should i make them my icon


about time i finally set up this blog holy frisk

since exams finally finished i should have a bit more free time for drawing and stuff. but for now, take these off icons i drew (on my iphone lmao) for my main three blogs

click on them for better views!


I don’t get some of ya’ll and I’m still mad about this because I’ve seen it a lot, so lemme vent.

What’s the point of putting your watermarks on my icons if you clearly didn’t make them lmao I get it if you use them for edits, but if you’re not, then don’t put your watermarks on them. It’s that easy.

I don’t think you guys appreciate the hard work that I put into those icons for YOU guys to use.

Tbh I should just start putting my own watermarks on the icons I make.

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hey sinow ! I was wondering how u stream with others? I want to stream with friends ... but I have no idea how to make it so I can hear them and the people watching can hear what my friends are saying. have any tips ?

→  Stream your screen to your friends over Skype.

→  Your friend’s voice should be coming in over Skype on the same audio device as your game does.

→ Use the sound mixer (Speaker icon, taskbar) to put your friend’s voice a bit higher than the game audio.

→  OBS has two sound bars, your microphone and ‘system audio’.  As long as you have your friend’s volume high enough so that it’s distinct over the game, it should work out.

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- Send me a URL and I’ll write some positivity for it!

God, @mettamania . I remember roleplaying with them a while back, and I remember having a lot of fun with their Mettaton. I really enjoyed the way they portrayed Mettaton and I loved their concept of king!mettaton just as well! Their art is awesome and the icons they’ve made for their blog has a really intriguing style to it! That being said, they also have a Sans blog that they portray just as well! I love seeing them on my dash and you should all go ask them questions! Their responses never fail to make me think ‘yup, that’s what mettaton’d do!’

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I just watched this movie for the first time last week!  And let me be the first to say: WHUT. I actually took a series of screen grabs chronicling my journey starting with this one (from a moment truly GIF-worthy) and sent it to the person who recommended it to me in the first place.  As revenge.

:D Is that what inspired the icon? Too funny, if so, since I think you’ve had that up for a little while (?). Well, I guess I should take this opportunity to qualify (especially for new folks) that when I post things—even when I call them my “favorite”—they may or may not be terrible, so keep that in mind as you make selections. Hell, they may not even be things I like…yet they are favorites for one reason or another. Anyway, I wish I could say I’m sorry for your experience, but the (good-natured, I promise) schadenfreude prevents it. 

SKYWALKER. i’m going to be changing my blog again. new theme, new icons, new tags. so, tag dump.

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you need to leave tumblr. your raven is stolen from praemonitorius and she's still underdeveloped, your icons are too dark and you as a person are probably the shittiest one i can think of. attacking people for genuinely being upset. calling them pissbabies. get the fuck out of this life

okay let’s a take a moment and talk about this shit right here. I was debating if and HOW i should even answer this. but I’m going to.

praemonitorius - farron, MY SUMMER, @scaipthe​ and I share headcanons all the damn time and has actually okay’d the use of the bird faunus headcanon. Farron is actually my best friend and if sharing headcanons offends you i recommend unfollowing us both.

to quickly touch on the underdeveloped bit - i don’t want to do so much development for her to turn out a whole other way

as for my icons, I constantly try to improve them and make them my own, I tend to make them a bit darker in hopes that this will prompt me to write more emotion instead of showing it. Besides, R*aven is a DARK character in DARK scenes, forgive me if they do not meet YOUR standards on MY blog

I am sure that my reply may come off a bit rude, however, I can assure you i did not ATTACK anyone. that is never my intention. However, if someone is offended by past drama still then so be it that is your choice but i let it go and I have apologized for my behavior during that and if feeling hurt and betrayed to the point i lash back after being personally attacked makes me the shittiest person alive, then so be it.

Hey there, @vladdraculatepes​ :)))) so I see you’ve got some rather nice icons and stuff, where did you get them? :))) Definitely somewhere without permission— we call that stealing, yeah? I’ve also heard several people have asked you to stop, yeah? Maybe you should start listening, stealing isn’t acceptable here. Did you know stealing is never acceptable? You can clearly make icons of your own, yet you CHOOSE to take them from others. Personally, I’d stop. Multiple people have contacted you and you’ve only blocked them. Those who you’ve stolen from have changed not only their icons several times, but their URL and other things as well, which you ended up stealing their icons shortly after :)))) honestly I’d stop it, sweetie. It’s not cool, you’re not doing anything for yourself here. You’ve ignored all attempts for this to be kept private.

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I just love that you are using Nikki and Brie Bella as your mun FC. Like not only do you use Roman you use the Bella Twins and as a huge wrestling fan, myself, your blog Hades and just the fact that you use wrestling icons makes me so freaking happy to see you on my dash everyday. You just keep being awesome and amazing.

but of course i believe they should be used as any other fc there is! they are perfect actually and i’m very pround for using them and i won’t change them at all!!! :P thank you for your suport mean alot know that people like my fcs !! thank you you’re the one who is amazing here really <3

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➚ - J

TOUCH MEME ;; ➚Tickle them

—- JEKYLL writhed under the torment 
that Mallory’s fingers imposed, unable
to stifle the little bouts of laughter that 
bubbled up in his throat. 

    ❝ Stop…!! Oh my god, 
       I didn’t do anything 
       to deserve this!

He should have NEVER told her that 
he was ticklish.