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Can you turn your sketch into lineart, if so then how?

Yes. You can use the filter Extracting Lines (this works well, use the little black triangle sliders to adjust the filter before hitting OK), or you can set a black-on-white sketch to Multiply blend mode to make the white areas transparent.

If you are hand-painting colours underneath, either of these should work well. 

For Bucket fills later (requires absolutely clean transparent areas), I find both the Extracting Lines filter and Multiply blend mode work best with a pure-black and white line image - either in your scanner software settings, converted later (I use IrfanView), or converting to a 1-bit layer in FireAlpaca (not so good with thin lines).

Note that a pure black and white image will often result in some aliasing and loss of line quality. The best results will probably come from scanning in greyscale or colour, using the Extracting Lines filter, and hand-colouring in the layers below.


Crossover to celebrate Handsome Jack’s arrival to league.

I should definitely do studies of objects in cool light situations. Haven’t tried too hard to look for those, but casual browsing doesn’t seem to yield many reference images that aren’t heavily tampered or filtered in photoshop. The lineart was added last to bandage the improv painting.


Been wanting to really do this for a long time now because you guys are awesome. Look at you all. I know I have shit to do first so I’m gonna pick the winners after I’m done with commissions. For now, just let me. 

  • This is a giveaway for followers (duh)
  • Like this post to enter
  • Reblogs don’t count as an entry
  • And to make things more interesting, guess who my favorite pokemon, pokespe dexholder, and teen titan (via ask or fanmail) to have a second entry. I feel that people who know me good enough deserve more chances. You only have one chance to guess correctly. All three of them.
  • I will randomly choose THREE winners of a 1-2 character semi-rendered painting (like the one on the right) and TWO winners of a 1-2 character painting with full background (like the one on the left though I won’t be using lineart like that).

  • Deadline is on November 18
  • If you fail to respond in 24 hrs should you win, I’ll move on and pick another.
  • No, I will not draw naughty bits, robots and mechas, extreme gore, buildings, or stuff I’m not confident to do.
  • Good luck 

merry christmas from two gay nerds 

fen is in green cos he’s the grinch shhh

. Fullmoon . by rydi1689

She should not lock the open door
(run away run away, run away)
Fullmoon is on the sky and he’s not a man anymore
Sees the change in him but can’t
(run away run away, run away)
See what became out of her darling man…

Fullmoon - Sonata Arctica

Amg can’t believe I managed to complete it and only missed hallowe’en by almost 3 days… I phail at life OTL It took me ages to complete it because I decided to try a different painting style, except for the lineart and the shining in the pumpkins the rest was all painted in one layer and it was very challenging ;_; But I think it was worth it, it definitely looks so much more alive than my usual colouring! What do you guys think??

I’m catching up with bleach after ages of ignoring it xDDD Back to my ichiruki roots! Hope I can make some more fan arts soon




okay so hey!! i haven’t posted too too much artwork on here cause i haven’t drawn as much as i used to lately. i also said i wasn’t gonna do commissions because last time i did i only got one and it didn’t work out well (the whole idea of doing them, the commission went fine and she was pleased just to clarify omg….)

but yeah i guess i should try again!!

so here’s some deets.

Sketch // $5 ($2 per extra character. i’ll color a sketch for an extra $1)
Lineart // $10 ($5 per extra character)
Flat Color // $15 ($5 per extra character)
Full Color // $25 ($7 per extra character)
Painting // $40 ($15 per extra character)

sorry i know i’m being expensive about painting but those take a very long time to sit down and do and i kind of want my money’s worth if i’m gonna work that long…

things you can ask for

i’ll do humans, couples/polys/etc, gore (i may negotiate on price if this is asked for), things with full background (prices for backgrounds are up for discussion depending on what it is), and i guess most things??

i don’t do anthros, very explicit nsfw (sexual) (lack of experience with both and i don’t want to disappoint anyone)
also no self harm/suicide/rape/generally triggering things because that’s just… eh.

depending on your content i may not post your commission but you will always get a full and a compressed size copy without a watermark sent to you via email.

if you have any interest go ahead and message me here and if i don’t respond assume tumblr has eaten your ask and go ahead and email me at (this is my professional email).

and if buying a commission doesn’t interest you or isn’t something affordable, i’d appreciate any signal boosting of this post, i’m a little desperate for the money right now. thank you for taking the time to read this! if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Most of these sketch are from The Boy and the Wolf n___n

Some drawings I started but can’t finish. I should. I know I should.
Hm… It’s like I have ideas and inspiration but I’m too busy, or not confident enough to draw them. I’m always wondering “What kind of colors should I use ? What about technique ? What about the lineart ? Digital painting or sketch ? If I add a background  we’ll be distracted from the characters. I must draw another kind of oil painting… What’s more important : feels or beauty of the picture ? I can’t draw it that way if I want to convey these ideas…”

And it stops me every time I wanna draw something !…

Anyway, I hope you like them; tell me your impressions, ask if you have questions; and if you want to see one of these drawings finished !

