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‘Patented Daydream Charms …’ ” Hermione had managed to squeeze through to a large display near the counter and was reading the information on the back of a box bearing a highly colored picture of a handsome youth and a swooning girl who were standing on the deck of a pirate ship. “ ‘One simple incantation and you will enter a top-quality, highly realistic, thirty-minute daydream, easy to fit into the average school lesson and virtually undetectable (side effects include vacant expression and minor drooling). Not for sale to under-sixteens.’ “

List of Fan Fiction

OK! I’ve decided to do an entirely new post with a list of ALL of my fan fiction. If you have a request for me to do a pairing let me know; the only one I’ll hesitate doing is Kolonnie because I know nothing about Kol’s personality as I do not watch The Originals! And the list (the most recent is always at the top):

Bonkai Fan Fiction

Stelena Fan Fiction

Stefonnie Fan Fiction

Steferine Fan Fiction


Steroline Fan Fiction

okay for my actual last post i have something emo to say: i just finished watching the end of girl meets world/world meets girl and i just want to say thank you to this ridiculous children’s show and this ridiculous website for all that it has given me. being apart of the girl meets world fandom gave me my best friends. i wouldn’t have met them anywhere else which is why even though it’s embarrassing to have cared about a kids show so much i wouldn’t trade it for anything. i love the community that was on here in like 2015 and 2016 because it was very welcoming and comforting through hard times. everyone i met on here has been great and all my friends have made a huge impact on my life. i want to leave her saying i wish you all the best if we don’t keep in touch and i hope you all go on to achieve great things with great friends by your side!!!!!!

It’s Been Years...

It’s been years but I still think it should’ve been Jackie and Hyde just like it should’ve been Barney and Robin just like it should’ve been Lucas and Brooke just like how now, it should’ve been Stefan and Elena.


I do think it should’ve been Blair and Dan too. But anyway.

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Becoming a true alpha should've been the endgame for Scott. It should've been something he worked for. It should be him stepping up to be the protector of BH after Derek loses his alpha status. It should be him learning from his mistakes and growing as a person. It should be him hitting rock bottom, but getting back up. It should be him trusting his pack, not lying to them. It should be him finally accepting being a ww, good AND bad parts. It should be through sheer perseverance.

Yep, they played the True Alpha card too early. Scott didn’t have to earn it. At that point, how had he struggled or lost more than any other character? 

And we still don’t know what’s so special about being a True Alpha, let alone how he got the power. 

Does it make him stronger than a regular alpha? Does it make him smarter, or more just, or just all around better? What’s so special about being a True Alpha? Why is it even important? 

How is Scott substantially different than any other werewolf on the show?

We don’t know and, at this point, I think it’s highly unlikely we ever will. It’ll just be another thing to chalk up to the lack of follow through when it comes to the writing and world building on this show. 

  • me: honestly? skysolo should've been the endgame, have you seen how in love they were? and leia was a lesbian anyways. everyone was #robbed
  • starbucks barista: sir please just order your coffee and go
The Problem With Delena . ..

I mean there are many, many problems with that ship including that the show essentially betrayed what Delena should’ve been but the main three issues for me are this: 

1. Absolutely none of their speeches are earned. Damon is convinced that Elena is his soulmate but why? I legitimately don’t understand how they got to soulmate status, I don’t understand why Elena loves Damon more than “humanly” possible, I don’t understand what she means when she says that he makes her feel “alive”, I don’t understand any of their long-winded and verbose declarations of love to each other because all they seem to do is declare their love for each other and have sex. And I mean that honestly. This season the show had to insert flashbacks of rainkisses and first dates because they couldn’t go back to seasons 4 or 5 and pick canon scenes from their relationship that showed them doing something other than having sex. When Elena was hallucinating Damon in the beginning of the season and she spent her time telling him about her day, that was the most talking I have ever seen them do as a couple and they were only talking that much because Damon was a hallucination and therefore sex was an impossibility. When Delena fans tell me about the things they did with each other, they were not in a relationship, they were in their will-they-won’t-they tension phase so they had to be given scenes doing things together to show their “chemistry” because what the writers only seem to know how to write Delena when they’re falling for each other, not when the excitement of that is over and they just have to be together, which is why they made Elena fall for Damon all over again this season because considering there were absolutely no consequences to Elena erasing her memories of him, there was no reason to do it in the first place. Not to mention their entire relationship is them reassuring each other that the love they have for one another is enough to fulfill them while continuously doubting those assurances to be true. 

