Second edition of free drawings of your guardian with the character you want! This time as a theme you had the choice between romance or friendship! Lot of people asked for friendship (only two romance; see Valkyon) which surprised me! It was nice!

I’m way too tired to put the name of all participants and give them a little comment as I did last time (<- click). Also I’m sick, beautiful combo. My eyes hurt…

Anyway, can you believe that Valkyon is so popular? In two rounds, 12 drawings, he was asked 4 times! What is your secret, dude, seriously? (if you’re curious, the second most popular is Nevra, with two drawings)

You can read so randomness if you click on the pictures. HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE. Don’t be sick because it suck. I’m gonna sue germs.

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hey! i was wondering if you had any tips for improvement or general art and such because i love your stuff? im 18 and im just now trying to get the hang of digital art so i feel really behind. i draw as often as i can but im pretty much all self taught so its hard to figure out what i should be doing?? anyway sorry thanks.. hope youre having a good night

if you’re already drawing a lot, you’re headed in the right direction! i’m self-taught as well, so i don’t feel too qualified to give out advice. my word definitely isn’t the end-all answer! but i can repeat what i’ve heard and learned from. this got a little long so i’ll put it under a cut…

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BTS Reaction: You Being an awesome cook

Sarah, you da real mvp! I heartt u! Thank you for requesting againnn!

- V♥


“Jagi, you make the best foood! You’re even better than Jin-hyung!”

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“Woooaahh, why didn’t you tell me you could cook! It reminds me of my mom’s cooking!”

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“Yeah, you’re good, but I’m still better” *sassss*

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“Wow, you should cook more often!!! Teach me your ways Jagi!”

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“This is so good! Have you ever considered becoming a chef? I’m serious!”

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“What can’t you do? You can even cook!” *Shocked*

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“Jesus, I’m lucky…”

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I actually finished Dan 5 days ago but I didn`t know whether to post it or not

I`ll start to draw Phil pretty soon but my holidays ended already and I hope I can finish this drawing in the next few weeks.

I might draw more often after this and try out different art styles.

Should I post more art ? 

Would anyone like to see more of my work ?

Please let me know because I`m pretty insecure about everything I do and I´d like to know if I should even try to post more on here.

Ok long post ahead

So I’m going to do this now because night time is when my mind starts racing and I can’t sleep. I should really remember to take my medication more often.

So today I broached a subject to my dad that I’ve been mulling over for a while, one that I was very nervous to talk about incase of judgement or rejection.
I basically asked what he thought about me getting (training) a service dog. He was super supportive, thank god, and so it’s on the table as “a viable option”.
I’m going to see my therapist and GP about this, though I havnt seen my therapist for a while so I may need to go a few times before I talk to her about this? Idk we shall see.

If we do decide to go down this (long) path, there are a lot of things I have to do. I’m certainly not underestimating this.

First we’ll see what my therapist has to say. Then we have to talk to the real estate agents and the owner of the house, because really, if they say no to another dog, this whole thing is over. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

I really think this will benefit me hugely, mostly so I can get a job, and maybe even start studying again?

Here are a few things Iv thought about that a service dog could do for me to mitigate my depression and severe anxiety:
Medication reminder
Wake up for work/school
Prevent or combat emotional overload in the workplace
Providing an excuse to leave an area/situation
Deep pressure therapy
Lead away from crowds during a panic attack
Panic prevention in public
Alert me to an upcoming panic attack (?)
Drag me outside for exercise
Break a depressive spell
Stop me from self harming
Actively distract me from crying (yeah depression makes you cry a lot)
Stop/prevent/help with a panic attack (?)
Provide tactical stimulation to stop me from shutting down in public/during work/school (?)

Idk, these are just things I’ve been thinking about. Maybe a service dog could help me live my life and be normal. I could get a job? And like, go out places with people I don’t know? Go out ON MY OWN?

I would really like to talk to someone with experience about this. Especially someone in AUSTRALIA whose gone down this path, even though I doubt anyone with a PSD from Aus even follows me :p

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#9 and Niall please

“Don’t ever do that again!” you said, your voice raising a little, “You scared me to death Niall!!” You were angry, and he was laughing. He was laughing so hard, he couldn’t catch a breath and he was holding his sides. “I wish I had filmed that on me phone! You should’ve seen the look on your face!!” You were trying so hard to be mad, but really what good would it do if you were mad at him? He had gotten home early that day, and hid inside your closest. When you opened it, he jumped out and scared you. He didn’t do things like that often, and really you were more embarrassed that you screamed, than you were mad at him. So you gave in and laughed along with Niall. It’s better to laugh at yourself anyways. And besides, you can always get Niall back. Oh No Niall Part 2. “Niall I hope you know this means war right?” you said. He bounced over to you and kissed one of your cheeks, still flushed from laughing, “I know love. I just couldn’t resist. Didn’t mean to scare you that bad. Just wanted to hear you laugh. You have the cutest laugh.” “There are other ways to make me laugh Niall, most of which don’t include scaring me to death.” “Oh yeah? Like this?” he asked and started to tickle your sides. Your face was scrunched up and pink from laughing and Niall couldn’t get over how cute you were. He quit to to let you catch your breath and you started to blush a little under his gaze. Niall looked at you with such adoration all the time it was hard to stay mad at him even when he’d given you a giant heart attack earlier.


i was tagged by @vovaline it took a long time but here it is

How was your day? Good.

