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Hey! I'm not sure if you've already answered this in the past, but I was wondering what your guidelines were re: usage of your artwork? Are you okay with people using it as icons/etc (with credit) or do you prefer not?

Hello! Sorry, I probably should’ve made some FAQ about this, thank you for reminding me! I don’t mind if people use my art as icons/Blog backgrounds/etc as long as the works aren’t heavily edited and they’re credited! So feel free to do it and thank you for asking! <3 

Edit: Oh, I’d prefer if you didn’t use commissioned art, though! I don’t post much of these anyway, but if you’d like to use one of them, please contact the commissioner too! I wouldn’t like to make anyone uncomfortable!

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Phone icon: Tim (pls don't make it angsty)

Put ☎ in my ask for your muses info in my muses phone:

  • NAME: 💕 Tim my Love💕
  • RINGTONE: Love Will Tear Us Apart Again by Joy Division
  • PICTURE:((like this but with them))
  • LAST TEXT RECEIVED: “Do you want to cook dinner tonight or should I pick something up?” 
  • LAST TEXT SENT: “Uh.. Can you pick up pizza and then we could play mario kart? I’ve been practicing ;)”

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I think we have have the right to whine to atl about fbr, they exist because they have us the fans so we can critisize. What do you know anyways, your icon suggests that youre not that into atl anyway..

Okay but as a fan you should respect their decision, the boys know their band the best out of anyone sho they know what is the best for All time low. They know everything that goes on behind the scenes, unlike us, the fans who are here to support them and their music, not to tell them what to do with their career.
Also I don’t understand what my icon has to do with me being a fan of all time low? I’m allowed to like other things among all time low and I can make my blog look the way I want it to, if I want to have Seokjin as my icon then I will have Seokjin as my icon ✌🏻

Tagged by @queeniwaizumi for 5 things that make me happy which is just what I need after such a nervous day ;v;)/ thank you love 💕

1. Haikyuu!! maybe it’s cheesy but this series is the reason I am where I am today tbh I don’t know who I’d be without it

2. Cats… kittens… big cats… house cats… wild cats… smol cats… squishy cats… long cats… c a t s …

3. Watercolours, they are so… iconic?? lol idk the right word but they make me feel calm and inspired I love using them and looking at them

4. Girls. Self-explanatory I should think but they are… Soft And Good… 👌Not Soft girls are also Wonderful and Amazing 1000000/10 Yes

5. Playing games with nice people like playing Overwatch with my brother and sometimes friends or people I don’t know who are just nice to me anyway. Makes me happy to see other people being kind to make the game more fun!!

This was very calming to write thank you for tagging me again!! 🌸

#HIATUSNOTICE.     i am putting everything on hold, now that the queue has run its course and is empty i am going to collect all the threads i owe  ( although they should already all be in the drafts )  and get working on them without queuing or posting anything.  i’ll build them up, possibly most if not all of them before coming back.  i also intend on making myself icons to try out a new fc when i come back and even just some new ones of my current main fc.  i might decide to drop super old threads but that’ll definitely be brought up to everyone’s attention so people don’t think i didn’t see their reply or something ;  it’s just that there’s month-old things in the drafts and i think it’s better to just drop them now.  then again, i might just do them all who knows ?  

anyway, i’ll log in daily at least to check ims and possible messages.  you can totally ask for my skype username if we’re mutuals and stuff and also find me on my personal.  i might reblog some aesthetic / musings / etc. kind of posts from time to time, as well as like things, but i don’t think i’ll post any ic thing until after i’ve replied to enough drafts to give me a head start when i come back.

i think it’ll be a short hiatus, a week tops.  but you also have to consider i might play videogames instead of actually doing the stuff i mentioned before and - so - might take me longer to get shit done.  in any case, i’m still around.  it’s just that ic content is not going to be posted for a while.

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♠: What's one thing you dislike about your Muse? & ♥: One thing you love about your Muse.

Some fun Munday asks! // Accepting


Honestly, I kinda hate that she’s such a push over. From a writing stand point, it’s nice because it often winds her up in situations that can be very tense or even comical, but it’s something that I’m sure if I met her in real life I’d get really annoyed with very quickly.

As for the love, I kinda really love her design? The thing about me with character building is I get these very specific images in my mind for what they should look like, and then if I can’t find a FC for them, I get discouraged from RPing them because I get too lazy to draw out the icons. But with Emyra, her design is really specific, yes, but also I’ve been drawing her like crazy? Like there’s just something about her design that makes me wanna draw, and it’s fucking great man.

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where did you get the nichole bloom gifs to make the gif icons from?

I didn’t say?? I literally didn’t realise that! I’m so sorry. I found a lot of them using gif hunts, i’m pretty sure.. along with some that my friend made~ I should put the link on the icon post. 

yurikctsuki answered your question “ahh i’m only 31 from my next thousand, how did this happen? i should…”

ahh url gifs r really really nice!!

indeed!~ i did them when i hit a milestone before; it was a lot of fun tbh! :)

viictuurious answered your question “ahh i’m only 31 from my next thousand, how did this happen? i should…”

Icons are always needed, and you make some gorgeous ones!

ahah, i’ll definitely think about that! 

Ugh my icons page is a mess, a lot of icons don’t appear anymore :( I’ll have to erase everything and redo it I think that’ll be better. Maybe I should make a different page for The Flash icons? Since I have so many of those…