2. The writers continuously dismember Stelena in favour of Delena; they have Damon bring up Elena’s past with Stefan only for her to brush it off and act as if they didn’t have this profound relationship, they make Stefan continuously explain to Elena why she chose Damon, why Damon is better for her than he [Stefan] ever was, there is all this dialogue dedicated to gutting Stelena. But if you actually look at the scenes? Stelena beats out Delena every time. Stefan was able to resist an Original’s compulsion because his love for Elena was just that strong. Damon was provided with the same test in season 4 and he failed it. The mere thought of Stefan was enough to make Elena break through Silas’ compulsion but this season when Damon was certain that just seeing his face would make all the memories come rushing back to Elena, it didn’t. Even in simpler scenes, like when Damon tries to awaken some remembrance in Elena through dancing with her and he yaps about Miss Mystic Falls while in season 4 when Stefan danced with Elena to stir some humanity, he stroked her fingers, touched her waist, her neck, dipped her. Stelena is and was built in action. So when she said that Stefan made her glad that she was alive, made her want to live again I knew it was true because when she was feeling defeated, he whisked her to the top of a ferris wheel to make her laugh, when the supernatural terror of the town made life feel impossible, they went double-dating with Caroline and Matt to experience the simple, normal human things in life; when Elena repeatedly tells Stefan that he knows her better than anyone, I understand that because in the pilot his mere presence, his silent prodding encouraged her to tell him things about her life she couldn’t tell anyone, every decision she made, he asked her if she thought it was the right one and why, he knew what to say to her when she turned on her humanity and all of the emotions were flooding her. You can’t have scenes like that, you can’t provide both ships with tests like that and have one continuously pass and the other continuously fall short and then turn around and act as if the one that always passes doesn’t mean anything. That’s bush league.

3. With Delena, the writers package giving up individual identity for the sake of love as desirable and romantic and it’s anything but those things. Stefan’s description of Damon as a vampire, of him finding purpose and power and drive, of him finding himself is reason enough for Damon to choose to stay a vampire; your identity is not another person, your identity is not your love for another person, you don’t give up yourself to be someone’s husband and partner etc. etc. that is immature thinking and that type of immature thinking led Damon to kill Aaron in season 5 because he thought Elena hurt his feelings (can I just say also that becoming human after being a vampire shouldn’t mean that suddenly all of your urges disappear? So that if you deal with your problems by drinking excessively and killing randoms reverberations of that desire should still be in your human consciousness, you should just feel absolutely appalled by those desires. But that’s a different rant). And even in season 5 when Elena has that speech about bending her morals and going against what she believes in because she loves him that much, that’s not romance, bruh, that’s not desirable and the reason why I say the show packages it as desirable is because even though they made Damon and Elena ‘self-refelexive’ of their codependency there are no consequences to said co-dependency, it doesn’t eat away at them, it doesn’t drive people away, it doesn’t make either of them crazy like a co-dependent relationship would, it just makes them declare their love for each other continuously. It’s not portrayed as a destructive relationship, it’s packaged as an epic one even though I just can’t see how because of numbers 1 and 2. So essentially, the relationship is empty just completely empty to me and written terribly.

Revelations {Pt. 3}

OK so originally this was going to be longer but I decided to make this part 3 and have a part 4 because I think this is its own sort of piece/installation. It took me a long time to figure out how I wanted Damon to react combined with what I think would be believable for his character and the conversations I’ve had with various anons and readers about what I think about Stelena and Stelena in relation to Defan and Stelena in relation to Steroline really helped me with writing this. I’m excited for all of your thoughts because I wanted this to be heartbreaking and beautiful (as always) and know that Part 4 will be up a lot sooner than Part 3 was up after Part 2. People/blogs to tag: @stefan4president @thewitchandlonerdiaries @bonkais-witchywoo @stefansplaidshirt @melissasbamonromantictales @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @stelenaeternal @fiftyshadesofstelena @savagetore @theeverlarkfamily @everythingdobsley @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @christinaelena-1 @do-you-think-im-spoopy

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“That’s my brother for you,” said a voice. Elena and Stefan pulled away from each other turning toward the door where Damon stood, his expression unreadable. “Always putting others first.”

For a moment no one said anything and only stood still, the distant clattering of the downstairs guests rumbling beneath them, and then Elena and Stefan spoke at the same time. “Damon…”

“What?” Damon’s voice rang out, gruff with rage. He clenched his fists. “What are you going to say to me, that you’re sorry?”

“We are sorry,” said Elena emphatically.

Stefan moved toward the door.  “Damon, we—”

“Shut up, Stefan,” said Damon sharply.

