Welp, based on a split-second decision, five minutes of messing around in an art program, and almost a full day of deciding whether or not to start this up, I’m proud happy to announce that Poorly Drawn SCP is now open for business! 

As the name implies, here on this gem of a blog, I draw your favorite SCP Foundation researchers, SCPs, Agents, Guards, MTF Agents, etc., in my incredible art style of stick figures and barely colored in people! 

If you have any requests or just general “What even is this?” questions, just drop something in the ask box! 

Keep in mind that this blog will only really update on weekends, as I do still have school, and I’m, in fact, about to go back after winter break! Great time to start a blog, huh?

Anyways, lets dive into this… Adventure thing, and, well, poorly draw some SCP! 

Basically an AU I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. May do comic snipets and small one shots to get the story going.

The twins are older and are still solving mysteries like they did when they were kids. Except, instead of getting into trouble in gravity falls, these two are on a road trip across the country for their last summer together before they leave for separate colleges. 

What started out as a promising fun summer quickly turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when their old triangle nemesis from their childhood returns. This time, making world domination seem as easy as one of grunkle Stan’s scams. 

As a last resort, Dipper makes an effort to stop Bill before he gets too powerful, and ends up handing his body over to Bill, becoming possessed by Bill once more. However, something paranormal happens with the possession and in an effort to regain control, Bill disapears; taking Dipper with him. 

Now it’s up to Mabel, as well as the rest of the gang to try and find Dipper and Bill before the end of summer and before the world falls into chaos. 

“I mean, we saved Gravity Falls and stopped Bill before, right? How hard could it be?”