should've posted weeks ago

Well, I did say it would be tragic…

Part two of my honest headcanon on what would’ve happened had Naraku never interfered with InuKik (part one here).

Because the jewel failed to be purified, Kikyo still has to protect it and therefore is still often being targeting by evil youkai/people.

We’re all familiar with Inuyasha’s drive to protect his girl, and being human doesn’t change or stop that (see: Peach Man arc). But now that he’s been made human permanently, he doesn’t just have to survive until dawn and then rely on his youki to heal him–he has to heal slowly like any other human. 

And if he really gets himself into one, he might not make it long enough.

So…yeah. I think Kikyo would ask him not to get involved, but he’d try to do it anyways because he just wants to keep her safe…and without his former youkai powers, it ends up leading to his death.

Sad…but I could see it happening. :/