me: honestly materialism and consumerism are so evil. i already have everything i need if not much more and i should stop spending 

also me: should i buy this new eyeshadow palette or should i buy these new shoes or should i just buy both? life is so hard when you have nothing to wear and all your clothes are ugly

Negative BTS Opinions

I feel like when people have negative opinions about BTS they are:

- Being dickwad hater bishes

- Whatever they don’t like or have a negative opinion about is just a matter of personal preference and doesn’t really have to do with BTS specifically

- Or they are just seeing the BTS members personality flaws and sometimes not realizing that its fine when a member is moody or withdrawn or too energetic or kind of arrogant or a bit timid. 

p.s I think it’s really important for ARMY’s (especially the intense fuckin crazy ones) to realize that BTS are human, are emotional, and are not a one dimensional image of light and happiness and perfectness. 

I irks me a bit when people complain that BTS have changed, that they aren’t as playful, they’re too serious blah blah.

Yes, they changed. They are older now, they are sunbaenims to younger groups which means they have to set a good example. They are more mature now, which is reflected in their conduct on camera. I don’t think they’re being “less playful”, I think they are being less immature. Besides they do joke around a lot still, especially on backstage videos, Vapp broadcasts, and Bangtan Bombs. BTS as people have matured a lot. They definitely aren’t the same boys that debuted with No More Dream. And there isn’t anything wrong with this. 

I’ve read posts where fans think that BTS are being fake to appeal to the masses, or they’re doing t much aegyo, etc. I think it’s the opposite. The images they debuted with were just that- images. The members themselves have said that they are different off camera, they aren’t like what their image portrays all of the time. On camera, Jungkook is cocky and competitive a lot of the time, but the members have said that off camera or backstage he is shy and sweet and thoughtful. When they debuted, Jimin was loud and hyper, and the members have said that irl he is calmer and quiter and prefers to listen. Rap Monster is quiet and serious off camera, Suga is quiet and spends his time working on music, Jhope is more serious and focused while still being optimistic, etc. 

The difference in image isn’t them being fake, I think it’s just that they are showing different aspects of their personalities. They can be loud, hyper, crazy, fun, and eccentric; but they can also be quiet, thoughtful, serious, concentrated, hardworking, and listen to each other. My whole point is that they are multidimensional human beings, and what they show on camera isn’t their whole self, so don’t judge image changes or a member being serious as them being “fake” or “moody”. They are so much more than just fun and loud. Please respect that. 

I feel like I always have a sock in my mouth (is that even the right expression?) I have so many feelings and opinions about Robron and I think they are actually quite alright (my opinions ;) ) but every time I write them down or try to get them across I feel like I have done it wrong. It’s not a great feeling and every time I think that I feel anxious and think I should just stop writing them down, but then I can’t help myself and do it again.

Yeah, sorry, this is a mess again. If you ever see a text post by me and it rubs you the wrong way please come in my ask and tell me, because chances that I meant to do that are next to nothing.

zombiefobby  asked:

Seeing you consistently correct people about the "Evil Kermit" is actually Constantine made me finally sit down and watch Muppets: Most Wanted, which I had initially written off as The Great Muppet Caper 2.0 due to only knowing about the international aspect and the theft aspect. I was wrong to do so. That was a damn fine movie and Constantine is hilarious. So thanks.

You’re welcome

I probably should stop doing that so much though

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I'm on my period and I keep asking myself why I'm so angry @the world but then I realise I'm mad at everything/everyone except for you & you ARE my world so I guess I should stop making false statements and read ch. 23 of igu if I didn't already pt1

pt 2 idrk I think i have short term memory loss also sorry to fishy I’m not trying to steal ur gf I’m just a bit of flirt (but also I really love Lori bc she’s so 🆒) goodbye it’s time to go before I blow a full on confession nut in ur inbox ~cakepop


I love flirts! I admit that I knew it was you right away because you always appear in duplicate and make me feel special. Duplicately special.

Also are you drunk? Why am I so suddenly your world? I’m not complaining, I’m totally a sucker for a good compliment, my Libra heart is soaring.