“This wasn’t how —”

“Dammit, Stefan, shut up!” Damon threw out his fist so that it connected to the wall next to him, punching a hole through the mural. Elena flinched and Stefan’s pained expression deepened.

“Damon, listen to me,” he said. “Listen to me! I’m sorry. OK? I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to —”

“To what?” he shouted. “Find out this way?”

“I didn’t want you to find out at all! I didn’t want you to hear any of that or know any of that—”

“It’s true,” said Elena quickly. “I did this, I went to him. This is my fault. God, Damon, believe me,” Elena’s tone turned desperate. “Stefan, he didn’t want—”

Stefan turned quickly toward her. “Elena, stop. I did this as much as you —”

There was a sudden crash and Stefan snapped his head back toward the door and saw pieces of what looked like a shattered vase on the floor next to Damon’s feet. Damon’s mouth was contorted into a sneer, his eyes wild. “Both of you stop talking. The two of you defending each other and all of the ‘we’s, it makes me want to … I just want … I — I —” He let out a yell and picked up a miniature clock from the mantelpiece next to him, hurtling it across the room so that it broke apart against the wall opposite of him.

“Damon, I swear to you,” said Stefan. “That I didn’t want any of this to happen.”

“You keep saying that to me like it’s supposed to make me feel better,” said Damon. “No, you didn’t want me to find out, you would’ve just rather me marry someone who doesn’t love me!”

“She does love you!”

“Not like how she loves you!” The words tore through Damon’s throat, each syllable a guttural sound full of vitriol. He turned to Elena. “Isn’t that right?”

Elena didn’t respond.

“Isn’t that right, Elena?”

Damon’s shouting made Elena flinch again. She spoke quietly. “I really thought I could be with you forever,” she whispered. “Because Stefan is right, I do love you, Damon, I just—”

“You just never unfell for Stefan, right?” said Damon harshly. “Even after all this time, it’s still the same isn’t it? You care about me, you really do, but you love him, it’s always going to be Stefan, right?” 

Elena bit her trembling lip as tears rolled down her cheeks, dripping from her chin. “I’m not trying to hurt you,” she said. “I don’t like that I’m doing this to you, Damon, I hate it. I hate myself for how much pain you’re in but this is … it’s bigger than …” She sniffed and took a deep breath in.

“Well don’t stop now,” said Damon more quietly but still venomously.

“I don’t love anyone the way I love Stefan,” said Elena. “Damon, when I’m with you, I forget about everything and everyone, it’s like we’re in a vacuum. Nothing else matters, it’s just you and me in one amazing moment but …” Elena pressed her lips together. “But when I’m with Stefan…” She paused and glanced at Stefan who was also teary-eyed. “It’s not a vacuum, it’s everything but a vacuum. He fills me with hope, hope for the future, for the present, he reminds me to appreciate what’s happened in the past, good and bad … being with him reminds me of everything I can get out of life, and all of that possibility, I want that for myself, I want that for my friends and for Jeremy and I’m in love with him for that and I want to experience … everything with him. I…” Elena looked at Damon’s face and then let her voice trail away.

Damon turned to Stefan, his eyes wide and intense and angry. “Is that how you feel?” he said.

“How I feel doesn’t matter,” said Stefan dully.

“I’m asking you how you feel, you owe it to me to tell me,” said Damon, his voice rising.

“Nothing will come from it anyway,” said Stefan. “I’m not going to—”

Another yell ripped through the room and seemed to shake the walls. Damon charged toward Stefan, grabbing him by his jacket and shouted in his face. “STOP BEING SO DAMN NOBLE. ALWAYS THE GOOD BROTHER. WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT LOVING ANOTHER MAN’S FIANCEE? WHAT’S RIGHTEOUS ABOUT THAT? ARGH!” And Damon punched Stefan with such force that his blood splattered onto Elena’s dress and he fell onto the floor. Elena screaming his name in the background, Damon rushed forward and dragged Stefan up by the collar of his shirt only to punch him again. Stefan’s hands stayed limply at his sides.


“I’m sorry,” said Stefan, his voice thick and his words almost incoherent because of all of the blood and the bruising. “I’m so so sorry…”


Damon struck him again, harder and harder.

“I’m so sorry, Damon … so sorry…”

“Damon, stop it!” Elena shrieked. “Please stop it!”


Stefan continued to mumble apologies and Damon continued to pummel him so that his face was unrecognizable with the bruises and the cuts and the swelling; blood dripped from his mouth and his eyes started to flutter.