What’s your favorite music/song to listen to? Idk I lose interest in most songs quickly but right now I’m listening to Hello by Adele.

Do you have any OC’s? If so, how many? I have two gemsonas and another oc that I’ve thought about too.

Do you think bees are cute? Yes :)

What fictional character[s] are you gay for? None (sorry i’m asexual)

Do you draw? Yes although I don’t draw often (I should be drawing more often) and I never posted one yet but I will soon.

Are you a space nerd or an Earth nerd, or a different nerd? I was once a dinosaur nerd (I still love dinos) and now I’m a space nerd.

Weird acts that you like doing? Listening to music of the 1940′s to 1960′s (thanks Fallout)

Any pets? 2 cats who are cute and kinda fat :)

Fandoms that you’re associated in? Mainly Steven Universe and Star Wars but I do post Undertale and Fallout every once in a while.

Favorite videos to watch? Let’s Play videos, movie and videogame trailers, and funny/cool videos found on my dashboard/youtube.

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More rounds with Bayo. I’m having a blast doing this, should do it more often.

TW: I swear quite a bit so don’t reckon this is suitable for children.

New Hampshire Election Fraud Prediction

The New Hampshire primary tomorrow should be interesting. 

As I often say, wherever you have large stakes, an opportunity for wrong-doing, and a small risk of getting caught, wrong-doing happens. That’s a universal law of human awfulness. When humans CAN cheat, they do. Or at least enough of them do. 

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wut's rtl

Hrrr How I should put this…

RTL is a german TV-programm with terrible, terrible TV-shows.

The shows are low scripted reality shows, which often got criticism bacause they call themself REAL reality shows, but they are not (We call them ‘Asi-TV’)

More over are they viewing Gamers, Nerds, Otakus, Anime/Manga-fans and in general everything what actually has something to do with internet and stuff (so us) as addicted, stinking anti-sozials who don’t have any girl- or boyfriends (CAUSE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT DUUHHH) and some weird aliens from another world

RTL is actually one of the reasons I have lost faith in the modern television.

As I had to prepare and give a class presentation today I thought that I could prepare a post with some tips and pointers. I know presenting in class is not the easiest thing and that some people get very anxious and have trouble speaking in public, but if there’s a skill you should develop during your time in school, that is speaking in front of an audience. You are going to have to do it very often in your life, so don’t hide and avoid these situations, treat them as another learning experience.

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siliquasquama asked:

When I happened upon your blog, and realized just how many people of color are in medieval and Renaissance artwork, I was dismayed. I wondered how I could have missed that.

Well….I don’t really think it’s something you should feel dismayed about. It’s not as if people are usually encouraged to look for or pay attention to people of color in European works. And when they do notice or ask, they’re often told (by educators and curators, even) that they don’t exist, or that they’re an anomaly of some sort. Or that their skin color is “symbolic”, rather than…what? Real? Representative? I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean in this context most of the time, other than a general shutdown for any more curiosity or interest.

I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people who had seen many rather famous works by rather famous artists that had never ‘noticed’ that there were Black or Brown people in many of them. The most cited one on that count is probably The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch:

But if no one’s looking, no one really sees.

From the Sistine Chapel:

Peter Paul Rubens:

Albrecht Dürer:

Theodoric of Prague:


Paolo Veronese:

Even the Beowulf Manuscript from England c. 1099 has drawings of “Ethiopians”:

But as I said, if no one’s paying attention, no one notices or talks about it. It’s my hope to make more people notice, and start taking a harder look at art and history. In addition, most historical films and books are whitewashed, as a result of whitewashed education or sometimes as the cause. And that is of course part of why  push for the diversification of media that relates to historical fiction or is often equated to it (as is often the case with much SFF/Fantasy books, movies, shows, and games). I think once people start to notice the wonderful diversity of art from the past, they might look around at media being produced today and notice its rather telling lack.

And rather than being dismayed that they had failed to notice previously, it’s my hope that people are excited to learn, look, and maybe even help create positive change.

Episode 71, part 1, this is the worst double-date I’ve ever seen!

It is also the worst double-date Yami and Seto have ever been on. I don’t think the fact that it’s the only double-date they’ve ever been on OR the fact that it’s not actually a date would prevent either of them from characterising it as “the worst double-date I’ve ever been on”, I mean, look:

That mutual awkward boredom in both their expressions is the very essence of terrible double-dates.

And then there’s these assholes.


