Hey guys! So I’m making a list of all the things I’ll need for WWOOFing this June when I leave for California. This is what I have so far. I’ll be buying a camera today, and I already have a day backpack some smaller backpacks and a suitcase for additional stuff if I need it. I am also bring my yoga mat and ukulele. Maybe my guitar if I have space.

But yeah, if there’s anything else you think I should add to this list, or if you have any suggestions as to where to get these things for an affordable price, I’m all ears!

Please and thank you!

So I'm making a Parks and Recreation playlist for my road trip:

Parents Just don’t Understand- rapped by Leslie

Get on Your Feet- Gloria Estefan

Let’s Stay Together- Al Green

Turn my Swag on- Soulja Boy (Tom’s jam)

Gangsta Luv- Snoop and Dr. Dre (played by DJ Roomba)

Poker Face- Lady GaGa

Who Dat Girl- Flo Rida (Drunk Pawnee)

Banjo Boogie Bonanza

The Parks and Recreation theme song

And of course: The Pit, Ann’s Song, Menace Ball, 5000 Candles in the Wind, and Sex Hair from Mouse Rat.

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The whole comment section of Dan's new video is "dan is wearing a sack" "ye but it was worth 112581521 pounds, tsk" "they owe us" . I like how they talk like if they were famous youtubers that make a lot of money they wouldn't buy expensive clothes. It's sad. It's their money and their decisions, giving them a view in their videos is something they can do in 5 seconds, they don't owe anyone shit. Sometimes i'm disgusted by the "phandom"

I’m not going to add anything else, I think people should know all of this already??? Why are we still talking about this?? For god’s sake, is their money!!!

question for all y’all

I’m putting the finishing touches on a “Google Drive for Beginners” handout for the branch that I work at, and I want to make sure I don’t skip anything important. I’ve included a brief description of GDrive and cloud computing, as well as the difference between Docs, Slides, and Sheets, and step-by-step instructions on how to access your personal drive, how to upload and create documents and folders, how to share files with others, and how to access files that have been shared with you. Anything else you think I should add?

About me

I’m a 17 year old fan girl that honestly stays on this website for too long

My name means princess and honestly that couldn’t be any more true

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Not sure what else to say but you can always talk to me because I love you all so much! (i’ve made so many friends on here so you can always talk to me and become my friend !)

Lift list for the weekend!

🌸Spa socks🌸

🌸fleece lined leggings🌸

🌸fabric paint🌸



🌸Knitting needles🌸

🍥Essie polish tbh🍥

🍥Small eyeshadow pallette🍥

🍥Pore strips🍥

🍥Gold craft store chain🍥

🍥Embordiery thread🍥


🌙Hair ties🌙


🌙Blue tights🌙

🌙Iron on transfers🌙


🌙Maybe a lil sketchpad🌙

💸False eyelashes💸

💸Eyelash glue💸

💸Rat food💸



💸Nail polish in general💸


👑Bath bubbles👑

Anything else i should add?