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Hey everyone, because I’m so stoked my novel Something Like a Love Song was just announced, I finally made a super official writing tumblr that you can follow if you want updates on my writing or just to talk about writing related things! 

So follow me at missbeccaburton for some fun! 

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*cue confetti canons*

I think my favorite thing about The 100 is actually the writers constantly reminding the fans that they are writing the story that they want to tell (as paid professionals in their field) and while they appreciate every person who watches the series, they will never bend the show to the viewers’ suggestions and will instead continue to tell the story that they love and believe deserves to be explored.

                                                                  (Do I wanna know)
                                               if this feeling flows both ways?
                                                                 (sad to see you go)
                                            was sorta hoping that you’d stay.

[people talking shit about Lexa and/or Clexa] 

[turns into leslie knope]

So I’ve finally and completely decided on what my cosplay for A-kon is gonna be

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Big Hero 6 Catboy/Dogboy AU!  Part 1

I said I’d draw one, ages ago, and I finally got around to it.  Were you expecting sexy catboys and dogboys? WRONG.  This is an AU where they act, very literally, like cats and dogs.  And lemme tell you, as the owner of a cat and a dog, I can say with utter certainty that they are not very sexy.  -.-  

(click on doodles for dumb comments)

I have so many ideas for this dumb AU that I need to have a few more parts, including some mini comics.  So this is part 1.  Will try to post others under #BH6 catboy dogboy AU.

Also, while brainstorming my headcanons for this AU and the world they live in got a bit out of hand.  Very long headcanon ramble HERE.