So, Yami and Seto have been forced - by a string of embarrassingly overwrought and ostentatious kidnappings - to duel Tol and Smol Ghoul on top of this incredibly high skyscraper. When someone hits 0 LP, a BOMB explodes the glass under their feet, sending them hurtling down the centre of the architecturally-impressive skyscraper to their presumed deaths. Why not just use the bomb to kill them? That would be TOO FOOLPROOF.

(I’m pretty sure Kaiba’s the only one in actual danger of dying though, since the Ghouls - spoiler alert - have an escape built in, and Yami’s Puzzle is supposed to protect him from cowardly attempts on his life. So yeah, Kaiba’s the only one. Although, that presumes that he is not able to use that ridiculous coat as a parachute, and that is obviously a very flawed presumption.)

The Ghouls - you’ll never guess this - have a THEME to their deck that matches their villain personas, and their theme is masks. Janky, janky masks…

THIS mask has bolts for eyes, which is a marginal improvement on having arms for eyes, but still lags way behind having eyes for eyes, in the eye department. It prevents Yami’s Mr Magnet (not real name) from being able to attack OR defend AND it deals 500 points of damage to Yami every turn, because it is broken.

Yami’s observing their strategy…

(Light guy is Smol) The Ghouls are playing a tight team game, where Smol plays buffs and traps and shit and Tol plays mostly monsters.

Yami can’t use Mr Masked Magnet to attack or defend, but Kaiba thinks that if he sacrifices it….

Yami, meanwhile, thinks “I have a bad feeling about this” but, if there’s one thing Yami’s better at than overdramatic posing while dueling, it’s figuring out there’s a trap and deciding the best way to deal with it is to immediately trigger it on himself, and he is REALLY good at overdramatic posing while dueling.

SO good, his jacket pales into a white sleeveless cape in shock

also #figureskatingau

Sadly, he’s also very good at triggering traps…

And obviously smarmy sausage-finger fuck-face Smol Ghoul is all “oh you ~fell for it~” like, STFU asshole, there are only like four ways to summon things in the game and sacrificing is maybe the most common, it’s not ~falling for~ your super ~cunning trap~ to just … play the fuckin game…

But yes…

… due to the effects of another very overpowered mask-themed card, Yami and Seto can no longer use sacrifices, which basically means they can’t summon any decent monsters.

They’re in a tight spot, and Yami makes his boldest move yet: attempting to reason with Seto Fucking Kaiba.

In this moment, it’s clear that Kaiba and Yami share a bond that transcends 3000 years, 9000 kilometres, and Kaiba’s own alarmingly constipated emotional defensiveness, because they understand each other perfectly.

Sadly, in the moment immediately following, it’s clear that Kaiba is an angry, emotionally constipated asshole.



Okay so, Kaiba’s abysmal people-skills aside, Tol Ghoul goes to attack Kaiba and Kaiba’s in peak sass form today.


ahhhhhh he’s so fuckin cute!

Especially since the Japanese for “alright!” sounds like “YUS!”

So Kaiba triggers a trap of his own, the Grenade Necklace (not real name)


“Both players” in this case referring to opposite players, in the tag duel, so both Kaiba and Tol Ghoul.


(I like the eye-segments!)

Smol Ghoul changes the target of Kaiba’s trap to affect Kaiba’s Monster instead, and Yami realises neither of the Ghouls seem to care that Tol Ghoul is open to damage from the trap either way so he tries to warn Seto…

And Seto TAKES TIME OUT OF HIS TURN to be a jerk about it.

Seto Kaiba has less than no chill.

Does this look like the face of a man with any chill?


Kaiba’s terrifying grin is quickly wiped off his face however, as Yami is proven correct…

… Tol Ghoul uses a magic card to swipe Kaiba’s own Trap Protection Flower (not real name).

So Kaiba takes the damage from and loses a monster to his own trap…

“Well, would you look at the time, it’s fuck this o clock.”

…and Tol Ghoul follows up with an attack aimed directly at the now-defenceless Kaiba, with easily enough firepower to wipe out his lifepoints and send him falling through the ceiling with only his parachute-sized coat to save him.

… This really doesn’t seem like the best way to kill a man you need to immediately take a trading card from post-defeat (remember their primary goal with Kaiba is get Obelisk) but OKAY.

Tol Ghoul launches his attack…

And Kaiba stares it down, presumably reevalutating his choices since Yami’s his only chance to avoid death and he literally just got done explicitly telling Yami to mind his own damn business

IS Kaiba finally about to die due to his own rudeness? DOES Kaiba even care or is he like “worth it”? WILL Yami be the bigger (smaller) man and bail him out? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON PHARAOHSPARKLEFISTS WATCHES YGO

so @obakenyx suggested several different pokemon ideas the other day, and I’ll post them all separately as I do them so here we go with the first one = v =

this here is a sassy Aurorus

he is Prince Enfys, heir to the throne of a faraway land, and not one inclined to accept many peace offerings (without a generous offer, of course)