should've treated you better

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Why, why, why (exactly why)
Why, why, why (did you leave me)

Is it over? I know we broke up but
Is it really over? Can’t I ever see you again?
Is it over? I still love you so much
My girl, My girl, how did we end up like this?

Again today, I wait in front of your house
In case I might be able to see you for a moment
I wonder if you found someone new
These kinds of thoughts make things harder for me baby

No word that exists in this world can express you
You way too beautiful, I’m still only thinking of you
I can’t accept our break up
I can’t ever let go of us
I’m tougher than I look, I can’t let you go like this, I can’t end it like this
Even I think I’m ridiculous – pride? I’ve let it all go
I’ve already gone back to the times when we were in love

Our hot kisses, your scent that remains with me
They’re all staying the same so what do you want me to do?

What do I do now? Just forget about her
That’s what my friends say even though they know i can’t

I didn’t think it’d be easy to get over you
I hoped that I would just forget about you
A few days passed – have you forgotten me already?
Because I’m a bad guy who hopes that you’re the same as me
(Because I’m a bad guy who hopes that you’re the same as me)
“Oppa, why are you always like that? Why am I always second?
Why do you keep ignoring me?”
I have nothing to say at your tearful words
I’m sorry that I still love you (sorry that I love you)

I should’ve treated you better
If I knew I was gonna regret after you left me
I should’ve treated you better
Please come back to me
I don’t wanna say bye bye

If you feel the same way,
If this isn’t the end of you and me

I don’t wanna say bye bye

If this isn’t the end of you and me, then please

Come back to me (come back to me again) 

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My ubeat fan cam tho.
I couldn’t focus on just one x.x and when Eli and Kevin were  both right in front of me,I went back and forth XD