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Now thats love.
That kind of love never dies.
Love really did conquer all.
I envy the love you have.
That kind of love it can change your whole life.
What is love to you? Never giving up.
She’s the love of my life.
I picked you. Because I love you. No matter what happens, its the best choice I ever made.
Thats what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you’re alive.
I will always love you.

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what is the story behind your icon? c:

there’s a really funny german presenters duo which I really really love (consistent of two guys called joko winterscheidt (the tall one with glasses) and klaas heufer-umlauf (the short one with a beard ;D)) and I just thought i should show my appreciation by making them my icon :D and sometimes I have joko und klaas spams and it’s freaking glorious! also, aren’t they both handsome as fuck? and sooooo much love in the air asdfghjklhjkagl save me

(translation: joko asks “can you imagine having sex with me?” and klaas seriously contemplates it ;D)

i’m in serious shipper hell here like asdfghkl (but omg though i honestly do love klaas’s wife, she is damn beautiful! also, klaas sings in a band (called gloria) which is really fantastic, can only recommend :))

Who haven’t I iconed yet? Oh yeah. Klaus.

Total of 80 100x100 icons of Klaus Wulfenbach from Volume 1 (The Beetleburg Clank) of the webcomic Girl Genius. Gosh he looks so different in the first book it’s weird.

Usual shtick. Like or reblog if you want to use them for anything.

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My OTP is Fremione :) love your blog, btw

Oh, I love your blog as well! And finally a different OTP, so let’s go.

Three random questions about your OTP:
1. I’ve never talked to someone who ships Fremione (although I think they cute together tbh), so I need to ask… Why?
2. Hermione is like the Prefect Girl, Fred is a master prankster. This would be a struggle or a “opposites attract” thing?
3. It’s just me, or they would be the kind of couple who argue about the most stupid things? Considering that the answer is yes, how do you picture them making up?

What I love about your blog:
Jesus fucking christ, your icon gives me life. I’ve always wanted to ask how on earth did you come up with it.

Why my followers should follow you:
Well, I love your blog. There are plenty of harry potter stuff and star wars! Also a lot of funny posts (jfc just look at the icon, I’m done). Don’t ask, just follow this blog, ladies and gentlemen.

Put your OTP on my ask!

today was SUCH A GOOD DAY AT WORK i left feeling so proud and accomplished!!!!

it’s kind hard to explain what i actually did but BASICALLY i designed and arranged “collections” of books to be sent to schools in the specific genre of american historical fiction and non-fiction. 

BASICALLY what this meant was that i got to flip through the company’s massive catalogue of on-hand books, ID ones that i thought should be included, and then just go pull them and put them on my table. it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! bc in order to make sure the collection(s) were as good as possible, i had to make sure Significant Topics in american history were covered at various reading levels


i get to directly influence the materials that get sent to schools!!!! i’m influencing children’s education in a direct way!!!!!!

i pulled SO MANY TITLES not only on, like, iconic George Washington and Abe Lincoln stories but also titles on japanese american internment and the civil rights movement and the vietnam war from a vietnamese-american child’s perspective and the 1920′s and various immigration movements from the perspectives of immigrants themselves and there was also one on the suffrage movement and loads on slavery and the underground railroad

and all of that was just for THIRD GRADE!!!!!!!!!

granted i think my collections are only going to, like, three different schools but STILL. 



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I forgot to tag you in the post bc I'm an idiot and my mentions don't work 90% of the time so in case you missed it, I made some Murphy icons :) I'll make loads more in the future btw! I just didn't have time to make more but I just figured I'd tell you so you wouldn't think I was ignoring you haha (it's this post: post/117964052555/3-murphy-icons) Hope you have an amazing day xxx


(nobody ever follows through w/ my requests or they just never tag me so thank you so much for making them they’re perfect)

ATTENTION EVERYONE: sara made some awesome murphy icons that i adore <3 she also has more if murphy isn’t your thing. you should definitely check her out!

Mun and Muse Roll Call

Stolen from offbrandbatman because it was cute.

TheBatmanFiles || Mun Fandom Blog ||

Run by Cera | Meta Blog | Angry all the time tbh
Follow if you really want to see me bitch
about comics.  Also I take questions and
then answer them like 500 years later
or something.

VigilantesandPlayboys || Bruce Wayne

DC | Cis Male with questionable sexuality | Lawful Good
V serious Batman blog.  Such dark
much angst.  Also I like to find screens
of Bruce making stupid faces to use
as my icon. 

Controllingcrime || Jason Todd

DC | Cis Male with “I’d tap that” sexuality | Chaotic Good
Has a verse where he 
has sex with himself;
What more do I need to say?  
Also everything on this blog
is hella outdated.

Mydemoninabottle || Tony Stark

Marvel | Cis Male probably robosexual tbh | Neutral Good 
I should log on here again someday
-looks off into the distance-

Would anyone like to see Icons of Gloria Carlyle?

Awhile back I tried posting a poll for more minor characters that I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted make icons for. For whatever reason, this poll got almost no response. I’m currently working on icons for episode 3, so I figured I should try asking again awhile before I get to episode 4 if anyone would like me to do icons for Gloria Carlyle?