Damon raised his hand to hit him again but then he suddenly felt a weight around his shoulders, pulling him back. After a minute he realized that Elena was dragging him away from Stefan and she pushed him so that he was slammed against the mantelpiece on the other side of the room. Almost immediately, Damon regrouped and charged back toward Stefan, his fist already raised, but as he approached his brother, Elena blocked his path so that he had to stop short so he wouldn’t collide with her. They were a breath away from each other, Damon’s fist inches away from Elena’s face, her expression sad and determined. Damon glowered at her as he lowered his hand. He looked behind her to Stefan who was spitting out blood and breathing heavily, his eyes squeezed shut, his face a constant grimace because of the pain and then turned to walk out of the room.

Stefan spoke, his voice a rasp. “Damon,” he said. “Damon!”

Slowly and wordlessly, Damon turned back around.

“You said I owed you telling you how I feel,” said Stefan. “OK fine.” He coughed out some more blood and winced then looked at Elena. “I love you, Elena. I never stopped loving you. And I never will. And there is nothing I want more than to be with you.” Stefan paused and heaved a great sigh then turned back to Damon. “Nothing except being with my brother again too.”

Damon stared at Stefan for what seemed like ages. “You know I’m not even going to wish you an eternity of misery this time, Stefan,” he said in an almost ponderous tone. “No, I’m just going to wish that you keep being who you are. It’s pretty much the same thing anyway.”

And with one last contemptuous look at him and Elena, Damon left the room, his speed making him a blur of colour. Elena looked at the spot Damon left for a few moments before bending down next to Stefan and placing her hands on his face, examining his cuts, stroking his hair and his eye and his jaw.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” said Stefan. “I’m already healing, I can feel it.” He held Elena by the wrists so she could stop touching different parts of his face but he didn’t move her hands away. He looked up at her, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes raw and blazing. He swallowed hard.


“I know,” she whispered, nodding her head. “Whatever chance there was before … it’s gone now.”

Stefan’s lips parted as he let go of Elena’s wrists, returning her hands to her, and he gazed at her open-mouthed. “I love you so much…”

“I know,” she said again. “I love you too.”

“At least we have that.”

“Yes,” said Elena. “At least we have that.”

Elena allowed her weight to give way so that she was no longer stooping above the floor but sitting down next to Stefan in her bloodied dress, her legs curled beneath her. She sat, heaving, trying to contain the sobs in her chest and then rested her head on Stefan’s shoulder, clutching his arm. After a beat, Stefan enclosed her knee in his hand, leaning the side of his face against the top of her head and both of them cried silently for what they at least had.

End of Part III


elena & stefan || we were meant to be {6x22)

The premise of this vid is that Elena had always known how unbearably painful it’d be to say goodbye to Stefan because of their connection which she had known from the moment they met was deep and unparalleled and the vid essentially goes through some of their moments where their love and loyalty and trust in each other prevailed above all else, begging the question why they had to say goodbye in the first place. I hope you enjoy and please comment and reblog and like if you do :)

so my thoughts...

First I must confess that I haven’t watched the finale of The Vampire Diaries in its entirety but I’ve youtubed scenes and have viewed the Stelena and Steroline clips multiple times. And well, I know Paul said he was surprised that SE ended with no romance between them and I know this episode really pushed for Delena and Steroline but I have to say that all of the Stelena moments were actually overwhelmingly romantic to me and they were therefore the most poignant and touching. Here’s why:

1. I understand why some SE fans feel like Stefan was OOC in the hospital scene with Caroline because he seemingly downplayed his relationship with Elena, was focused on Caroline and emphasized his relationship with Damon as opposed to his love for Elena. But the thing is, that’s exactly what Stelena was. As I keep saying, the beauty of that relationship was the fact that they both awakened in one another passion in its  truest form because it wasn’t just passion about each other but passion about life, about friends, about family. Both of them learned how to live and love again by being with each other so it would make sense that Stefan’s relationship with Elena would bring him to Damon; it would make sense that his epic love story with her recharged his epic love story with his brother because Elena and Stefan made each other more compassionate and empathetic and kind people. So of course he loved her more than he thought he could love anyone but in the end he needed Damon more than he needed her and of course loving Elena would lead him to that realization because they are not the “I-love-you-so-much-I-only-live-for-you-there’s-nothing-left-for-anyone-else-there’s-only-you-all-i-see-is-you” relationship; leave that toxicity and codependency to Delena.  They were the I-love-you-with-such-intensity-you-inspire-me-you-make-me-want-to-live-for-me-you-make-me-want-to-enjoy-life” couple and that means they inspired each other to love other people just as much as they loved each other.

