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I'm really excited about this, and I was super happy to have discovered it! I also have a quick question. I use tumblr mobile app and I don't know how to see asks that I get, does anybody know how to access them from the mobile app? I wanted to ask this before we get partnered up so I can make sure to see the things that my gifter is asking. I would really appreciate some help.

You mean like checking your inbox on mobile? If you click on that little person icon that leads to all your blogs and account settings, there should be three vertical dots on the right side of your screen, where your URL is listed. If you click on that, it should tell you a variety of things, like your follower count, drafted posts, queued posts, and of course, your inbox. :)

I hope this helps!

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♢ Has anyone ever tried to steal your blog? Your headcanons? Icons? All that jazz.

the salty af munday meme

ooc. / hell, it’s happening right now. but i fixed the problem by blocking them cuz i didn’t wanna handle that crap anymore. there’s a reason why i keep changing my format styling and icon style a lot ( cuz this was happening without my awareness ). i had friends telling me about it and yeee … tfw you get told you’re being ‘mistaken’ with another kirigiri blog ?? that should already give volumes about the stuff that’s happening. course i’m not gonna cry or make a big deal about it. i’ll let it out right not but i ain’t telling which kirigiri rper is doing this. only people who i seriously confided in know the truth about it. bottom line ?? yea i had stuff being taken from my blog.

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Sending you an ask since my post is getting ridiculously long - I agree with you 100%, my point is just that this isn't something they suddenly STARTED doing, and the teacher problem should be discussed as an example of a bigger, recurring problem Atlus has. It's definitely creepy, but it needs to be kept in context as "This is a problem Atlus repeatedly has" rather than a problem with P5 specifically. (note: I'm a girl too, and I'd like to see gay and femMC options too)

Yeah, I know.

But it’s never been in my face this much before (I’ve even started to think of worse and far more questionable things they could do for a potential Persona 6 in the future and I shudder when I think about it, but I won’t mention on here - gotta message me for that if you can since I forgot if I enabled that or not :D), it used to be Kenji’s problem, not mine. It used to be a funny teacher, not my romantic option.

Meanwhile, I will be 50 by the time we get a gay option, a FEMC, dual audio and all the other things the fandom wishes for but seemingly will never get… :/

Oh well, I accepted it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it… or support it morally.

It doesn’t help that I miss the kind of teachers (at least some of them) that Persona 1 (and 2 since she did cameo there and a non-canon teacher appeared in P2, as well) had, ones who actually cared about their students without overstepping certain social… whatever you’d like to call them…. and helped them become better people and overcome their problems.

it’s almost 11 and i should be getting off but instead i’m making nora icons cause my friends are enablers i love them for it though

So i just made this blog and its pretty baron. Like i should probably make an icon and an header image for  but the tumblr stock junk should be okay for now…

I realize that tumblr isn’t really like the best site to be trying to host a comic on but I don’t have my own URL and I haven’t really found a site that I like yet so this will have to do for now…

I’ll be uploading (queing???) all the pannels/ pages I have now but since i don’t (currently) work on them regularly they’ll be uploaded whenever I guess?


I’m wondering how I should implement the idea I had about this corkboard in DD’s attic-room for my game. I think it can be a hybrid save-point-and-map-for-the-dream-bubbles, with the godtier icons in them changing in relation to the connections between characters and worlds as a hint toward where you are in the game when you load a save.

I could make the corkboard a tile rather than a picture, or I could have it ask if you want to save or see the map and then if you press “see map” you see the full picture of the map up to that point. But then I’d have to make sure that even checks to see how far one has gotten into the game, which would require like, some specific switches that flip depending on whether you’ve found this map or that map yet and then I’d have to draw a new picture for every possibility.

Good thing I’m taking a statistics class and can map this out as a tree graph to count out how many pictures I’ll need to make, I guess! And if I find a good way to organize the psd for it I can probably get away with just moving the icon-papers around a bit. Hmmmmm…!

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(( Hmm I haven't watched 99 yet either, but I'd say that gif is from when they were captured by the Troupe in Yorknew and then escaped from Nobunaga shorty after, in case you haven't figured that out yourself already ^^ also, YES, I loved how the promts turned out, ty so much for writing them!!!! You made my heart hurt with the first one, but the other two were really lovely and made me smile a lot. Thanks again!!! <3 ))

I hadn’t figured that out yet thank you!!! I’m glad you read my tags and were able to tell me that! I feel like 99 is an iconic experience that every hunterxhunter fan should go through I just haven’t gotten there yet. 

YAY, it makes me happy you liked the drabbles! The ‘wish’ prompt hurt my heart to write too, but at least the other two were nicer :) thank you for the ask!

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Send a ‘♔’ for a blog rate on your…

URL: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Theme: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Content: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Characterization: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Do we rp?: Yes | No
Would I rp with you?: Yes | No

Why I followed: Because I was following like a million Natasha blogs (cause I have a problem with how much I ship clintasha) and yours seemed really nice

Why you should follow them: Because they have an amazing grasp of Nat`s character and are a delight to rp with

Tips to Improve (from the theme to posts): Maybe some fancy formatting or more icons would make it prettier, but everything else is A+++

Final Thoughts: You are a delight to rp with and great to have on my dash

tbh idk if I particularly LIKE celebrities posting my art without my permission,,,, like my brain is telling me “yes this is good youre getting attention” but another part is saying “someones posting your work on the internet!!” And thats making alarm bells go off
Like its one thing when I tweet at eric and he retweets it and makes it his icon and always makes sure to mention me at some point as the artist if he posts it himself
But josh grisetti just,, POSTING my nigel chacter sheet to insta is a bit unsettling idk
it makes me feel as if I have no power, in a way
I should post all of them to twitter, just to have a source that isnt tumblr

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WHOA WHOA REALLY??? No one’s ever said something like this before to me ahaha thank you! I’m glad you like it so much ^^ In that case, maybe I will make a Keith one to go along with it..? I would do them all but I actually don’t have enough time. 

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Hey! Im sorry to bother but when I click on one of your icons it says not found on the page, I wasnt sure if there was something specific I had to do? Thank you so much for making them they look amazing!

hi! it’s no bother, all u need to do is right click the icon u want, then open image in a new tab, right click and save it :) i should actually add that to the icons page so people know how to save them, so thank u for bringing it to my attention! and thank u so much! i really appreciate it <3

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Hi! Can you tell me what kind of inking pens you use? I really like how your lines always look so thin and smooth. I've been using Staedtler pens but even the thinnest ones seem to make thicker lines.

I use a lot of pens but my main ones are prismacolor brand, and the smallest sizes are 005 and 01 (i probably use them more than i should) …i think 005 is as thin as they go if you wanna try that! I’m sure Staedtler and other brands make them that small too