Instead of having a poll, I’ll just consider every like/reblog/reply as a vote for Gloria Carlyle icons, but only one vote per person. I’ll probably want at least 20 votes to consider it worth my time to do icons of her. Even if I don’t get 20 votes, I might still make some icons of her with Henry and Abigail(assuming I can actually fit them in together with the footage available), but I’ll be much less likely to make icons of her by herself, unless I decide I’m really in the mood to.

klauetic asked:

idk why im doing this seeing as we're in a call rn but i adore your bokuto LIKE TBH YOU'RE !! DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BOKUTO PORTRAYALS its true it rly is but then again i didn't rly take a huge interest in other bokutos ??????? but yours !!! even if it is bc we're best friends i don't think it's bc of that BUT YOURS I RLY ADORE he makes me laugh and that's what he should do HE'S LOUD AND FUN I LOVE HIM ALRIGHT !!! you're my fav i adore it i rly do he's like manga bokuto in casual fun scenarios :')

Anonymously tell me what you think about my role playing.



BUT that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate your words because i do i might deny them up and down but that doesn’t mean they don’t flatter me or not make me feel good because they do and that’s just so ridiculous IT’S TOO MUCH! hearing a compliment from you means a lot to me bc you’re my best friend and idk i like making my best friends happy

ALSO IT’S SUCH A FREAKING RUSH TO HEAR YOU SAY YOU LIKE A CHARACTER MORE AFTER I RP THEM! i LIVE for those words dude AND I SHOULD BE THANKING YOU For even suggesting that i rp or i would have been off stuck roleplaying oikawa and just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it’s fun! roleplaying oikawa is fun but there’s like more fun in roleplaying your muse’s best friend you know? i love it i don’t have to work it’s like let’s just roleplay our actually shitty relationship

EXCEPT WE ALL KNOW I’M THE SUAVE ONE ? like ? lol ARGH I WAS OBNOXIOUS IN THE BEGINING OF THE CALL AND THEN YOU GOT REALLY LOUD AT THE END WHICH IS SO FUNNY i was trying hard to not laugh bc i’m pretty sure it was bothering my roommate bc she was watching something WITHOUT HER HEADPHONES! and that usually means something anyways :) I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!

My site is currently under construction. I thought it’d be fun to make myself some little construction icons. And I thought… a hammer etc. Gasp! Thor’s hammer!!!!! And it kinda grew from there. It was a fun little project. 

The bottom is all the icons made in Illustrator and the individual ones and then I brought them into Photoshop and composed them in. My site should be up and running soon. I am migrating everything to SquareSpace.

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i think you should do tumblr awards + i wanted to make it official that pietro is now my sokovian mafioso because??? PIETRO WITH A MACHINE GUN??? help me


url: don’t get it | meh | nice | good | awesome | AMAZING
icon:  don’t get it | meh | nice | good | awesome | AMAZING
posts:  don’t get it | meh | nice | good | awesome | AMAZING
theme:  don’t get it | meh | nice | good | awesome | AMAZING
overall:  don’t get it | meh | nice | good | awesome | AMAZING (I WANT A BLOG THAT HAS AMAZING AT EVERYTHING TOO)
following: no, sorry | now | yes | always!!! 


ooc; okay, I’m happy with how today went, I actually managed to complete half of my drafts and post them, get those starters written & make gif icons of two episodes of Jane the Virgin. Tomorrow I’ll get to the other half, which are for, wxlfwithstyle , rosacrystallum , shehasstandards , monsieur-sycamore , call-me-ben , gxntleocxansong , zunjing & friendshipstates. I’ll also add the replies I’ve gotten tonight into my drafts once those are written so they get done first. I might queue them, I haven’t decided yet.

Also for tomorrow I will write that verse page up, I saw my old one and I didn’t really like it, so I wanna improve on that - and make more gif icons. I might be a tad busy, but this should all get done. Thanks again, guys! I’ve had a great time building up my muse for Arista again. <3

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hi! would you be willing to make the 1d pride icons stickers/something available to buy? i saw them just now and they made my day. i'd love to support you & have one for my dorm/laptop/anything really!

thank you for wanting to support me! there’s a lot of drawings there so i’m not sure which ones i should be putting on items (and i don’t want to leave anyone out) so i have to think about it for awhile. but thank you for your interest it means a lot <3

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Hello wifey. I have 2387235 favorite movies and 8975345 favorite characters... But i guess i'll say my top 3 series are the HP Series, LOTR series, and x-men series. ILY ! ....p.s. i had to hold back on listing literally like 20 different movies.

DEANNNN!!!! ily and list them to me some other time :D

URL: Obviously I love it. I mean, come on.
Theme: DANCING TFW and your X’s are awesome, but the shiny wincest lets  us know what you’re really aboot *wink wink* ;) ALSO YOUR SIDEBAR GIF MAKES ME THINK NAUGHTY THINGS oops my hand slipped
Posts: Legit my #1 tumblr crush. Like I’ll screen shot them to prove it. 
Icon: I want to lick him
What I like most about your blog: YOU, DUH. And all the stuff. ♥♥♥♥♥


Want one?