2. Related to the bottom half of one; during their goodbye moments in Elena’s consciousness, she has such pure appreciation and gratitude toward Stefan simply for coming into her life and she makes it a point to keep their goodbyes from being definitive, from being simply goodbye to being goodbye for now. When she says “I love you so much” she is so overwhelmed by emotion and looks like she can barely contain it; there is even a throwaway reference to season 2 when they were very much in love with Stefan’s “I can’t do this…” and he looks absolutely devastated when he lets go of her hand in the coffin. It can of course be argued that the point of the scene was to show much they love each other but that love is a platonic one but if anything, to me, their scenes together showed that their romantic feelings are always an undercurrent in their relationship no matter where they are in life because their core connection never changed; he is still the person who knows her better than anyone, he still believes he loved her more than he thought it possible to love someone, they still inspire overwhelming emotion in each other and they don’t need corny dances to prove it or show it, it’s just simply in the way they act toward each other and no matter the amount of dialogue JP and CD put in the show to counteract that, the way they act with each other has never changed and neither has their connection.

But really, how fucking corny was that dance scene, though?

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Some people have been saying that since korrasami wasn't represented well that makorra should've been endgame. ???????? because they shared more screentime in book 4????? There was that time when Mako went with Korra to see Zaheer but.. I don't see that as romantic?

That’s because it wasn’t romantic. Like seriously, at this point, the anti-arguments are just stupid. I’ve tried to talk people through it, explain the value of the Korrasami narrative and how it was a clear portrayal of a romance, explain the ways in which Korrasami is the perfect and natural conclusion for the show, etc. If it doesn’t resonate it doesn’t resonate, but the arguments against are a case of willful ignorance.

It was the creators’ intent to portray a romantic relationship between Korra and Asami. It was the creators’ intent to portray a platonic friendship between Korra and Mako. All the random screencaps, screen-time measurements, and Death of the Author arguments in the world will never change that. Korra was clearly interested in Asami and not in Mako. We know this because that was the people who wrote the scenes said.

So while I understand that posts still seeking to discredit Korrasami–a relationship that is personally important for many of us who have felt underrepresented, not to mention a relationship that is based on emotional depth, trust, reciprocal support, and empathy–can be upsetting, I’ve actually been finding myself far more concerned about the authors of such posts lately. I don’t think the continual vitriolic fixation is healthy.


elena & stefan || a girl who is all in

Those of you who follow me know how irritated Paul’s recent interview about Stefan being with a girl who’s “finally all in” made me so of course I made a video showing just how much Elena reciprocated and loved Stefan and chose him over Damon because REALLY. Even the show made her choice Damon and even though the show made Elena forgive Damon everything and anything and even though the show consistently made Elena whine and gush about her love for Damon … her choices and her actions always reflected that Stefan was who she was all in for. thewitchandlonerdiaries stefan4president stefansplaidshirt stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you fiftyshadesofstelena lexiigray

As I keep saying, what I love about Stelena is that they were a couple of action, a relationship that consisted of numerous hugs, flowers-at-doorsteps, forehead kisses, plotting of plans, morning makeouts, dinners, cuddles, plenty of conversations about fears and dreams etc. and related to that, another thing I love about them is how grounded they are when they do talk to each other or to others about their connection: “Thank you for bumping into me that day in the hallway […] I never thought I would be happy again and then I met you, you changed everything for me, you quite literally saved my life” “I kind of felt like I didn’t know how to live anymore, like I didn’t want to, but being with Stefan … somehow I figured it out […] and that’s what love should be, you should love the person who makes you glad that you’re alive” “Elena is warm and she’s kind and she’s selfless and she’s caring and it’s real and whenever I’m around her, I completely forget what I am.” “When we were together you used to let me make my own decisions […]” “I love him, Damon, he came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly.” There is nothing vague about any of these comments or any of these reasons for loving one another or at the very least having a connection to each other. Even when it’s something abstract like when Elena explains to Matt that Stefan made her want to live again, the use of the word ‘somehow’ acknowledges that it was a development that can’t quite be explained in words and yet when you look back through the seasons you can pick out scenes and actions that justify her explanation to Matt. There is real stability and substance and foundation in their “speeches” to each other that I never go, “But what do you mean by that?” and their reasons are unique to them. I love Steroline (admittedly not as much as I did before Liz died because the show just did a terrible job handling their relationship through that) and I loved parts of Stefan’s “reasons why I love you” list but a lot of what he said could be redirected to things Elena did for him too, like dancing. There were moments that Stefan chose to dance with Elena on his own accord and there were moments that Stefan refused to dance with Caroline because he hates dancing so that shouldn’t have been on the list unless they added something to that. I never ran into that problem with Stelena.