Daaaaang tumblr, it’s been a while! Sorry for the silence. Once summer rolls around, I should be uploading some stuff more often! 

I do have some really exciting news though… I’m officially an intern at Nickelodeon! I move to Burbank in June, and I cannot be any more pumped for this amazing opportunity!  I am very very excited to meet and be around such great artists. This is one of my dream studios!

For now, I gotta focus on graduating! It’s been an amazing four years here at SCAD and I would never trade the experience for anything. It’s gonna really suck to say goodbye to so many amazing friends and faculty, but I know I’m ready for a new chapter. Here’s to the class of 2016!

Every time I think I’m done, that I’m over you, you say something else. “Why can’t more girls be like you?” I don’t know, why don’t you ask your girlfriend that? “I highly doubt I’ll be marrying her” Well why are you with her? I told my ex I liked you, past tense. I sort of avoided you for a while at work, to make that true, to make it past tense. But then you have that weird smile when I meet the bus to get the kids off, as you hand me the binder to sign that they all got off. And you say things. I wish I knew what was going on in your mind, what you really thought about me. “We should do this more often, I like hanging out with…. friends.” What was that pause? What does this all mean?

yikes I haven’t been on at all recently.

My dad was released from the hospital so I’ve been spending almost all of my free time watching over him and making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. again. (Like?? What kind of paralyzed person tries to walk on their own?? “I didn’t do it” UR ON THE FLOOR RN FOR A REASON BRO)

I think…maybe once school’s over (and this is assuming my broke ass doesn’t get a job immediately after) I should…probably….be able to get online more often again

Either way, thank you for being patient with me ;;u;; hopefully I’ll be up and running again soon!!

((Here’s a doodle of the actual sinnamon roll I made early HHAH

Tell Chara to chill))


Today is the 26th anniversary of the day I crawled from the blackest depths of the sea, devoured a human infant, and assumed its form.

That is to say, it’s my 26th birthday. There’s some sort of surprise waiting for me in an hour.

I should claim I won’t do things more often, because I’m almost done writing all 31 MariChat May drabbles despite saying I wouldn’t be able to do the whole month. When it’s all over, I will attempt the impossible: reassembling them in chronological order.

Because putting things in chronological order is what I do with my spare time, apparently.

makerbound asked:

Talk to me about Cauthrien 8)

Anonymously ask my muse about their relationship with
/how they feel towards another muse

 “Ser Cauthrien… it is a wonder how our paths crossed. A knight who sought purpose once more, whom I couldn’t turn away with such talent and raw power. I should have known an attraction would harbour between us.”

Meredith cannot help but smile at the thought of their first spar. How long ago it feels now.

 “There is no force in this world that I would not take to arms for Cauthrien, as she would for me. There are very few whom I trust, and she is the one I trust most. I do not often say it, for it needn’t be said, but she is the woman of my heart, who I love and cherish most.”

I have prepared a personal guide on how to self study Korean! So, if you are interested in learning Korean, and have no idea where to start, give this a read and hopefully it should give you some encouragement!

I should hopefully keep this guide updated. Updated on: 160521

Warning: LONG POST

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lots of people said they enjoyed the time lapse in my vlog so I decided to make another and post it here! (watch in HD if you’re trendy)

tomorrow I’m going to do a maths and physics paper under exam conditions and see how I get on, so this evening I went through my revision guide, made a note of some things I often forget as well as going through the last paper I did to see where I lost marks (in physics). I then did some maths and went over a worked example of a calculus question I got wrong in my paper last year using :)

[ pen: pilot hi-techpoint v5 rt | physics notebook: decomposition notebook | maths notebook: squared paper pukka notebook | song: swim by valley ]

I think I would be more tolerant of “you can be a man, that’s fine, but biologically you’re female, gender is between your ears but sex is between your legs!” if it wasn’t so often a gateway to “okay, so since you admit you’re female that implies you should be called ‘she’ and wear lady clothes and do lady things.”

There’s other reasons this doesn’t work too, but for me that’s the biggest one.  If I say “yes, I am aware of physical reality, I most likely have XX chromosomes, call that what you will,” some fucker always jumps in with “AHA! Therefore you admit that kicking you out of the men’s locker room is SCIENCE!”

迎擊 /yíng jí/
    1. to face an attack head-on.

Erwin companion doodle to my Levi one from yesterday

Haven’t used my Copic Multiliner in ages! I should draw traditionally more often…doing line art is so much easier on paper ^^;

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There is another person who consistently uses a pixel art I drew in the past as avatar and I always felt humbled that they were doing so.
As I now know what is the appropriate size for dumblr dashboard avatar, I would like them to receive a new one which will not be blurry and will (I hope) please their taste.
Thank you @xmimiteh​, I hope I did justice to your grumpy catte.

Base by TaeMae.