should i make them my icon

stefan + elena

Now thats love.
That kind of love never dies.
Love really did conquer all.
I envy the love you have.
That kind of love it can change your whole life.
What is love to you? Never giving up.
She’s the love of my life.
I picked you. Because I love you. No matter what happens, its the best choice I ever made.
Thats what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you’re alive.
I will always love you.

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what is the story behind your icon? c:

there’s a really funny german presenters duo which I really really love (consistent of two guys called joko winterscheidt (the tall one with glasses) and klaas heufer-umlauf (the short one with a beard ;D)) and I just thought i should show my appreciation by making them my icon :D and sometimes I have joko und klaas spams and it’s freaking glorious! also, aren’t they both handsome as fuck? and sooooo much love in the air asdfghjklhjkagl save me

(translation: joko asks “can you imagine having sex with me?” and klaas seriously contemplates it ;D)

i’m in serious shipper hell here like asdfghkl (but omg though i honestly do love klaas’s wife, she is damn beautiful! also, klaas sings in a band (called gloria) which is really fantastic, can only recommend :))

Who haven’t I iconed yet? Oh yeah. Klaus.

Total of 80 100x100 icons of Klaus Wulfenbach from Volume 1 (The Beetleburg Clank) of the webcomic Girl Genius. Gosh he looks so different in the first book it’s weird.

Usual shtick. Like or reblog if you want to use them for anything.

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so they're excusing blackface by saying if koreans do it unintentionally then it's their free right in their own society because they never enslaved black people and just because they do something offensive to another country doesn't mean their opinions and rights should be limited. and that non koreans can express their thoughts but can't make the ultimate judgement. like????? im done tbh lol

????????? that’s a big mess… Honestly I hope you didn’t entertain them for long, I know I value my low blood pressure and peace of mind tbh 

-Admin Kim 

today was SUCH A GOOD DAY AT WORK i left feeling so proud and accomplished!!!!

it’s kind hard to explain what i actually did but BASICALLY i designed and arranged “collections” of books to be sent to schools in the specific genre of american historical fiction and non-fiction. 

BASICALLY what this meant was that i got to flip through the company’s massive catalogue of on-hand books, ID ones that i thought should be included, and then just go pull them and put them on my table. it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! bc in order to make sure the collection(s) were as good as possible, i had to make sure Significant Topics in american history were covered at various reading levels


i get to directly influence the materials that get sent to schools!!!! i’m influencing children’s education in a direct way!!!!!!

i pulled SO MANY TITLES not only on, like, iconic George Washington and Abe Lincoln stories but also titles on japanese american internment and the civil rights movement and the vietnam war from a vietnamese-american child’s perspective and the 1920′s and various immigration movements from the perspectives of immigrants themselves and there was also one on the suffrage movement and loads on slavery and the underground railroad

and all of that was just for THIRD GRADE!!!!!!!!!

granted i think my collections are only going to, like, three different schools but STILL. 



[[Hey guys, exams are almost over and I should be back within a few days. I’m going to be coming to a lot of people to ask for some threads and some plotted things when I get back, so keep an eye out for me. It’s also come to my attention that someone might have potentially stolen some of the icons I’ve made for myself so I’m going to be making a new batch and putting my url in them. I’m also going to be moving away from using a fc now that I’ll have nicer icons of Kaidan in game so yay. Also going to be rewriting a few things here and there when I get back. But yeah. 

TL;DR Be back soon with new things and in more of a mood to write.]]

Mun and Muse Roll Call

Stolen from offbrandbatman because it was cute.

TheBatmanFiles || Mun Fandom Blog ||

Run by Cera | Meta Blog | Angry all the time tbh
Follow if you really want to see me bitch
about comics.  Also I take questions and
then answer them like 500 years later
or something.

VigilantesandPlayboys || Bruce Wayne

DC | Cis Male with questionable sexuality | Lawful Good
V serious Batman blog.  Such dark
much angst.  Also I like to find screens
of Bruce making stupid faces to use
as my icon. 

Controllingcrime || Jason Todd

DC | Cis Male with “I’d tap that” sexuality | Chaotic Good
Has a verse where he 
has sex with himself;
What more do I need to say?  
Also everything on this blog
is hella outdated.