Take care ♥

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Hiii if you have time, could u show a small tutorial of how u did that lineless style? C:

Oh boy do I suck at tutorials… But I made you a tiny Ochako process gif.

Well there’s not much to say on this tbh. 

I get my base colors and sketch/lineart to guide me then make a new layer over everything and start to paint… and that’s it, you need to redo the same thing over and over as you adjust the colors and shapes, so it takes time and a lot of patience - this tiny thing took me over 3 hours r.i.p - but it’s also pretty fun and with practice it should be faster.


Opening Commissions!

Hey guys! Anime North is coming up soon for me and as a result I’m really strapped for cash, so I figured now would be a good time to officially open commissions on my tumblr. As you can see above, the prices are as follows:

Sketch: $7 USD

Colour: +$3 USD

Full Body: +$2 USD

Additional Person: +$3 USD

Lineart: $12 USD

Colour: +$6 USD

Full Body: +$5 USD

Additional Person: +$6 USD

Painting: $26 USD

Colour:+$10 USD

Full Body & Additional Person prices vary

I’m willing to negotiate princes depending on what it is that you’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to talk it over with me first! That said, here are the rules and details regarding my commissions that you should keep in mind.

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Pokemon - Sceptile.

Chuffed with the lineart on this guy, so i thought id pop him up here before i get on with painting him tomorrow. the commissions going well. i should’ve got it done this weekend, but I had a jam-packed weekend. good lord.

As to Sceppy here. I love the idea of it being a slimmer, massively strong but nimble hunter like the pokedex suggests. To that end though, i wanted to go a different route with its tail. I like the idea that the ‘tree’ looking section is a massive bush of porcupine-like quills and feathery parts. When running as fast as it does, the quills flatten, meaning it can glide between tight space and not get caught on anything, but still retain the balance the tail offers.

When attacking or agitated, the quills flare up and look more like the traditional tail it has. I also like the idea that when it clubs enemies with this tail, it leaves spines in them, whether to track them by following the trail they leave, or to just flat out jab them to death.

When it Mega Evolves, i like the idea that when it clubs an enemy, it leaves the entire lower tail section in the enemy that then regrows incredibly quickly. 

Inspired by dilophosaurus, fir trees, porcupines, oviraptors, various plant bits and bobs, and various realistic sceptiles i saw whilst browsing. 

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Hey Yuli! I wanted to ask you what software/program you use to draw? What tablet do you use aaand if you do speedpaints or sth? And theen what settings you have for your lineart brush and how big ? So many questions sryy. Your art is gorgeous.

Hi there! Thanks for the ask! No worries about the questions at all~ I use paint tool SAI for everything except for effects which I do in Photoshop. My tablet is an intuos 5 medium and I usually do streams where you can watch me draw! I have a youtube account but I have only uploaded 1 speedpaint video so far ヾ(;´▽` )a (I should really start recording more) As for my brush settings, here are the brushes I currently use the most

Hope this helps~

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I just tried out going from drawing with pen/pencil on paper to using a drawing tablet. Then I realized that the whole smooth texture of the tablet completely ruins any art skills I have... I cant even draw a line without it being at least slightly wobbly. This is getting extremely depressing, because I REALLY wanna be able to do this. Does this get better? Or should I just quit since nobody ever is interested in the art I make anyway?

Most people who use a tablet have shaky hands! Especially those of us who love coffee, hehe! Luckily since it’s such a common problem most art programs have a solution! I use Photoshop, and there’s this really really nice plugin you can get check it out here ! It costs some money though, but it’s totally worth it!
 If you’re using paint tool sai you’re in luck because that program is really awesome with lineart! you don’t have to buy anything just watch youtube!
Aside from that a lot of artists do this thing called “flicking your wrist” where you just do… exactly what it sounds like to make line art, flick, undo, flick, undo, it’s tedious but it works!
Another option I could give is do the line art traditionally, and do the colors digital! You can find tutorials on how to do that on youtube too! I think when doing it that way the best program is GIMP because you can turn lineart transparent with a single click (with the color erase tool on white)

This is a lot of writing! I’m sorry if you don’t wanna read all that I just have lots of words to say about this hehe.
Anyway! You shouldn’t quit because “no one’s interested” There are lots of benefits to art aside from attention! It is a nice thing that you can use as a coping method, and finishing a picture is a small accomplishment that releases endorphins, and stuff!