things.

Mark: Like your rap career *both leave*



BamBam: *claps hands* Great meeting guys! Bye!


My parents always say “you’re not going out of the house wearing that” if I have on clothes they don’t approve of. They say it because they are afraid of how a man will look at me. They think a man will hit on me, like what they see, or just try something inappropriate. At my school, we are told to change even if we wear a shirt that shows a shoulder/bra strap because OH NO GIRLS HAVE BOOBS AND WEAR A BRA.

Girls should not be told they shouldn’t wear something just because of what some guy might think or do. Girls are not walking pieces of sex on a stick. We like to wear things that express our personalities, just as boys, and that shouldn’t be taken away from us.

And just because a girl is wearing a short dress or skirt, crop top or showing a little cleavage, high heels or even a freakin bikini, doesn’t mean her intentions are to get a guy to hit on her or try to take her home. Or harass her.

She dresses that way because she feels confident in her own skin and wants to express her personality.

Not because she’s a “slut” or because she was “asking for it”.

So go show off that beautiful body of yours and don’t let anything threaten you out of feeling attractive/acceptable.


Just felt like expressing that opinion.

Have a good day. x

Please stop assuming that everyone who dresses outside of the binary is ashamed of their anatomy.

So you can stop giving me your unsolicited tips on how I should do softer makeup to “look better” or only wear high waisted bottoms to “have a better figure”. Please stop.

I am fully aware of my muscular stature, broad shoulders, chiseled jaw, narrow hips, and everything else that makes me look “manly”. But it’s my body. And I love my body. And I will decorate it how I please. If that doesn’t neatly fall into your heteronormative aesthetic standards that means there’s something YOU need to fix. Not me.

On that note. Peep this beauty. Normalize this beauty. Cuz it ain’t going nowhere sweetheart 😘

“I named them after the placement of their gems!”

“The confused one is Leggy,”

“The angry one is Army,”

“The silly one is Navy,”

“The really angry one is Eyeball,”

“And the one with the suspenders is–”

“Okay, Steven, before you name somebody ‘Chesty,’ I think you should sit down and think about things for a second.”


I was trying on this cute pleated skirt. But Im not sure if it suits me? The size is one size bigger than what I normally wear but they only had either one size bigger than mine or two sizes smaller.. I haven’t bought it yet cuz my size wasn’t available, but should I once they do?? What do you guys think?

Sometimes I don’t know myself at all. It’s like I wouldn’t recognize myself.
I feel like a ghost.
I can’t tell if it’s my face you look at.
I finally want to know who I really am. Because I don’t want to live for other people anymore.
They don’t care anyway; why should I try to match them?


I hope this is what you were looking for~  I saw this kind of crop-top and was : OMG THIS IS PERFECT.

Thanks for giving me something to draw whilist I slowly melt in bed due to a cold.

Robbie Rotten?  More like Rob-BAE Rotten



Angelica Schuyler: I got detention once for wearing a crop top but I never showed up. It’s not fair that girls should have to wear certain things while the boys can do whatever they want.

Peggy Schuyler: Work!

How to fall in love with yourself and feel a bit happier too:

1) Buy clothes that you like, rather than what others say you should wear or what is “made” for your body type. If you’re plus-sized and like crop-tops, then wear them. If you’re skinny and like baggy clothes, then wear them. If you’re tall and like heels, wear them. If you’re short and like ballet flats and sneakers, wear them. If you’re a boy and like skirts, wear them. If you’re a girl and like cargo pants, then wear them. If you like the clothes you’re in, then you are more likely to like yourself.
2) Eat good foods. Eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast, and a salad for lunch. Your stomach will feel good and so will the rest of you.
3) Keep up with hygiene. Brush your teeth in the mornings, and shower daily. It feels nice, I promise.
4) Do your make-up, but only if you want to. If you prefer not wearing makeup, then don’t wear it. People don’t care as much as you think they do. If you like to wear makeup, and it makes you happy, then do it!!!
5) Treat yourself. I don’t mean by buying expensive things. I mean, have an evening to yourself once in a while. Buy a face mask, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, catch up on your favorite show.
6) Prioritize and be proactive. Don’t wait until the last minute to do things that have deadlines. It’s less stressful to get things done ASAP. And when you lessen that stress, you will be more happy.
7) When you look in the mirror, don’t point out the bad things. Look at your positive aspects and learn how to love yourself not only for them, but for your flaws as well. Accepting the fact that you have flaws, and that everyone else does as well, will put you in a better mindset.
8) Don’t hurt yourself on purpose! Don’t do things that you know can be dangerous or even fatal! Find other ways to relieve stress or get an adrenaline rush.
9) Don’t hate on other people. Don’t point out other people’s flaws and don’t tell them that they are wrong. We all have different experiences and different perspectives. It’s unfair to hate on people because you believe differently.
10) Remove verbally and emotionally abusive people from your life. If they feel the need to attack you or to make you feel less than you are, then they. do. not. care. about. you. and you absolutely stop associating with that person.
11) Remove people that are bad influences from your life. Don’t stay with people that are continuously making you do things that you think are wrong. Don’t stay with people that pull you away from loved ones. Don’t stay with people that constantly try to coerce you into being someone that you are not
12) Last but not least, take care of yourself. Remember, people out there love you, and if they are able to love you, you should be able to as well❤️