Mydemoninabottle || Tony Stark

Marvel | Cis Male probably robosexual tbh | Neutral Good 
I should log on here again someday
-looks off into the distance-

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I'm sorry for replying now. I tend to only do a thing or two per day, and sometimes I stop contacting people. This is why I reply to some things after weeks or months, because only then I start checking things. Uhm, I would like 5? If you could. If you only have time for 1-2 , then it's also alright! And if you could not post this on your blog, I would appreciate. Have a nice day!

Uwaah It’s alright dear ! I should be apologizing for being late so sorry (;へ:)I got caught by many exams this week TT~~TT but hopefully I finished them so~ <3 feel free to request anything. and actually I edited my post I can make you up to 5 icons as max for now. and 1-2 (1-3) I mean people I can make for 3 people per day, but in case you want 10 or more icons It’s not a problem really I’d just make it for you once I get time~(★‿★): And there you go /Io Naruko icons (hope you like them) (▰˘◡˘▰)+extras hehe

niniadepapa asked:

YOUR ICONS ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN THE WORLD I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE I LOVE MORE BLESS YOU (if you don't make more i'll personally haunt you) (i'm joking but as i saw your tag asking if maybe you should do more - imho you def should, i love love love LOVE THEM) (honestly tho) (also your gifsets make my day when i check the lostedit tag tbh) (omg i'm so embarrassing i'll shut up noW)

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU I’M FREAKING OUT OVER THIS !!! i’ll def try to make more cause they’re super fun plus i spent forever making an icon page last night so i might as well fill it up!! :)


// Personally I have never been able to do the whole icon RP thing because I have a thing where if it ain’t my art. I won’t use it. Mostly because I think it’s too much work to find icons/ make and then give the artist credit because you should always credit them. Then I’m too lazy to draw my own so I end up in this never ending loop aha.

if you continue to accuse me of art theft of art thats clearly mine just because i dont show my full progress in my speedpaints, im going to continue to not show my progress just to piss you the fuck off (:

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idk why im doing this seeing as we're in a call rn but i adore your bokuto LIKE TBH YOU'RE !! DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BOKUTO PORTRAYALS its true it rly is but then again i didn't rly take a huge interest in other bokutos ??????? but yours !!! even if it is bc we're best friends i don't think it's bc of that BUT YOURS I RLY ADORE he makes me laugh and that's what he should do HE'S LOUD AND FUN I LOVE HIM ALRIGHT !!! you're my fav i adore it i rly do he's like manga bokuto in casual fun scenarios :')

Anonymously tell me what you think about my role playing.



BUT that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate your words because i do i might deny them up and down but that doesn’t mean they don’t flatter me or not make me feel good because they do and that’s just so ridiculous IT’S TOO MUCH! hearing a compliment from you means a lot to me bc you’re my best friend and idk i like making my best friends happy

ALSO IT’S SUCH A FREAKING RUSH TO HEAR YOU SAY YOU LIKE A CHARACTER MORE AFTER I RP THEM! i LIVE for those words dude AND I SHOULD BE THANKING YOU For even suggesting that i rp or i would have been off stuck roleplaying oikawa and just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it’s fun! roleplaying oikawa is fun but there’s like more fun in roleplaying your muse’s best friend you know? i love it i don’t have to work it’s like let’s just roleplay our actually shitty relationship

EXCEPT WE ALL KNOW I’M THE SUAVE ONE ? like ? lol ARGH I WAS OBNOXIOUS IN THE BEGINING OF THE CALL AND THEN YOU GOT REALLY LOUD AT THE END WHICH IS SO FUNNY i was trying hard to not laugh bc i’m pretty sure it was bothering my roommate bc she was watching something WITHOUT HER HEADPHONES! and that usually means something anyways :) I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!

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Why does usernames have to match a blog??? It should just be one you like. And since you have over 10,000 followers, thorinthesassmaster was just so iconic and So you post more phan now, so right away you have to make the name about them??? One of my old friends had a username like pastafreak, and she didn't post about pasta.

i just felt like people didn’t care about this blog anymore tbh :( and if people didn’t care then perhaps it was time to move on to something new but now everyone is mad at me and ugh :(

My site is currently under construction. I thought it’d be fun to make myself some little construction icons. And I thought… a hammer etc. Gasp! Thor’s hammer!!!!! And it kinda grew from there. It was a fun little project. 

The bottom is all the icons made in Illustrator and the individual ones and then I brought them into Photoshop and composed them in. My site should be up and running soon. I am migrating everything to SquareSpace.