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So lately my art made quite unmotivated, mostly because I wanted to do more with it but were afraid to push my boundaries. So this piece is kind of me finally trying to draw actual backgrounds and trying to have something like a simple story, that the viewer can interpret, behind it? Idek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Um... I'm sorry but aren't you a bit too old to be playing the sims? You're 44 for pete's sake.

Hm, interesting question, Anon. I’m not sure how to answer it without coming across as defensive. I don’t think there’s an age limit to playing the Sims, or any video game, really. I know a ton of Simmers who are my age or older (I’d hazard a guess that half the community consists of “older” Simmers). :) We enjoy the game because it makes us laugh, or it’s therapeutic, or a creative outlet. Should we stop because we’ve reached some magical grown-up age? Should I stop watching cartoons, too? I’m not being snarky here, I’m really curious. At what age do you think people should stop playing the Sims, and why?

and if my heart should somehow stop (jane/kurt fanfic)

summary: jane tells kurt about her dream

A/N: Set a few weeks after the season two finale. Title from James Vincent McMorrow.

and if my heart should somehow stop

“I dreamt of this.”

Kurt glanced up from his cutting board and looked across the counter at Jane, who sat on one of the stools opposite him.

“What, me chopping vegetables?” he chuckled. “Sounds sexy,” he added, raising an eyebrow at her before looking back down to continue his chopping.

Jane smiled as she watched him, staying quiet for a moment before deciding to continue.

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The last thing i remember is him knocking me out and after that i just kept trying to bury my corpse in other people.
After that i have just been finding salvation in others and i keep forgetting that all salvation is temporary.
I keep forgetting that maybe i should stop finding homes in people because they almost always leave or change or evolve and that’s understandable because that’s what humans do but shouldn’t i be finding salvation in myself?
Shouldn’t i stop depending on these fleeting moments of happiness and start building my homes on concrete grounds?
—  esha

do u just ever go through an armys blog and because you’re a namjoon stan, you look up namjoons name to see how they feel about him??? but bc you’ve been programmed to expect that people don’t like him, even before looking you get this sinking feeling in your stomach like “this is gonna hurt me I should stop”…. but then !!! that rare thing happens and instead you see tags like #omg I love him or #HES SO HOT and your heart just ??? WOW REALLY ???!!!!!! and it makes you so happy like maybe army isn’t horrible and WOW THEY LOVE HIM TOO THIS IS SO GREAT !!!

Aqours First Live Asks Masterpost

I’ve compiled answers to all the asks I got back when the Live Viewings were happening in February and March! I wasn’t going to answer them until I finished writing up my LV report (currently on hold until I have a big enough chunk of time to finish and release the next part), but since that’s taking forever and Anime Expo is coming up, I figured I should just answer them all now before it got too late. It’s been over 4 months… _(:3 」∠)_


I tried to write at least a couple of sentences for each to make up for the 3-4 month lag in answering, as well as lack of Shuka reaction pictures and tags for each individual ask (•̀ ∀ •́)ﻭ✧

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Dragon AU; Bea the Dragon Shifter 

Fell into deep slumber for thousands of years after the ancient war, Bea is the last in line to have Dragon Blood in her. 

Chained to keep herself from going rampage again, she was isolated from everyone and her existence was erased from society.

Okay but seriously, I should stop coming up with new AUs

Uh… tagging @t3f3r though…


Drabble; Jungkook X Heiress! Reader

Genre: I for I should stop writing angsts

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They say let the fate shows what’s the best for us. the best, they say. but why does the fate always left me suffers in pain by myself? or maybe, by my fate.

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I was wondering, should I stop posting my fanfiction? I’m not sure you guys like it anymore, I barely get notes on it and I understand that it might be boring for you. This was what I was scared of before posting it so if you feel like this, it’s totally okay to tell me. One sure thing tho is that I won’t stop writing it but I just want to know if you are or not interested in it.
Thanks loves xx

me: if i want to die early i should stop eating healthy stuff like fruit and vegetables

me, 3 minutes later eating an entire tomato like an apple:

so it was karaoke night, last night, right? went there, had my cap on so no one could notice me and my terrible singing voice. and my friend and i decided to sing whitney houston…terrible choice when you sing like a dying cow, really. and at the first fucking note i hit, this bitch laughed at me and a few people covered their ears. the look on their face? that of pure torture. so if you need to kick people out, call 919-gigi, i have finally found my voice! see what i did there? oh god, i should be stopped.