should've used a reference

dis very soft boy pulled a #youwillbefound on a very scary other-boy to help him so he gets borage flowers for courage!

from chapter 39 of @faronisisioni‘s “Pain”

meihua04  asked:

Do you have a certain shade for Rythlen's eyes? I don't wanna color her eyes in the wrong shade of blue x_x

I’ve been coloring her eyes blue, but I went to my Origins file and discovered it’s blue-grey… Which I think changes depending on lighting, but for simplicity, let’s go with the 2nd one in this set:


i don’t think i posted photos on here of the final installation for my ceramics class this semester.

but here it is.

i don’t really have a title for it, but it’s a whole bunch of porcelain teeth glazed in various ways.